What Happened at Geonosis

What Happened at Geonosis

By: The Dark One (sorry, not a superfolder)
Origami Boba Fett
I was waiting for my dad. It’s been a long time without seeing him, and soon, I shall see Origami Jengo waiting for me, in the arena of Geonosis. A few moments later, I saw my dad fighting a Jedi. No, it wasn’t that same Jedi that followed us here, I thought. Dad will destroy him.  But then, I saw that the Jedi with the purple paper clip saber stabbed through the chink in the armor Jengo had. “No!!!!!!!!!” screamed Origami Boba. His own father… his own father had been killed.
Mace Foldu
I was fighting this bounty hunter, and succeeded. The bounty hunter’s head rolled off his shoulders after being severed by the paper clip saber. Well, more like fell off. Let’s hope that this hunter didn’t have kids, I thought. ThenI saw Origami Boba looking at me, his eyes full of sadness and hatred. Oh, poop.
Origami Boba Fett
After the battle, the Jedi that killed Dad took me to this cruiser. Then, we arrived at some sort of creepy place. The Jedi called it the Origami Jedi Temple. Well, that’s very specific, I thought. The Jedi took me o this room, full of a bunch of little kids! Holy Jawagami! (I don’t know what a Jawagami is, but I’ve heard it from friends of my dad’s.) Have they started to kidnap kids? I tried talking to one kid. “Where did they take you from?” I asked.
“What?” said the kid.
” I said, where did the Jedi take you from?”
“Haha, very funny.”
I didn’t laugh.
“Wait, are you serious?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?”
“No, you’re right. The Jedi didn’t take us, they recruited us.”
“For what?”
“For us to become Jedi.”
“You didn’t know?”
“No! I’m new here!”
“Oh, okay…”
The kid walked off far away from me. Meanwhile, I had my thoughts all around the room. They’ve been recruiting kids all along? So they are trying to get me to become a Jedi! I had to escape somehow.

I escaped after the lesson was over. It’s been 3 torturous days of learning the Jedi arts. After I ditched class, I went to the ventilation system. I climbed in it and soon, escaped the Jedi. I stole a small ship, and went to the planet were my father worked, only to find it in ruins. so, I went to where my dad took his last mission: Geonosis.

  1. Finish it it doesnt look finished

  2. Luis Vazquez-Vega

    It’s finished.

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