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Hey all, Jawa here. While the other members of The EU Council have been hard at work writing the final stories in Origami Yoda EU canon, I’ve been working on another story of my own. It’s called “The OYEU Time Travel Special”, and it can be found by clicking here, or finding it under the Origami Yoda Legends Tab.

I’ll be posting it in installments, much like my other current story, Closed, This Case Is.

Hope you enjoy the story (so far!) and remember, keep on writing!

– Jawa and the EU Council


Hey guys, Jawa here.

I’ve started to notice in the last few years that story submissions have been slowing down at an alarming rate. I know that this was partially caused due to the original OY Fanbase growing up and moving on, but we still have several active members on this site, who often ask about submitting stories.

Something that I think has been lost over time on the EU is a sense of freedom. People feel like they have to write a specific story, assigned by a specific person, that has to be out at a specific time. This is not true. (There are exceptions, but we’ll get to that.)

So here’s the thing that people keep forgetting:


That’s right! You can write for Origami Yoda Legends, the MOU or DCOU Elseworlds, and anything else, which goes on Between the Folds.

The only “assigned stories” are One-Shots and Main Stories for the MOU and DCOU.

But if you have an idea, just write! Once you’re done, send it in, we’ll spell/grammar check it, and then put it on the site! It’s that simple!

There are two ways to send a story in:
#1: Send your story to the correct email address. They can be found at the top of the Home Page.
#2: Send your story in via the submission form in the SuperFolder Talkzone page.

I hope this clears everything up and gives everyone more confidence to write stories.

Keep on writing!
– Jawa and the EU Council


Hey guys, Jawa here. I made an updated version of the current OYEU, MOU, and DCOU timeline.