Origami Mister Miracle

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Origami Mister Miracle


I Escape a Prologue

By- Steven Sue

I ran down the hall. The bell for lunch had just let out and the filthy packet thief was escaping me. I had been following his paper-straw trail for a good month now and both of us could tell that he was over. I tossed my backpack at him but he just swooped it up and kept running. I knew where he was going and I knew how to beat him there. I body checked the courtyard door and kept running. Crossing the yard would shave off some time. I busted back into the building and stared my enemy down.

“Larfoldz!” I yelled into the Kane hallway, “It’s over!”

He turned around, but people were already there to watch us. 

He glared at me and slid my bag back to me with a grunt.

“So is this over?” I asked, a smile creeping across my face.

He didn’t say anything. As he was turning around, the school’s A/C cut on and blowing warm air into my face, my hair started to fly into the wind. But that was last year, before I changed. Instead of being the hero I just wanted to leave.

I Escape a Bad Encounter with my Ex

By- Steven Sue

I got out of my car. The bruised Saturn’s headlights looked at me with a glazed stare.

“I know, R.E.O., I know.” I absently told my car. “Think happy thoughts.”

I looked up at the grimy Kane High School sign that, like me, had seen better days. I walked into the building and to my locker. Taped to the interior of the door was a picture of her. I grabbed my stuff and closed the door. I moved to go to my next class, which is easy in theory except I had to walk past her locker. I heard the chatter before I could turn the corner. I tried to slip by, but alas, she had me snared, like usual.

“Steve.” She called.

I stopped, not wanting to fuel some probable fires.

“Happy first day of school.” It was shockingly reassuring. I was convinced that she would hate my guts.

“You too.” I said as I continued to walk away.

But as it was starting to get good it suddenly got super bad, super quick.

My body was ragdolled onto the dirty floor by a fairly fit man. I had heard of him before, how he always wanted order in things he couldn’t control; his obsessions with days and what they meant was the only thing he could help. And his hair, but he was bald by choice. He was Kane’s Calendar Man. He was Tony Zazonnie. 

“Sorry about that, man.” Someone said while pulling Calendar Man off of me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m CreaseWing… Braxton Bouvet? I’m here to protect Kane.” He said it like it was obvious.

He walked away with Calendar Man while people followed him. I knew how he must be feeling and I pitied him.

I rolled around and looked up at my ex. She extended her arm.

“We might be on good terms, but you need to keep in mind what I told you. ‘Stop taking blows you can’t handle…’” she quoted herself while pulling me up. “Don’t take it as a completely harsh thing, just a reminder.”

She might have done me a favor, but her words still stung. I had been doing this job for a while and after each villain I would tell myself it would be the end but I never took it seriously. It cost me my relationship. Maybe it was time to quit once and for all.


I Escape Paradise

By- Steven Sue

The grit on the light set the tone perfectly, I was hunched against a locker. A sick feeling washed over my stomach, blood from the bite on my nose was dropping onto my puppet, Mister Miracle. I looked at my opponent; some poor kid with a Dex-Starr puppet who was serious about staying in character. 

“Stay down ki-” I stopped.

Someone was approaching us.

“Des- Des- Des-” The kid was mumbling.

“Shut it, kid. You really are in no position to talk.” I grunted, my nose rippling with pain.

The person stopped their advance and looked at the two of us. He kneeled down and stared at the kid.

“The Master is disappointed in you, Mikey. He orders you to retire Dex-Starr.”

The kid started to sob as the figure turned to me.

“The Master,” he paused, letting me get a good look at him. “Is not worried about you. Keep at being a blathering fool and no harm will come to you.”

He got up and walked away.

I Escape Being a Blathering Fool

By- Steven Sue

I was jamming my thumb into the wet pizza boats that passed for lunch while trying to push the achy pain back. Dex kept mumbling ‘Des’ for some unknown reason and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. “Des” as he will be called was a black male, approximately 5 ’11 in height, with black eye shadow under his eyes. But according to Dex’s body language, Des was absolutely nothing to mess with. 

I leaned back and looked at the cafeteria. I was among the outcasts, which, if anything, I was their king. To our left were the jocks and in front of us were the preps. Among them was my ex (Okay… fine, I had not gotten over her.) I continued to look around for Des and soon enough I spotted him. He was talking to someone else in the lunch line. I got up and walked over to him.

“Hey, Dessy. Mind if we chat?” I asked him sternly.

He wasn’t shocked. If anything, he was quite glad.

“The Master knows you drive the Saturn.” He said with a smile.

“I know you deserve this escapist’s beating, you jerk.” I told him.

“Football field, after school, we’ll see if you’re right.” Des threatened.


There was no crowd. Just me and Des in his full get-up. Fog had covered the field, giving it a mysterious look. 

“Before we start, I may as well tell you who I am.” Des said.

“I don’t care, but if it makes you feel good then go ahead.”

“You called me Dessy but I go by “Desaadigami”, herald to The Master.”

It didn’t click in the moment but I truly didn’t get just how $@*#ed I was. Desaad took off his cloak and rushed me. For the first few swings I dodged per the norm but soon enough I was overwhelmed. After roughly thirteen minutes, I was sprawled out on the floor. The pain returned to me, something that I hated experiencing but at this point I knew that it was just a part of life. Right as I was about to slip away I saw a familiar face lean over me.

I Escape Desperation.

By- Steven Sue

I woke up in a familiar purple bed, Aerosmith was playing in the background. The fluffy pillow tickled the back of my ears as I looked at the frame of my savior.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Not much. Just me saving you, again.” My ex said.

I got up and realized I didn’t have a top on.

“Is there a purpose to this?” I asked.

“I had to check. I couldn’t afford a secret injury on my bed.” She said.

“What did you tell your mom and pops?” I asked.

“We don’t need to involve them.” She said, tossing my shirt. “What were you thinking?”

“Take out Desaad. Save the day. Escape.”

“I thought you were going to quit the entire puppet thing.” She said, half scolding me.

“It’s still the plan. This is my last job.” I told her.

“Didn’t you say that three jobs ago?”

She had me in a bind.

“I’ll tell you what. If you make sure this is your last job, I might consider giving us a second chance.” She offered.

“That wouldn’t be love. Just a hollow promise.” I returned.

“Whatever. Just put your shirt on and wait by my car. I trust that you remembered how to sneak out quietly.”

Steven Sue Escapes a Quiet Resolution

By- Rose ‘BB’ Kazan

I don’t hate my ex at all. Sometimes he can come off as being a bit stupid, but I don’t hate him for it. In fact, I would say that we are friends. So his whole attitude and sense of grimness was completely uncalled for.

“So, what’s the plan?” I asked.

“Go in, avoid Desaad, classes, go home.” Steve responded.

“Sounds good.”

I was waiting for him to say something, anything really, but it got to the point where it was scary.

“That’s not the plan, is it?” I asked.

“Nope.” He quickly responded.

“So, what is the plan?” I asked.

“Remember what you told me? About ‘blows I can’t handle’.” He asked.

“Yes, I do.” My own quote was still fresh to me.

“I took a really big blow. And now I’m going to handle it.” He said as I pulled into student parking.

I looked at him. He was oddly calm, like he knew that he was going to escape from all of this. He turned to look at me.

“Give me your hand. I have a gift for you.” He said.

I extended my palms and watched as he placed a bloody Mister Miracle into my hands.

“I trust you to find someone who is worthy of the title and everything it comes with. Heck, you can take the title if you want.” He said.

I took the puppet and put it into my glovebox. When I looked back up, I saw Steve approach Desaad who was standing next to his crappy Saturn. They looked like they were having a decent conversation until Steve turned around, wrapped his hands around Desaad’s head and RKOed him.

I Escaped Mister Miracle

By- Steven Sue

The rest of the day was super quick. It went to the principal, then police and finally off to the station. They posted a bail after telling me that I had been expelled; plus my parents said that they would pay it after I had ‘learned my lesson’. But sometime after school Desaad came in with enough money to get me out.

“What’s the point to all of this, Dessy?” I hissed.

“Forgive and forget. I decided to just brush it off.” He said in a pretty sincere voice.

“Normally, I wouldn’t buy this, but you got me out of here, so I’ll believe you.” I said as I followed him out.

When we got back outside, fog had covered the entire parking lot to the point of barely any visibility. I turned around, but Desaad was there to shove me to the ground.

“The Master wanted an audience with you. That is the only reason I paid your bail you stupid  %&$*Ing dredge.” He hissed into my ear as he pulled me to my knees by my collar.

Standing with his back to me was a figure I had not seen before. Tall, shadowy.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Master is.” Desaad said.

“I’ve been… I’ve been wanting to meet the rumored Mister Miracle.” He wore a suit, and his big, bulky figure made me squirm as he towered over me, “You must ignore my… my Desaad. He’s a student that… takes his job a bit too seriously. Can we go to your car?”

He sat down in my Saturn, and he looked at me, “Steven, I’m sorry about this whole mess. Things have changed, and, truth be told, your expulsion was expected. Desaad was sent to… to get rid of you as a threat. I mean, we’re trying to get rid of plenty of threats to our plans.”

“Okay, but seriously, who are you?”

“Tenebris. Just call me Doctor Tenebris.”

Desaad pressed his face against my window, mouthing, “Tenebris Is…” He’s such a weirdo.

“So, here’s what I’m thinking: it’s best if you go home, be homeschooled, and leave this whole thing behind, okay? I’ll think about this whole expulsion, and we might just… fix this whole mess. It might be a while, though. Is that fine?”

“I… I guess.” 

He started to step out of the car, “Have a nice life, Steven Sue.” He then slammed the door behind him, leaving me in the driver’s wheel. Just like that, he was gone.

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  1. This is a really solid story. I’m excited to see where these characters go, I’m very excited to see how the DCOU’s Darkseid finally develops. Oh, and I’d love to see a prequel to this. Solid 8/10, great job Thrawn.

  2. Good job Thrawn! I too am exited to see where Darksied goes.

  3. Awesome man! Keep it up Thrawn!

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