Access: The Puppet of Both Origami Universes

Access: The Puppet of Both Universes

By Superfolder J. GuillEvilDarthJarmy100es

I can’t talk much. I can’t discuss everything I’ve seen, but I know some things that… not many others do. 

It started at Kirby. Before the closure, before the discussions of cancellation, before it all. I saw the engineer rise with his little LEGO Robot, and I heard stories of puppets of Thunder, wielded by a foreign exchange student. Mom was worried, and we packed up and left, moving across the country and finding ourselves at the land of Jutefruce, California.

There I attended Kane High School. Dark and wretched, dilapidated and disgusting. I have a lot of words for the school I went to for a year, but I saw all of it there; a student with the puppet of the dark knight, stories of puppet makers of tomorrow, I almost went on a trip to Washington DC, even. Mom hated the origami crap. It seemed like we couldn’t escape it, and I believe that there’s something happening here that we refuse to acknowledge.

Because… well… here I am.

Breevort High School, located now in the smack dab center of the country: Scheele, Kansas. Literally, if you look at a map, Scheele is right in the middle. Small, closed off, disconnected, there’s no way that kids could figure out the whole origami thing. 

And they didn’t, for the first few days they had no clue. I met Alan Largent, we became acquainted as I learned about how he lived with his grandparents, as both of his parents were dead, but he was figuring out how to make his own little robots, all the while sipping coffee along the way. He had a brother, CJ, I think his first name was Cal.

But… it was as though overnight, with the arrival of EduFun’s newest program “Blue and Red Brothers in: Study fun!” there was a sudden hatred in the co-operational, two player educational game that high school students were being made to play. Alan took to folding to vent his frustrations, and from the shadows the “Folders” watched, with the Presence, Watcher, and some girl named Theresa “Tilly” Waters nodding to see what was going to happen. 

I’m worried.

I have had Access to both sides of the coin, and now, in the middle of good old US of A I am seeing these two sides come together in such weird ways.

I need you to stay with me, I’m collecting as much information as I can. Let me be the access spot for this.

Welcome… to the “Amalgami Universe.”

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  1. origami_master53

    For some reason I STILL think this is for april fools lol

  2. I cant wait for second story!

  3. Like ya cut G (slaps hades in the back of the head)

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