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What could this be for?

Also I added another chapter to Closed, This Case Is.




Hey guys, Jawa here. I haven’t been on the EU as much recently, and it looks like the other council members haven’t made an appearance as of late either. So I thought I’d surprise everyone with the prologue and chapter list to Closed, This Case Is, the direct sequel to Pickletine that I’ve been working on in my spare time.

You can find it in the OY Legends section of the site, or just click here.

Don’t expect the full story anytime soon, I’m pretty busy as of late, believe it or not, I’m working on 3 plays at the same time! So that means learning lines, blocking actors, building sets, all the “great” things that come with being a thespian. And on top of all that, I’m wrapping up my senior year of high school, so that means college is just around the corner as well. Hopefully the story is completed sometime this year, but to be honest with ya, I don’t really know. It’s a passion project, and I’ll get it done someday. But for now, enjoy the excerpt.



Hey everyone, Jawa here. Now that the poll is over, I thought I would go ahead and post this. The Ultimate Guide to the classification of all OYEU, MOU, DCOU, and BTFolds stories.

I haven’t talked with the Council yet, but I’m pretty sure this system will become active when the first story in Fold 2 is released. I think this is a pretty straightforward and easy to follow plan, and I hope you guys think the same.

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them ASAP.


  • Origami Yoda: Rise of the Bounty Hunters – Official OYEU Canon
  • Origami Yoda: The Lost Case Files – Official OYEU Canon Spinoffs
  • Origami Yoda: Legends – Non-Canon/Fanmade Elseworld Tales


  • MOU Folds 1-3 – Official MOU Canon
  • MOU: One-Shots – Official MOU Canon Spinoffs
  • MOU: Elseworld – Non-Canon/Fanmade MOU Stories


  • DCOU Folds 1-? – Official DCOU Canon
  • DCOU: One-Shots – Official DCOU Canon Spinoffs
  • DCOU: Elseworld – Non-Canon/Fanmade DCOU Stories


  • Books – Origami Stories based on Books and (Non-DC/Marvel) Comics
  • Films and TV – Origami Stories based on Film
  • Elseworld – Origami Stories that don’t fit any other Category