The Amazing Spider-Fold

The Amazing Spider-Fold
By Origami_Master53


A Hero Is Born!

  By: James

Hi, I am James Mc Longway, and I am a new student at Kirby High School. I love Spider Man, so, when I saw Cal Largent and his friend Ezra fighting some science kids out on the lawn, I thought of making my own Spider-Man Finger Puppet! His name is Spider Fold! I know, I know, Spider-Fold has already been made by Cal. But, my Spider-Fold is the Amazing Spider-Fold, like with Andrew Garfield! And right after I made him, I found my first enemy. He is one of the science kids. I will explain what he looks like and what he did to become my enemy in the next chapter!


    My New Enemy

        By: James

So, my enemy became my enemy because he would act like a jerk: he’d hide behind lockers, and when the kids shut them, he would jump out from behind them and scream! Now, you might think that is not bad, but we will talk about what he looks like. He is green. You know that he is a science kid, right? Well he got some chemicals on him, I guess and that made him green. And guess what: He has an Origami Lizard! That’s so fitting, right?


   My Message

  By: John Smithman

My name is John Smithman and I am the Lizard! I noticed that the new kid James has been watching me alot. If he is planning to take me down from being the newest bad guy then he will get seriously hurt. I saw him talking to Ezra earlier this week. I also overheard him asking if he could be a reporter. That’s nice, but is he really even smart enough to join? I doubt he could write a good story. I decided to email him this message:

Hi, James!!! I am emailing you this message because I think you suck. Quit being a reporter or else. Go to Wheeler, because you’re evil like them. Thanks for your time!

– John




My first battle

  By: James

When I got that email I deleted it because I thought it was spam. I guess not, because that John kid came out of nowhere today and started to attack me with his lizard puppet! Now, let’s get to what his finger puppet looks like. It looks like a battle droid from Star Wars but green and has claws that have ink on them. Does everyone know the bit in The Amazing Spider-Man when the Lizard uses his claws and makes three cuts in Peter’s suit? Well that sorta happened!!! John swiped his Lizardgami (that was what John called it) at my Spider Fold and the claws hit his chest. It looked cool but I was still very mad about it. 

I ran straight at John and I yelled “You jerk!”

“You should have never come to this school!” John yelled back.

I ran up to him and punched him in the nose. It started to bleed. But he punched me in the gut. 

“Ow!” I screamed. That’s when I kicked his shin and ran off to tell Cal and Ezra what happened.

5 minutes later

“Guys, wait up!!” I yelled at the other end of the hall.

“Hey, James, what do you want?” they both said.

“I just got in a fight!” I told them.

“What?!” they yelled back.

“See, look,” I said as I showed them my Amazing Spider-Fold puppet with the three marks on the chest.

“Wow,” Ezra says “That has green ink on it. This must be from an origami Lizard.”

“It’s from Lizardgami.”

“Who is that?” they both asked.

“Do you guys know the green science kid?” They both said yes. “Well, he made Lizardgami and is now my new enemy!” I told them.

“Do you want help from the Ori-Spider-Verse?” Cal asked.

“No, I got this one.” I replied. “But thanks for the offer, though.”



      By: John

After James ran off I had the thing I needed to ruin his reputation: a video tape from my phone that was on a countertop in the lunchroom. It showed him punching me in the nose and running away. Well, actually, it had the whole fight, but I am going to edit it to make it look like I got hit and he ran off! This should make him be so hated that he would be transferred to Wheeler! Have fun with no friends, James! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


The Video

By: James

Today Cal and Ezra told me I lied to them about the fight and it was just me bullying John! I did not know what was going on, but when I checked my email I found out why. There was a video of me punching John in the nose and running away. That’s when I made my move. At lunch I sat with him and started to talk.

“Why do you hate me?” I asked

“You ruined my reputation,” John told me “If it wasn’t for all the Spider-Folds I wouldn’t look like this!”

“Wait, this is because of you looking green?” I said, shocked.

“Yes it is, you weirdo!” John yelled “My goal is to get rid of all the Spider-Folds, starting with you!” John climbed onto the table. “I put the chemical made me green in the lunch so now all of you will look green and the only way to stop it is by getting to the roof of the school and pouring the antidote down the antenna!” John screamed as he took out his Lizardgami. “Now, my army, stop The Amazing Spider-Fold from getting the antidote that is in the science lab!”


The Final Battle

    By: James

As all the slaves of Lizardgami ran to protect the antidote from me I went to science class and climbed in the vents. I got over the science lab I saw all the ‘Lizards’ trying to break down the door. 

“This is my only shot at this.” I said to myself. I tied the rope around my waist and jumped down and grabbed the antidote. I automatically knew which one to grab because it said ‘Antidote for Green Skin’ on the lid. That’s when the Lizards got in. They all charged me but I still had the rope tied to my waist. So I ran on the walls, literally. I jumped on a wall and started running. Then, when I got enough momentum, jumped back into the vent. But the battle had not ended yet because John was waiting for me on the roof.

“Hello James!” yelled John.

“Hi John,” I replied. That’s when John charged at me. I started to run at him but when we hit each other I lost an antidote and it broke. As John celebrated I walked over to the antenna. I poured the antidote onto it and everyone turned back to normal. Even John! But I know what you’re thinking, “he broke the antidote, remember?” Well, you are right and you are wrong. I grabbed two antidotes: one for my Spider-Fold and one for the school. The one for me was to get rid of the green ink because when I tried to it made it worse because I ripped him and made him have a white spot on it! But now I think I will just make a new suit instead.

After All That
By: James

I wrote all of this story down and took it to Ezra later at the newspaper office.

“Wow, this is really cool. Did we really all turn into lizard slaves?” he asked me.

“Of course, but you probably didn’t remember, it was a weird day.”

“Makes sense. You’re hired as a reporter!”

So I did it! I beat the Lizard and am now a reporter for the Kirby King!

The End


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  2. YESSS!!!!!!!! I am so happy my story is up now!!!!

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  4. origami_master53

    Hey Noah I know that this is kinda late but could you change the Name from SkywalkerFan12 to Origami_Master53?

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  6. I read this and cringe. I would really like to rewrite this story

  7. Man, my very first story on the site. I love to go see this story and think. Think about how cringey this story is but to reflect about how much I’ve grown as a writer thanks to this site.

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