The Vengeance of the Origami Kamino Crew!

The Vengeance of The Origami Kamino Crew
by DJ Fett
Who’s he?
by Tommy
So, we’re still doing Funtime when we should be in High School. During Funtime, the bell rang for lunchtime. I just stood up and slouched all the way to the Cafeteria.
Today just wasn’t my day. DJ was framed for a crime and was actually taken to court, Noah was injured badly, and Kellen accidentally drew on the wall instead of the Sefolda Case File because he was so tired after studying for Funtime and he was suspended (Howell thought it was vandalism.)! And Harvey- Well, he stayed home after he threw up from ANOTHER pre-eaten weiner.
So I was just sitting there poking at my grilled-cheese sandwich. I’m lactose intolerant, but my mom said, “Too bad! We don’t have any fresh food! You’ll have to buy lunch!”.
Then, this kid walked over and asked if he could sit with me.He looked kinda weird, with red hair getting in his pale face, a hoodie with the words, “DEAD MEAT” on the front, and the black jeans. “I’m Ruth Timkaur.” he muttered, his voice kinda dark and ominous.
“Uh, sure? You can sit with me?” I answered suspiciously. Little did I know that he was going to probably cause more destruction than Jacob Minch (See The Week of The Papertine) and Elijah Verasudo (Is that his last name?) (See Fold of The Rings) COMBINED!
Harvey’s Comment: This kid sounds cool.
My comment: Uhhhh…
Part 1: The Dark Kid
The Kamino Crew
by Tommy
The next day, everyone was back (Except DJ and Noah), and Ruth showed me three Origami Figures.
They were Taun We (Taun Crease), Jango Fett (Jango Fold), and Boba Fett (Kid[Folda Fett]). “I’m a bad guy type of person,” Ruth explained. “Then why do you have Taun We?” Mike asked. “‘Cause she turned on the Republic (Harvey’s note: Uh, since when?), you MORON!” Ruth yelled. “Hey, don’t yell at him like that!” Hannah exclaimed. ” Maybe I want to, BUTTHEAD!!” he screamed.
I shouldn’t have, but I grabbed Ruth and kicked him! He jumped up, held up Taun Crease and said (In an actually good Taun We voice), “Your executions will be planned shortly!”. Quavondo gulped and held back some tears. But then, we heard a squeaky, scratchy voice from upstairs: “Leave them alone, you WILL!”. It was Origami Yoda and Dwight! “Get ‘im, Dad! Get ‘im!” Folda yelled. Ruth threw Jango up in the air and he hit Dwight in the leg! Dwight got this HUGE cut across his leg. Dwight fell down just like how Qui-Gon Jin fell in Episode I after he was stabbed by Darth Maul. Dwight actually yelped, fell to his knees, then tumbles, and hits the ground.
Harvey’s Comment: YES!!! I knew Dwight was vulnerable!
My Comment: Come on, Harvey! I’m being nice and letting you comment! AND WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?!!
Accept Defeat?
by Sara
We had to go up and check on Dwight, but we couldn’t have Ruth hurt anyone else!
Ben stepped up with his E-Z Darth Paper. He had it slash at Folda, but Ruth quickly folded an ORIGAMI SLAVE I!!!!!
He threw it at Ben, and he got hit in the face. He fell back and hit the ground. But something amazing happened: Dwight popped right back up! Then Harvey threw him a bandage! (Kellen’s Note: WOW, Harvey!)
Dwight grabbed Jango and tried to rip him. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!! He even tried some scissors he had in his pocket but STILL!!!! “Idiots,” Ruth shouted. “He was created with the Minchasudo Flame! I threw him in there, and he came out UNABLE TO BE DESTROYED!!!!!”, before he ran off with Jango.
Now we have to deal with another threat that is unbeatable. Whoop-dee-stinkin’-do.
Harvey’s Comment: Dang, that Ruth is annoying! And don’t expect anymore good deeds from me…
MY Comment: Boy, why does Ruth have to be so MEAN, too? I mean, Mike was just asking a question!
Meanwhile, I finally got a letter from DJ…
What Happened At Court
by DJ
Hey, Tommy. I just got back from court. (Jar Jar voice) CAWAYZEE! I’ll just start from the beginning:
I was sitting in those seats for the accused guys, my mom with her head on my dad’s shoulder, crying. She kept whispering, “Please let everything be OK.”
I was just sitting there, sweat pouring from my head, and not because of all the tension, those lights are HOT!
So the Court guy goes up there and says, “Let us bring in the defendant. Mr. GiMiger, do you have a defendant?”
I look around and nervously say, “Well, I’m just-”
I’m interrupted when DWIGHT comes through the door! “I’m his purple!” he shouts. “You’re his WHAT?!” the Court guy yells.
“His defendant” Dwight corrects himself.
Then, there’s a long talk, and Dwight keeps defending me until FINALLY, there’s the decision.
“DJ GiMiger, we have declared that you are NOT guilty of all charges. You are indeed framed for fighting. We have a surveilance photo.”
Then they pull up a photo of part of a teen with red hair and a black Hoodie. A cop walked up to Dwight and I and told us He’ll look out for that kid.
So I get into my Mom’s SUV and it starts going in reverse. “I think that Dwight kid is a good influence. I think you should hang around him more.” Dad said to me. I smiled. But that didn’t last long.
The kid who framed me JUMPED ONTO OUR CAR! He grabbed the door and slammed it OFF ITS TRACK AND IT FELL OFF! He punched me and grabbed my pocketknife and started sliciNg at my seatbelt. “LEAVE HIM ALONE, TWIT!!!” my Dad yelled, trying to punch the kid. “The name’s Ruth. And don’t move, or the STUPE GETS IT!!!!” he screamed, aiming at my neck. I gulped. But I realized he was looking at my parents. My mom started crying.
I grabbed the pocketknife and threw it out the big gap in the car! Then, I punch the kid off my car!
He spins off and hits the ground. He then yells some Soapy talk and runs away.
I was taken to the hospital and I was given a sling for my arm. I’ll be back at school tomorrow.
Harvey’s Comment: I always knew Ruth was bad, but THIS is TOO FAR!!! Even I disagree with his rudeness!
My Comment: You’re right! Why does Ruth have to be so screwed up?
Part 2: Lance’s Brother, Dwight’s Cousin
Return of my Arch-Nemisis
by Lance
I wasn’t at school for a while after I caught Grace’s flu. But I heard about what happened with my brother and cousin.
Ruth’s last name is Timkaur, but my last name’s Alexander. This is because my Dad’s name was Joseph Alexander, and my Mom’s (Who ran away) name was Annabelle Timkaur.
Yes, I’ve been keeping my family relationship with Dwight a secret, kinda like in Episode II when Anakin keeps his relationship with Padme a secret.
I came back the day after I found out what happened. I was still a little sick, but this was SERIOUS.
Ruth was the first person I saw after I got out of my Dad’s sports car. Ruth had run away with my Mom around the 5th grade.
In 5th grade, I was in the same class as Amy and Ruth. Amy was so cute back then. But Ruth liked her, too. Ruth was so mad at me for liking her as much as he did, that he challenged me to a fight.
I didn’t like that idea, so Dwight would always hold up his Origami Yoda, and say to Ruth, “Wars do not make one great.”, but Ruth never listened. He would try to crumple up O.Y. for “giving such ridiculous answers.”
But I had to fight whether I wanted to or not. The whole class was watching, so of course, Amy was watching. I was very nervous and wished I’d taken more Korean Karate at Debbie-Don’s Dance-Dojo.
Ruth was very agile, as he took track. He ran right for me, and I grabbed his arm and kicked it. It made Ruth stumble back. He jumped right back up and charged at me. I sidestepped and he hit a fencepost. Ruth got hit in the head.
He ran away.
Amy was impressed by what I did, and grew to like me. But Ruth never liked that and became an evil kid.
Now I had to face him.
I’m Back!
by Noah
I finally got back from the hospital. I didn’t know so much happened! The surgeons found out I had blacked out and was attacked by a mysterious kid. Prints showed it was a kid with the initials “R.T.”.
So now I’m at school, and there’s this kid with weird hair and a hoodie. He’s running around with what I think is Jango, Boba, and Taun We. Either those or a racer, a hooded kid, and a big white worm.
But then I saw him go right up to Lance and yell, “You are the WORST BROTHER EVER!”, and Lance yells, “Settle down, Ruth! I never meant to hurt you!”. Ruth looks at him right in the eye and screams, “WELL I MEANT TO HURT YOU!”,and tried to kick him. Lance was thrown an Origami Obi-Wan Kenobi by Dwight. Foldy-Wan deflected some fire coming from Jango. It bounced back and almost hit Ruth! But Ruth backflipped and ran out the door. What a weird kid.
Harvey’s Comment: Well, this was Lance’s battle. Now it’s my turn.
My Comment: Good luck, Harvey.
The Heroic Harvey Vs. The Ridiculous Ruth
by Harvey
I walked up to Ruth. “Why are you such a jerk?” I asked him, annoyed.
“This should answer your question.” He replied as he took out Jango Fett and what looked like that Saber Dart from Episode II and hit me wi-

HELP, GUYS! I’ve been captured by Ruth and he’s TORTURING ME! I need urgent help!
My Comment: Alright. It’s my turn for being a hero.
Part 3: The Rise of Pleatar Vebb

A Jedi Required
by Tommy
I came over to DJ’s House today. He was looking over Pleat Koon and adding details, like robe wrinkles. I wanted to fold a Jedi but I was stumped on who to make.
“DJ?” I called.
“Yeah, Lomax?” DJ replied.
“What kind of Jedi should I fold?” I asked.
He didn’t answer me, but he ran into his room and tossed me the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia at me. I caught it in one hand and started to flip through. I also tried thinking of the newer characters in the Clone Wars like Prong Krell, but that would be hard considering his three horn things on his head, and the four arms.
Hmmm, Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, Adi Gallia, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka (No, she’s not with the Jedi), Nahdar Vebb… NAHDAR VEBB!
“DJ, can you show me how to fold Ackbar again?” I asked.
“Oh, yeah. Sure. Go grab a sheet of Orange/White Origami Paper in the kitchen.” DJ answered.
I didn’t take Orange/White but I did take Orange/Brown. He shrugged and showed me the instructions. I skipped some instructions and went my own way. “Stooky, stooky,” DJ said while looking at Nahdarigami. “What do you call it?”
“PLEATAR VEBB!” I shouted.
Now I can fight against Ruth!
Harvey’s Comment: I like Nahdarigami better.
My Comment: (GROAN)
The Harvey Rescue
by Dwight
The next day at school, Ruth held up Jango Fold and yelled, “We won’t be seeing him again.” And I knew he was referring to Harvey. I punched Ruth. “Hurting my purple cousin? What the brown?!” I shouted. Ruth jumped up and I could see that his eyes were turning red. He gritted his teeth and grabbed my throat. “Too bad you won’t live to see the end of him!” he screamed. Right about then, Ryan ran towards Ruth with Jedi Bob. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Ryan bellowed.
“Or what?” Ruth replied.
Ryan flipped in and headbutted Ruth. Ruth stumbled back and hit Lance, who was behind him.
He grabbed Lance and threw him over his shoulder.
This is what’d you feel if you were Lance.
You’d be trying to apologize to your brother, but he would never listen and literally try to kill you.
You’d never see light again for a very long time.
I knew all that because I could feel Lance’s pain surge through me. After all, he is my brown brother.
Lance fell to the ground, unconscious. I gasped and went up against Ruth. I spun to the side and sucker punched him. He snarled some Soapy talk and grabbed my arm. I countered and flipped HIM over ME!
He hit the ground and was paralyzed for a few minutes.
Now to find Harvey.
My comment: UH-Oh. Isn’t that stuff deadly?
The Ruth Factor
by Quavondo
I really dislike Ruth. Harvey was finally being nice to us, then BOOM! Ruth captures him!
Tommy came up to us with Pleatar Vebb. “Let’s go!” They both yelled.
We found a REALLY big bowl of Nicotine. Did you know that’s deadly to the touch?
We found Ruth conscious with Lance’s pocketknife clawing at the rope.
Then we heard a SNAP! And an AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! As the rope holding Harvey snapped in half and started falling.
Then, Tommy became a hero.
He threw Pleatar Vebb into the Nicotine and THE NICOTINE SOAKED UP IN PLEATAR!!!
Then Pleatar Vebb just vanished.
Ruth groaned in frustration and whipped out Taun Crease, Jango Fold, and Folda Fett.
Then Pleatar Vebb POPPED UP (Minus the Nicotine)!
Tommy flung out Pleatar’s Light-Saber and slammed it down on Folda. Folda flew off of Ruth’s hand and onto the other. Then, Ruth punched at Dwight’s hip, knocking him to the ground.
Ruth ran out.
Harvey’s Comment: I sure hope we’re not seeing HIM again…
My Comment: That’s for sure (Hopefully)…
Part 4: The Epilogue

Brotherly Advice
by Ruth
I sprinted out of McQuarrie, hoping to get a clean getaway…
Hoping to find my new brother, Jacob Minch.
I jumped into the pit where he lived, because he was a dragon now. After his Master had destroyed him.
I jumped in there, telling him about what happened.
He just nodded and blinked his black slits where his eyes should be.
“What should I do now?” I finally asked.
He slid over a piece of Origami that looked like Saruman from The Lord Of The Rings with his mighty paw.
“Join Tolkien Middle.” Jacob hissed. “Lie to the Fellowship of the Paper. Then DESTROY them.”
“Yes, my brother.” I replied.
“But wait. I have another mission for you.”
Jacob: Use this. (Slides contraption over)
Me: What is it?
Jacob: It’s a De-Ager. I want you to zap Virginia with this on a hot air balloon. They’ll be so young and dumb, they’ll obey US!!!
Me: That’s dangerous, diabolical, and despicable. I’m in! (Puts machine in backpack)
Jacob: First, hang out with the FAILowship, then zap Virginia Saturday. That’s when the balloons are open.
Me: I’ve got it, brother. (Runs away)
The New Kid
by Peter
The Fellowship was together. ALL of it! Well, except for Elijah, who was transported to a huge jail called the Hayden Christensen Secure Asylum.
We were by the Cafeteria, at our Middle School. Yeah, it was that dumb Funtime thing. OY YOY YOY! Can’t we ever get a break?
About 5 minutes later, we noticed some kid walking into the Cafe. He’s got a REAL pale face! Like, VAMPIRE pale! And he’s got some red hair that you’d think was fire from 20 feet away.
Mrs. Saur walked in.
“Hello, Fellowship. I’d like you to meet Ruth Timkaur. He’s new and he likes origami!” She told us.
Malcolm, Ian, David, Frankie, Sam, John, and I waved to him.
“So I heard you guys like origami,” Ruth said. “Cool. I also heard about your ‘Fellowship’, and I was wondering if I could join!”
He then held up what looked like Saruman from Lord Of The Rings.
“Isn’t Saruman, like, a bad guy?” Ian asked.
“So what? Gollum’s a bad guy, I think.” Peyton answered.
“Hmmm… Good point. Please welcome to the Fellowship of The Paper: Ruth Timkaur!” Ian replied.
We all cheered as Ruth smiled and sat down with us.
“So, Ruth, you want to come over to John’s house to practice our battle tactics?” I asked him.
Ruth stared up at the ceiling a little bit and simply answered, “No.”
“What? Why not?” Malcolm asked.
“I’m… going on a balloon over Virginia!” Ruth answered quickly.
We all exchanged suspicious glances, then Sam sighed and said, “Fine. You’re excused.”
“Thank you. I’ll try to go to the next meeting, okay?” Ruth said.
We all nodded.
To Make A Short Story Long
(Note: Not by anyone)
Friday night was the night that the Fellowship would sleep over at John’s house.
Malcolm wondered why Ruth couldn’t have spent the night over, and just leave Saturday morning.
Everyone would answer to that with either a shrug or an “I don’t know.”.
Ian suggested a “Lord Of The Ring Toss” to pass the time, but John didn’t want to mess up his ring.
Frankie suggested a pillow fight, and of course, she means an ACTUAL pillow fight, where everyone’s holding up pillows like boxing gloves, and swatting away.
Of course, it wouldn’t hurt, and Frankie wasn’t real happy with that part.
So everyone was jabbing at each other with pillows.
Then the doorbell rang.
The pizza man was here.
Oh, man. I’m hungry. Please excuse me real quick.
Four minutes later…
OK, I’m back. Anyway, the pizza man was here. Well, actually, it was a woman.
The woman had red-purple hair up in a ponytail, blue eyes, and a nametag that read, “Anna T.”
“Here’s your pizza.” She said kinda sadly.
“Thank you. What’s wrong?” John asked.
“Nothing. It’s just that… my son ran away!” she exclaimed, before bursting into tears.
“Aww… We will try to find him, Ms. Anna.” Frankie told her.
We looked over at her. She just whispered, “What? Her child is missing!”
“Do you know what he looked like?” David asked.
“He’s been gone for so long, I can not remember his name. But I remember what he looked like.
“He has red hair, is easily angered, and has an eye disorder where his eyes change color along with his emotions.”
“Wow. You remember all that, yet still don’t remember what most of your son looks like?” Frankie asked.
Ian frowned. Frankie shrugged.
“Well, yes. I guess…” Mrs. Anna answered.
“Sounds a lot like Ruth.” Peter said.
“Ruth?! YES! I remember now! His name is RUTH TIMKAUR!!!” Mrs. Anna shouted happily.
The Fellowship (ALL of it) gasped.
“Do you think that maybe he ran away for a reason?” Sam asked.
“Ah… yes! He talked about me not being fair about his friend Jacob, because I thought he was evil, so he ran away, and was taken into Jacob’s dwelling.” Mrs. Timkaur explained.
“We will look for him,” Malcolm said. “I knew he was hiding something.”
Ruth jumped out of the pit, and ran towards the Bilbo Balloons Bazaar.
The man there was working late. He looked at his watch. It read 10:00 P.M.
Ruth snuck up from behind him, and WHACK!
I knew Sarugami was useful, Ruth thought.
The man fell to the ground very quickly. Then Ruth ran through the gates…
Ruth woke up after sleeping in the balloon, because he was ordered to use one in the morning.
Brother’s orders, Ruth thought.
He grabbed the De-Ager handed to him, and started up the balloon. Then he pulled the hook.
PFFFFFFTTT, went the balloon.
Ruth looked around. Ha, he thought. This town will be full of babies.
BUT, the worker must’ve sensed his presence, because he had just waxed the balloon floor.
The sound says it all: SLIIIIP.
The De-Ager shot out of Ruth’s hand, making the Lever say 4 YEARS YOUNGER instead of INFANT.
But Ruth had also pressed the Timer button on the De-Ager button.
Strangely, the contraption had the ray shooting part going down.
All of Virginia (even Ruth) will never be the same.
Jango Fold: This isn’t the end of me!
THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE SEFOLDA TRILOGY: RUTH ON THE RUN (Or the unofficial non-canon sequel to The Grand Finale) COMING SOON!
*Please note that nobody’s memory was refreshed in any kind of way. Everybody (Except their minds) was turned 4 years younger.

  1. Yay! It’s finally up!

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    Agreed! Totally stooky story DJ Fett!

  3. We’re goin back to the beginning!!!!

  4. Oh, yeah, I messed up on the “After all, he is my brown brother” part, as Lance is Dwight’s COUSIN.

  5. Want me to edit that? I can.

  6. DJ, I will make the page for Sefolda 3 or combine them all into one huge trilogy. If that’s ok with you, I mean. Heh heh.

  7. 🙂 says: Awesome story!

  8. the only thing that vcreeps me out is that jacob is a dragon

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