Doctor OriDruid

Doctor OriDruid



By- Angelo Viss

To: Tilly Waterson

Hello Tilly, it’s Angelo. (The dude from the library.) I am emailing you regarding my friend with special skills. He is arriving at Wheeler soon so if you hear of any strange goings on, just know that your friendly neighborhood voodoo doctor has it under control.
Have a good day. 

The First Day

By- Charlie Toland

Today was my first day at Wheeler Academy. I still don’t know why I had to leave B.A.R.F.. Apparently it had something to do with Angelo – my only friend – and his eyes. My mom was talking but I wasn’t listening. I knew that they were going to treat me differently and I didn’t like that.

“It’s for your own good,” my head told me.

“Shut up,” I told it back. I swallowed some meds and moved on with the day. Sometimes I felt like the voices in my head weren’t mine so I did my best to fix that.

I hopped out of the car and walked up the steps.

I sat down in one of the office chairs to wait for Angelo. I was told to come in late today, the principal wasn’t in though because some new forein students had to get acclimated to the environment. I kept on seeing people shoot me a glance, I had only been here for a few minutes and I was already treated differently. But soon enough the door creaked open and Angelo walked in, it was good to see him again.

The Tinkerer’s ‘Plan’.

By- Charlie Toland

“So how’s life?” Angelo asked, squeezing fluid into his eyes. “Still reading comics?”

“Life is good, I stopped reading some time ago.” I told him.

“That’s too bad.” He told me “You might have enjoyed this.”

We turned the corner and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. Life at B.A.R.F. was full of rules, and some of us snapped at random moments. For example: the first time my head started talking to itself was when I was beating up a kid who stole my Doritos. (They called me ‘The Dorito Bandito’ up until I left.) But here it looked like everyone snapped.

“Is this how everyone acts?” I asked Angelo.

“No,” he told me. “Something happened.”

Some people had noticed me and Angelo and started to approach us.

“Get behind me,” he ordered.

I took a few precarious steps back.

“I see that you stopped harassing people for lunch money and just moved up to straight-up harassment,” he quipped at them.

“We’re not scared of you anymore Angelo,” he chuckled.

“Your sweaty forehead says otherwise.” 

“My wha-” He was interrupted by Angelo slapping his palm on his forehead and forcing him off-balance.

“Tin- Tinkerers! Get him!” He stammered out from the ground.

The rest of his ‘gang’ Pulled out little paper Tinkerers then tried to dispose of Angelo. He just peeled off his glasses and gave them ominous glares, blood coming from his tear ducts. I was watching all of this when I was suddenly whisked away.

Sports? No Thanks

By- Charlie Toland.

“Bro,” the stranger started, “Why weren’t you at the last meeting? I mean, like, I know you got a life and i’m not trying to intrude but The Hood is pretty mad.”

“Oh. Well I suppose I should say sorry.” I told him

“Man, you have changed. Anyways the hood says that the big man has given us a gift to help with Project Pegasus.” 

I continued to follow him until we ended up in the gym, he pushed me into the locker room. Inside was a group of people surrounding a plain cardboard box. 

“Is everyone here?” Someone wearing a hood asked as they walked forward.

“Yes.” They all responded.

“Good,” The Hood said “we have received a gift from the MCP. It wants us to complete our mission and control all of the sports!”

“Excuse me.” I interjected “Why just sports? Why not the entire school?”

“I thought we already talked about this.” The Hood said.

“I think I missed that meeting.”

The crowd got quiet, The Hood was silent and remained silent for some time.

“Anyways, the plan remains. We will come out of the shadows with the help of the other and Project Drama.” The Hood pointed to the box on the floor  “The other will be used as a tool to make us look good. After we have shown the student body that we are their new protectors we will convert the other sports teams into our ranks. Are we clear?”

“Yes!” the crowd responded with more intensity.

“Sorry to bust in guys.” someone at the door said. “Am I late?”

I looked at him and saw myself. It was like looking in a mirror.

“I don’t think i’m supposed to be here…” I muttered.

Don’t Stop Running, Hombre

By- Johnny Reyes Jr.

I was walking to the locker room for a meeting in between classes. I still don’t know why I agreed to their stupid plan. Their entire goal was to make volleyball popular, I suppose I just don’t understand. My part in their plan was to make them look good; all I had to do was mess around. I had just turned the corner to go to the gym when this kid skidded to a halt inches away from my face.

“Please. Please help me.” he begged.

“Capture him!” The Hood yelled at me.

“I agreed to help you look good.” I told Hood. “Not to capture your problems.”

I pushed the kid behind me.

“What does he mean to you anyways?” I asked.

“He knows about Project Drama.” Hood told me.

“Am I supposed to care?”

I couldn’t see Hood’s face but I could tell they were thinking. 

“Think hard you donkey.” I told them.

“Get them both. No evidence.” Hood ordered. “The timetable has moved.”

“Go back. Only warning.” I ordered my soon to be victims.

They took a few hesitant steps back.

“Good idea.”


I was walking out of school to my car when the kid from this morning appeared behind me.

“Hey!” he called to me, “I didn’t get to thank you for this morning.”

“It’s nothing.” I told him.

“No it’s not. Something is going on and I can tell that you don’t like it.”

I hated to admit it, even if it was just to myself.

“So what if I do?”

“We should do something about it.” He suggested.

“Tell you what, meet me at the park with the gazebo and we can come up with a plan to do something.”

The Plan to do Something

By- Johnny Reyes Jr.

I was waiting by the edge of the lake overlooking the waterfall. It was scenic here, the perfect place to have a picnic. I was contemplating what I would bring to this hypothetical picnic when the kid rolled in, well, his mom did. He hopped out, waved her off and ran up to me.

“Alright! so, let’s get cracking strange person.” He said eagerly.

“I have a name you know. It’s John.” I told him.

“I’m sorry John. My name’s Charlie if we are doing introductions.” Charlie told me.

“It’s all good, so any ideas on this plan of ours?” I asked, taking a seat on the hill.

“yes, plan, I don’t have one.” Charlie admitted.

“You were the one to bring it up and you got nothing…”

“When you put it that way, yes.”

“So we’re just going to gun it?” 

“Pretty much.” He nodded

“Great. Well if we’re going to go down let’s do it swingin’.” I rustled through my jacket, producing two baggies. “I never understood our school’s affliction to arts and crafts but I do know that if we are going to do something we need to have these.”

Charlie looked down at the bag. Inside was a poorly made wizard from one of the 25 cent bargain comics that I used to buy while mom was shopping at an obscure department store nearby. I was either reading comics or playing Polybius (Warning before you play: It is VERY addictive)

“It’s not my best work.” I told Charlie.

“No, it’s good. I like Doctor Druid.” He told me.

I looked down at my own bag, concealed inside was an origami Danny Ketch. I preferred this Ghost Rider to the others because I respected him. He obtained the spirit of vengeance because he was protecting his sister not because he made some stupid deal with El Diablo. 

“Tomorrow,” I stood, “We show The Hood that we aren’t the pieces of evidence against them that he thinks we are.”

“Agreed. Even though we are.”

He had me there.


By- Charlie Toland.

I was very nervous. I had an excuse for missing class yesterday because I was new but I couldn’t afford a repeat today. I looked down at Doctor Druid and tried to push those feelings aside.

“Good luck,” my head told me.

“Please just shut up.” I ordered. It did.

I swallowed my pills and left the minivan. The voice was going to be my own today. I was going to find Johnny when Angelo pulled me to the side.

“Dude!” he shouted, “You totally disappeared.”

“I’m sorry I just got lost in the halls.” I lied, I didn’t want to get him twisted in my issues.

“It’s ok. After all I think I have a solution to your problems.” He started to lead me to a few people who were chatting. 

They looked over to me and started to wave. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Johnny try to get my attention, he was pointing to the side of the building where I got a glimpse of something slipping to the back. He must have deemed it important enough for us to look into it. I twisted out of Angelo’s hold and ran to Johnny, who was already running towards the side of the building.

“Oh no you don’t!” Angelo yelled at me.

“So whats up?” I asked Johnny.

“The Hood, I saw it.” he told me, “It had this big thing, I don’t know how to describe it, it looked like a big green cardboard octopus.”

“Sweet mercy. We must hurry.” I sped up.

We ran after The Hood. If Hood was about to do what I think they are going to do then there was no hope for their targets. We slipped behind to watch The Hood pull their cowl off.

“Is everyone ready?” she asked, “If so then we can begin Project Drama”

“It’s gonna suck when I nail her in the jaw.” Johnny whispered.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Angelo asked, I had forgotten that he had been trailing us.

I looked at the girl, who had just spotted us. 

“Hood!” one of her cronies spurted, “Project Drama is ready to go!”

“Good. Franklyn Brunner will no longer be the name of some shy senior, Franklyn Brunner will be the name of the great Drama Gorath!” She exclaimed.

Her army held up parts of the old box that was in the locker room, cut to look like tentacle segments. Franklyn hoisted up a large section made for her, in the middle was a paper plate that looked like a massive bloodshot eye, its red iris was staring us down. To be honest I was a little impressed, but my fear was starting to take over. 

“I’m going in.” Johnny told me.

He jumped up and ran at the cardboard tentacle army. I could see his origami Ghost Rider sticking out of his back pocket. He taking blows just to send back more powerful ones. Despite his best effort he was soon overpowered by her army.

“Stay here,” Angelo ordered, “It looks like I need to do some saving.”

He rushed into the fray. He might have been powerful against two or three people but with these numbers it was just better if he gave in. I saw glimpses of what was happening inside of the fray and it wasn’t pretty. Soon enough both him and Johnny were in the same situation. It was up to me to be the hero.

“Don’t try it.” Franklyn said, as if she were reading my mind.

“Why shouldn’t I?” I asked.

“We got you outmatched.” She pointed to the two dogpiles, my friends underneath both.

“What you don’t realise is that you have expended your resources.” I told her.

She looked around, trying to come up with a plan. During the time it took her to think I made my move. I rushed her and she had no clue what was coming. I grabbed Drama Gorath and peeled it off of her. She had realised her mistake. I grabbed her shoulders to be met by her foot on my chest. I skidded back and was tackled by the entirety of her army. I was straining under them when I heard a loud ‘Whack.’

Told You So

By- Johnny Reyes Jr.

I believe I told someone that I would punch her in the jaw.

“No one hurts my friend.” I muttered. 

I knelt down next to Franklyn, who was massaging her jaw.

“Jeez, you got one crazy swing.” She told me.

“So you’re fine?”

“Yeah, I think I needed a reality check if you know what I mean”

I looked up at Angelo and Charlie. They looked concerned for Franklyn, or my sanity, it was interchangeable at this point.

“I’m fine.” she told them, “I just needed a hard reboot that’s all.”

The crowd that Angelo was leading Charlie to came up to us, asking questions to everyone like they were a bunch of budget Magnum P.I’s. I was berated by ruthless questions, some of them seemed pretty stupid but I answered them none the less. I pulled out Origami Ghost Rider and my investigators took a few nervous steps back and eventually left me alone. (I think they thought I was going to deck them as well.) I took a long look around at everything, I didn’t entirely know what I had just gotten myself into but in that moment I knew I would be feeling the ripples of it for the rest of my life.


By- Charlie Toland.

After that bout the school day progressed like normal. Except for the fact that me, Johnny, Franklyn and her army were given a month of detention. Someone had seen our fight and ratted us to the principal. 

During that first session some of Franklyn’s army vowed that they were not done and never would be. I laughed it off but they seemed pretty dead set on proving us wrong. 

I had my own set of problems, like how could I try to mend my relationship with Angelo, he seemed pretty put off by how aggressive I was with Drama Gorath. Johnny on the other hand was either playing solitaire or getting lost in thought. Everytime I tried to pull him out of it he just got lost even more. I suppose that we all had new problems after the end of Project Drama, but me and Johnny would figure them out together because we were partners. No we are more than that, we are friends.


By- Charlie Toland.

[I received this in the mail. Thought I should stick it in here.]

To- Charlie Toland/ Doctor OriDruid

I need your help. A threat from the schools past has come back with the goal of taking over. I have reason to believe that you had a role to play in the downfall of his strongest ‘operatives,’ Franklyn Brunner and her army. Please join us, you are one of this school’s last hopes.

From- Cayde Cates/ Blank Knight

Epilogue (pt.2)

By- Johnny Reyes Jr.

To: Charlie Toland

Do you know 1=A code? I received this in the mail and if you could decode it that would be great.

Sorry for sending you to detention. Consider this a second shot.

20/8/5 13/3/16 23/15/21/12/4 12/9/11/5 20/15 13/5/5/20

From your friend with unique skills.

Doctor OriDruid and Origami Ghost Rider will return in The MCP Saga: Part ⅠⅠ!


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