Kid Fold 2

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Episode 1:  New Day, New Problems!


Everyone loved me! But, with all of this love now came a mystery I had to solve. Someone that goes by the name “Pleatster” has been playing pranks on everyone! The teachers, Students, and worst of all THE PRINCIPAL! Can you believe it!?!

I was pranked as well… I was walking around and saw someone with a whoopee cushion and a grey hood on. I walked up to them and saw them put the whoopee cushion on one of the chairs that are for kids who have gotten in trouble in class. As the kid went to sit on it I yelled, “STOP!” The kid stopped and I took off the whoopee cushion while ‘Pleatster’ tackled me while yelling “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!” I finally shoved him off when The Principal came up to me to ask what was happening and why I wasn’t in class.

“Well. Um… I found the kid that has been playing pranks on students!” I yelled “He tried to put a whoopee cushion on this kid’s seat!”

“Really? Then where is this ‘kid’ now?” The principal asked me.

“Well they… um… Ran off when you came…” I replied.

“Let’s check the tapes then, shall we?” He said.

“Oh. ok…” I reply. The tapes are standard but they don’t tell time so yeah. I got in trouble because the Pleatster was nowhere to be seen in the tapes!!!


“No…” I reply.


“PLEASE, NO!” I begged.

“BE QUIET OR YOU WILL GET FOUR WEEKS DETENTION!” He yells again. I tried getting the Pleatster but failed and now I have detention for it! What a great three weeks this will be! But, I now have a new enemy after two months! I have to keep looking out when I’m in the halls because I was banned from using hall passes until I’m out of detention! Pleatster will pay for what he has made me do. I HAD TO SCRAPE GUM OFF OF EVERY DESK IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL IN ONE HOUR! Help…

Episode 2: Detention attack!


Detention stinks! All of the bad people are there! But on my last day the principal was sitting in the room watching us when I noticed a kid in a hoodie come up to the principal’s chair. But luckily I yelled “PLEATSTER!”

“BE QUIET!” The Principal yelled.

“HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” I yelled again. The principal looked behind him and saw Pleatster start running out of the room! I got up and start running after him.

“GET BACK HERE!” The Principal yelled. I kept running and running until I was able to tackle Pleatster. “WHO ARE YOU?!” I screamed. But after I yelled I got kicked off of him and thrown into a locker by… BATFOLD! Or at least a weirdo who made a very bad Batfold puppet. I unmasked the imposter only to find my friend James! “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?” I yell.

“Well, I’m protecting the school from bad guys like YOU!” He yelled back.

“Who is your puppet even?” I ask.

“Oh, this? It’s Crease Mite!” He said proudly. (In case you didn’t realize yet, Crease Mite IS Bat-mite…)

“THAT WAS PLEATSTER!” I screamed as the Principal dragged me back to detention for 2 more weeks.


Episode 3: Free at last!


I’m finally  free! I mean, I’m out of detention! I started walking around the school hoping to find James or better yet… “PLEATSTER!” I heard a kid scream. I ran over to the kid and saw that ‘the kid’ was James! “What happened to you?” I asked.

“I was pranked!” He said like a smart-alek.

“I KNOW THAT! HOW DID YOU GET PRANKED!?” I yelled. (I need to tell you that I was outside when this happened…)

“I was walking around and sat down. As soon as I sat down I heard a whoopie cushion and looked up and water splashed me all over!” He said.

“Which way did he go?” I asked.

“He went that way…” James said, pointing to the back entrance of the school! I ran up to the back of the school and went in through the entrance. “Hello?” I asked.

“You shouldn’t have come!” I heard a booming voice over the room.


“Because It is fun! I love seeing kids getting embarrassed!” He yelled back. I then saw a lot of boxes that said “prank supplies” on the side and top and I ran back outside to tell the principal. When we got to the place the boxes were gone and I got in trouble for ‘going into a part of school that students can’t go into!’ I HATE Pleatster!

Episode 4: Next of many battles!


I got to my house at around 3:30. “I’M HOME!” I yelled.

“How was your day?” My mom asked.

“I got into another fight today.” I said.

“If you keep getting into fights we’re going to have to move.” My mom says.

“I’m trying to stop a kid that keeps pranking people but every time I am close he gets away and I get in trouble!” I yelled.

“Try to focus on school work instead. Ok?” My mom replies. I want to listen to her but I just can’t! I am going to lead him into a trap. James is going to sit around like nothing is happening and I am going to capture Pleatster! Here goes nothing!

“Ok you know the plan?” I asked James.

“Y-y-yes… “ He says scared. It went well and according to plan but he attacked and I tackled him but he took off his mask when I was talking to the Principal and made it look like I tackled him to be mean! “WHY DO YOU KEEP HURTING KIDS?” the principal yells.

“Well I am trying to atta- FIND Pleatster!” I yelled back.

“Well, until you stop you have detention!” The Principal replies.

“NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” I yell back.

“DO YOU WANT ME TO EXPEL YOU!?!” he screams.

“No,” I reply.

Episode 5: The hunt begins!


I know that the title sucks! Anyways, I was rereading the chapters and found out that Pleatster is super fast! I thought about that and realized that he MUST be on the track team! I went to the track meet that week and saw someone that looked about as fast as Pleaster. I went to talk to them that night and they sounded just like them! Here is our conversation:

“Hey! My name is Johnathan Yen. What’s yours?” I asked.

“Hi! My name is Jonah Macaline,” He says.

“Hi! What do you like to do for… you know… fun?” I reply.

“Well… um I like to prank my little brother, Cory Macaline.” Jonah replies.

“Hey, do you like origami?” I asked.

“Well… Who doesn’t! “ He laughs. “I made a cool finger puppet made out of an old yellow whoopie cushion! I call it… Whoopie man! Yeah that’s it!”

“Cool! I made one that is yellow and red. Since I am pretty fast I named him… Fast man!” I say.

“Cool!” He replies. I later was at school and saw Pleatster and tackled him.

“How’s it going, Whoopie man?” I yelled. I also had a mask at this time, and I made a new Kid Fold based off of a young Justice version. I didn’t want to get caught this time.

“Wh-wh-who are you?” Jonah yelled.

“So, you prank your fake little brother?!” I scream. “I guess your little brother is everyone at the school?”

“Johnathan?” He yells.

“I am taking you to the principal!” I yell as I pull him away. I barely heard this conversation.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Jonah?” The principal said.

“I-I-I…” Jonah says.

“I was punishing Kid Fold for trying to stop you and you let me take him! Half of our staff had to go to the hospital because your thumbtack pranks!” The principal yells. “KID FOLD!”

“Yes, sir?” I reply.

“Keep him in the lobby while I call his mother. He is expelled!” The principal yells. I wait in the lobby and he starts to say how good of a detective I am. I shut him up easily.

Episode 6: Weird conversation


“Hello.” Someone in a mask says to me.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I am OriRobin” He replies. “Are you Kid Fold?”

“Well yes. Yes I am” I said proudly.

“I am making a team of kids” OriRobin says with a smile.

“What is the team name?” I ask.

“I call it Young Justcrease.” He replies to me. “I don’t have any members currently, but I’d love it if you’d join.”

“I’ll think about it.” I reply.


Episode 7: Prison escape!


While I was at my house I was thinking about Jonah. He still had prank supplies at the school! His master plan WAS to get caught, then the teachers find the supplies and let him back into the school! I snuck back to school and told the teachers about what I thought. They all agreed and ‘let him back’ into Lampert for a couple days. I would secretly follow him around with a camera and catch him in the act! I was about 10 feet away from him and he turned around. I just kept walking until I turned around also and started walking behind him once more. I followed him into the principal’s office and saw him take 4 blocks out of the wall! He hid his supplies in the principal’s own office! I  adjusted the angle of the camera so you could see the words PRANK SUPPLIES on it! I ran in and confronted him!

“Your plan failed Jonah!” I yell.

“I-i-it’s not what it looks like!” He replies.

“When the principal finds out you will NEVER be able to come back!” I say.

“The camera’s are busted!” Jonah says. “I broke them!”

I heard the principal coming so I ran out of the room and showed him the video footage.

“JONAH!” The principal screams.

“Y-y-yes…” He replies.

“Bring me all of your supplies! NOW!” He screamed again.

“Ok… Sir…” he quietly replies. I finally stopped Pleatster FOR GOOD! He can’t be pranking anyone else at Lampert!



“OriRobin?” I asked.

“Yes.” He replies.

“I want to join your team.” I say.

“Really?” He says.

“Yes. Really.” I reply.

“Great! Thank you!” OriRobin says.

“No problem! Now I have to get home. BYE!” I say.

“Bye” He replies.


  1. origami_master53

    I loved making this!

    • The homeslice homedog home-in-the-middle of the street, The god of the Underworld, the Rich one, the Illustrious, Aidoneus, Dark Zeus, Pluto? Like the dog? Any other name for this stooky fella: HADES!!

      This was awesome! I loved the full story.

  2. origami_master53

    Lol. I messed up while writing chapter 7. pleatster’s master plan ACTUALLY was to get caught (Like I wrote) then when the Principal/Teachers find the supplies they let him back in because they think he wasn’t the prankster. I should’ve made that more clear.

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