The Chosen One



Chapter 1: Revenge
By Tommy

So, Jacob (and Papertine) had finally vanished. But, his terror would never leave the halls of McQuarrie Middle School.

We had received word that Jacob had fled from Tolkien Middle School, yesterday. But, hadn’t we just fought Jacob and Papertine last evening?

Is Jacob pulling a trick on us?



Chapter 2: Return
By Kellen

So, Harvey and Zack were paperless. Our Origami creations were mostly destroyed by the Death Shredder. And only the “Cover Stars” survived: Origami Yoda, Darth Paper, Fortune Wookiee, and Han Foldo. (My Starcreaser was shredded).

But, we had something else on our minds: Dwight.

Jacob had turned Dwight, our friend and former wielder of Origami Yoda, into a monster known as Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs. And he was powerful. More powerful than Jacob could ever pretend to be. And he was also missing. For three days, nobody’s seen Dwight. Not even his mom.

So, I was trying to find Dwight, during lunch.

I had taken my brand-new Origami Rahm Kota with me, in case I had to fight Origami Ventress, which was Dwight’s new paper-partner.

Well, I found him. He was hiding by the janitor’s closet in school. (He was running from squirrels, no doubt).

Then, he stood up, and pulled out OrigAsajj Ventress.

“Young Jedi; are you Skywalker’s little pet?” he questioned, using a really good Ventress voice.

“Dude, Dwight, stop!”

“I am Dwight Tharp no longer. Now, I am only DARTH MELTED PLASTIC DINOSAURS!” Dwight ran off, and dropped a note into my lap. I went back to go tell Tommy and the others that I had found him; and I read them the note which plainly said:

“No, I am your father!”


Chapter 3: Fathers
By Sara

Well, I have known Dwight for like 12 years now, and never once have I seen his dad.

I mean, I know that his dad was never around, but did he just leave, or is he…..?

Anyway, I decided to go find out. I went to Dwight’s house, which is right next-door to mine, and Mrs. Tharp answered the door.

“Did you find Dwight?!” she asked. Her hair was a mess, and her clothes were stained. This lady really loved her kid, if she forgot to even change clothes for three days.

“Yes, Mrs. Tharp, we found Dwight, but-“

“WHERE IS HE?!? WHERE IS MY LITTLE BOY?!?” she screamed, wildly. I was afraid the entire block would hear her.

“Shhh! He’s hiding. And I think he might be around your house.” I said.

“Then, where is he? Why did he leave?!”

“Well… I think it has to do with his father, ma’am.” I said, honestly.

“His-WHAT?!? Christopher?! Why does Dwight want to know about-“

“Wait, did you say-“

“Christopher Hayden Tharp! Dwight’s father! My…..husband. Sara, I have to tell you something…”

She took me upstairs, to a room opposite of Dwight’s. I had seen it before, but it was always, ALWAYS locked. Now, Mrs. Tharp opened the door, and I gasped.


Chapter 4: Obsession
By Sara

All around me, I saw Origami.

Cranes! Frogs! Yodas! Even…Origami Dwight?!?

“Mrs. Tharp! What is this place?” I asked, aghast.

“This, my dear, is my husband’s room. It used to be OUR room, but when his obsession with Origami got in the way of our relationship, things just collapsed. His attention went off of me, and into paper. Valley Folds! Crane Bases! Squash Folds! I was so tired of it, so I told him to choose between me and the Origami.”

“And he chose Origami.” I said, feeling upset for Dwight.

“Heavens, no! He chose me and Dwight, but he still kept the room. He even made us both Origami versions of ourselves. But, even though he made his choice, he left for a major job opportunity in the Asami Origami Paper Company, but we lost contact with him after a few weeks. The last time I saw him, it was about three years ago, when you kids were at school…”


Chapter 5: The Sweater Vest
By Mrs. Tharp

Well, Christopher was coming to McQuarrie Middle School for Dwight’s birthday, which everybody forgot. Well, Chris gave Dwight a sweater vest. An ugly, hideous sweater vest, with pom-poms and a reindeer on it; but Dwight loved it all the same.

Well, Dwight wore it to school that day, and Christopher came up to me, holding one of his favorite Origami creations: The Five-Fold Yoda; and he (it?) told me something…

“Destroy the Sith, we MUST!!!”

I didn’t get it. I mean, I knew the line from Episode VI-er, III, but I didn’t know what he meant by it. Destroy…Dwight?! No. Destroy…That nasty Harvey boy? Eh, I could live with that. Destroy….McQuarrie’s hold on Dwight?!? Is THAT what he meant? Get Dwight out of McQuarrie, away from his friends, and make him sad?!? HOW IS THAT THE BEST FOR HIM?!

“The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen on McQuarrie Middle School,” he said, mysteriously, “Begun, the Paper War has……”

So that, on top of the whole “suspended” issue, is why we left for Tippett Academy.


Chapter 6: A Broken Soul
By Caroline

I saw him. Dwight. He was on top of the roof of his house. (I was Sara’s backup).

“Dwight!” I called, “Come down here! I’ll take you to Wendy’s!”

Dwight looked at me with burning eyes. He had been crying madly. And I really wanted to help him.

“Look, Dwight-“


“Ok, Darth; I just want you back. I love you!”

Dwight started shaking. Then, he motioned for me to come up there and get him.

“Dwight, I can’t!” I said, “It’s too high up!”


Dwight let go of the window ledge that he was holding onto, and fell right into my arms, crying.

“It’s ok, Dwight,” I tried to soothe him, “Everything’s gonna be alright…..I hope.”

I put Dwight down (he’s surprisingly light), and I went up to the front door, and told Sara that I found Dwight.

“Great work, Caroline!” she said, running down the stairs with Mrs. Tharp.

But when we got back outside, Dwight was gone.


Chapter 7: An Old Friend
By Tommy

At the school’s library, me, Kellen, Amy, and Lance were arguing over whether Emperor Palpatine died in “Return of the Jedi” or not, when we saw a shadowy figure walk past each bookcase.

When the shadow came out of the maze of cases, and approached our table, I saw that it was not one, but TWO people coming towards us; and I knew exactly who they were…

“Always two, there are,” Origami Yoda, on my finger, said, “A master…and an apprentice!”

Dwight and Jacob sat down in the chairs parallel to ours.

“Hey, Jake,” I said, “I heard that you died.”

“Been there, done that,” Jacob said.

“And Dwight,” I stared right into his red eyes, “are you ok?”


Dwight just sat there, like a zombie.

Uncomfortable silence.

I noticed all the little things, like Dwight’s tears stained on his cheeks, his new Origami Savage Opress, and Jacob’s confident smirk, which even then seemed to taunt me, saying; “You STILL don’t know my plans, and you never will…..”

I couldn’t just grab Dwight. If I did, he’d start bawling, and the teachers would come over and send me to I.S.S. (Not that fun if you’ve already been there twice, and one more time means “you’re toast”).

With a sudden jerk, Dwight got up from the table, and bolted towards the balcony that overlooks the school. He couldn’t get far from where he was going; the balcony is a story above the first floor! I waited to see him pause, but he didn’t. Jacob smiled, gleefully, and I understood what Dwight was about to do.

Dwight was going to jump the balcony.

“Dude! Dwight, stop!” I yelled, but it was too late.

Dwight looked at me, straight in the eye (very rare for Dwight), and jumped backwards off the balcony, into the waves of students below.

I tried to run over to check on Dwight. If anything had happened to him…

As I attempted to get out of my seat, Jacob shoved me back down, and duct-taped my mouth closed. Then, he duct-taped me, Kellen, Lance, and Amy to our chairs!

After tasting the sticky, bitter taste of tape for three and a half minutes, I decided to act. I reached for my backpack, and pulled out- aha! A pair of scissors! (DON’T tell Mr. Howell! I use them for arts and crafts!).

I hurriedly freed Kellen, Amy, and Lance, then ran down the stairs to search for Dwight.

By the time I was down there, everybody was looking above me. Dwight was right above us! Right where we were just seconds ago… Huh?


Chapter 8: The News From Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs
By Lance

At lunch, all the teachers go outside to watch the kids who want to hang around the playground, like Murky.

So, Darth Dwight took this to his advantage, and ran from the center of the balcony to Principal Rabbski’s office, to the left of him.

The next thing I heard was on the intercom, saying:

“Hello, students! I hope you are having a very Purple day! It is I, Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs, and I have come to announce that I am leaving McQuarrie Middle School, again, and going to TOLKIEN Middle School; where I can finally be understood by my peers. So, I guess this is…….goodbye!”

That was the last I heard of Dwight for a long time……


Chapter 9: The Master
By Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs (Dwight)

I walked out of the school, cleverly avoiding Mrs. Rabbski and the others, and I put the slip my mom wrote to the school in Rabbski’s Office.

So, I was no longer enlisted in McQuarrie Middle School.

Oh, sure, I had a couple of “so-so” friends; but the true power rested in Jacob’s former school, Tolkien Middle. Because at Tolkien Middle School, my dad was in hiding, undercover as one of the teachers……

I went to Jacob’s house.

Ok, it wasn’t really a house. The place was hidden off at the local junkyard, covered in used tires and old wooden planks. Jacob was sitting there, looking as comfortable as ever, when I approached him.

“Hey, Master! I did what you requested, and I am no longer in McQuarrie Middle School.”

“Good, my apprentice,” Jacob praised, “so you WERE able to deceive your mother? I assumed you wouldn’t have the heart to do the deed!”

“Nope, I did!” I said, though I still felt guilty for what I did. I mean, I have never, EVER lied to my mom, and I don’t want her feelings hurt if she finds out the truth about why I am going to this new school.

“So, Jacob, when do I see my dad?!” I half-asked, half-yelled to him.

“Soon, my apprentice, soon……”


Chapter 10: The Apprentice
By Dwight

Today was the day. The day that I would see my dad again. I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I felt REALLY brown about all this; because it almost made me feel….normal. Like back at Tippett Academy. Like, I only turn normal when something is amiss……

My mom drove me to the location that Jacob told me the school was. I looked at the structure. Maybe it was because of the sunrise, but I think it was gleaming gold. It had draperies that were purple (literally), and it had a sidewalk-ish pathway that made me feel like a King.

I walked up to the school, with my mom holding my hand. She might have been looking at me, but considering how I always look at the sky or at my feet, I couldn’t tell.

I looked up, and saw that the doors were like a castles; giant, decorated, and beautiful sculptures carved into it.

My mom let go of my hand, and stepped behind me.

I took a deep breath, and opened the door.



Chapter 11: A New, Weird, Origami-Wielding Guy
By Peter

So, Sam and I were cracking jokes, as usual, when HE arrived.

A kid, not much taller than me, with golden-brown tangled hair and pale blue eyes, looking almost everywhere at once, was standing in the registering line. He was with his mother, and he looked strangely content.

I could tell he was holding a piece of Origami, but I couldn’t tell who (or what) it was.

It was a new semester for the Fellowship. Our FINAL semester in middle school, and the near end of it.

Frankie, Ian, and the others weren’t here yet. Just me and Samantha. (Sam.)

Well, the kid got registered, and walked right over to us. We were a little worried.

“Do you want to ask Origami Ventress for advice?” he asked.

“Um…Ventress? Like, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ventress?”


“Um….sure….” Sam said, “But, isn’t Ventress, like, a Sith acolyte?”

“Not anymore. Now, she’s a bounty hunter!” he said, holding the Origami baddie up.

“What question would you like to ask me, Jedi?!” Ventress snarled.

“Um…” Samantha struggled, “Well….. ok; does Peter think I look cute?”

I looked at her, for ironically the first time today. I had been talking to her, but I never really had the courage to look her right in the eye. I just kinda knew she might look different. I mean, Christmas break was over, and she might have done a lot with her look since then. I didn’t really look at her for the past couple weeks, even on New Years and when we swapped Christmas gifts. But, I was still her best friend, so…..

She had changed. A lot. I mean, her usually curly wild red hair was now straight down, only curling at the bottom. And I think she got a makeup kit for Christmas, ’cause she really highlighted her green eyes with it. Her clothes were…stunning. A red top, navy-blue jeans, and a green hairband. She was a knockout.

“He thinks you look….. like a piece of bantha dung!” Ventress said.

“Hey!” I yelled, “You take that back! Even the real Asajj Ventress isn’t THAT mean! Sam looks astonishing! I have never seen her look that good in my life! She rocks! And you, whoever you are, are a jerk!”

“Brown! BROWN BROWN BROWN!!!!!” the kid yelled. His mom looked over at him with a look of disappointment.

“Now, Dwight! You said you would stop being like this!” she said, fast-walking over to him.

She grabbed him by the ear and whispered some stuff to him. Some of which, I could tell, would only come out of Soapy the Monkey’s mouth.

So, Dwight was strange. This kid folded Origami, but he was weirder than us.

15 minutes later, Aragorn Paris joined us. Then Frankie. Then Malcolm, Peyton, and the rest of the Fellowship.

I introduced them to Dwight.

At first, they were all hesitant. Then, DT walked over to him, with a smile, and shook his hand.

“How’s it going, Dwight?” he said, cheerfully.

“Purple,” said Dwight.

“Ok… cool!”

DT wasn’t the type of guy to spoil the mood of things. (Though, Uruk-Gami might spoil some…..)

So, Dwight was NOT one of us. And he was going to lead us into an all-out war; we just didn’t know it yet…..


Chapter 12: Memories
By Frankie (Who Else?)

My love is gone.

Elijah took the blame for us, the night Jacob died, and we let him. I let him. And I would never do that again. I loved him. I still do. But he will NOT corrupt me again.

I got up that morning, feeling distressful. I got up, didn’t change my clothes, didn’t brush my teeth, and didn’t brush my hair. Then, when I got to school, I was hoping to see Elijah, waiting there for me.

I did.

Just for a moment, I locked eyes with Elijah. The second he saw me, he turned pale and ran off. I came for him, but I didn’t find him.

“I’m crazier than I thought.”

I came to the table where Peter, Sam, and Aragorn were sitting, and I waited there, trying to avoid that Dwight kid.

When the entire Fellowship was there, I was officially re-invited back into the group.

“Behold, Frankie, wielder of Origami Eowyn!!” said Peter.

Eowyn? Oh well, I guess she is a tough gal, like me.

Today, I was going to visit Elijah in jail.

For those of you out there who don’t already know this; that isn’t a very good boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.


Chapter 13: Elijah the Accused
By Frankie

At the Christopher Lee Insane Asylum, I opened the wide doors, and immediately smelled what had to be fire.

I ran to Elijah’s cell, my heart beating hard in my chest.

“Elijah!” I yelled.

I looked toward his cell, but he was gone.

I ran back outside, worried, and saw a sign that read:

Demolition In Process. You…Shall Not…Pass!

I had almost been fried in an insane asylum. Typical.

I plowed through a construction crew, and asked an official-looking man where Elijah was.

“Sorry, Frankie, but Elijah has been moved to a temporary cell in Pennsylvania,” he said.

“NO!!! Wait, how do you know my name?” I asked.

“Oh, Frankie, if you only knew…”

With that, the man simply vanished. I mean, I had only blinked, and he was gone!

I started to tear up; which was very unusual for me. I lost my Elijah, again.

Then, without warning, I was grabbed by the arm and pulled back, behind a truck.

What happened?!?


Chapter 14: The Prophecy
By Peter

The next day, Frankie didn’t come to school. I guessed she was sick.

So, after gym class, I called her mom up. She said that Frankie didn’t come back from her visit to the asylum. We were both really freaking out now.

If Elijah somehow kidnapped Frankie…..

Anyway, during math class, Mr. Saru began to lecture us.

“So, students, when it comes to pemdas-” he stopped his lecture when he saw Dwight. The two of them just stared at each other for a couple seconds, then he continued.

“Can anyone explain what PEMDAS means?”

My hand was the only one to pop up.

“Um…Dwight!” said Mr. Saru, completely avoiding me.

Dwight pulled out Asajj Ventress and said:

“Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction!”

“Well done, Dwight! But please, don’t bring your paper figures into class. We already have a group dedicated to THAT…”

He looked straight at me, with those mysterious eyes, even though I did nothing wrong.

“Anyway; class, I would like you to be formally introduced to our newest student, Dwight Tharp!!!”

After class, I found Dwight. He now had an Origami “Yoda,” that was only 5-Folds! (He called it an Emergency Yoda.)

So, he asked me to give it a question to answer.

“Um… Origami Yoda, what can you see in Tolkien Middle School’s future?” I asked.

The paper creature looked strained. I gave him that question because nobody knows the answer other than the school board.

It finally looked normal, and then it spoke:

“A war, I sense; soon it will be. Reunited, a boy will be, with his father. A love, lost it will be, to fear. A life, once ceased, to return… A CHOSEN ONE, TO SAVE US ALL.”

I had no idea what it meant, but the second it stopped speaking, the prophecy started coming true.


Chapter 15: The Rise of Jacob Minch
By Peyton

So, I heard the prophecy that Origami Yoda gave, and me and OriGollum (the third), both thought that “a life once ceased, to return,” might mean Jacob!

Just then, JACOB burst through the door, wielding Origami Wormtongue, and grabbed Dwight by the shirt collar!

He said this: “Dwight!! You have failed me for the last time!!! You said you would DESTROY the Fellowship, not JOIN them! Leave the Force in Darkness, not Bring Balance to it!”

He let go of Dwight’s shirt, and Dwight pulled out Origami… MORGOTH!!!!!

(Morgoth is Sauron’s dark master, if you didn’t know.)

I instinctively pulled out OriGollum, and lunged at Jacob; of course, only to have him rip OriGollum.

“Oh, c’mon!!!!” I yelled.

I punched Jacob hard in the stomach, then in the face. Then I repeated the move three times until he grabbed my arm. His grip had gotten considerately stronger over the past year…

I called out to Dwight. Could Origami Yoda stop Wormtongue?

Yes, he could.

Dwight grabbed Jacob, picked him up, and rammed himself and Jacob into the nearest wall. Then, me still watching, he ran out of the school doors and to the road, where a bunch of trucks were moving REALLY fast. If Dwight were to run into the road with Jacob, a truck at that speed could never be able to stop in time!

Dwight held Jacob up in front of the speeding trucks (Dwight was a really strong kid), and Jacob started to cry.

“Dude, stop!”

“Why should I?!” Dwight yelled, using his other hand to pull out Origami Morgoth, “YOU would have killed me!”

“Because…because…” Jacob was struggling. He was dangerously close to the road. Then, he spoke words of wisdom.

“Because, you are a good kid, Dwight! I am evil, I admit. But YOU, you are a good kid. A good man. Please, stop this! I will run away, and you can find your dad!”

Dwight stopped; a look of understanding on his face. He dropped Jacob, who was gagging, by the way, and walked back inside, as Jacob ran away… straight into the trucks. Bummer.


Chapter 16: Elijah’s Return
By Frankie

What HAD happened to me? Well, I was saved by a friend.

Elijah pulled me back, behind a truck, just as a wrecking ball came barreling towards the asylum. THAT THING WOULD’VE KILLED ME!!!

“Eli-” I began to speak, when Elijah put his hand over my mouth.

“Listen, Franks, people can’t know I’m here. I’m SUPPOSED to be at a holding cell in Pennsylvania; so the fact that I escaped might give the court a reason to keep me in jail… for life. You’ve got to help me!”

“Why did you break out? How?” I asked.

“Because, I knew that if I didn’t, I would never get my chance to tell you the truth about Jacob Minch…”

“I’m listening.”

“Not here. Back at Tolkien Middle, I will be safe.” he said.

“Whatever you say, freak.”

Elijah took me by the hand, and we ran back to my bike; and back to Tolkien Middle School…


Chapter 17: Friends…and Foes
By Malcolm

Well, Dwight and I were talking over who would win in a fight between Yoda and Gandalf.

“Dude, Gandalf is an ANGEL. He could totally take down a creature that uses a fake ‘Force’!” I said.

“But, Yoda has a LIGHTSABER, and lightsabers can just slice through swords!” Dwight countered.

I was so happy when I met Dwight. He felt like the type of guy who was not too weird, not too straight, y’know? And so when he had picked up Jacob, I was so relieved that the teachers were on a coffee break, or else Dwight wouldn’t be here!

So, as we were debating LOTR and SW’s strengths and weaknesses, Frankie skipped in.

“Frankie! We’ve been-“

She cut me off.

“Listen, Malcolm, I got Elijah here with me! In the parking lot! I need the Fellowship’s help to keep him a secret!”

“But, Elijah is a-“

She cut me off again.

“Just do it, mouse!”

“Mouse” was Frankie’s nickname for me. Seemed kind of fitting, for her, to call me that. I mean, I do scurry around the school a lot; and I do seem to have a “small” addiction to cheese.

Anyway, I decided to help her. I mean, she is my friend, and I really did NOT want to get on her bad side. (If this is how she treats me in a good mood…)

“Ok, Frankie, I’ll help. The rest of the Fellowship is in the lunchroom.”

I had never seen Frankie run so fast as she did right then. Her garbage-scented black hair flew right into my mouth as I tried in vain to speak.

Eh, what the heck? I decided to follow her.

After talking to the others, and witnessing a very interesting incident with Dwight and juice and cupcakes, we ran off to the parking lot, to find Elijah.

“Hey, guys? What’d I miss?” said Elijah. He had the same clever smirk as usual, as if he was always one step ahead of us.

“Elijah…what’s your game, this time?” Peter asked.

“No game. This time, it’s about revenge…”


Chapter 18: Elijah’s Revenge
By Elijah

Well, my time had finally come. Jacob used me when he faked his death.

To tell you the truth, that WAS what we had planned to do. Jacob and I had planned for Peter to follow Jacob up the flights of stairs. We had planned for the Ring to be either dropped or ruined by the cement. We had even planned for Peter to side-step Jacob, so he would fall off the roof.

What really happened was THIS:

Jacob fell pretty close to the fire, then grabbed onto a windowsill, and threw his “friend” Billy Ali in. The fire killed him instantly, and maimed his face, so that people could, for now, easily mistake him for Jacob. (By the time the DNA tests were done, Jacob and I were SUPPOSED to be long gone.)

Well, I didn’t get out. Jacob tricked me into staying, and waiting for the cops to come, so I would be arrested. From then on, through the Holidays, I planned my revenge.

Ok, now enough of me talking to you guys. It’s payback time.

Some kid named Dwight pulled out an Origami Yoda, and it started to speak:

“The Prophecy…fulfilled, another piece of it will be!”

“What PROPHECY?! Why did this kid bring Star Wars into a Lord of the Rings-related school?!?” I yelled.

“Dude,” said Peter, “Chillax! This kid’s new!”

“Shut up.”

I never let Peter win a conversation against me.


“So, Peter, Sam, and John, you guys go find Jacob. Report to me when you’re ready. Ian, Jack, DT, you guys go and subdue Jacob, until I can get to him, an-“

“Excuse me,” said DT, “subdue, like, try to fight JACOB?!?”


“Wow, you still ARE evil!” DT said, running off to his hiding spot with Ian and Jack.

“ANYWAY,” I began again, “Malcolm, Xarl, Peyton…you guys are with me and Frankie!”

I saw Frankie smile when I said “me and Frankie.”

Frankie and I, hand in hand, ran off to our secret hiding place. All we had to do is wait for Peter’s call……


Chapter 19: The Final Strike
From Point of View of Peter, DT, and Elijah

Elijah gave us walkie-talkies to communicate to each other with. Sam, John, and I all had one…just in case.

We sneaked past the school, towards Jacob’s “house,” which is like a mile away. We passed some school called McQuarrie Middle School, and something clicked in my head.

“Wait, guys,” I said, “McQuarrie Middle School….THAT’S where Jacob and Dwight were when they weren’t at our school! Dwight told me about it!”

Sam smiled in pride. When she’s happy, I’m happy! 🙂

So, I knew instinctively that Jacob HAD to be in there. (We left Dwight at our school, so that he wouldn’t try and kill Jacob again.)

We began to run in, our footsteps echoing in the school halls.

Then, I gasped. It was like all the wind was knocked out of me.

Jacob stood above me, holding a baseball bat in his hands.

I then realized that Jacob had hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat, and I think I might have broken a few ribs. I couldn’t get up.

“Um…Elijah? We found him!!” yelled Sam, into her walkie-talkie.

It was time for Phase 2. DT, go for it!

We rushed in as soon as we could; our pants getting bigger and heavier, as we walked into the hallways, and saw Jacob wrestling Sam with a baseball bat. John was kneeling beside Peter, trying to help him up.

I ran for Jacob.

Normally, this would not be my approach. I am usually a “peace” sort of guy, who doesn’t think violence is acceptable. But when I DO get rough, I get down and dirty.

I pulled out a handful of Jacob’s hair, bit his ear, and kicked him in the gut. After a high-pitched scream, I realized I had done that all to SAM, who fell down and left me to fight Jacob with Jack and Ian.

Jacob had some blood on the side of his mouth, probably from fighting Sam, and he had a piece of Samwise Gami in his hair. There goes another Origami hero. We jumped on Jacob, leaving him in a sort of dog-pile underneath us. I told the other two to get behind me, as I pulled out Uruk-Gami, and gave Jacob a few wild punches.

Jacob was really angry. I could see the red on his face and the strain on his body, as he grabbed onto me and threw me across the room. I looked back at Jacob, and saw Ian deliver a sweet uppercut with Origami Elrond. Then Jack did the same thing with his Nazgul. Jacob was bleeding lightly, and he was REALLY strong, too! He picked up both Ian and Jack, and threw them…right into me.

The last thing I saw was Elijah running up to Jacob. Phase 3, ready to go…

I put my full grip on Jacob’s neck, choking him. I could have seriously hurt him right then, but I just…couldn’t. Here was my enemy, lying before me, beaten and ready to be served some good ol’ fashion justice, but I just couldn’t hurt him. He’s just a kid. He may be a diseased maniac, but he IS just a kid. I can’t hurt him like this. I’m just not evil anymore. Jacob might have been the real driving force in this whole “Fellowship” thing. I mean, I knew him back when he gave me the idea for Origami Lord of the Rings……..


I never finished my sentence. Jacob smiled viciously as he grabbed the baseball bat from behind him, and whacked me across the head. I could tell I was missing some teeth, but at least nothing was….brokennnnn…….

Peyton and Malcolm grabbed the baseball bat from Jacob, just as Frankie charged into him. Those guys all cared for Elijah. I guess I care about him, too, it’s just that I might have been holding a grudge about this whole “set-up” thing, but now I know…


I saw Sam lying next to me, with a clump of hair gone from her head. She still looked as pretty as ever.

“Jacob?” I asked.

“DT” she coughed.

I chuckled, then my stomach hurt. I realized, my ribs must be really hurt…or worse. I blacked out, but not before I saw a silhouette above me, facing Jacob.

This silhouette was holding an Origami Yoda finger puppet.


Chapter 20: Enter Jacob
By Dwight

I was angry. My mind was clear, and I wasn’t acting weird or anything. That always happens at a new school. Only when I’m with Tommy, Kellen, and the others, do I act weird.

I had to deal with Jacob. That was obvious.

I looked around me, shocked, as I saw the unconscious bodies of Peter, Elijah, DT, Peyton, Malcolm, Frankie, Ian, Jack, and Sam. They were injured, but none of them were fatally wounded.

I rose to the challenge. I gave Origami Yoda his lightsaber, and charged towards Jacob. I watched the look of fear in his eyes as I grabbed his hidden Papertine and Wormtongue puppets from his pocket. (I knew he must still have a connection to Papertine.) I took them both, and ripped them to shreds.

The look on his face was enough to warn me that he still had a baseball bat, and he wasn’t afraid to use it on me. I fell to the ground, pretending to be frozen in shock, so he would maybe just leave us all alone. Then, I saw Tommy, Caroline, and Ryan charge at Jacob with Origami Rex, Origami Padme, and Jedi Bob. They came to save me!

Sadly, Jacob saw it coming. I guess he had really planned for all this.

I thought then about the fact that Jacob started this whole thing to get revenge on me. What if we never even put a dent in his plans? What if this whole thing, this whole “Week of the Papertine” and “Fold of the Rings” thing was all just part of a bigger master plan? Like how Emperor Palpatine used Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and even the Clone Wars to get Anakin on his side?

I came to the realization too late. I yelled out to Caroline, but she didn’t hear until Jacob had already come at her with the hidden Darth Plagueis he had from last month.

Jacob gave Caroline a really hard punch, leaving her stunned on the ground. When Tommy and Ryan came to stop him, he immediately whacked them with his baseball bat, like a lightsaber. The three McQuarrie kids all were on the ground, fast asleep, along with the Tolkien kids.

I came to two realizations right then:

  1. “A Love, lost to fear.” Caroline?! Was she the love, and I was too afraid to get up?!?
  2. Everyone but me was unconscious. “A CHOSEN ONE, to save us all…..” The Prophecy rang in my head. Was my Origami Yoda right? Was I the Chosen One?

I rammed into Jacob, bit open Origami Plagueis, pulled out Origami Yoda, and said the last thing there was to say.

“At an end, your rule is. And not short enough it was.”

I picked up Jacob, in a sudden furious fit, and I threw him out the window, down, down, down through the air, and onto a very angry Soapy the Monkey.

Jacob’s rule was over… I think. The cops took Jacob away to the re-invented Insane Asylum, “Arkham Correctional Facility,” and took Elijah there, too.

Us kids were all forgiven for the “break out” of Elijah, and those of us with serious injuries were taken to the hospital. Just then, Frankie yelled out to the Police Chief.


“AND you were the same Police Chief from earlier!” Peter added.

“Just doing my job, kids,” he said.

As he took off his hat to wipe his face, we all gasped.

“Mr. Saru?!” we all yelled.

And then he was gone. I can’t describe it, but he was gone.




Chapter 21: Three Months Later…..
By Xarl

I feel like I failed my Fellowship.

I was running toward McQuarrie Middle School, when my shoelaces came untied. Normally, I would have stopped and tied them, but this was SERIOUS. I decided not to tie them.

Worst decision ever.

Later, as I was running to the doors, I tripped on my shoelaces, fell back, and hit my head on the steps. When I woke up, I was in a hospital. I had never made it to the hallways!

So, three months later, in May; we at Tolkien Middle School could finally take a fresh breath of air. The two people who had mocked and almost ruined our Fellowship were both behind bars, for the next nine months.

I took it as a time to RELAX!!!

I replaced OriGandalf’s pointy wizard hat with Summer visor-cap, I got into a comfortable pair of Lord of the Rings shorts, put on my lucky The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey t-shirt, and ran outside to play Fold of the Rings with my friends.

I could play with almost everyone, except poor DT, who after being dog-piled by his two best friends, was still in recovery, and was wearing a full body-cast. (That seriously stinks).

So, we all battled with our Origami Fellowship, and soon enough, the McQuarrie crew joined us. We had become good friends over the past few weeks, and we all had a great time debating which was better between LotR and Star Wars. Little did we know that this little “debate” would become a bigger war than we ever had experienced in Middle School.

By Ryan

Today was our last day of school. Our last day at Ralph McQuarrie Middle School.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

I mean, I had only been there for one semester, but with friends like Tommy and Quavondo, I felt like I was there just as long.

I watched as Tommy and Sara, hand in hand, walked out of McQuarrie’s doors, into a new day. I saw Dwight, crying, as he picked up his phone and heard what I presumed to be bad news about Caroline. She was the most injured person of that whole thing, and some doctors think her injuries are…..fatal. I watched Cassie and Quavondo, then Mike and Hannah, then Kellen and REMI!!! :0

Those kids loved the school, so it was fitting that when we were all out of the doors, the sobbing Dwight pulled out Origami Yoda and said:

“The End, This Is.”

We ran off, and most of us went to Xarl’s house. That kid was cool! He had a castle-like playground thing in his backyard, and we could all hang around it and play Origami with him. Me and Aragorn Paris were now inseparable. We would talk about fun times we had throughout Middle School, and all the times we had both separately fought Jacob Minch.

Well, at Xarl’s house, little did we know that the biggest battle of all Origami was about to begin…


Chapter 22: Lighting The Spark
By Peter

So, when we started to play “Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings,” everything started to go haywire.

“So, Peter,” said Tommy, “who really WOULD win, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings?”

“Well, I think that it really depends on what we mean by that,” I said, “Cause if you mean with characters, I don’t really know; but vehicle wise, X-Wings ARE much cooler than a horse-drawn carriage. Now, when it comes to weapons, a wizard staff is probably just as cool as a blaster, but a lightsaber can slice through a regular sword, so…”

I never finished my sentence before Frankie went berserk on me.

“Oh, please! Lord of the Rings is incredibly cooler than Star Wars!!!” she said, pulling out Origami Eowyn from her pocket and charging Tommy. I had to stop this before Frankie hurt somebody.

I ran over to her, already sweaty and tired from our games, and felt my muscles ache. I let out a loud yawn, stretched, and almost blacked out. I felt the place where Jacob nailed me with his baseball bat. My ribs weren’t fully healed, and when I stretched up, I must have pulled something. I fell onto the rough, gravely ground, and closed my eyes.

By Tommy

I was defending myself from Frankie when I saw Peter fall. He didn’t even yelp when he hit the ground. I ran over to him, and saw a shadow behind me.

At first, I was afraid it was Frankie, coming to pummel me for what I said, but instead, I was patted on the shoulder by Sara. She has been really nice to me lately, and I couldn’t believe that she actually has been talking to my mom about us still being in the same high school. HIGH SCHOOL?!? I am NOT ready for that!

Anyway, Sara said to me, “Tommy, what happened? What did you do?!”

There goes my nice, supportive sorta-girlfriend.

“Hey, I didn’t even touch him! He just…fell!” I said.

“Stop lying. We all saw you push him!”

I looked behind me and saw everyone looking straight at me.

They thought I did it!

“Guys, I would NEVER!!! Frankie-“

“Stop blaming me, kid!” Frankie bellowed.

Then, something I did not expect:

Sara shook her head, and, without looking back, she threw her Fortune Wookiee to the ground, and pulled out of her back pocket a hidden Origami figure; Origami Arwen!

Then, finally, she slowly turned around, and I saw in her light hazel eyes the one thing I never want to see in her again. I saw fear. True, honest fear.

At ME?!? Why?

Then, the Fellowship (and Sara) grabbed Peter, and took him inside. I wanted to help them out, but…. according to them, I did something wrong.

I got up, dusted the pebbles and dirt off my shorts, and ran back to my bike.

My life was about to take a turn for the worst; and this wasn’t even scratching the surface.


Chapter 23: Secrets
By Peter

When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Frankie’s yellow/brown teeth. Yuck! I then realized to my absolute horror what had just happened:

Frankie had to give me mouth-to-mouth!

“UGG!!! Frankie, why couldn’t you just let me lapse into a coma!? Oh, man! The taste in my mouth…it’s… it’s….”

I fell asleep again.

When I woke up, however, I was feeling much better. Then, my mom came into my room to check on me.

“Honey, you’re up! Oh, thank goodness! It’s been three days!”


“The doctors have been operating on your ribs and stomach. You’re completely healed!”


I jumped out of my bed, and stretched for the first time in months.


“What? What is it?!” my mom screeched.

“No, it’s nothing,” I said, “just…it feels good to be able to stretch again.”

I felt bad for lying to my mom. My stomach felt terrible. But, I tried to make the best of it. If she knew that I was still in pain, I might NEVER get out of bed!!!

The next day, I ran out to the local park, to meet up with the Fellowship. We were having a party to celebrate our newest member: Sara Bolt.

Sara was a nice kid, but she was still upset that Tommy hurt me. What? Tommy didn’t even touch me! Weird…

At one point during the party, I went off into the hiking path that the park has, to think.

The leaves crunched below me, the trees were lively and filled with happy animals, and even the sunlight was gleaming off of everything in it’s range.

Including Sam.

I ran over to her, and had a million questions to ask her.

“Sam, what are you guys talking about? Tommy wasn’t even near me when I fell! I saw him run over to HELP me! What’s going-“

“You too?! I thought it was just me! I saw Tommy run over to you, and then everyone else acted like Tommy pushed him down! They said they watched you get punched and thrown into the ground! I think we both can agree….”

She pulled out Aragorn Paris’s Origami Aragorn, which I didn’t know she even had, and said:

“There’s something strange at work here.”

By Tommy

I heard about The Fellowships party for Sara. SHE DIDN’T EVEN INVITE ME!!! I mean, sure; she thought I had injured an innocent kid, but I didn’t! I hurried up to the picnic tables, where I saw Sara goofing around and having a good time. Then, she started talking to… XARL!!!!!I knew the kid was popular, so I really couldn’t blame Sara for possibly crushing on him.

But, I thought we were, like, an item, or something! ALMOST boyfriend/girlfriend, doesn’t that mean anything to her?!?

I ran off into a hiking trail. I looked around at the sunlit scenery. My pulse started racing when I saw Peter and Sam. I was gonna be caught!

“BUSTED!!!” yelled Peter.

“Hey, look, I’m sorry for-“

“Hey, dude, it’s ok.” said Peter, “I know for a fact that if Sam was going to join you guys; I would totally be snooping around!”

“I’m not snooping! But anyway, thanks, man. And hey, I’m sorry if I somehow-“

“Dude, listen; I know you didn’t hurt me. Sam knows, too. Why is it just us who knows the truth?”

“I don’t know, but I know someone who might…”

I called Dwight up. If anyone knows weird, Dwight does. And if he doesn’t talk, I’m sure Origami Yoda will…..


Chapter 24: A Failure, And A War
By Tommy

“Purple?” Dwight answered the phone.

“Dude, I gotta-“

“Ask Origami Yoda something?”

“Err…no. I wanted to talk to you!”

“ME?! Nobody ever wants to talk to me! Sure, I’ll talk!” he said, with a ton of enthusiasm.

I talked to him about the whole missing time thing, and about how Peter, me, and Sam all knew the truth, but nobody else did. When I finished, I waited for him to talk. A minute goes by, then two, then three….

“Dwight?” I called.



“Oh. Um, I don’t see why there’s a problem. Everything is going according to plan!”

“WHAT plan?”

“You’ll see.”

I hung up. There was no need to talk to Dwight at this point. But….. I felt guilty about something. Maybe the fact about how Dwight lit up about getting a phone call, and how nobody ever calls him, but I did.

I did.

I called him up again, and he said the exact same thing he said before, as if he had completely forgotten about our last conversation. I talked to him for about an hour, and motioned for Peter and Sam to leave.

We had failed at getting anything from Dwight. But NOT Origami Yoda…..

By Peter

So, I went back to the picnic table, to the sight of Sara holding up Origami Arwen and having a conversation with Ian’s Origami Elrond. Who wasn’t that girl flirting with?! (Eww, I just realized, Origami ELROND and ARWEN?!? Father and daughter!? DOUBLE EWW!!!)

Sam and I walked over, and I tapped Sara’s shoulder.

“Hey, Pete!” said Sara, “Come join us! We were just pretending-“

“Sara, you gotta come with us,” Sam said, “it’s important.”

“Oooh! Is this some sort of ritual or something?” Sara held Sam’s hand, and walked with us for about a half mile along the pathway. Then she saw Tommy.

All heck broke loose.

Sara ran over to Tommy, who, by the way, was still talking to Dwight, and she tackled him, saying some things about him that only Soapy would say. She pulled out Origami Arwen, armed it (her?) with a spear, and tried to stab Tommy.

I ran over, and pulled out Frodo BAGgins. We clashed, but Sara yelled one last thing before the greatest battle in the history of Origami began….

“Origami Yoda vs. The Fold of the Rings!!!!!”

By Aragorn Paris

I heard Sara’s battle cry. I stood up tall, holding Origami Aragorn, and yelled, “For Sara!” We charged down the pathway, until we found Sara wrestling with Peter, Sam, and Tommy. Why was she fighting her own leader?!

“Sara! Why are you fighting Peter and Sam?! They are respected members of the Fellowship!!!” I yelled.

“I- I don’t know!” Sara called out. She was looking dazed, like she was in a trance and just woke up. Tommy, on the other hand, ran off into the soccer field, crying out in frustration.

Frankie chased Tommy through the fields (what is her problem with him?) and she pulled out Origami Eowyn. Tommy pulled out Origami Clone Captain Rex, a new one, and the two of them fought right there, in the soccer fields.

Then, I saw Tommy pull out of his backpack a toy horn. Say what? He put the horn to his lips, and blew one long note through the air. I was sure everyone had heard it’s sweet and sour melody.

Including the spies.

I saw ahead in the trees Tommy’s friends Quavondo, Mike, Lance, and Harvey, ready to charge on his signal.

I braced myself for war.


Chapter 25: The Battle of Pelennor Soccer Fields
By Harvey Cunningham (Sweeeeeeeet!!!)

So, I pulled out Origami Anakin/Darth Paper, and charged at some tough-looking chick with a paperwad of some random warrior girl. (I have never even heard of this “Lord of the Rings” thing, but if it was good enough to stop that nutjob Jacob, it’s gonna be pretty hard to beat).

This kid, Frankie, she charged at me, whipping her dark hair behind her in a frenzy. She tangled her arms with mine, as we wrestled for our origami. DP and her paperwad started to trash talk.

“You don’t know the power of the Dark Side,” Darth Paper threatened, “No girl can shred me!”

“I am no GIRL!!! I am… A TOMBOY, YOU PUNK!!!”

Frankie pinned me to the ground, and, with a flame in her eyes, ripped Darth Paper’s mask off. No more Darth Paper.

Around me, I saw havoc and mayhem. Tommy was locked in combat with Xarl. Lance, with General Creaseous, was battling Malcolm, and the battle was in Malcolm’s favor. Quavondo and Mike were fighting DT and Sara, and Sara wasn’t even with us anymore!

I mean, Sara may be dating a dork, but she IS pretty cute…. ANYway! :0

Well, Ryan and Aragorn were trying to work together, blocking attacks from BOTH sides. And Peter and Sam were with them, using weird paper things to deflect blows from Ian, John, Jack, and Peyton. THEY WENT ROGUE!!!

Whatever battle just started, it was already ending, because out of nowhere, Mr. Saru and Ms. Saur from that Tolkien school charged at us with… Force Ghosts?! What were those?

“TREMBLE BEFORE THE MIGHTY WITCH KING!!!” Mr. Saru yelled, as he charged at me, with his golden brown facial hair beaded with sweat, and his chest heaving powerfully, as though he was running for hours.

We on the McQuarrie side ran off, and I guess we can say Tolkien won, since Peter and Sam also ran off with us, and Xarl and Peyton called out for them, but on the inside, I could tell they were laughing with victory-induced joy.

By Peyton

So, when Aragorn Paris yelled at us to attack, I was first to run.

I pulled out OriGollum VII, which had claws, webbed feet, a torn robe, and even little “hairs” on the top of his head. I charged into battle, going straight for Peter and Sam, who seemed to be not on either side of this “Star Wars – Lord of the Rings” fight. Rogue soldiers! We threw everything we got at them, but they just kept fighting!! I saw Harvey fighting Frankie, and quickly, I tossed Frankie a note, saying, “Do the Eowyn/Witch King line!”

She picked up on it right away, so when Harvey did his Darth Vader thing, she said that she was a “TOMBOY, YOU PUNK!!!”

Was she ALWAYS this loud?

Anyway, I noticed now that Peter and Sam were throwing Origami Gandalf fireworks at us! (It reminded me of Jacob’s creepy last stand a few months ago).

I finally just threw OriGollum at them with frustration. Peter, knowing me, grabbed OriGollum, and held it in a “I’m about to rip your paper” hold. Not again!

But then, Peter did something to me that reminded me that he will always be my best friend:

He tossed me back my OriGollum, instead of ripping it, and also handed me a note: a love letter from my girlfriend, Margaret Paris.


Chapter 26: Margaret Paris
By Peyton

Just to be clear, Harvey is wrong. I was NOT laughing with victory-induced joy! I was laughing, because I realized that Peter was telling me something: Margaret was waiting for me, after I hadn’t seen her for months.

I had to go see Margaret!

Y’see, Margaret was a girl who I met a year and a half ago, in a dark cave, during a field trip. She was an exchange student, who was moving to McQuarrie Middle School the next year, which has since happened. I have been waiting to talk to her for awhile, so I ran back home, ignoring Xarl, Malcolm, and Ian, who were still pushing me to follow Peter and Sam, who were fleeing the scene.

When I got home, I called up Margaret. When she answered, my palms got sweaty, and I almost dropped my phone. Her voice sounded older, and the way she talked about her McQuarrie school life, and how she recently created Origami Aayla Secura, and joined the gang of Star Wars kids, it seemed like she might love Origami Yoda more than Fold of the Rings!

“Hey, Margaret,” I asked, “do you think we could…um… Like, go on a…um…”

“A date?” Margaret said, excitedly. “I’d LOVE to go on a date! So…how about we go to Dom and Billy’s pizza parlor?”

“Sure! But it’s NOT a date. It’s…um….”

“A friendly get together?” Margaret finished my sentence again.

“Ok! Yeah! I’ll talk to my mom. Catcha later!”

“Bye, Peyton! I love- I mean, I LIKE you. A lot. Later, hon!”

I know, she is pretty straight forward, but she IS amazing, either way!

By Margaret Paris (My OWN chapter!? YES!!!)

As I walked into the door, I spotted Peyton, and my heart skipped a beat.

He was definitely older, and now wore contact lenses instead of those bulky glasses. He wore a t-shirt that said “Got Precious?” on it, and he was waiting for me, anxiously.

“Hey, Peyton! I haven’t seen you for awhile.”

When Peyton looked at me, I could’ve sworn that he was overwhelmed by how much I’d changed in the last few months.

“M-Margaret?” Peyton stammered, “You’re so…so…”

“Pretty?” I tried to finish for him, as I always did.

“I was gonna say different .. but pretty is fine, too!”

“Oh, ok.”

I sat down, awkwardly, as Dom and Billy, the two mascots, ran over to our table, and put a nice thick cheese pizza pie in front of us. (It looked so delicious, and with that amazing stuffed-crust, I think Malcolm would’ve groveled at the sight of it.)

Anyway, so Peyton and I got talking, in-between bites of pizza.

“So Peyton, how was the end of your middle school year?” I asked, trying not to hold back my anxiety about my good news I had in store for him.

“Well…it was….”




“Look, Margaret, Peter and Tommy and The Fellowship and the Origami Yoda kids… We had a fight. A BIG fight. But I think we’re winning!”

“Oh no! Are you injured, at all?”

“Not really. I didn’t even lose OriGollum, this time!” he said, enthusiastically.

“Wow! That’s great, Peyton!” It was finally my turn to give Peyton some good news.

“Hey, Peyton? I need to tell you something.”


“Well,” I started, in an overjoyed tone, “I talked to your mom, and we were able to plan out that WE GET TO GO TO THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!”

“What?! We both… in the same……?”

“Yeah! Isn’t it amazing?”

“Yes! It’s Stooky! But, to tell you the truth, the concept of high school really…”

“Freaks you out,” I said, knowingly. I was always pretty scared about the whole high school thing, too.

“Yeah. But at least I can go through endless torture with you!”

“Ditto!” I said, taking a big bite out of my pizza. I decided to stop the chit chat there, because I knew what Peyton would talk to me about if we continued talking.

He would ask me about McQuarrie. And I just didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.


Chapter 27: Secrets Revealed
By Aragorn Paris

So, Peyton asked me, since I AM Margaret’s twin brother, if she might be hiding something from him. Honestly, I knew there was something up with sis. I mean, she was always saying she had to “meet a friend” or “help some friends with their origami.”

I think she’s hiding something. Or someone…..

I went up to her room, that night, to try and find out the truth. She opened her door, then, when she saw it was me, she slammed the door in my face!

“Hey!” I yelled, pulling out Origami Aragorn, “Show some more respect to the king!”

“Shut up!” she snapped back at me. I may be wrong, but Margaret has never, EVER snapped at me, unless if she’s hiding something.

“Margaret, I’m coming in!”

“No! Please-“

I charged in, breaking some of the metal door hinges as I went. I quickly scanned my mind for any hundreds of possibilities of what could be in there.

NOTHING I could have thought of could’ve prepared me for this. Could’ve prepared me for HIM.

My sister was FaceTime chatting with my best friend Ryan.

They were on an internet date.

By Ryan

“HOW IS THIS MY FAULT?!?” I yelled at Aragorn. This night wasn’t very fun at all.

First, I found out that Margaret is going to high school with Peyton, INSTEAD OF ME!!! So, I decided to FaceTime chat with her, to try and help her out, and find out the truth. But then, after being rudely interrupted by Aragorn, I had to tell him the truth about Margaret; her deepest secret:

I am dating my best friend’s sister.

And Peyton, Margaret’s “real” boyfriend, didn’t know about it.

Oh, shoot.

“Look, Ryan,” Aragorn said to me, “YOU chose to date Margaret! YOU decided to keep it a secret from Peyton! YOU kept it a secret from me, your BEST FRIEND!!!!!”

“Ok! Maybe it was my fault, but dude; if I told you that I was dating your sister, you would freak! And you did! Right now!”

“But, you totally-“

“Betrayed you?” Margaret finished Aragorn’s sentence, the way she always does.

“Sis, really? You are NOT off the hook, young lady! I’m gonna tell Dad about this! He’s gonna freak! You don’t even know about Peyton, yet! Mom would be so disappointed in you!”

I knew that Margaret was really sensitive about her mom. From what she told me, her mom died when she was nine years old, in the same car crash that gave her little brother Sean a limp.

“YOU KEEP MOM OUT OF THIS!!!” Margaret screamed, through her tears, “I HATE YOU!!!”

Aragorn left, leaving me and Margaret empty and angry.

We weren’t going to let Aragorn stop us. McQuarrie would win the Fellowship/Origami Yoda war, even if it meant breaking Peyton’s heart.


Chapter 28: Revenge of the Chick
By Broken-Hearted Peyton

I can’t believe it. Margaret, why? WHY?!?

But OF COURSE it was a kid from McQuarrie! Always something to do with that stupid Paperwad Yoda! I am soooo angry at Ryan…..

Ok, I can’t lose control. I can’t lose control. I can’t… I CAN……


“I’m with you, freakface!” yelled Frankie. She ran up to the top of the slide, on the playground where we have been planning our battle with McQuarrie.

“These kids aren’t getting the best of us!” Frankie yelled, “If it’s a fight they want…Then we’ll bring the fight to them! It’s time to cream those freaks! FOR TOLKIEN MIDDLE SCHOOL, AND THE FELLOWSHIP!!!”

The Fellowship roared in agreement, as did the pre-k kids (including Aragorn and Margaret’s little brother, Sean.)

We were ready for anything. Anything, that is, except the SuperFolders.

By SuperFolder JC

Hey, guys! Wow, this story is CRAZY!!!! I can’t believe that these guys are fighting like this! Y’see, I, if you didn’t already know, am a webmaster for the “Origami Yoda: Expanded Universe” website, and apparently, The Fellowship and The McQuarrie Crew actually found the site, and began posting this story! Well, I wasn’t gonna stop them, but for the first time ever in the websites history;


But I wasn’t going alone. I brought with me Internet friends SD CJ and SF The Evil Jawa!

My stomach felt queasy as we kept flying on the small airliner, The Fell Beast. My head hurt, and my lap was sticky from Evil Jawa spilling nacho sauce on my pants. CJ’s arm kept bumping into my shoulder, and I was miserable.

When we got out of the plane, my first thought was “BATHROOM!”

(Apparently, the airplane was too cheap to even get a porta-potty).

Anyway, we met up with the McQuarrie crew, who were having a pool party in Sara’s backyard. I was totally psyched to meet the real McQuarrie kids, so I got a shock when I rammed right into Dwight Tharp, and made him drop his Origami Yoda into the pool.

“OH MY GOSH! Dude, Mr. Dwight, sir, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to-“

“Brown,” Dwight said, walking past me, and face planting into the flower bed.

“Um, Dwight?” CJ called out, “Yeah, the pool is over here; THAT’S a flower bed!”

“I know.”

I rushed into the pool, trying to find and/or fix Yoda. When I got my hands on him, I was shocked.

Origami Yoda was as dry as ever.

I hadn’t planned for a pool party, so I just sat by the edge of the pool, wading my toes through the water. Evil Jawa, however, didn’t care about his clothes getting wet, so he just jumped right in, splashing me, CJ, and Quavondo with chlorine-filled water.

“Dude!” I yelled out, “This is a new shirt!”

I tried to wring the water out of my brand-new “Expressions of Vader” t-shirt, while Quavondo and CJ decided to also jump into the pool. So now, I was stuck with Harvey, who was whining about his swimsuit being too tight.

“Hey! Harvey! Will you just relax?!” I said, flipping my hair.

“Hey, aren’t you that kid who plays me in that Paperwad Yoda Web Show?” he asked me.

“AAAH! Mark the Seventh Grader!” I did my classic Harvey voice.

“WHERE?!?!?” Harvey screamed, apparently not getting my joke. In all of his fuss, he accidentally slipped into the pool, and drenched himself from head to toe.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” Harvey screeched.

“Whatever, Harvey.” I said, relaxing in a lounge chair. I put on some sunglasses, and tried to take a small nap.

Turns out, that would be the last time I would get some rest in a long time.


So we were hanging out in the pool, when I thought I saw something moving behind the fence.

I looked to see what was going on, but as soon as I looked over, a bunch of kids ran over me! I checked myself all over; I was okay. But as soon as I got up, I saw mayhem!  All the kids were fighting against the McQuarrie Crew! I was shocked!

So, I ran into one kid and pushed him, along with me, into the pool.

“Alright, what’s the big deal here fighting against our McQuarrie friends!?” I asked.

But then, the kid brushed his hair away and revealed that the one I pushed into the pool was…. PEYTON!!!

By Peyton

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  CJ, the OY EU SuperDoodler, who I didn’t even know was here, pushed me into the pool!

I knew CJ from the Internet, but never actually met him.

“Peyton!  What are you doing here!?!” he asked, “And why are you fighting our friends!?!”

“For a number of reasons,” I said, “First, Tommy hurt my friend Peter, second, Ryan, a McQuarrie kid, also my best friend, broke my heart by stealing Margaret from me, and third, they think Star Wars is better than LotR, which it’s not!”

“Well, to be frank, I like Star Wars better, but it seems this Ryan kid wasn’t very nice to you,” he replied.

“No he wasn’t!  And now…… I WANT TO GET HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!”

I leaped out of the pool, and ran at Ryan screaming at the top of my lungs! But I ran so fast, that I couldn’t stop, and rammed into Ryan full speed.  We both crashed into the fence.

Everything went black.

By Frankie

Alright, these freaks were getting on my LAST nerve!

I charged at some kid, who was lying down in a lounge chair, threw the lounge chair into the pool, and grabbed the soaking-wet kid from the water.

“Frankie Boyd?!” he managed to say, in between gulps of air, and momentary coughing.

“DUH! What kind of freak are you?”

“Well,” he started, “I am SuperFolder JC, and I won’t be bullied by anyone!”

He then did something I did not expect: He pushed into me with all his might, and pushed me, and him, into the pool. I was completely drenched.

“JERK!!!” I yelled.

Just then, that Harvey kid from Pelennor Soccer Fields swam over to me, and whispered in my ear:

We can stop these freaks together.

I thought about it for a whopping nano-second before I dunked Harvey’s head into the water.

I then spotted out of the corner of my eye another kid I’ve never seen before, wearing wet clothes, and smiling at Quavondo.

“That’s The Evil Jawa,” JC said, as if sensing my thoughts, “he’s with me.”

I had half a mind to strangle JC and Evil Jawa right then, but I heard a trumpet sound.

“WAR!!!” shouted a voice that I only knew to be Margaret Paris’s.

Margaret ran right towards me, angrily, and I prepared my fists for a fight. All the kids at the pool brought out pool-noodles. Apparently, this whole party was-

“IT’S A TRAP!!!” said Dwight, with Origami Admiral Ackbar. He was looking at his shoes, but he was pointing ahead of me.

My entire invasion army of pre-k kids and The Fellowship were all being ambushed by Ryan, Kellen, and Mike.

All that was left was me and Margaret.

We tangled, punched, bit, and I even ripped out a handful of her hair. We kept fighting, sweat stinging our eyes (or was that the chlorine?), as we ran towards the playground, where our next great battle would begin.


Chapter 29: Frankie vs. Margaret
By Frankie

I had a pretty good advantage in this fight, since my mom used to always take me to this playground when I was in elementary school (don’t get all soft, punks; this playground is for tough gals ONLY!!!).

Margaret was chuckling menacingly, which was strangely out of character for her, as she climbed the monkey bars, and just held on. I couldn’t follow her, since, well- oh, forget it! Just because- oh fine, I’m afraid of heights! I never could do the monkey bars, and it gives me chills just thinking about doing it now.

“Alright, freak; if that’s the way you wanna play it!”

I jumped. I actually jumped from one side of the monkey bars to the other, and, as I felt a sudden rush of wind, I realized that I wasn’t gonna make it. I was barely halfway there. So, in desperation, I grabbed onto the closest thing near me.

“The MONKEY BARS?!? Oh crud!”

By Margaret

I was SO close to getting my revenge, when this Darth Maulnut-job, Frankie, went all berserk on me! I decided to use her own fears against her, by going to the monkey bars. (Malcolm needed a little motivation, but I still got out of him The Fellowship’s worst fears…poor kid).

As Frankie tried to conquer her fear, I was busy grabbing my brother, Aragorn, by the shirt collar. (That jerk of a brother was spying on me!). His face started to turn blue when Frankie emerged from the monkey bars.

“No! I stopped you!” I said, as my attention was diverted from Aragorn for about two seconds.

Worst…two seconds…EVER.

Aragorn spun his arm around me, breaking my grip on his neck, and forced me into a headlock. I elbowed him in the chest, but he didn’t move. I was trapped.

“We make a pretty good team, don’t we, Frankie?” Aragorn asked, with a smirk.

I really hate my brother.

By Aragorn Paris

“Alright, sis, the jig is up!” I said, in my “I’m a king and I talk in this awesome fake British accent” voice, “You, Margaret, are hereby charged with-“

Midway through my awesome speech, Margaret shook her head, vigorously.

“Stop it! Stop it!” she screamed. She was pulling out her own hair, and tears were streaming from her eyes.

I knew hypnotism when I saw it. I am, after all, a magician. (Whether or not I’m a GOOD one is still in question).

Margaret finally calmed down, and apologized immediately.

“I’m SO sorry, everybody! All you students, I’m so, incredibly, deeply sorry, and I hope you can forgive me. But I think… I think that…that it wasn’t just me in the playground. There was someone else controlling me. I don’t know who, but I think it might be-“

She stopped, and her eyes got wide with worry.


I watched hopelessly as Margaret ran over to the fence where Peyton lay, underneath the body of Ryan, who was slowly gaining consciousness.

“Ryan! Ryan, I’m so sorry!” Margaret cried, “I completely used you AND Peyton! To tell you the truth, I didn’t even want to date either of you yet!”

I was starting to feel guilty for thinking my sister would ever be so careless about love. She’s a responsible girl. So I am as sure as heck that there is another factor in this whole war.

“Margaret, I understand,” Ryan said, still groggy from being rammed into the fence. He stood up, and, though it was hard, he stayed like that. Then, finally, he said, “but I should never have rushed into our relationship so fast. It’s just…with Peyton and everything… I felt compelled to keep it a secret, and fight for it. For us…”

Ryan, to the great dismay of Peyton, fell asleep again, and landed back onto the poor eighth grader. We tried to pull Peyton out, but he didn’t budge. Instead, he said to Margaret;

“Hey, if you wanna date Ryan, I- I completely understand; as long as that’s what’s best for you.”

“Thanks, Peyton,” Margaret said, “but no. I don’t think I’ll be dating anyone for a long time now. I wouldn’t even be in this mess if it weren’t for-“

She paused, then, her eyes turned a stormy grey. I ran over to her, and grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Margaret? You ok?”

“If it weren’t for…”

She fell into my arms, and landed semi-softly on the ground. Still not a fun landing.

“If it weren’t for….. Dwight.”


Chapter 30: Questions for The Chosen One
By SuperFolder JC

So, with a major battle going on, I had finally gotten out of the pool, and went all around, finding CJ and Evil Jawa, and trying to find out who we were supposed to fight! I mean, I didn’t WANT to fight anybody (except maybe Harvey), but I was kinda forced into it.

Finally, I locked eyes with my one true enemy. The one who I have met before…

“Soapy the Monkey… We meet again.”

“Hey, kid! Shut your mouth, or you perp, you’re gonna get it!” Soapy said, leaping off of the tanning Mr. GoodCleanFun’s hand, and onto my head.

Of course, I had met Soapy back when I filmed Origami Yoda: The Series, when Tom Angleberger (as Mr. GoodCleanFun), was throwing Soapy at “Harvey,” me. Soapy’s iron grip was clasping my hair, and now, it was happening again.

With a sudden jerk, I slung Soapy over my shoulder, and into the pool! (Nice, cold, good ol’ chlorine-filled pool… Soapy wasn’t coming out for a LONG time).

As I was about to go body-slam someone else, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see the weirded out face of Tommy.

“Um…what are you doing?” Tommy asked.

“Body-slamming a sock monkey…” I replied, not really seeing the oddness of it.

Uncomfortable silence.

“So…What are YOU doing?” I asked, trying to change the awkward subject.

“I’m looking for Dwight. I have questions, and he has answers, albeit WEIRD answers…” Tommy paused, then lit up. “Hey, JC, could you and your friends come and help us find Dwight?”

I wasn’t sure how to reply. I mean, hanging out with Tommy Lomax is every SuperFolders’ dream, but then again, what if Tommy hurts Dwight while interrogating him?

“Um… Thanks, but no thanks,” I replied, apologetically, “But if you find Dwight, tell him ‘hi’ from his pals JC, CJ, and The Evil Jawa.”

Tommy nodded, understandingly, as he walked through the mess of beach towels, over the wet puddles on the ground, over to Sara’s fence, and straight over to Dwight’s house.

By Tommy

Dwight’s door was uncharacteristically unlocked, so I walked right in. Memories of past visits went through my head, as well as Dwight’s comment about his dad taking the dog with him. With him where?

Mrs. Tharp caught sight of me, and jumped. Apparently, no one looks more like a burglar than when they’re dressed in bright, summer clothes, and have soggy wet hair. Oh yeah, and they’re a SHORT, EIGHTH GRADER!!!

“Oh, hello, Tommy,” Mrs. Tharp recovered, “Dwight’s up in his room. He said something about getting ready for the pool party, but he’s been up there for twenty minutes. I was gonna go check on him, but why don’t you? He always seems to like you.”

“Oh, ok…” I slowly walked up the steps, careful to avoid stepping on the pieces of origami paper that had found their way through each and every individual step. As I was about to turn Dwight’s doorknob, I heard a loud ‘BOOM’ from Dwight’s Dad’s Room. I quickly burst inside the room, forgetting what Sara told me, and I found myself trapped under a pile of Star Wars origami.

“Dwight! What are you DOING in here?!” I shouted.

“I could ask you the same thing, Tommy,” Dwight countered, mindlessly folding origami cranes, and then converting them into those creepy flying Kamino things from Episode II. I was stuck, and I’m pretty sure I had an Admiral Ackbar in a place Ackbar should NEVER be, when I felt Dwight’s hand pull me free of the paper pile.

“Thanks, dude! You saved me!” I said, but then, just as soon as he’d helped me, he shoved me into his dad’s closet, which had EVEN MORE origami in it, and locked the door.

I was trapped by my weirdest friend.

By SuperFolder JC 

After a long chat with Evil Jawa about who would win between Yoda and Mace Windu, I realized that Tommy still hadn’t come back from his talk with Dwight. I decided to follow Tommy’s example, and also go into Dwight’s house.

After walking in, and having a quick argument with Mrs. Tharp over me being or not being a burglar, I went up to Dwight’s room, and found nobody there, so I walked into Dwight’s Dad’s Room, and got the shock of my life.

Dwight was sitting there, folding origami, in front of a home video of him and Mr. Saru folding paper together. And Tommy was behind him, trapped in the closet.

I quickly went to free Tommy, and just as soon had a mountain of paper on top of me. I clawed, shoved, and ate my way out, (don’t ask… I didn’t have lunch yet), and finally, I was standing side-by-side with Tommy, as we both went over to Dwight, grabbed both his arms, and put him on his dad’s bed, for questioning.

By Tommy

“Alright, Dwight, why are you making origami with Mr. Saru in that video?” was the first thing I said.

“That’s my Father,” Dwight replied, a tear slowly rolling down his cheek.

Ohhh…. Mr. Saru, the great, multi-job taking, disappearing act guy, was Dwight’s dad. And Dwight knew it from the start.

“Oh, dude, I didn’t- I didn’t know…..” I said, slumping back into a pillow. I felt so…out of place, with Dwight thinking about his dad, and his mom working…I wasn’t even supposed to be here, if it weren’t for this big misunderstanding….. WAIT!

“Dwight, were YOU the one who made everyone think I pushed Peter, a few days ago?!” I asked.

“No,” Dwight answered, bluntly.

“Well, then, who did?”


Uncomfortable silence.

I just couldn’t stay there. I hurt too much to even stand there, much less talk to Dwight. And with all he’s going through, I had to help him, somehow

I had to find Dwight’s Father.


Chapter 31: The War Continues
By Frankie

My victory over Margaret was incredible, no doubt; but the war was still raging.

Just this morning, around 7:30 AM, the malicious McQuarrie leader, Harvey, led those school brats into my room! I was furious! And they even left a letter, saying:

My Dear Frankie Hey, Frank, why aren’t you fighting us?! Come to the treehouse in my backyard… OR ELSE!!! Love, Harvey.


Great. My enemy is obviously crushing on me, and wants to go to war with me at the same time. Typical.

By Harvey

Victory is at hand, and soon, the great (or not so great) Frankie will be defeated! Mwahaha! *snort* Hahaha! *snort* HEHEHAHAMWAHAHA!!!! *BIG snort*

In my backyard, the McQuarrie kids and I were discussing our next great plan.

“Alright, guys, so when- MIKE! STOP CRYING! -Anyway, so when Frankie and her pawns attack the treehouse, I want prepared students ready to take down any Fellowship members that get in our way! LANCE! STOP LAUGHING!!! IT’S A GOOD PLAN!!!”

“But what if they’re prepared for us to be prepared?!” Quavondo replied.


“Like, what if they prepared for us to be prepared for them to be prepared for us to be prepared?”

“Um…” I said, “I don’t get it. ANYWAY, so, Lance, Mike, Quavondo, get into the treehouse! One kid on each side! Murky, Remi, Kellen, you guys fight with me on the ground!”

“But Harvey-” Kellen spoke.

Sir.” I corrected.

“Sir, what if Frankie enters the battle? She’s UNSTOPPABLE!!!”

“Not for me!

I was ready for anything. Anything, of course, except Sara.

By Sara

Tommy betrayed me, Margaret betrayed Peyton, and McQuarrie betrayed Tolkien. For that, they will fall.

I equipped my armor on me and OrigArwen, careful to not rip her delicate origami paper. I was as ready for battle as I would ever be. So when Frankie called us all up and told us that Harvey was attacking her, I couldn’t have been better prepared.

Harvey’s house was pretty close to the road, with a scarce sidewalk between porch and busy street. The trees around were all bare, as if Spring hadn’t even come to his side of the street. I saw Frankie on Harvey’s front porch, along with Xarl (eeeeep!), Malcolm, John, and DT. They were all staring at me intently, as if I was their entire plan.

Turns out, I was.

“Alright, Fellowship!” Frankie bellowed, “We are going to take down Harvey, Lance, and all those other McQuarrie freaks! This battle ain’t just about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars; it’s about avenging Peyton, Aragorn, and all the others that Margaret deceived! It’s about finding Peter and Samantha! It’s about our right to be right! So, we’re gonna let our new girl, Sara, lead the charge, as she was the most deceived of all of us…By her boyfriend, no less! So, it gives me great pleasure to say… FOR SARA, AND TOLKIEN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!”

A thunderous roar came from DT, Malcolm, John, and Xarl. They pulled out their origami:

Frankie – Origami Eowyn

DT – Uruk-Gami

John – Origami Elrond (Man, who HASN’T wielded him?)

Malcolm – OriGandalf

Xarl (eeeep!) – Origami Aragorn, NEW edition! (Aragorn and Arwen . . . ME and XARL!!! :D)

I ran ahead to Harvey’s backyard, where Harvey and his minions, Remi, Kellen, and Murky, were prepared to fight!

I ran straight past them, and started to climb up Harvey’s treehouse. The rough bark was scratching my skin and tearing my shorts, but I continued to climb, until I was at the top, looking into the angry faces of Lance, Mike, and Quavondo, my old friends.

Lance, without hesitation, threw a wicked punch at my head. I dodged and countered, delivering him a smashing blow to the chest. This was pretty easy! Quavondo, when I jumped over to him, started screaming, and ran out of the treehouse. Poor kid forgot about the ladder. Mike, when I ran at him, started crying with total fear. I decided to let that freak run out.

My next goal: To DESTROY Harvey’s treehouse!

Before I climbed down the ladder, I threw my “special” origami Anduril (the sword Aragorn wields) into the treehouse top. By the time my foot was stepping out of the ladder, the fireworks went off. Literally. Origami Anduril was filled with a nice sized firework, that completely obliterated Harvey’s childhood tree playhouse.

“What the heck, Sara?!?” Harvey screamed, tears rolling down his cheeks, and getting caught in his glasses.

“Just finishing the job,” I said, maliciously.

I didn’t care what I had become. Besides, I wasn’t even Sara, so it didn’t matter…


Chapter 32: A Major Discovery
By Aragorn Paris

I took Margaret home, and started examining her. I knew Dwight couldn’t have done this. There’s only one person who can do this sort of thing…

“Margaret, is it possible that Jacob did this to you?” I asked.

“Maybe,” Margaret said, “But I’m absolutely sure DWIGHT was part of it.”

I wasn’t sure who I could trust. I mean, in the past few weeks, Tommy injured Peter, Sara left Tommy, and she became a total jerk, Margaret and Ryan started dating, Elijah was NEVER trusted, and Dwight was an on-and-off Sith Lord. Yeah . . . that about sums it up. But I KNOW Dwight wasn’t part of this. He just couldn’t be that evil, right? There’s gotta be another explanation!

By Margaret

“Aragorn,” I said, “I saw Dwight, with his Paperwad Yoda, telling me to go to sleep. Ever since then, I have been a two-timing jerk! But it’s NOT my fault! When you and Frankie talked to me, it was like I had finally woken up! Dwight’s behind this, I just KNOW he is!”

“Ok, Margaret, I trust you,” Aragorn said.

The way he looked me in the eye, like we had no secrets anymore, like he completely trusted me, was almost enough to make me tell him the truth. But I couldn’t. Dwight HAD to take the blame.

It all started a week ago. That night I was going out with Peyton . . .

“Hello?” I yelled, into the alleyway Peyton told me to come to in a follow-up phone call, for our pre-date.

Peyton wasn’t there, but Peter, Sam, and Tommy were.

Peter walked up to me, “Margaret Paris, we need to talk.”

Peter led me into an abandoned building, turned on the lights, and led me to a table, where Tommy and Sam were sitting. I joined them and Peter in a small chat, in which Peter finally spilled the beans.

“Margaret, nothing is as it seems,” Peter said, “as of right now, you cannot trust anybody except us.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because,” Sam started, “Tommy was talking to Dwight on the phone at the same time security cameras picked up Dwight hiding in the halls of Tolkien Middle School. So either there are two Dwights, or Tolkien Middle School is re-running security tapes.”

“Ok…” I still wasn’t getting it.

“Y’see, Margaret,” Tommy started, “I had a feeling that Dwight going to Tolkien Middle School wasn’t just because of the private tutors. I KNEW that Jacob had to be involved. Of course, we knew Jacob had previously created Fold of the Rings as a distraction for the Tolkien kids, so I thought maybe it was Jacob’s doing that all this happened.”

“Wait, you mean Jacob TOLD Dwight to go to Tolkien Middle School?” I said.

“Well, he at least inspired Dwight to go. The choice, ultimately, was Dwight’s,” Tommy continued, “and the only reason Dwight would change schools…”

“Is his father,” Xarl said, coming up from behind me. Then, he was followed by DT, Ian, Malcolm, John, and Jack.

“Margaret Paris,” Samantha announced, “allow me to introduce to you The Riders of Foldhan; our new Fellowship dedicated to helping Dwight!”

“Peyton’s already in, but he’s waiting for you at the pizza place,” Peter said, “so, now that you know… WILL YOU JOIN OUR CAUSE?”

“What do I have to do?” I asked.

“Well, here’s the thing…” Peter started, “The Riders of Foldhan must pretend that they believe Jacob’s hallucinations, and even, if necessary, must pretend to listen to Jacob, if he ever hypnotizes them, even if it means hurting our friends.”

“So, I gotta follow Jacob’s orders, even if it hurts Peyton?

“Well,” Tommy said, “you can, at a time of your choice, pretend to break out of Jacob’s spell, and blame it on Dwight. Jacob won’t expect this, especially from his cozy cell in juvie. Then, Dwight can get in trouble with us, and get in trouble with Tolkien’s teachers…AKA his father, who might be one of the teachers there.”

“How do we know who his father is?”

“If the time comes,” Tommy said, “I will go to Dwight’s house, and pretend to blame him for whatever hallucination happens next. Then, I will try and talk out of him who he thinks his dad is disguised as, at Tolkien.”

So, after a phone call with Tommy, confirming Mr. Saru is Dwight’s father, I now HAD to convince Aragorn that it was Dwight’s fault, even if it meant lying to him, so that Dwight could get in trouble with his dad.

But maybe I could tell Aragorn. I mean, he would join our cause, right?

“Aragorn, I gotta tell you something…..”


Chapter 33: The Father Revealed…?
By SuperFolder JC

Hey guys! Guess what? I JOINED THE RIDERS OF FOLDHAN!!! 😀

Me, Evil Jawa, and CJ are all members! And the best part is that…WE GET OUR OWN ORIGAMI LORD OF THE RINGS PUPPETS!!!

Me – Origami Gil-galad (an Elven King guy from the books, that wasn’t in the films).

Evil Jawa – Origami Shelob (dang, that thing freaks me out!)

CJ – Origami Thorin Oakenshield! (Awesome!)

Peter approached us, wielding the all-new “Foldo Baggins” FINGER puppet, and gave us our first mission:

“Alright team! So, since nobody knows you very well, you guys are perfect for the job of getting Dwight in trouble ONE LAST TIME, so that he can get in trouble, and meet his father. But you’ll have to be disguised as Tolkien Middle School students.”

“Oh!” CJ said, “Well, I guess-“

“We’ll do it!” Evil Jawa said, enthusiastically.

Ok, I guess our friend volunteered us for the job.

“Great! Now…You guys need to get into uniform.” Peter said.

Super tight, mega itchy, uncomfortable uniforms. Yay…

“Ok,” CJ started, “so let’s figure out what we’re gonna get Dwight in trouble for.”

“It has to be bad,” Evil Jawa said, “but not BAD bad, so that he gets expelled or anything.”

“Ok, then,” I said, “so it looks like we gotta blame him for something ‘Dwight-ish’…”

“Like . . . SQUIRRELS!!! DWIGHT HATES SQUIRRELS!!!” CJ exclaimed.

“Alright! So, we’ll smuggle REAL squirrels into Dwight’s locker, and scoop them up before we get into trouble! Then, Dwight will go crazy over them, and get in trouble for being bad! It’s an epic win!”

It was an epic fail.

By Dwight/Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs

Once I learned of my dad’s identity, I sneaked back into class after school hours, to find him!

The hallways were dark and bleak, reminding me of McQuarrie’s halls where I fulfilled the prophecy of The Chosen One, and stopped Jacob. There was no noise, and nobody in the seemingly abandoned school building. That, plus the already castle-looking setting, made the place seem totally evil.

The clatter of my footsteps were vibrating across the walls. I started breathing heavily, as I ran towards Dad’s office. That’s when I heard the footsteps. I turned around, and I saw that JC kid, and his friends, CJ and The Evil Jawa, putting REAL squirrels in my locker. They were trying to scare me!

“You guys are just big jerks!” I said. “I hate you!”

I ran off, and heard the footsteps behind me getting faster. They were chasing me.

I was running out of breath, running for fifteen minutes, until I finally stopped. I hid behind one of the school lockers, (Why do lockers always smell like moldy cheese?), and stayed, cowering in the corner, as JC and CJ ran past me. Evil Jawa paused, though, and looked at me, dead in the eye.

“Hey, guys!” Evil Jawa said, “I found him!”

JC and CJ returned, and JC spoke:

“Hey, Dwight. Look, we’re only trying to help. We were trying to get you in trouble, so that you could go directly to Mr. Saru’s office, tomorrow! We just- we didn’t account for you coming so late.”

“Neither did I,” Mr. Saru said, as he took JC, CJ, and Evil Jawa to the principal’s office. But he didn’t take me.

“Dad!” I called, “What about me?”

“Go home, Dwight,” was all that he said, as he silently walked away.

By SuperFolder JC

I stubbed my toe on the corner of the door as we walked into Mr. Saru’s office.

“Ouch.” I said, as silently as possible. If Mr. Saru was already in a bad mood, I didn’t want to make it worse.

“Relax, Josh,” he said, using my real name, “I won’t hurt any of you.”

He sat down in his seat, and we sat down in the chairs next to him.

“Look, Josh, Adam, Craig, I’m NOT trying to scare you…” he said, “I’m trying to help you.”

“In what universe is kidnapping three kids in your office ‘helping’ us?!?” CJ said.

“I’m not kidnapping you, so long as you talk to me willingly.”

“Ok…” I said, “So, what’s the story behind you and Dwight?”

“Kids,” Mr. Saru said, “I’m NOT Dwight’s father. I’m Christopher’s twin brother, Jake. Dwight’s father and I used to always do the ol’ switcheroo when everybody least expected it. And honestly, that’s kinda what’s going on here.”


Chapter 34: Jake’s Story
By Jake Saru Tharp

“Yes, “Saru” is my middle name. And no doubt you kids questioned my identity as Mr. Saru, seeing as how I kept disappearing and everything. My honest job is working at the Asami Origami Paper Company. One day, Dwight came into one of the Heidelberg shops which I was working at, as Heidelberg Novelties is a sister-company of the Asami corporation, and he, not recognizing me, (I was wearing a disguise); Dwight asked for some origami paper. Christopher, aware of my identity, told Dwight to look in one of the isles, while he talked to me, privately.

Christopher told me about Dwight’s (at the time) “new” friends, Tommy, Kellen, and Harvey. He told me that Dwight needed some help that he couldn’t give him.”

“So,” JC said, “he asked you to swap with him.”

“ONLY for a short time, so I could teach Dwight about how to make friends, and keep friends; something that Christopher was never good at. I mean, why do you think nobody can find him?

Anyway, I accepted Christopher’s proposal, but I promised that I would tell Mrs. Tharp of my identity the minute I stepped through the door. But what we didn’t expect was that Dwight bought the special paper. The Origami Yoda paper.

I couldn’t let Dwight buy it, so I told Christopher I would think of something, and that he should leave the house the second he got home, just to drop off Dwight. Then, I would call Mrs. Tharp, and tell her everything. Mr. Tharp HAD to leave, because if he had the special paper in his grasp, he would lose control, and steal it from Dwight. If he did, he could create the TRUE paper creation the paper was made for…



Chapter 35: Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs’ Betrayal
By Dwight/Darth Melted Plastic Dinosaurs

My own father… I can’t believe it, MY OWN FATHER left me in the school hallways, alone !

I hate him. I hate all of them !

“DAD!!! I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!!!” I screamed, in a last ditch effort. Then I realized…


“Dude,” JC said, “your unc- I mean, Mr. Saru is fine. He’s just chatting with us!”

“Dwight,” Dad said, “just trust me. I’ll explain it to you tomorrow, just go home !”

“I will never go home! I don’t even have a home! Mom’s been crying everyday since you left, and I go into your room everyday, just so I can see that same stupid video of us folding origami together! Now I know that it’s all a waste! You just love to irritate me, don’t you?! You RUINED my life! And now, I’m gonna end yours!”

By Mr. Saru

END my life?!?” I said. Has Dwight gone CRAZY?!?

“This ends now !” Dwight said.

Just then, I heard  a sound that I instinctively knew to be the school fire alarm.

Dwight was following Jacob’s example. He was setting Tolkien Middle School on fire.

I bolted towards the door. Locked.

“We cannot get out,” I said, “THEY ARE COMING…”

By Peter

I saw the flames outside. My mom drove CJ, Evil Jawa, JC, and me to the school, and I had been waiting for them to come back out.

“Um…mom?!?” I said, my voice cracking a bit. The roaring inferno of the flames was causing the roof to cave in.

The school didn’t have much time.

“Oh my gosh! Honey!’ Mom yelped, holding me back.

“What do we do about my friends?” I said.

“I’ll call the fire department!” Mom said, hurriedly whipping out her iPhone.

I couldn’t just leave my friends in there. While Mom was talking on the phone, I charged straight into the doors of the school!

Echoes came from behind me, “Peter! Nooo!” But I HAD to keep going.

The cafeteria was gone, replaced by a pile of flaming ash. Smoke burned my eyes, but I ran forward, fighting back blinding tears, some of them due to smoke, some due to fear. The hallways were, for the most part, intact, and lucky to be so. I ran past the water fountain, when I realized…

“THE WATER FOUNTAIN!!!” I exclaimed, as I jammed my old Frodo BAGgins into the faucet, spraying water everywhere. Goodbye, Frodo BAGgins. The water was settling down the fire in the halls, but that was nothing to be too proud about. I had a school to save.

I ran towards the teachers’ rooms. All locked. As I was coming to the last office, Mr. Saru’s, I heard a cry;

“HELP!!! Please, HELP!!!” Mr. Saru, CJ, and Evil Jawa yelled. I tried to open the door, but it was locked shut. The door wouldn’t open on either side.

“There must be something jamming the door!” I yelled to them, “You guys, start pushing on the door as hard as you can! I’ll start pulling on this side!”

The door wouldn’t budge on my side, but I kept pulling. The flames were starting to engulf the other offices. The fire was within a few yards of me. Then, I had an idea.

“Guys! I’m gonna try something!” I said.

“Well, HURRY UP!” Evil Jawa yelled.

“Dude, I am trying! CRAAAAZY HARD!!!” I yelled.

I thought that maybe I could open the door, like a fruit can. And Foldo Baggins could be the can-opening rubber thingy!

“Alright, guys; here goes nothing!” I said.

I pulled at the door, until Foldo was shreds. The door wouldn’t open. I could barely make out anything, as the smoke and fire had blinded me. It was now, or never.

I rammed into the door, with everything I got, and passed out.

By Mr. Saru

I had given up all hope. JC was lying unconscious on the ground, after running out of air. CJ and I were pushing on the door, and Evil Jawa was just about to go nighty-night with JC.

Finally, the door was broken down! I watched as Peter, practically lifeless, broke the door in two, giving us the way out. CJ and I acted quickly, carrying JC, Evil Jawa, and Peter on our shoulders.

“Y’know, son,” I said to CJ, “you would make an excellent student here. Y’know, if it weren’t burning down.”

“Thanks,” CJ replied, “I would’ve been happy to apply here.”

I ran past the smoldering remains of the hallways, gym, and pre-school area. But one thing quickly stopped me.

I watched as the pre-school table that The Fellowship of the Paper was formed in melted into nothingness.

I saw the doors ahead of me, gleaming with the light and magic of escape, and ran towards them.

CJ, JC, Evil Jawa, and Peter all made it out safe. Mrs. Jackson (Peter’s mother) took them all, and tried to wake them up. Anything to keep them from slipping away.

But I still had a mission. Good or Bad, I still had to save Dwight.


Chapter 36: Father and Son
By Mr. Saru

I wouldn’t fail. I would save Dwight.

My determination dulled the pain of the flames, my thoughts took my mind away from the burns. I wouldn’t fail. I wouldn’t fail. I HAD to keep running. The school was minutes away from total collapse. I knew from the minute I ran back inside that the school would be destroyed, by my own nephew. I wouldn’t fail.

I know my brother tried to be a father, and inevitably failed; drawn by the power of origami. I wouldn’t, though. I wouldn’t fail. I would save Dwight, because I love him like my own son. The world around me became a blur, as the red and orange clouded my vision. Dwight’s safety was my number one priority. I would save Dwight. I ran to the only stable room; which was fittingly the principal’s office, where Dwight was sitting, about to tear up Origami Yoda.

“I replayed the security tapes,” Dwight said, with a slight edge, “I understand now. I will destroy Origami Yoda/Treebeard, if it means I get my father back.”

“Dwight,” I said, “your father isn’t coming back. What I didn’t tell the other kids was–”

I collapsed, as I finally felt all the searing pain of the fire going through and singing my body.

“Dwight…Your father is dead. He died in an accident at the paper factory-“

Before I knew it, I was unconscious.

By Jedi Knight-Dwight

I watched as my uncle closed his eyes. Finally, I realized the truth. I had to save my father.

He may not be my biological dad, but he loves me like a true father. And I love him.

I threw Origami Ventress into the flames, along with Origami Savage Opress. I was Jacob’s pawn no more, and his hypnotizing origami was destroyed.

With Origami Yoda, I picked up my dad, and charged out of the building.

What have I done? I thought. I burned down an entire school. No, not me. Jacob. He gave me Origami Ventress and Savage, and told me that he would be controlling my actions from them on. But now, without those stupid puppets, I’m finally free. Both schools are finally free from Jacob Minch.

But did that matter? The school was still coming down! The ceiling was falling fast, and the walls were so dreadfully misshapen, I’d of thought I was in a fun house. No flames touched me, though. No pain went through my body, as I realized that my “father” had awoken, and had been covering me from the flames.

“You don’t have to save me, Dwight,” he said, barely holding on, “I came back inside for you.”

He came back inside the burning building?! For me?!?

“Dad, why?” I felt like a thousand miles away from him, even though he was right here.

“Because, son,” Dad said, “I love you.”

Reunited, a Son will be, with his Father.

By some miracle, Mr. Saru picked me up, and ran out of the door, before collapsing, and vanishing, immediately, like a Force Ghost.


Chapter 37: Reunited (And It Feels So Good)
By Malcolm

I heard the news on TV, after recovering from the previous FOTR/OY battle. Tolkien Middle was ON FIRE?!? No way! My instincts said to go, and I always listen to my instincts, so I grabbed some string-cheese from the fridge, and began to bike ride to the school.

My legs got tired quick, and I was panting like a dog; so I decided to get out my cheese, and take a snack break. As I took my first yummy bite of that thick, gooey goodness, someone punched me in the back, and ate my string-cheese in one big bite.

“Really, Frankie?!?” I groaned, angrily.

“I’m hungry!” Frankie said, chewing on the cheese like it was gum. “Anyway, mouse, we GOT to get to the school! So, get out of my way!”

Just like that, Frankie pushed me off my bike, and onto the hard pavement. Ever have that feeling when your hands start stinging when your hands get scratched on the ground? Yeah, that’s me right now.

“Frankie, I- WHOA!!!”

Frankie took my hand, and boosted my up onto her lap.

“Get ready to scurry, mouse!” she said, as she peddled like a maniac.

Literally, in like two minutes, we made a twenty minute ride!

By Jack

I just heard the news about the school. The good news is, my house is only like five minutes away, so I asked my mom if she could drive me over, to see if we could help any of my friends in need.

I stepped out of the car even before Mom parked it, and immediately, I felt a sudden rush of smoke-filled air. I started coughing pretty bad, which, of course, alerted EVERYONE that I had come to help.

“Hey, Jack!” Frankie said, on a bike, with Malcolm on her lap, “How ya’ doing?”

“Well, I’m pretty much just freaked out about this whole thing. I can’t believe this! Who could have done something so bad?!”

“Me.” Dwight said, sitting with his head in his arms.

“Dude, you did WHAT?!?” I exclaimed.

“I…set the school on fire, under the influence of Jacob Minch, and injured Peter, JC, CJ, and Evil Jawa.”

“Wow!” I said, shocked, “That’s a lot of people!”

“And his dad died.” Frankie said, in a ‘matter of fact’ voice.

Dwight started sobbing, LOUDLY.

“Thanks, Frankie,” I said, “now we’ll NEVER have peace.”

By Tommy

Me, Sam, and the rest of the Riders of Foldhan were in constant contact with Peter, JC, and the others. CJ had informed us of the fire, and everyone else’s walkie-talkies were destroyed, so I ordered every off-duty Rider to get to Tolkien Middle School, immediately.

I took my bike there, and met up with the others. Everyone was there; Dwight, Harvey, Kellen, Lance, Murky, Quavondo, Mike, Peyton, Jack, Ian, Malcolm, Frankie, CJ, Samantha, Xarl, Aragorn, Margaret, Sean, DT, the parents, and…Sara.

I walked up to her, careful not to startle her, and spoke:


That was it? I said, “Hey?!?” Wow, I must be pretty pathetic.

“Tommy, I am SO sorry!” Sara said. She ran over to me, and gave me a big hug.

“Um…Sara? Are you ok? You generally play the ‘hard to get’ card!”

“Well…” Sara said. She put her lips just a milometer from my ear, and whispered to me:

“Tommy, Dwight lost his dad. Mr. Saru is dead.”

“Oh. . .” I understood now. “Sara, I know he’s your neighbor, and this must be tough on you, so-“

“Well,” Sara interrupted me, “it’s honestly not just about Mr. Saru. Peter went inside, too.”

“PETER?! Is he ok?!?” I freaked out a bit.

“Yeah, he’s in the hospital, now. But Tommy-“

Then I really understood.

Sara took a shaky breath, “What if you had gone inside, instead of Peter? I could NEVER have been able to live with that. Live without you!”

“Sara. . .” I held her in my arms, and felt a shudder of fear leave Sara’s body. I would keep her safe, and never, never let go. (Except, of course, when I did).

“It’s ok, Sara. I’ll protect you,” I assured her.

“I know you will,” Sara assured me.

By Frankie

The ambulances left for the hospital, with our friends. The sirens were wailing just as loud  there as they were here.

After the noise of the sirens died down, I heard a cell phone ring. Dwight picked up the phone.

“Hello? Yes, this is he. Wait, what?!” Dwight’s heavy voice lifted, to a cheery tone, “That’s WONDERFUL!!! Thanks, doc!”

He paused, and listened to the doctor.

“Dad?!” Dwight said, excitedly. “You’re- you’re…”

He listened intently to the doctor’s voice.

“Yeah, yeah, I will!” Dwight said, enthusiastically, “Thanks! Goodbye!”

Dwight hung up the phone, with a smile on his face, and said:

“Hey guys! GREAT news!” Dwight said, with a “Caroline is ok! Apparently, there was a typo on the medical sheet. Her injuries were minor, NOT major! She’ll be coming home, today!”

“That’s amazing, Dwight!” Tommy said, “And your dad-“

“Shh! Don’t say it!” Dwight said, then he lowered his voice to a whisper. “He says he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s alive…yet. He has a plan to find out why Jacob did all this. He says he’ll return.”

Dwight smiled, for real, and ran off to the salvaged playground, before being stopped by firemen. I could’ve misheard, but I think Dwight said something about squirrels still in the building. Yep, Dwight’s back.

“Oh…” CJ started, “Tommy?!”

Tommy looked worried. “Oh, poop!”

Tommy is a forgetful freak.

A few minutes later, the firemen brought out three unharmed squirrels, who were smiling happily. (I didn’t think squirrels could smile)…

Malcolm came over to me, and put his arm around me. EEEW!!!

“What’s wrong with you, freak-mouse?!?” I yelled.

“Um… I just wanted my cheese back. I know you kept some in your pocket!” Malcolm accused. He’s good.

Malcolm grabbed the string-cheese, and ate all that was left of it. I gave him a hug/squishing guts out squeeze, and he smiled/cringed, happily.

He’s a good kid, but he’s not my kind of guy. With Elijah in jail, the only other possible bad-boy around is…

“HARVEY!!!” I bellowed.

“Yes, my dear- I mean, WHAT DO YOU WANT, CREEP?!?” Harvey said.

“Oh, come here!” I said. I pulled Harvey in, punched his gut five times, then kissed him on the cheek. And this time, I’ll make sure not to turn evil with him… *


Chapter 38: The Fall of Tolkien Middle School
By Dwight


By Tommy

Yes! Dwight’s BACK!!! WOOHOO!!!

I brought Sara to the front of the school, as close as we could get to it without firemen pulling us back, and I held Sara tight. The other kids came close, too.

We watched as Tolkien Middle School collapsed, and firemen controlled the flames, until everything turned to steam and ash.

Tolkien Middle School was gone.

Samantha left immediately after the school fell, to go check on Peter in the hospital. It sounded like he was gonna be fine. JC and Evil Jawa were both in stable condition, but had to be on oxygen for the next couple weeks.

“Everyone,” I began, “this school represented all our trials and wars, our friendships and fellowship, and our greatest adventures. Now, even though it is gone, I realize now that we don’t need a school to be happy. We will forever have each other, and our adventures will forever be embedded in these stories we write. CJ has just finished posting a story that I call ‘The Chosen One,’ as it is all about Dwight, his story, and his father. Here’s to Dwight! YOU ARE STOOKY!!!”

“YOU ARE STOOKY!!!” We all cheered. Dwight looked around, but never directly at any particular person. But I could tell he was happy.


By Peter

It’s been a while since the whole Origami Yoda/Fold of the Rings battle, and today was the day we were finally getting to all see each other again.

sunset We met on the hill that rises above the playground. It was sunset, and the whole hill glowed a reddish-orange. The Fellowship, the McQuarrie kids, the SuperFolders, we all met together. It was a time for celebration. It was Malcolm’s Birthday!

Tommy and I played some rounds of thumb wrestling with Origami Rex and Foldo Baggins; Frankie and Harvey were playing on their Nintendo 3DS’s, trying to avoid everybody else; Peyton, Xarl, Quavondo, and the Birthday Boy were all playing “Pin the Lightsaber/Sword on the Yodagorn;” and Sara apologized to Mike and the others about her treehouse rampage before, which was apparently not even her, but Jacob controlling her with Origami Arwen.

That makes me wonder, didn’t she get Arwen from Xarl? Maybe that kid really IS too good to be true. . .

Peter wonderingBut not now. I can’t try and bust Xarl. Not when Malcolm’s having the time of his life. If Jacob does have a spy in our midst, we’ll track him down in high school.

Malcolm didn’t want cake, so Frankie took the initiative and bought him a giant wheel of cheese, with a birthday candle on it. After Malcolm woke up after fainting, he chowed down on his literal ‘cheese cake.’

Cheese cake“Man, guys, this is PLASTIC DINOSAURS!!!” Malcolm said, licking the last of the cheese off his lips.

“Oh, you got some cheese on your…um…” Frankie started, coming over to Malcolm, to wipe off some cheese from Malcolm’s cheek. Unfortunately, Peyton dropped OriGollum, which tripped Frankie, until she and Malcolm were caught in an awkward hug. I waited for them to stumble back, but they didn’t. Frankie kissed Malcolm’s cheek, getting the cheese off, and Malcolm fainted again, this time into his pile of birthday origami.

Tommy and Sara sat down at the top of the hill, watching the sun go down. I followed, then everybody else came after me. We all sat down together, Dwight and John holding Origami Yoda and the Origami Ring above us, ad Kellen and CJ doodled our portrait together.

origami ring and YodaSure there will be more adventures, and yeah, things will change. But in this moment, this IS The Grand Finale. Our next adventure would have twists and turns, love and betrayal, friendship and loyalty; but the end is now. We won the day, and we conquered the forces of Jacob Minch. . . As one.






We stopped Jacob, survived his last attempt at revenge, and even found Dwight’s father. Yep, that’s pretty typical for us, here in Virginia. Thanks from everyone at McQuarrie-Tolkien High School, and goodbye!

–Tommy Lomax

I agree with Tommy in saying that I hope you guys liked the story! It was so much fun to write and a blast to work together with you guys, CJ, Evil Jawa, and everyone else in creating the longest, biggest Origami Yoda Expanded Universe story EVER. Here’s to YOU!!!


Note 1: Sara, in the chapter “The War Continues,” says that she isn’t Sara, anyway; so she can be mean and evil. In reality, it was Jacob Minch, mind-controlling Sara with Origami Arwen this whole time, which is why she was being such a jerk ever since Tommy pushed Peter. Back in “Enter Jacob,” Sara was among the kids who went to fight Jacob, and Jacob had pulled her aside before the battle. He asked her to appeal to his good side, and told her that he wasn’t the guy behind this. . . But he was forced to give Sara the Origami Arwen. Sara was corrupted by it, and tried to fight it, but ultimately gave in to it when she saw Jacob’s hallucination of Tommy pushing Peter. In between the chapters “The War Continues” and “The Fall of Tolkien Middle School,” Sara breaks free from the origami’s dark hold whenever Dwight destroyed Origami Ventress and Savage.

Note 2: Likewise, it should be noted that Jacob’s origami was acting like a hive-mind, and the origami had a collective consciousness, so whenever one piece of paper was destroyed, the effects of all the others would vanish, too.

Note 3: Now, as for Jacob’s Papertine origami; Jacob ALWAYS had the Original Papertine with him, as it was never destroyed. Jacob made a decoy in Papertine 2, so that, when the Super Saber was set on fire, Papertine would not be destroyed. Every other time, the other Papertines were mere “clones,” and Jacob, even in juvi, still had the Original Papertine on hand.

Note 4: The Original Papertine is actually connected to Jacob’s consciousness, so if Papertine is destroyed, Jacob dies. Likewise, if any other piece of connected origami puppets (see Note 2) is destroyed, Jacob will be seriously injured, and could be in risk of death.

Note 5: Even though most origami made by Jacob was destroyed, Jacob is still alive, rotting away in his jail cell in juvenile detention. . .

Note 6: Time wise, there might be some time inconsistencies in The Chosen One and the other tales connected to it, as JC wasn’t paying much attention. If there is a problem with that in CO canon, just assume some time passed in between the events that are questionable in their time-frame. .

Note 7: The power behind Papertine is still to remain a mystery, as Mr. Saru, in the end of The Chosen One, tried to solve that mystery, but didn’t tell anyone if he’d found anything. JC wishes to keep it a secret, unless if he does ever create an extra ten chapters about it, making The Chosen One an even fifty chapters…vote in the comments about it!

Note 8: JC will tell you this; there is one familiar individual who is the TRUE power behind Papertine. He met up with Jacob Minch after the events of “The Week of the Papertine,” and gave Jacob a mind-controlled version of Origami Darth Bane, so that the individual could mind-control Jacob. This is why Jacob, who in reality is really only on a “Harvey” level in badness, became a crazed monster of a kid, dedicated to burning down McQuarrie and Tolkien Middle Schools…

Note 9: How DID Jacob survive his “death” in The Fold of the Rings 3? Simple: The Wishing Skittles.

  1. Say JC I am about to post the next chapter of Fold Story: TMSOOWAOB.

  2. Say JC I just sent two chapters of my story.

  3. When does the Origami Treebard instructions get put up?

    • Jarrett Tyree

      Hey dude, would it be okay if you posted the instructions for Woody, Buzz, Mike and Sully on origami Its pretty hard getting permission to give out e-mail adresses. Plus its easier.

  4. Does anyone think there should be and adaptation with The Week of the Papertine 2,3(,maybe 4) and The Grand Finale.

  5. Guys I have a problem (and this is not the one with the new rules). Starwarsfolder12 has Origami Pixar that’s ripping of my thing for stories. I planned to do more after Fold Story.

  6. JC if you can I need advice. What happens when you have a theme for your story and you plan to do more when you’re finished with your current story. Then you find out someone ripped it of by using the same theme.

    • SuperFolder JC

      Ah, yes. That has happened to me before. Starwarsfolder12/Malcolm is usually the one who writes these stories. He’s a great writer, but he sometimes doesn’t realize that we kinda want our own stories to ourselves.

      If you can ask Malcolm to stop, that is ideal, but he really means no harm.

      • I did and now he’s upset and claims that his stories are different than mine. I was thinking of doing a origami Finding Nemo story (I even made a prototype for origami Nemo characters).

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  12. You’re confused, probably. I have a crush on someone. She is refrenced in my story. What the Hutt Should I do?!

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  14. Well uh Foldo: A Star Wars Story takes place in the mainstream OYEU universe but it’s going to be classified as an OY Legends story, and Jacob basically plays Qi’ra’s role in Foldo, so I guess you could say Sara has a big crush on someone, too? 😬

    Honestly, I dunno, dude. I’ve only wrote the first few chapters for Foldo. And I’m writing them in the comment section of Batfold The New 2012, but don’t check it out, because then you’re basically spoiling Foldo for yourself.

  15. Also I’m confused at who’s actually writing the Spider-Fold story (I coined that name by the way, heh-heh). Is it Maddox? He said he wants to write a Spider-Fold story. Is it TheWatcher? He said he’s working on a mysterious MOU project. Is it Mega3? Is it CJ or Noah? Is it even Dutchrocks, who has been away from the OYEU for a while, maybe to have more time to write a Spider-Fold story?

    Also some of us are talking about a Spider-Verse MOU story, but I’m more interested in a solo Spider-Fold book, not one containing many Spider-Folds.

  16. Also did you know that I’m expecting Foldo: A Star Wars Story to be very well-received among the OYEU community (unlike poor Solo: A Star Wars Story, which had a poor box office), so that I can make a sequel? You heard me right. Foldo hasn’t released yet and I’m already thinking of making a sequel, or at least a Foldo spinoff. It’s just, as I write Foldo chapter by chapter, it just gets more and more exciting as I write, even though I know the whole story from the beginning.

  17. Superfolder SLS

    “I coined that name by the way, heh-heh”

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    This story was a bit…er… violent. But other than that I LLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDD it!!!!

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