Episode II: Boba Felt’s Mission

Boba Felt

By SuperFolder StookyLukey

Chapter I
By Tommy

It started like any other day. We were all sitting at the tables in the library before school while Harvey and Kellen were arguing over why Darth Maul didn’t die in Episode I. Then, I saw a new kid walk in. He was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, which was a good sign. He looked around for a bit before just kind of wandering over here.

“Hi.” I said.

“Hi.” he said back.

“I see you like Star Wars.” I said, gesturing to his shirt.

“Oh, yeah.” he said. Then, he pulled out an origami Boba Fett.

“Awesome!” Kellen and I said at the same time. As usual, Harvey butted in.

“Is that supposed to be Boba Fett!?” Harvey snickered.

“Shut up,” I said to Harvey “It’s awesome”.

“My name’s Jack.” said the new kid.

“Nice to meet you.” I replied.


By Harvey

After all those losers left, Jack and I were the only ones left.

“So,” I said, “How much will it cost for Boba Felt to work for me?”

“Umm…He’s not really up for hire at the moment.”

“Oh come on! He has to want something.”

“Well…He has been eyeing an Origami T7 Blaster Rifle lately…”

“Great! I’ll bring one tomorrow!”

“What do you want in return?” Jack asked.

“I need you to bring me Tommy’s past few case files, so I can write my comments through them.” I said.

“It will be done before you can say ‘Mandalore’.” Jack said in an Awesome Boba Fett impression.

“Good to work with you, Boba Felt!” I said.


Chapter III
By Jack

Umm…Hi. Tommy asked me to write a chapter, so…yeah.

Um, well, a few people have been wondering about Boba Felt and how he works, so I guess I’ll tell you. Boba Felt can be hired on different missions…for a price. Usually, he doesn’t do anything that’s too crazy. Also, if he’s on a mission he usually can be bribed for a higher price. So now you know how his system works.


Chapter IV
By Tommy

I hired Jack and Boba to find out what Harvey was writing in his secret chapter. Great. This is just what we needed. Another guy against us. We need to find a solution to the problem.

“Let’s ask Yoda!” said Kellen. So we walked over to Dwight.

“Question you have?” said Yoda.

“Yes we do, we need to know what to do about Boba Felt.” said Kellen.

“What mean, do you?” Yoda screeched.

“Well, Harvey hired Jack and Boba Felt to steal the case files.” I said.

“Analyze Jack’s chapter more you must.” Yoda said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Whatever you say, I guess.” replied Kellen.


Chapter V
By Kellen

So, after Tommy and I re-read Jack’s chapter multiple times, we think we know what Yoda meant.

“We need to bribe him at a higher price!” Tommy announced.

“Sounds like a good plan to me!” I said.


Chapter VI
By Jack

Right as Boba and I were about to steal the case files, Tommy and Kellen walked up to me.

“We know what you’re up to,” they said. “And we have a deal for you.”

“What is it?” I said.

“We offer you a bag of Cheetos, in return for loyalty to The Rebellion” they told us. After thinking for a moment, I made up my mind.

“It’s a deal!” I told them.


Chapter VII
By Harvey

So, I walked into the library and saw Jack talking to Tommy and Kellen.

“What are you doing!?” I demanded. I pulled out Darth Paper and tackled Jack. Tommy and Kellen pulled me off of him.

“Are you crazy!?” shouted Jack. Then, Jack pulled out Boba Felt and said, “When you need me again, the fee will be higher, and…you certainly won’t ever be the same.”

Then they walked away.


Chapter VIII
By Tommy

So after we walked away from Harvey, Jack told me that he would be needing his Cheetos now. I laughed and gave them to him.

About a month after these strange happenings, Jack moved away. He didn’t tell anybody, he just kinda disappeared. I did find a note in my locker, here it is:

Dear Tommy,
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was moving, I had urgent business to attend.
But I’ll see you guys again. This isn’t my last mission to McQuarrie Middle School.
– Jack
P.S. My Employer says “Hello”.

I put down the note, and turned around. Kellen was running towards me.

“Tommy! Dude!” He caught his breath. “Someone stole Yoda. He’s gone.”


  1. Awesome! But why didn’t you start with jango instead?

  2. NOOOOO lol you cut out the soapy part that was my favorite part!!!!

  3. Fantastic Torch


  4. Wher i

  5. That was an awesome story!!

  6. You should add doodles to this, like you did with The Rise of Jango Fortune.

  7. Is this story connected to Jango Fortune? If so where is Tony?

    • If you read the end of Jango Fortune, you’ll see that a kid takes Boba Felt off the floor in the last scene, and keeps it to himself. That’s Jack. He just lied about making his own one.

  8. YODA”S GONE!!!!!

  9. Yeah remember at the end of pickletine yoda got shipped off

  10. Lol good job

  11. Stooky! I love it! However,I’m scared about what happens to Yoda.

  12. Sorry to be a Harvey, but didn’t Origami Yoda get sent away to Captain Micah?

    • SuperFolder JC

      Exactly! The whole point of this series of stories is that Origami Yoda should be with Micah! What happened? You have to keep reading to find out! 🙂

  13. stooky times a million!

  14. This is amazing

  15. My review of this chapter in the Origami Yoda EU series:

    Chapter 1: Yeah, most casual fans will recognize Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story But won’t know how he survived The Battle of Naboo…

    Chapter 2: [Starts doing Vader impression.] It would be an honor if you would join us…for lunch in the library.

    Chapter 3: Boba Fett? Doesn’t do things too crazy?!? You guys must not have known the Legends version of Boba Fett…he did some lit things in his bounty hunter career…

    Chapter 4: They stole all the case files? Then why is this one still being wrote in?

    Chapter 5: Wait…what’s the ding-dang plan?

    Chapter 6: The heck is going on…?

    Chapter 7: Well, Boba Feft was an ally of the New Republic and Galactic Alliance…and he trained Jaina Solo…so…now that he’s on the good guys’ side like in the comics…everything’s connected now…


  16. SuperfolderRedFold

    Anyone here from 2020

  17. Origami donitello

    we serouisly need a yaddle story about corline hmmmm (writes that down) ok i might do that for legends probobly safe to put it here if no one has or will be here for a while

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