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A Discovery Has Been Made

Hey all, Jawa here. Long time no see, right?

Anyway, I’ve been hard at work on my final stories for the site, Bag and Crink(le) Strike Back, and The Tragic Fall of Anakin Skyfolder, both for Origami Yoda: Revisited.

This post concerns the latter of the two, and some research I was doing for it. The prologue takes place at the second Fun Night from the very first book, and so I was planning on including the flyer for it in my story. This is where the shocking discoveries occurred. Before I explain, here is the Fun Night flyer:

Screenshot 2022-07-20 220642

At first glance, you may just think that it seems like any ordinary middle school event flyer…until you read the date of Friday, May 4th.

I thought that this could just be a reference to Star Wars Day, however I wanted to see if May the 4th really fell on a Friday in 2010.

It did not.

So I decided to find the closest years in proximity of 2010 that had May 4th on a Friday, and those happened to be 2007 and 2012. Considering that 2012 was in the future, I decided to go with 2007.

The first date of May 4th lined up with the book, so next I had to test the date of the first Fun Night, which was on Friday, April 6th. Turns out, it matches up as well. So at this point I was pretty sure that the first book takes place in Spring of 2007, however there was one more thing that I needed to check.

The most pivotal part of the original book is the McQuarrie gang learning about The Twist by Chubby Checker. The song came out in 1960, so that obviously is not an issue. What I needed to check is how Harvey mentions that he knows the song. He says that he recognizes it because it appears on the soundtrack for Spider-Man 3, which released in 2007, so I needed to find the actual day it released to make sure that it still lined up with everything else.

Spider-Man 3 was released on May 4th, 2007. The exact same day as the second Fun Night. At first I thought this threw the theory out the window, as Harvey couldn’t have seen the film beforehand to know about the song. But then I realized that the soundtrack actually came out on May 1st, 2007, three days before the Fun Night. We can also assume that the track listings were posted online before this point, so there is pretty much enough evidence to confirm that Harvey could’ve known about The Twist after all.

So if we’re going off the dates from the flyers, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda takes place from April 6th, 2007 through May 4th, 2007. That’s just 29 days!

It makes sense that the book lines up with these dates in real life as well, since Tom most likely wrote the book or at the very least came up with the idea for Origami Yoda around 2007, given that Qwikpick and Stonewall Hinkleman were published in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

As for the rest of the series, we know they came out from 2011-2014. Even though it took five years total for the series to be completed, in universe the entire saga actually takes place just over the course of one year! The first book starts in the McQuarrie gang’s sixth grade spring semester, and Pickletine ends in their seventh grade spring semester. So the series canonically takes place from April 2007 through May 2008. 


Technically, there are two issues with this theory: In the series, The Grand Inquistor and “Robo-Legs” Maul are both mentioned. This couldn’t be possible, since both characters were created after 2008, when the story supposedly ends.

Turns out the 2012 dates also match up with both Fun Nights, so technically the series could take place from 2012-2013, allowing for both characters to be mentioned canonically. This would also make Harvey around six or seven years old when Spider-Man 3 was released to theaters. My first memory of a film was the fourth Indiana Jones, which I saw when I was seven, so there is reason to believe that Harvey could have the same memory but with Spider-Man instead.

I think both theories are acceptable, but as I’m writing this, I find the 2012 dates to be more believable, as the only problem is that the book was published two years before that. But if we’re talking strictly in universe, I think it makes more sense. In the end, this is just a rant about a fictional middle-grade book series, and you can choose which dates you think are correct.

Also if the story took place in 2012-2013, the McQuarrie gang would be my age, having been born around 2000-2001, as opposed to 1995-1996 if we go with the 2007 dates. As I grew up with the series, personally I find it more fun to pick the later dates, but going by publication date it could very well be 2007. One last fun fact before I go is that right now the McQuarrie gang would either be 20-21 or 26-27, depending on the dates. Pretty interesting, at least for me.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you all enjoyed my little rant, and I look forward to you guys reading my final stories as well as everyone else’s when they come out before The Archive.

May the folds be with you, always.
– Jawa

Addendum from the desk of SF Noah, supporting the 2012-2013 theory:

1. At the beginning of Princess Labelmaker, Sara is wearing a shirt with the Doctor Who logo on it. It could just be that she is a nerd and knows about Doctor Who for some reason, but placing it around 2013 makes much more sense as the Doctor Who 50th was airing at year, meaning it was at a worldwide peak in popularity. Sara likely became a fan around that time, explaining why she never wore the shirt before then.

2. At the end of the Pickletine in the ‘where are they now’ section, The Skateboarding Brat is wearing a t-shirt with Chopper from Rebels on it. Rebels first aired in 2014 but the characters were revealed in 2013, so it’s likely that the Brat saw Chopper and liked him so much that he made the shirt according to the T-shirt directions in Art2-D2.


SuperFolder Central Reading Guide

Hey all, Jawa here. I noticed that we’ve been getting a few new SuperReaders/Writers on the site and I had a couple things I wanted to mention.

First – Welcome! It’s so cool to see new SuperFolders visit the site almost six years after the final book was published! I hope you all enjoy your time here on the site and make a lot of new friends.

Secondly, I wanted to give everyone (new and old) a reading guide for the site. Over the years, SFC has published hundreds of stories, and it can be a little confusing on what to read when and how all of the timelines work.

A while back, I made an “OYEU Timeline Explained” video on the SFC YouTube channel in anticipation for Twilight of the Student. This video was published nearly two years ago at this point, so I figured now is the time to give an update. If you guys want, I can make an updated video, but for now I’m just going to post this.

So here’s the official SFC Reading Guide:

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An Interview with SuperDoodler CJ! (Conducted by SF Guillermo)

A couple weeks ago, we got an email from SF Guillermo who wanted to interview world famous SuperDoodler and member of the SFCouncil, CJ.

CJ lives on a remote island off the coast of JuteFruce in the DCOU, so it took a while to reach him, but he was generous enough to take time out of his day of hacking computers and drawing book covers to answer these questions. Enjoy!

– The SFCouncil

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SFCast Episode I: Q&A with the Mods!

Hey all, Jawa here. The first(?) episode of SFCast is now live! In this episode, we answer your questions! Check it out below!

We’re thinking about turning it into a monthly series, so let us know if you guys enjoy it!

– The SFCouncil

Introducing Bag and Crink(le)!

Hey all, Jawa here. A few months ago, I discovered an old(ish) Star Wars comic called Tag and Bink. The comic follows the two title characters on their journey throughout the galaxy far, far away, as they either accidentally or purposefully cause almost all of the major events in Star Wars to happen. I really liked this concept, and thought it would be funny to make an Origami Yoda equivalent, called Bag and Crink(le).

The first story is up now in Origami Yoda: Revisited, and takes place during the events of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Enjoy!

Read it here!

What the heck happened to the site!?!?

Hey all, Jawa here! As some of you may have noticed, the OYEU is gone! What happened?!?

Well the EU itself isn’t gone, I mean you’re on the site right now! But what does SuperFolder Central mean?

SuperFolder Central was an idea that JC and I have been kicking around for a while, and after some discussion with the rest of The Council, we have decided to rebrand the OYEU!

SuperFolder Central, or SFC as we’ll most often call it, is a place not only for Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Origami stories…it is a place for ALL stories written by and for SuperFolders! Along with our flagship franchises, SFC will now include Fold of the Rings and Between the Folds! BTFolds has also been expanded to include non-origami stories, a first in the sites history!

The final thing we’ve added is a Resources section, which is where we’ll be collecting tips and tricks on how to improve your writing!

We hope you all enjoy the new redesign and features, and we’ll see you…on the EU- I mean SFC!

– Jawa and The EU SFC Council

We’re in the Endgame Now: Infinity Folds is OUT NOW!

Hey everyone, Jawa here. We have LOTS of news today! First off, the title of this post: T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds is out NOW!!!

Noah and Cam have been working on this for months, and I really think you’ll enjoy it! It now holds the record for the longest story on the entire OYEU at a whopping 41,966 words! This has been years in the making, and we can’t thank you all enough for sticking around. But THE END THIS IS NOT! We still have some other major news:

After much thought, OrigamiLuke100, or SuperFolder Peyton, has decided to leave the OYEU Council. He has chosen to step down in order to pursue other passions. This does not mean that the DCOU is dead, but it will be released much slower than the MOU stories.

Once Peyton announced his departure, The Council decided to vote who should fill in the gap…and in a unanimous decision, please welcome Jar Jar Pleats to the OYEU Council! Jar Jar has been around for a very long time, and has always been an encouraging and friendly face. We’re glad to have him on the team. Here’s a little something he wrote for you guys:

Wow! I can not tell you guys how surprised and excited I was to find this out. I was more shocked than you guys are now, I’m certain of that. What an honor to be voted into the Council. THE Council! The Council I’ve grown to love after so many years of great stories, not just from them but from you guys as well. We, all of us, are what make this entire genre so fun and exciting. This site has been a part of my life for so many years, and I am happy to be contributing to its future.

So, what does this change? Well, on your end, not much! I still plan to visit, comment and catch up when I can. But on my end, I will also be able to help edit the stories and posts that get put up on this site as well! Cool, right? To start with, I have a new story that you have probably seen posted in the past few days, titled The Peculiar Arrival of Shang-Crease. The opening four chapters or so are up now, and it will be continued in the weeks to come. (I promise this won’t be another Guardians – Far Out!)

-Jar Jar

Phew! Three big announcements in one day! Now what are you waiting for?!? Go read T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds!!!!!

Introducing OYEU: Classics!

Hey all, Jawa here. As you may know, I’ve been going through a lot of the backlogged stories on the website. I’ve found many relics from the heyday of the EU, and I thought that they should all have a home in one location. So I’ve created the OYEU: Classics, a label for the most famous/important stories throughout the history of the Expanded Universe.

Here are the current entries:

  • Origami Chewbacca I and II
  • The Papertine Saga
  • The Fold of the Rings Trilogy
  • The Chosen One (or, Origami Yoda VS Fold of the Rings)

Please feel free to comment titles that you feel would fit in this category. You can find OYEU: Classics under the main EU Page.












– The EU Council


Editor’s Note: Yeah, most of you guessed that this was an April Fool’s joke. Good on you! But hey, one can dream, right?

Hey all, Jawa here with some super exciting news! Disney/Lucasfilm have just announced that they have plans to make a live-action Origami Yoda series for Disney+! This was revealed in a joint announcement of a Percy Jackson series, also for Disney+! They went into detail on both series, but even as awesome as PJO is, we’re here to talk about Origami Yoda: There’s no release date as of yet (which is fair, considering this whole virus mess), but Dave (motherheckin’) Filoni will be overseeing the project, and there are some very notable names already attached to the series!

  • Jacob Tremblay (Wonder) as Dwight Tharp
  • Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo Rabbit) as Tommy Lomax
  • Jack Dylan Grazer (Shazam, IT) as Harvey Cunningham
  • Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things) as Kellen Campbell
  • Sophia Lillis (IT, Nancy Drew) as Sara Bolt
  • Millicent Simmonds (A Quiet Place) as Caroline Broome

No conformation on this yet, but Mark (flippin’!!!) Hamill is being rumored to cameo! (My vote is for Mr. GCF!)

Here’s a link to one of the main articles about the show(s)!

That’s all the news we have for right now, but that cast is perfect, right!?!? This is gonna be STOOKY PLASTIC DINOSAURS FIZZPOP AWESOME!!!

– The EU Council

P.S. April Fools 😛


The time has finally come, everyone! Origami Yoda is celebrating his 10th Birthday!

On March 10th, 2010, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda was first published!

To celebrate the occasion, the EU Council has planned out a whole bunch of festivities! Here’s the schedule:

Without further ado, let the celebration COMMENCE!
(Each link will become available each respective day at 12:00AM, EST)