Miss Perigami’s Home For Peculiar Creases

Miss Perigami’s Home for Peculiar Creases

By SF Star_Warigami_Master

Note: Any similarities to persons living or dead is only for fictional use. This story takes place during the events of the 1st Origami Yoda book. Enjoy!


Recorded By Hasfar Georbe’s recorder thinga-mabob

Hasfar: Hello, William.

Hasfar: Have you heard of the kid that’s into origami? Like, REALLY into it?

Bill: No. Why?

Hasfar: I hear he’s the best origami folder guy… dude… What do you call those?

Bill: Superfolders.

Hasfar: Ah. Ok. He’s the best superfolder in Riggs Middle School.

Bill: Huh. Nice. Can you get his story? I wanna write it in a case file.

Hasfar (muttering to himself): You and your stupid case files…

Bill: What’s that?

Hasfar: Nothing! I already have his story, or at least part of it.

Bill: Great. Tell me.

Hasfar: It was a dark and stor–

Bill: Seriously?

Hasfar: So, basically, the kid transferred here from McQuarrie Middle School and there was like a Star Wars Yoda origami fight or something and he got transferred here because of his


Bill: Oh. Poor kid.

Hasfar: Still doing that case file?

Bill: Nope. Heheh. I just wanted to hear his story.

Hasfar: Dude………

Bill: Unless something totally weird happens.

Hasfar: I’m gonna stop the recording now. Say bye to all your fans!

Bill: Wait–

Hasfar: Just do it.

Bill: Fine. Bye.

Hasfar: Bye!!!!!!!!

Bill: WAIT! You’re not gonna put my name as Bill if I make a case file, are you?

Hasfar: No. Imma stop it now.

Something totally weird happens

By William Cleavey

Ok. We’re writing in the case file anyways. So, here’s what happened: This weird kid walked up to me and held up this weird paper lady and said in an english accent, almost as weird as he was, “Hello. Are you peculiar?” I made a weird face. “What the…” I said, walking away. Then another weird kid walked up with a smaller paper boy and said: “I can see hollowgast. I’m peculiar.” I had had enough already. I whipped around and tore the paper in half. Hasfar had been watching and ran over repeating, “Whoa, dude! Calm down! What the heck just happened?” Then some other stuff happened with the other kid (I’m sure you understand why).

After a certain part in the story, I realized that the first weird kid was that origami master. And now that I think about it, the lady (whoever it was) was super detailed, and all the details weren’t glued on. They were.. uh.. origami-ied on.That’s when I decided to make a case file. I started typing this chapter or whatever that you’re reading and got Hasfar to transcript his recording. And he did put my name as Bill. Speaking of Hasfar, he just walked up to me with a kid who wanted to write in the case file. So I gotta cut this short.

I Hate this Kid

By John Dell

Me and my friend Leo made these origami finger puppets of characters from this book series called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. He made Miss Peregrine and I made Jacob. In case you don’t know what those books are, they’re about [spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler] Then we were calmly walking through the hallway talking to people with our puppets. I don’t know what kind of luck Leo had, but some kid came out of nowhere and ripped origami Jacob. (Should I say Jacrease? Or Jafold?) 

I was devastated.  Some uh – some weird parts happened that I can’t put in here. The kid stomped off and another person who had been trying to calm him down walked up to me.  He introduced himself as Hasfar. He calmly said “I can take you to a place where you can write this all out.” He paused. “Just come with me.  We’ll fold way better origami than the ripped one.”  He took me into a room in the school that looked kind of like a mini office. And the kid that ripped Jafold/Jacrease was there typing away at a computer. “This kid needs to write a chapter.” Hasfar announced. The kid finally looked up. “You?” He said. “You want to write a chapter for the case file?” He started laughing. Hasfar had to slowly lead him out the door since he was laughing like a maniac. Then I started laughing. I knew I was gonna hate that kid. But Hasfar’s a little nicer… and calmer. So I plopped down in the seat and started typing like crazy. And here I am now. Uh, hold on. I need to cool off. 

   Okay. I’m done. Phew. That made me feel better. And worse. Weird, huh?


A Journal Entry By Leonard Naxum

This is all super awesome. I already made a new friend here at Hallcrest! His name is John Dell. He and I made some Miss Peregrine origami, but his got ripped up.  Mine was completely fine. I almost made five friends at my old school, but one turned out to be a jerk. Then this whole fiasco over a Yoda finger puppet happened and my parents got worried about how smart the TEACHERS even were, then they transferred me here. But I liked my old school, and I hope I can go back there someday. It would be nice. What if that kid that was mean made like a Darth Vader or something? Although, a Darth Maul would be better. Heheh. I’m imagining getting back to McQuarrie and it’s barely standing up from all the Star Wars origami “battles” that have been going on. 

John sat with me at lunch and said that he got to know the kid that ripped his origami (his name’s Bill) and that he’s actually pretty cool. Apparently, he writes these things called “case files”. I think I’ve heard of those before. One kid named Tommy or something wrote one at my old school. I think. Heck, maybe I’ll let Bill put this entry in the case file! 

  I’ve been thinking about the whole case file thing, and I’ve decided yes. It’s pretty cool. But the first chance I get, I’m going back to McQuarrie with all my friends. 

    I just hope I’m not too late.

Rise of Perigami

By Hasfar Georbe AND his recorder thinga-mabob

  You know, I’ve been thinking about this sudden popularity of origami since Leonard Naxum arrived here, and I decided to write a case file chapter. Yes, There’s the recording, but I only typed it out. An origami club formed, and it’s actually LED by Leo. They call it Miss Perigami’s Home. It’s just all origami from this book series called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children. I haven’t read the books, but I know the whole plot because that John kid spoiled it for me and I had to edit that out. I “spied” on one of their meetings and recorded attendance. Note that all the puppets are origami finger puppets. Here’s the recording:

Leo: George Marge?

George: Here!

Leo: Enoch O’ Folder?

*George holds up a puppet* George’s puppet: Here.

Leo: John Dell?

John: Here!

Leo: Jacrease Foldman?

*John holds up a puppet* John’s puppet: Here!

Leo: Eve Sadie?

Eve: Here!

Leo: Emma Glue?

*Eve holds up a puppet* Eve’s puppet: Here!

Leo: Fred Hassel?

Fred: Here!

Leo: Foldace?

*Fred holds up a puppet* Fred’s puppet: Here– Wait, no, I’m Iron Man.

Fred: Uh, hold on.

*Fred digs through his backpack* Fred: Foldace is absent.

Leo: Leonard Naxum?

Leo: Here!

Hasfar (Whispers quietly): This guy is SO weird.

Leo: Miss Perigami?

*Leo holds up a puppet* Leo’s puppet: Here!

Leo: Okay, then! All our other members are absent, so let’s get started.

That’s when I stopped the recording. There were more, I was sure of it. But they’re ALL just plain weird.


A Journal Entry By Leonard Naxum

I’ve decided that submitting these journal entries to Bill is gonna be a regular thing now. So, I proudly present: Stories from McQuarrie! This will be a short book with 7 things that happened to me at my old school.

Number 1

I was on the bus one day and this kid named Dwight walks up to me with this extremely detailed Yoda puppet. He says in a strange screechy voice: “Uuuuuuse the foooooooorce…” I was like “Uhh, what do you me–” He cut me off saying “Do it you must!!!!” “But–” “Must.” “Hold o–” “MUUUUUUUUSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Dwight, what are you saying?” I calmly demanded. “Well, Origami Yoda is saying ‘MUUUUUUUUSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!’” “But what does he mean?” I asked again. “Purple.” He said in a spacey voice. “Uh…” I said. “Listen  to him, okay?” He mumbled. “Origami Yoda, what do you mean?” I asked. Dwight immediately snapped to attention. “Use the force. The only way it is.” This was getting pretty weird. So, I left.

Number 2

This kid Tommy asked me to write a chapter for his case file because of the thing with Dwight and Origami Yoda.. I said no, because I didn’t wanna write anything. The end.

Number 3

Tommy asked me if I would do a secret job for him. I said that I would. I love sneaking around. He asked me to go to my sixth grade teacher’s office and find like a journal entry or something.

He wanted me to sneak in there every day and look around. Cool, huh? I found a DIARY entry. And his first name is Blake!  Just one eensy teensy problem: I transferred before I could give it to Tommy. So, I gave it to Bill.

Number 4

This time, I found out what Origami Yoda meant. My friends were trying to get me to join their contest to use the force. Here’s the basic cause and effect: I don’t believe in the force | I don’t do the contest. I don’t do the contest | I sit at a different lunch table. I sit at a different lunch table | I accidentally sit in a bully’s spot. I sit in the bully’s spot | I get beaten up. I get beaten up | I get a bloody nose. I get a bloody nose | I get in trouble at home. I should’ve used the force. My friend Bryce won because wind blew his plastic fork.

Number 5

I was walking past the biography section in the library and I saw a kid folding something. He was doing it really secretly and acting like he was invisible to everyone. I sat down next to him, but realized I had sat on a pile of black paper. I stood up. Black origami flooded EVERYwhere. “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” I whispered. I think I startled him, because he screamed like a banshee. Mrs. Calhoun took him into his office. He got ISS. I looked through the mess of origami and saw that it was a bunch of messed-up Darth Vaders with the occasional Sidious or Maul. I noticed that a perfect Vader was sitting on the table. I put it in a ziploc bag then stuffed it in my pocket. 

Number 6

I gave the Darth Vader to the kid on Monday. Here’s what happened:


Me: Uh, you’re welcome?

Him (utter confusion): Wait, where did you get this?

Me: You were making it when I sat down next to you.

Him: I thought that was Dwight. That explains why he just said “purple” when I asked him about it.

Me: He says purple to anything.

Number 7

I once folded an origami Lobot. I called it Lobotigami. People swarmed me, asking questions about how to do math and stuff. I loved it. All that was lost when Dwight Tharp folded origami yoda. Some kids still asked questions, but not many.


A stolen diary entry by Blake Howell

Dear diary,

Today I talked with Ms. Rabbski. She said we were gonna buy an Edu-fun™ product called FunTime™ if the test scores weren’t the minimum standards this year. Also, Kellen walked into my class soaking wet! What’s up with that? That super annoying Dwight kid stayed after class and tried to get me to ask his paper Yoda a question. He said, “Yoda is wise, never cruel. Ask him a question or you’ll be a fool.” Like I said, this kid’s super annoying and double extra weird.

He stayed after every day singing his song, and I kept yelling, “GO AWAY, DWIGHT!” So,  I finally said, “Yoda, how do I get Dwight to go away?” 

“Ask him politely you must.” Dwight said back. So I said, 

“Dwight, will you please leave?” And so he did.


Mr. Blake Howell

Club members

By Leonard Naxum

Bill let me use his computer for my chapters. 

Today I asked Bill and Hasfar to join my club. Hasfar was all about it, but Bill, ehhhhhhhh, not so much. I found out that John spoiled the whole story in his chapter, so they know the whole plot. So I let them pick their characters without having to read the first book. They picked these two weird twins that don’t do much in the books, but play a big role in the very horrible movie. Anyways, another kid wanted to join the club. His name was Kyle. I don’t know why, but he chose a hollowgast, which is an antagonist species. He was really into it for a few days. Kyle was doing some really good stuff with his hollowgast. One kid was scared of the dark, and coincidentally, the power went out. So Kyle walked up to him with the emergency flashlight we all keep in our desks. “Hey,” he whispered, “the dark is puny compared to this guy.” He shone the flashlight on the hollowgast. The kid laughed. “You’re right.” He said. “The dark IS puny.” Kyle got a sly smirk on his face. Another kid was being bullied and then Kyle got all in the bully’s face with his hollowgast (he called it a foldogast) and pushed him onto the floor. “I have you now!” said Kyle’s foldogast. “Shut up, that’s a Darth Vader quote.” Kyle snapped at the foldogast. 

“I don’t care.” The foldogast snapped back. “Let’s just get on with this.” The foldogast motioned at the bully. Kyle looked at him, “What were you doing bullying this innocent kid?” 

“I’m not a kid! I’m in 6th grade!” The kid yelled. 

“I’m in seventh, so be quiet.” Kyle said. 

“Yeah, I’m in eighth, and I’ll kick your butt.” The bully chimed in. “We’ll see about that.” Kyle muttered with a dark look on his face. Kind of like the look Anakin has in ROTS when he turns evil. Watching from down the hall, I was thinking, “Man, the hollowgast really fits him.” Kyle was “channeling his inner hollow”, as he put it, and punched the bully in the nose. He later got sent to ISS. But back to the story. The bully’s nose started bleeding, and Kyle got a punch in the stomach that apparently made him nauseous for the rest of the week. His parents wouldn’t let him stay home. Then the bully spotted me. I ended up with a broken finger and a bloody nose. In the end, the bully got expelled for such behavior. Well, that sums up the story of Kyle Xander, so I better live up to the title and state the members.

George Marge — Origami Enoch O’ Connor; Enoch O’ Folder

John Dell — Origami Jacob Portman; Jacrease Foldman

Eve Sadie — Origami Emma Bloom; Emma Glue

Fred Hassel — Origami Iron Man, wait, no, Origami Horace; Foldace

Hasfar Georbe — Origami Twin 1

William Cleavey — Origami Twin 2

Kyle Kabumm — Origami Hollowgast; Foldogast

Leonard Naxum — Origami Miss Peregrine; Miss Perigami

Something happened

A email from Eve Sadie to Leo Naxum

Leo. Hi. Mom was talking on the phone last night. Said u are going back 2 mcquarrie. *makes sad frowny face.*

~~Eve Sadie

Dang it.

A negative monster (chapter) by Leo Naxum.


What about Eve? What about Hasfar? What about the rest? What about EVE?!?! I mean, the occasional bully doesn’t hurt. Who cares about bad grades? While I’m ranting… WHAT ABOUT EVE?!?! Hellooooooooooo, I have friends here! Mom, I don’t want to go! I like this school! I need to stop writing this. Bye. But, before I go, WHAT ABOUT EVE!!!!!!!!

Secret secrets of the secretest things

A very secret secret chapter by Kyle Kabumm

This is a secret chapter I put in the case file after Bill was done making it. It tells all the secrets I knew all along. For instance, I found out that Leo has a huge crush on Eve. But that’s none of my business. What is, though, is that I secretly set up the thing with the bully and the kid who was afraid of the dark. Catch you next time…

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