Origami Jedi Aftermath

Origami Jedi Aftermath

By SF Guillermo

By Unknown Sources

McQuarrie Middle School, 2020

Tommy: Hey! What the heck do you think you’re doing?

Kellen: Yeah man! Leave him alone!

[sounds of shoving, pushing, etc.]

Unknown: I’ll be taking that!

[sounds of paper being torn]

Tommy: Noooooooo! My Foldy-Wan!

Harvey: I’ll be telling my uncle about this! He’s smart, and I bet you’ll never hear the end of this!

[more paper being torn, evil laugh]

The Great Origami Jedi Purge
By Adam Tomlington

It’s been a long time since that last recording, almost 5 years ago. You just heard the Great Origami Jedi Purge.

Why is it called that?

After The Knights of Pen, the Fold Order, or Supreme Liter Coke, we all thought that evil had passed, that it was going to be the end of evil in the school.

How gravely mistaken we were.

Our heroes that had beaten up every single bad guy in McQuarrie just lost all of their origami puppets forever. The school had been infiltrated by a corrupt group called The Fold Republic. Their hope was to restore the balance of how school should be, without origami.

The Aftermath
By Adam Tomlingson

“Can’t you rebuild what you have lost?” you might ask.

No. It’s impossible. The mere sighting of Origami in McQuarrie means expulsion and intense bullying until that happens.

There has been no sighting of our old heroes, the only thing we know is that Dwight Tharp, the former wielder of Origami Yoda, had moved away left with no more than a crease of hope, the hope that Origami Yoda would be back someday, somehow.

The question has struck us many times: Can’t we just make another Origami Yoda?

No, none of us can remember how to make one, and The Fold Republic has made sure to erase all data from the internet. The Origami Yoda instructions are nowhere to be found.

And now it seems that all hope is lost.

New McQuarrie
By Reuben Toaster

Hi, I’m Reuben, Adam’s friend.

So yeah, everything is exactly as Adam has said it is, hope lost, McQuarrie changed…yeah, pretty much it.

No origami, that’s a new rule. It’s way worse than the origami ban six years ago. You can’t even make a paper airplane. There are even students patrolling the halls of McQuarrie, making sure no one breaks the rules.

Several students, including Adam and I, meet every afternoon to copy our knowledge of The Folds into the margins of old textbooks, so origami is never forgotten. If somehow The Fold Republic figures out the location of these books, the results would be catastrophic.

We’ve been forming an Alliance between students to fight back this new regime. We are the SuperFolders, or at least that’s what we call ourselves.

But like Adam said before, the instructions for Origami Yoda are nowhere to be found, all erased.

Hope (The Fold Republic Discussion)
By Claire’s Recorder Thingy:

I was walking through the hallways yesterday, when I overhead two students talking about the fabled Origami Yoda Instructions. I stood nearby pretending to look at the art display, but I was really recording their conversation:

Andrew: I see them every afternoon after school. They’re meeting somewhere. Probably folding origami.

Ashley: It’s impossible! We have the entire school ground under constant surveillance.

Andrew: Somehow, we haven’t noticed them, and-

Ashley: I want you to double our hall monitors! Make sure they don’t meet again!

Andrew: They won’t achieve anything anyways, the only instructions to Origami Yoda are kept somewhere inside the school where no one can get to them. Without Origami Yoda, they are nothing.

They know we’re meeting, but they don’t know where or when. We’ve temporarily switched to meeting near the Qwikpick, just in case.

By Adam

That night, near the Qwikpick:

Me: So they know about us right Claire?

Claire: They’ve known for a long time. I don’t know who they think they are, chasing us.

Reuben: Well, they are The Fold Republic.

It was dark, so the only thing that allowed us to see were the lamps, that were now flickering because somebody (Reuben!) forgot to change the batteries.

Reuben: So you said there are instructions for Origami Yoda somewhere inside the school?

Claire: At least that’s what I heard, but I don’t really know for sure, it’s just a rumor for now.

“A rumor?” a voice was heard in the dark.

We all jumped frightened. A second later, half a dozen glowing, red, plastic lightsabers ignited out of the dark. Ashley and Andrew were there too, with their own double-bladed sabers.

We all looked at each other, and we knew what we had to do:

We ran as fast as we could. The last thing we wanted was to get kicked out of school for origami.

We tried to enter the Qwikpick, but it was closed, so we ran into the adjacent neighborhood.

We came to a halt as a large house, at the end of the cul-de-sac. It made it impossible for us to escape from the The Fold Republic.

Andrew: It’s over now. You’re coming with us, and soon, peace will be restored to McQuarrie!

By Reuben

The door behind us opened, and some kid stepped out of the house with a Nerf gun.

“Get ‘offa my lawn!”

He started shooting darts at The Fold Republic! Andrew and Ashley knew better than to mess with a that guy, so they ordered the rest of the group to retreat.

Adam: Thank you sir, we-

Man: Don’t call me sir, makes me feel old. Please, come in!

Adam: I’m not sure…

Man: Please, I insist.

It was a nice house, very modern.

Man: Have you had dinner? I’ve got pizza in the oven.

Adam was about to say something when I snapped out: “Yeah! I like pizza!”
We sat down with him, he seemed pretty tired.

Man: Sorry about the mess, all I do is study nowadays, I just moved here because it’s cheaper than New York, at least during my studies.

Adam: No worries. What’s your name?

Man: I’m Guillermo Valenzuela. Who are you guys? Are you in some Star Wars mess or something?

Claire: Well…

Guillermo: I saw 6 guys in my doorstep chasing you guys with lightsabers, of all things. That seems like Star Wars to me.

Adam: Look, Mr. Valenzuela-

Guillermo: Please, call me Guillermo.

Adam: Guillermo. So you probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you everything that has happened to us.

Guillermo: Try me kid. I’ve practically traveled around the world an have seen lots of weird stuff in my life.

We told him the whole story of Dwight, Origami Yoda, Pickletine, the awakening of the school, the supposed ending, and the purge, and he completely believed us.

Adam: Do you really believe us?

Guillermo: Listen kid, I lived in NY before I came here OK? In High School I met some guys who folded origami versions of superheroes… Speaking of which I have my origami Namor over here…

Me: It’s getting late, I think we should go home.

Guillermo: So you guys fold origami here too don’t you? Which puppets do you have?

We held up our puppets. Claire had an origami Hera, Adam had an origami Qui-Gon, and I waved my origami Darth Maul (What? I like him.)

Guillermo: That’s cool man! I’ve also got my Star Wars Puppet.

He held up Emperor Pickletine. He looked crumbled, like if it had been thrown away in the bin for a lot of time, and had suddenly come back.

Me: Ok, cool, well… (I reached for the door) I think it’s time we go.

Guillermo: Cya around, kiddos.

School/Next Day
By Claire

Gosh, this doesn’t seem to end.

As soon as I was in school yesterday, I received word that Principal Howell was waiting for me at the office.
I was told that he hasn’t been the same since the Great Origami Purge, as if they had brainwashed him, he’s now on the side of The Fold Republic.

I went to see him, and he said the Knights of The Fold Republic had spotted me in the night close to the school, practicing an illegal art, origami.

Me: Mr. Howell, how can you believe what they are saying? Do you even trust them?

Howell: What I believe is that they are the ones really in charge now, and if they spotted you, they spotted you. Now, go to ISS and pray I don’t expel you.

It was an outrage, it was unfair, why did I have to go to ISS because I did Origami?

Secrets Revealed
By Unknown Sources

Emperor Pickletine: Yes, Yes…Give in to your anger.

Guillermo: Towards whom?

Emperor Pickletine: Strike The Fold Republic down with all your hatred, and your journey to the sour side of the force will be complete.

Guillermo: What will I do then?

Emperor Pickletine: You will build…our empire!! Hahahaha!!!!!

Attack and Infiltration
By Adam

10:30 PM. Saturday, McQuarrie Middle.

Me: Are you here Claire?

C: Yes, I’m here, and so is Reuben

R: So are we going to infiltrate the school, and get the Origami Yoda plans?

Me: That’s the idea! No time to lose!

We walk over to the school, door unlocked. Looks like Lunchman Jeff came through.

Me: This is bad, and good, means we can get it, means that the Fold Republic is inside.

R: You sure we can so this?

Me: I think so…

We go in, and find the principals office.

Me: The Origami Yoda instructions are inside, but the doors are locked.

R: Oh, great!

Reuben kicked the door open, and we came in, and looked at the table, there was a file, and it was open.
There were several sheets, and among them… The Original Origami Yoda instructions by Dwight Tharp!

We got out of the office, but we were surrounded.

The Fold Republic was staring at us, a dozen students this time, with lightsabers ignited.
The other side was really dark, but we could hear someone breathing… that someone ignited another lightsaber, illuminating his face.

It was Guillermo, with an Origami Pickletine on his finger.

Emperor Pickletine: Good…

Guillermo: The Yoda Instructions, we know you found them.

Ashley: Sorry, those instructions are for us.

Emperor Pickletine: Origami Yoda will become more powerful than either of us.

Guillermo, swinging his lightsaber, went to confront the students.

It was twelve against one, but Guillermo was holding on, The Force of Pickletine was with him.

They stopped paying attention to us, so we left, along with the OY instructions!

Me: Take a picture! Do it, and send it to all of us!

Claire:I’m on it! On it!

Guillermo opened the doors, and no one followed him. He had beaten up those twelve students.

Pickletine: Do it!

Claire sent the photo to our phones.

Pickletine: Once more the origami shall rule the school! Hahahahaha!!!!!

I wondered what it was that Pickletine wanted, but Guillermo left with him before I could ask.

It was done.

Aftermath of the Aftermath
By Reuben Toaster

So everyone in the school received the instructions for Origami Yoda, and thus origami was saved.

Adam, Claire and I get good grades, and even though The Fold Republic members are still in the school, we don’t have anything to worry about because they don’t have anything to fight for.

All is well.

For now…

  1. This is a really great story Guillermo!!!!! I really liked it!!!

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed writing it too, it was nice.

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