Thrawn’s Last Will and Testament

Thrawn’s Last Will and Testament.

By- Do I really need to tell you?

Let me give it to you as it is. I’m tired and I don’t have enough time to finish my stories. But my words since the start of me writing for this site have always been ‘I refuse to go quietly’ so consider this to be my loud, shrill yelp before I kick the can and retire. 

Serapis Saga Finale

Note: this one was sorta like the glue between my two BTFolds projects because in development my plans for AT got larger and so that impacted the story a tad. 

We start with Giovanni post-Backseat of Fire and he’s doing fine. (that is if you consider simping to be fine) but he suddenly gets a visit from Dr. Foust who wants him for a job and he refuses to give any details.

Gio and Dr. go to his midtown penthouse (think gentleman villain layer with a touch of ‘might-be-dead’) and have dinner while he vaguely explains the premise of the job. The story picks up with an ‘interaction’ between Gio and Sopia (connect your own dots. I refuse to do it for you.) and Gio is quickly shipped off to Caesar.

When he gets there he meets the crew from Ł. Also, Khan is back and he’s connected the dots, (still not doing it for you.) so he commits a crime that only Gio sees and blackmails him into pinning it on the crew from Ł. (so they are gone into limbo, possibly to return). Now Gio is alone and he has to pull himself up to where he can outsmart Khan and complete the mission. 

(the mid part was always mushy and I figured that I would come up with it as I went but alas that’s not how it’s happening.)

He ends up finding out who Khan really is and so he contacts School Fleet (See AT3’s blurb) based on a cryptic clue left by Dr. in order for them to come and get him, sneakily if I may say.

They end up retrieving Khan and Gio completes the mission of making sure that some old snitches kid isn’t enrolled and that Caesar isn’t doing the Italic Insanity quiz that was mentioned in Backseat of Fire.

One other thing. The Egyptian pantheon’s origin is also in this one so I’ll give it to you all real quick. 

Young Foust and Co. all went to a quikpik on their way to a field trip (same Quikpik from the rest of the PJOU) and they made puppets for some reason I forgot but it was either because of the test or the snitch or some other stupid reason and that’s it. I kept on teasing it because I was coming up with it as I went. 

Back to the story at hand.

Gio gets picked up by Dr. and they drive to a parking lot. Gio gets hit with a sudden wave of guilt because of all the bad he’s done as Set and because Khan made him ruin the future’s of the crew from Ł. When he gets to the lot he sees a School Fleet bus and he gets on. As the bus drives away he starts to cry because he finally feels like he can start anew but he knows that for as long as he lives he will always dream of Sopia. (I’m a huge sucker for fate-bound, Gatsby-esc lovers who can never be so I figured that I may as well do it with Gio and Sopia.)

Art Trek 3: A New Generation

Note: the AT trilogy has been a passion project of mine ever since the gate for SF made OU’s got opened so for it to end like this is a bit sad but im glad that the general idea is getting out there.

We start the story with a flashback that is roughly two months before the first AT. Stewart Patrikson, the captain at the time, is attempting to negotiate with this seemingly faceless group and they aren’t responding. Suddenly a woman appears from the faceless crowd and tells the people of Rodenberry that ‘resistance is futile’ the invasion starts and we fast forward to the present.

(the invaders are the Borg btw and it’s not much of a secret but I forgot if most people know or not sooooooo-)

We pick up right where AT2 left off. Chris is slipping into a depression after Leonard retires and is trying to get his mind off of it by thinking about the field trip. We fast forward again by two months.

(on one hand all of this fast forwarding is lazy but on the other I simply do not care)

It’s the day of the trip and the destination is Washington DC (cliche but also, don’t care) suddenly they get pulled to the school’s garage where they get hooked up with a really high-tech bus that was generously donated to them by the Foust Foundation (named ‘Enterprise’ because I had to sneak it in somehow) and a so-so explanation that they aren’t going to DC. People like Roy, Bruce and Leonard (this is the finale, im bringing people back.) 

We then see why they are going on the mission from the perspective of Harvey and Leonard. One month in the past, you see Leonard has been digging through the USB drive he stole from Ben and he has found a map that the invaders made of the continental United States. Each state has about 10-15 dots on it and the Rodenberry school is X-ed out. Leonard and Harvey agree that they believe this is a map of a puppet multiverse and that the Borg (i may or may not swap between Borg and invaders so if I do just know that they mean the same thing) invaded Roddenberry as a test of strength. They zoom in and see that the Borg have agents in most schools on the eastern sea front. (including the MOU and the PJOU) Harvey curses under his breath and they start to plan the mission.

They start to head to Wise (the place where Ben came from) and travel shenanigans ensue. Leonard and Sister Nicholes share an accidental kiss that neither of them mind. Bruce and Chris talk about the struggles of being the captain. And they find John Takei under the influence of the Borg. 

(I also included some callbacks I thought that others might enjoy. This included the place where Khonshoe operated out of, a highway exit that led to Madison, the soup chain owned by Alan Wade’s parents and the old location for the first two Foust stories, which has now been turned into a hotel.)

They are now in Wise (i’m going to be honest, most of these stories here have either been planned or are just the loose scraps of an idea. This next portion walks the exceedingly thin line of being both.)

They get to Wise and run into Stewart Patrikson who has assembled a ragtag crew. They are (in terms of characters they based their puppets on): Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, William T. Riker, Deanna Troy and Stewart Patrikson as Jean Luc Picard (duh). They end up making a plan of getting all the Borg back to Wise so they can perform a mass-reverse brainwash. One problem is that they have no clue how to convince people who are practically zombies. That’s when Harvey steps up and reveals the origin of the Borg, an origin that he has a direct role in. 

The story starts immediately after a big argument that you (the reader, hopefully) may or may not see in another story so I’m not going to say anything. But he ends up in Wise and with this recent anger he starts to directly pull the strings on a ton of things which results in a faceless cult forming in the school that he controls. With this power he gives them a goal, find any trace of puppets anywhere and eliminate it once you know the time is right. A year or so (I made a timeline but lost it so connecting this is a bit screwy but the intent is that AT wise this is canon.) Later Harvey receives a job application and leaves for Rodenberry on the eve of their first test of strength, which is at Rodenberry.

Both crews believe him because why would he lie and so the plan starts

People involved (because even I need this refresher)

(going by character then team.)

  • Captain (retired) Pike- C
  • Captain Kirk- A
  • Spock- A
  • Uhura- A
  • Scotty- D
  • Bones- A
  • Chekov- A
  • Sulu- D
  • Keenser- D
  • Carol- B
  • Tom- C
  • Harry- B
  • Seven- D
  • Riker- B
  • Troy- B
  • Captain Picard- B

The Plan:

  • Send out a fake distress signal from the school telling all Borg to return immediately.
  • Wait a week and keep the signal repeating from multiple sources.
  • Once everyone is at the school in Wise send teams A and B to keep all the Borg in a relatively central area.
  • Team D is on kicking the Borg out of the system so their clearance cards have no way of them getting back into the school once team C starts
  • Team C’s goal is to use Harvey’s confession of this being an awful idea to get them to connect to their more human emotions and overthrow the Queen (who has been here this entire time and even I have no clue why I’m bringing her up now. She literally serves no point and isn’t even the real actual villain of this story which is the army itself and making poor choices.) 

The plan happens without a hitch (because I don’t want to continue to write at this point.) and they all go back inside to see team D re-tuning the system so that it can be used as good in the future. Harvey goes to a control panel and activated a subroutine that was originally used to sort the schools based on whether or not they would be a problem for the Borg (because remember that Harvey is the technical founder of the Borg and has been playing dumb THE ENTIRE TIME) called the Requiem System.

Quick explanation on the Requiem System. It is my term for the categorisation of what happens when a character or place in the wider OU has reached such a point where they have come so close to losing but have found a way to wiggle to victory and reach a sort of grand epilogue. (the event itself is called a Requiem Event.)

As the results pop up the captains start to hushly converse. When asked to reveal what they are on about they explain an idea.

What if we made peaceful contact with the schools that the Borg had previously considered to be a threat? And thus, School Fleet is formed with the school in Wise becoming the first member (It’s referred to as Deep Space 9) and Chris as its leader.

Epilogue 1: The crew inside of a School Fleet bus are talking about how long it’s been since they parked and they are wondering when, and if, their guests are even appearing. Suddenly lights shimmer from over a hill and three people crest it as they head to the bus. The School Fleet people get out and introduce themselves to the three representative members of the Orig-Avengers (This is post-The End of the Line. and yeah, the AT-to-wider-OU timeline relations are a bit odd.) The school fleet people open up a more detailed version of Ben’s old map and tell them that the world is a lot bigger that whatever they believe. (this implies that a series of first contacts are being made with a large amount of OU’s. if you watched Star Trek ever then you would know that a civilisation needs to achieve warp [the scientific term for a star ship going ‘whoosh’] in order for a first contact to happen. In the OU it’s the survival of a Requiem Event for first contact.)

Epilogue 2: we see Leonard, Stewart and Bruce entering the garage behind the school. When the garage opens we see (whoever may be controlling them, but their characters are:) Ikaris, Doctor Strange (whoever it is at the time) and Nick Fury (not related to F.O.L.D. but he’s there anyway.) (OR; whomever. This is a culmination of two ideas I had so it’s a bit jumbly but the MOU does have a rep or three seeing as it is the first OU to receive a first contact.), all representing different factions within the MOU. along with them are (again, whomever may be controlling them but their characters are:) Paul Atreidies who is representative of the Duneiverse, Zordon who is representing the Power Rangers OU and Mr. Miyagi who is here from the Karate Kid OU (those who get it, get it.) and three people with no puppets but they hold large positions in the government. They are; a representative from the Supreme Court, A Speaker of the house of representatives and the President of the US. (i don’t like to get political so im being vague about names but my personal canon for the president of the US in the OU is none other that hit singer Britney Spears [to the editor: if you don’t keep that in i will riot.]) They all sit down and explain to the three people in power along with the others who are not from the initial three Art Trek stories that this group must never be discovered because they are the ones who truly have a final say on all school fleet actions and that means that they affect a lot of young people.

Note: this means that Epilogue 2 is not supposed to be mentioned ever again unless it is by the prez and only in passing. Therefore it does not and can not interrupt the current flow of canon and thus I see it to be absolutely ridiculous if it comes under fire for breaking canon. So to whom it may concern, talk all you want but know that it falls on deaf ears.

Back to the story.

They primarily understand but all of a sudden their phones start to ring. Bruce turns on the TV and the story ends with a near perfect transition into the events of “The Cold Open” written by Peyton.

Note: Seriously keep in mind about that last note. 

The Foust Chronicles: The Caesar Shadow

Note: As far as I am worried this synopsis is undisputed canon unlike some of AT3 but I sincerely apologize to Hades anyway because this feels like I’m cutting corners when I truly, honestly love this OU. I’m so sorry my friend.

Prologue: A man walks into the president’s office of the Easter seaboard branch of Educational Products Co. sitting in the office are two people. One is roughly 40 some-odd years old and the other is roughly sixteen. The man tells the 40 year old that The Carter Institute has closed but that the order has been changed and the person wants it to be sent to Caesar. The man smiles and tells the teen to ‘make the Keppeli’s proud’ as the teen walks away.

We start a week or so after the Serapis Saga finale with Dr. Foust walking up to someone checking their mail. It is Alexander Jones Jr. they have a quick interaction and it ends with a declaration. ‘Arthur and Sopia need more than just each other’

Speaking of the two. (always wanted to do that) They have been getting into fights, almost constantly. So constantly that people have started to place bets on each of the fights. They have a meeting with their counselor where the counselor (Mike Coley by the way) decides that they should bond while trying to help someone new. That new person is Will A. Keppeli.

Paul is seen on the porch of his home in Williamsburg. He looks down and sees Dr. Foust walking up the steps to him. They have a short interaction in which Gio is hinted at. Paul ends up joining.

Arthur is then shown in the library with his friends. He is sifting through books on ancient history (because it isn’t a Thrawn classic without a mere glance at Archeology) while doing this, memories of “The Iliad” play in his head; the vote and his initial fight with Sopia. He looks over and sees Will A. look at him with a sinister glare, he adjusts and sees a janitor directly over Will’s shoulder. The janitor looks up and Arthur swears that it is Malcom ‘Mark’ Malifer.

Nina is making pasta when a knock comes from the door. She looks at Dr. Foust knows that it’s about Arthur and Sopia. Dr. Foust explains that they need her and she wants more information. It turns out that the fairly dormant rift between the two has reopened and this time if something doesn’t change then the people around them will get seriously hurt. She joins.

Sopia is seen trying to socialize with Will A. while still thinking about Gio when she gets called to the front of the school. When she gets there she sees Arthur and the two of them start to fight. Out of the blue Alex interjects (insert wit here) and the groups meet for the first time in a long time. They have dinner and while things are winding down Sopia sees the Janitor and swears that it looks like Mr. Malifer.

Dr. Foust is seen taking the exit off of a highway onto Mutsu-Kabe Hill where the Speedwagon Nursing Home is located. He enters and pays a visit to Mr. Gates. They talk then the conversation turns on a dime. They talk about Mr. Malifer and how they now know that he is at Caesar along with the Italics Insanity test (now called Italian Insanity) is also there. Gates tells Foust that he has always had more power than just being a simple History teacher and that he must honestly think of his kids.

Will A. gets up in the middle of the night and heads to the janitor’s closet where he meets with Mr. Malifer. Malifer asks when the test is coming and he is told that it will be tomorrow and that the plan is virtually unstoppable. Mr. Malifer cackles and a fairly corny joke is made.

The Next Day:

  • Arthur- He wakes up with a sickening knot in his stomach and gets the feeling something is about to happen. His day is covered with times where he sees something sudden happen and feels the knot get tighter. At the end of the day he wonders where Nina went.
  • Sopia- She wakes up with a similar feeling but decides to ignore it and go about her day with Alexander all the while the thought of Gio still lingers around. She remains blissfully unaware of Will A.’s true intentions until she see’s Will A. talking to the Janitor.
  • Will A.- Has been awake since midnight. Supervises a meeting between the Principal and Mr. Malifer over the test, she gives it the green light. He then continues to stick with Mr. Malifer to make sure things go smoothly, they do not.
  • Nina- Nina quickly finds out that her father is here from Arthur. She decides to go look for him and ends up finding him at lunch. Will A. wants the plan to go flawlessly so he ends up attacking her and knocking her unconscious, much to the dismay of her father.
  • Alexander- Alexander plays into the simp role but this time it’s primarily to get Sopia to put aside old blood and try to see eye to eye with Arthur. Alex also see’s Will A. talking to the janitor and he also realizes that the janitor is Mr. Malifer.
  • Paul- Paul just wanders the school. As night falls he trips over a small plastic box. When he opens up the box he finds himself with access into the School Fleet network. He searches through it and ends up finding Gio’s account. He sends him a message but as it goes through the box shuts off.

Arthur, Sopia, Alexander and Paul all wake up to the sound of running in the halls. They look at their phones to find that Mr. Malifer’s plan has started. The message on their phones came from an anomalous person and it reveals a pop quiz called A.P.O.P.H.I.S. (the real name of the Italics/Italian Insanity quiz) and that the answers are in the principal’s office. As the two groups meet in person they see Dr. Foust peering inside from a window. 

Once outside they talk about their next move. Foust tells them to wait for people to clear out so that they can make a clean break for the office. Arthur and Sopia decide that the plan is something that can’t be pulled off so the four of them break into the office from the back. When the four leap into the office Arthur grabs an unconscious Nina and Sopia starts to fight Will A. while Alex and Paul look for the answers while the door pounds in the background. Once the commotion is over they notice that the door has stopped. Dr. Foust forces his way in and tells them that it is too late. Will A. laughs and the test begins.

The seven of them make their way into the main auditorium where the entire student body has been collected. Over a speaker Mr. Malifer asks Will A. to take a seat for the test. Will A. seems confused and fights back only to get suspended since he was technically enrolled in the school. Malifer then asks the other six to take a seat. (confusing Dr. Foust for a student.) Dr. Foust instead walks up to Mr. Malifer and decks him cold across the jaw. He then grabs the microphone and makes this speech.

“I am Dr. Carter Foust, once head of the Brooklyn City Office of education, president of the Foust Foundation and founder of the now defunct do-to-funding-issues Carter Institute. And I have a proposition for the principal of this school. The test you are about to administer to your student body has been shown to cause a near instant deterioration of the average school child’s mental health which causes symptoms of ‘insanity’. Despite what the company and Mr. Malifer may tell you I know this to be true, for I have taken the test myself and have found that I was on the teetering edge of madness.” Dr. Foust spoke to the crowd.

“What should you have us do instead?” The principal spoke.

“If I may be so bold, I recommend that you count the test as a perfect A+, for all of the students. As for the perpetrators, Mr. Malifer is to blame; seeing as he has supposedly played the role of janitor so well i only see it fit that he keep that position, permanently. If I may, I also recommend that some of my old staff, specifically Mr. De Morgan, Mr. Lauper, Mr. Allen, Mr. Bogaard and my chauffeur, Bobby for any position you see fit to place them in.”

“Fair enough, it shall be done. As for the students, take the day off I guess.”

The speech ends and the room is left with only a few people: Dr. Foust, the test administrator, Ms. Bopa, Will A., Arthur, Sopia, Alex, Nina and Paul.

Will A. runs up to the test administrator and hugs him while calling him father. The administrator tells him that he made the Keppeli’s proud. Foust looks at them and mutters ‘keppeli’ under his breath. He asks the administrator if he is in fact Sesar Keppeli to which the administrator just smiles a bit and walks off with his son. He seems a bit shocked so the kids take the moment to leave undetected. Foust looks at the only other person in the room, Ms. Bopa. She asks him if he ever misses Becky to which he only nods. She asks him if he has told Arthur yet and he tells her no, that he believes that he is the son of some Italian lady. Ms. Bopa tells Dr. Foust that Arthur deserves to know the truth about his parentage; the truth is that he is the child of Becky Bopa (Dr. Foust’s middle school sweetheart) and that she died after figuring out that Carter Foust had an illegitimate daughter around the same age living in Italy. Dr. Foust tells her that if Arthur figures this out, he will never forgive him. 

Outside Arthur, Sopia, Alex, Nina and Paul watch as a School Fleet bus rolls up to the entrance of Caesar. Running out from it is Giovanni Belzoni who got Paul’s message. Upon seeing this Paul and Sopia both run up to him and give him a hug, he soon pulls them both away and notices that Sopia is there. He asks her what she is doing and she tells him that she wants to give them a shot, even if it lasts for less than a week. He kisses her and walks back up the steps. When they get back Sopia notices that Alex doesn’t really seem upset, he tells her that he only saw her as a really close friend. Gio pulls Paul aside and tells him that he can’t stay with School Fleet and then recommends him to School Fleet instead. Paul seems shocked by this but Gio tells him that he was always meant for greater things. Paul nods and simply asks Gio to mail him his stuff, Gio agrees and Paul leaves for Boston. As the bus pulls away Nina reaches over for Arthur’s hand; he sees this and grabs hers. (In the end: TCI teachers are getting jobs, Sesar Keppeli has a kid and works for EduFun, Arthur is actually the son of Becky Bopa, Gio is back and with Sopia, Alex is in the friend zone and is ok with that, Paul is going to the AT-verse and Arthur+Nina is a thing.)

Note: this is canon, i think.

(Hades’ note: Eh, yk, sure, i don’t mind. We have GOT to finish this site.)

And now, the grand finale, the big one-


Note: If I could go back in time and change some things, I would. But we are here now and I’m ok with that. So without further ado, enjoy.

Cayde Cates (Blank Knight) and Zoe Yugan along with Sean Cates (OG Spider-Fold),  Cyndi Conners (OG Wasp) and Jackson ‘Mattias’ Pierce (OG Ant-Fold). They are in Saru’s Super Stories waiting for the other members of the Secret Ori-Avengers to appear. They eventually arrive and congregate in the back of the store. A bowl is placed on the ground and they toss their puppets in as they introduce themselves. They are: Cayde Cates (Blank Knight), Robert O’Grady (Irredeemable OriAnt-Man), Charlie Toland (Doctor OriDruid), Johnny Reyes Jr. [JR] (Origami Ghost Rider), Liam Kida (Captigami Britain), Natasha Symkaria (Silver Label). From the shadows other people come forward, they are the old team who fought the MCP in the 90’s and discovered that it was actually the Supreme Pleat-ellegence. (i’m not going to introduce them as well, if you want to know who they are then read Part 1.)

They discuss what they need to do in order to find the MCP and they narrow it to three things.

  • Track the chemicals in the mask to the source
  • Investigate students to root out possibilities
  • Interrogate Haruto Saru Jr.

Along the way they also declare that they must stay away from the main Orig-Avengers in fear of them taking over the investigation.

The teams form in order for these three goals to go through without a hitch. The groups are as follows:

  • Track the chemicals in the mask
    • Robert O’Grady, JR and Liam Kida
  • Investigate students to root out possibilities
    • Cayde Cates, Natasha Symkaria and Charlie Toland
  • Interrogate Haruto Saru Jr.
    • Vince Tomas, Miles Allen and Zoe Yugan

Team one’s mission goes poorly. JR makes a backhanded insult towards Cayde and Liam feels the need to defend Cayde. The two end up brawling it out and Robert breaks it up fast. But, in the middle of the fight some papers get moved which reveals a records book. In the records it’s shown that Peter Scattch, Haruto Saru Jr. (the old MCP) and Kirk Scattch have all made orders a week before the MCP attacked. The thing with Kirk was that two orders were made, one before the first attack (Blank Knight 2) and one seven days before the current day. They text this to Cayde and head back to Saru’s Super Stories. On the way back Liam believes he sees Kev and Cassidy.

Team two’s mission gets sidetracked. As Cayde is getting up his chair gets caught on a floor board and makes him fall to the ground. He looks at the floorboard and sees that it’s the entrance to a stash of books. After a quick investigation it’s determined that this is where all of the old MCP’s journals have been hidden. They look through the most recent one and see that it’s from Kirk Scattch. He shows everyone and they go to find Kirk. Kirk however, is absent, in his locker is a note: “We’ve been playing a good game. But it’s time this all ends. 8:00 PM, today, field.”. Cayde then gets the text from Team one about the chemicals and so they send one back out to Teams one and three with the note. On the way out Charlie sees Duncan peering out from the library.

Team three’s mission goes perfectly. They arrive at Haruto Saru’s house on the outskirts of town and knock on his door. At first he seems scared of Vincent and Miles but loses that look after a second, he invites them in for tea. Once the pleasantries are out of the way they determine that Haruto knows nothing. As they are leaving Zoe sees Kirk looking at them with a scared expression. Haruto sees this and explains that after Peter (Kirk’s father, duh) died he adopted him and enrolled him in the school. They leave and get the text from Cayde about the note, after seeing this they see Kirk get into a car and book it for the school’s field. When they re-enter town Zoe locks eyes with Gar.

Teams two and three head back to Saru’s to regroup with team three. They make a plan (rush, it’s not that complicated.) and head to the field. (Sidebar: Cayde and Zoe switch teams and all the adults sit it out so Cayde is virtually alone.) When they get to the field team one goes to the left most side and team two stays on the right while Cayde keeps in the middle so Kirk won’t catch on. 

Kirk gets there at 8:00pm on the dot as fog covers the field, strapped to his back is the pressurized paint gun from the start of the saga. They have a back and forth monologue and teams one and two rush. In his confusion Kirk fires at the one target that had his attention the entire time; Cayde. All the groups pause and look at him as he falls to his knees, blood seeping out of his chest. He groans ‘ow’ and falls. 

[one month later]

Cayde flutters his eyes open and looks around the hospital room. On his left is Zoe and at the foot of his bed are his parents who are sleeping. They wake up and start to worry over him, all he can say is that he is hungry. Vince and Miles come in and tell him that Kirk was arrested and is now facing 15 years in jail for attempted manslaughter. He continues to say that he is hungry and tries to get up, as he does the top of his hospital gown falls to the floor and he sees his wound, a thirty inch wound reaching from his abdominals to his collarbones, he feels his cheek where splatters of paint cut him. 

[one week later]

Cayde smiles at the lights of a Five Guys as he enters and sees everyone. They catch up and he makes a proclamation.

“I quit. Our mission is over and the MCP is gone. If you want to join me I’m game, but if you want to continue I will support you without hesitation.”


  • Liam Kida, Natasha Symkaria and Charlie Toland.


  • Robert O’Grady and Johnny Reyes Jr.

After that discussion Zoe and Cayde take a brief walk to talk about what comes next. As they turn a corner they see Kev, Cassidy, Gar and Duncan along with Tilly.

“Congrats,” Tilly said, “you bested one tough foe. Now it’s time for us to talk about the future. Your future.”

“If you wanted to have that chat you’re about ten minutes too late.” Cayde said through small chuckles.

“Wait, what?” Cassidy asked.

“He quit. Like, honest quit.” Zoe spoke up.

“It was quite stoic if I may say.” Cayde added, “but we got two people in there who would be more than willing to join.”

“Eh, no, we only wanted you.” Kev said.

“Then I guess you’ll just need to walk away empty handed.” Cayde repeated.

“But would you be willing to, i don’t know, reconsider?” Gar said.

Cayde just laughed as he and Zoe walked away.

“Well that was, uhm, different.” Duncan said.

They re-enter the five guys and for once, just chill.

Note: No epilogue or anything like that, with this being the one continuous thing I have been working on since the early days being on the site I’m quite proud of it, errors included.

I want to take this time to tell you all about some projects that sadly had to be scrapped before I continue on to my acknowledgements.

  • Tron-igami: a BTFolds one shot that would have followed a new kid learning the intricacies of his school. This didn’t go anywhere because there just wasn’t enough material for a good story
  • The Cali Chronicles: (I made the Pilot for this and it got published but I have no clue why it didn’t continue) It was going to follow Sara’s distant cousin (and a Lando puppet) as he frees his california school (Fisher Middle) from EduFun. It was going to be long, annoying and slightly egotistical but I’m kinda glad that it never took off.
  • Unnamed PS4 Spider-Man adaptation: It would have followed a Senior who played the role of Spider-Man as he watched Cal Largent find his own path. It didn’t take off because school started and I hate that I didn’t get to do it.
  • Art-ernals: it was going to be an adaptation of early Eternals comics but those followed a villain-of-the-month formula and all of my outlines followed a very edgy route.
  • Booster Fold: It was a Blue Beetle one shot but I was in a ‘leave threads’ state of mind so it evolved into a trilogy that I dumped and I told people that I was going to make a Booster Gold One Shot instead but that clearly never happened.
  • Steel Ball Run Saga: This was going to be the saga to end all saga’s. It originally started as a OU based around One Piece but I knew nothing about One Piece so I decided to change its theme. This would have followed one kid as he traveled around the southern United States in an RV race from Texas to Georgia while stumbling across ‘Corpse Parts’ that the kid of the main promoter wanted. It would have been amazing but then the announcement that the site was closing happened. I might still do this under the name ‘Paper Wad Run Saga’ but idk what site it would be on, so, just keep an eye out ok?


Peyton, one of the wisest authors I have talked to, I thank you for keeping me classy and civil yet odd enough to keep writing, I also thank you for all the hard work you have put into the site.

Noah, the person who heard me out, I thank you for giving the MCP saga a chance and for listening, it means a lot.

Jawa, I thank you for giving Art Trek the green light, it has since become my passion project thanks to you.

CD, the devil on my shoulder, I thank you for keeping me on my toes along with keeping me human.

Guillermo, A honest man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, I thank you for your honesty and all the great times that we have talked.

Hades, my close friend and collaborator, I thank you for hearing out all of my insane ideas and filling me with enough confidence to actually go and do (most of) them. If it wasn’t for you I am sure that I would have quit a long time ago, it is because of you that I am now seeking new heights (or frightening lows if all else fails) for my writing.

And finally, thanks to all of you, for reading what I have poured my heart into. I hope that we shall meet again in the pages of some grand adventure. 

In the meantime remember; with great power comes great responsibility, crash the mode, live long and prosper and of course May The Force Be With You, Always.


  1. got me all teared up bruh

  2. *claps* farewell thrawn! I hope to see you again some day.

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