Episode IV: The Adventures of Origami Yoda

Adventures of OY

By Kellen

So, I was, um, kinda tired…. And I fell asleep, and had this dream, so I decided to write about it in my own mini case-file. (With doodles!)

By Kellen

I still don’t entirely understand what this dream was all about (especially with those three guys….Tom AngusBurger, Jessie, and BJ, was it?) But this morning, when I showed the case file to my friends, we met this kid named Jacob, and he said he really liked it! So, I guess I’d make a good writer! (Y’know, when I’m not using my recording thingy……)


Written By SuperFolder Ricky and SuperFolder CJ
Prologue and Epilogue Written By SuperFolder JC
Illustrated By SuperFolder CJ

  1. Awesome make one with Harvey and Darth paper

    • SuperFolder JC

      That’s actually a great idea! I might make that one!

      • You know, I was actually thinking of making a 5, and it’s actually in the works. And are you a mind reader? It has Harvey in it! Maybe it might come out soon.

      • you are possibly the best origami folder ive ever seen origami from!

      • Making 5 is really hard… I wanna make it epic and funny… Guest cameos… List is huge… but all I can reveal is this: This is the final battle. 😀 STAY TUNED!

      • Wooo Part 5 was submitted! Yeehaw! But here’s some bad news: No Harvey! Feel free to make that one JC, if you’re still around… Good news is IT’S NOT THE FINAL BATTLE/CHAPTER! More to dome if you want! Thats all I will say for now! Peace!

  2. This is one of my fav story’s. Beside the obi won thing.

  3. I think this should be a web series like OYTS. I think I’ll make a series with my 3ds, but not post it online. I have 2 cats, so it should work out fine.

  4. You should write a series about Max and Mitzy!

  5. Origami Zombie: BRAINSSSSS
    Origami Plo-Koon: What the wha?
    Origami Boba: Zombie, quit being weird and get your deadness in the cargo hold.
    Origami (VERY creepy wearing santa hat) Skeleton: Weee! We wish you a merry Crease-mas we wish you a merry crease-mas we wish you a merry Crease-mas and a happy new Fold!

  6. But soapy swears…

  7. I thought this would fit with the canon enough to where it wouldn’t need the prolouge and epilouge.

  8. SUPER STOOKY!!!!!!!
    This is one of the reasons this site rocks!!
    P.S. Noticed all the quotes!

  9. why in the world is Dwight making Dark Side characters all of a sudden???

  10. I don’t think OY needs the prologue or epilogue. It’s canon enought that it doesn’t need to be explained.

  11. I love it!

  12. SFRobby, The part with “SB CJ” and “Tom Angleberger” would make no canon at ALL!

  13. hmmmmm…..

  14. I still don’t know why Tom Angleberger put emperor PICKLEtine on the cover ( i know that it was because of the pickle on the emperors face) he should just have put PAPERtine.


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