The Mystery of Sefolda

The Mystery of Sefolda

So far…
by Tommy

Our years at Ralph McQuarrie Middle School have been pretty weird, thanks to our friend Dwight. He folded a perfect Origami version of Yoda. Then, he asked us to take Yoda’s advice. It sounded kinda dumb, but soon, we got used to it. He could tell people what they should sell for a fundraiser, predict a pop quiz, get a guy and a girl together, etc. Origami Yoda/Dwight were amazing.
Then came the time when Harvey (Our Semi-Nemesis) brought an Origami Darth Vader (Darth Paper) to school. Harvey and DP were really mean, and they got Dwight suspended. In the end, Harvey took off DP’s mask, and escaped from the evil. He helped Dwight get out of going to a Correctional Facility. He did swithch schools, though, but to Tippett Academy, which had his girlfriend, Caroline.
So Dwight was gone, and Mcquarrie was paperless. But the next day, my half-girlfriend Sara showed us an Origami Chewbacca (Fortune Wookiee). It gave us advice, too! And a Han Solo finger puppet (Han Foldo) interpreted Chewie’s roars. But Dwight going to Tippett meant he was turning… NORMAL (Dun dun dun)!!! Eventually, he came back with Caroline and all was back. But Rabbski had a plan to destroy all the electives…
Then, my best friend Kellen made an Origami R2-D2 (Art2-D2). It came with C-3PO (Err… C-CreasePO?).
Then, we conquered the FunTime Menace with our Origami Rebel Alliance, and saved the school from endless boredom.
Then, Noah Jekan came to school with Origami Luke and Leia. ‘Nuff said.

Pull Back
by Kellen and his NEW laptop

Hey, guys. Guess what? I threw away my recording-thingy! It was broken, anyway. So I looked through some garage stuff, and I found a LAPTOP!
Now, I can write my stories on here! So no more Kellen-Typing for Tommy!
The first day of a new grade of high school was really, REALLY awful. Guess who came to school today? RABBSKI! Dig up the hatchet, people!
She had an announcement about Funtime (BTW: WORST experience of my life), and she said, “Kids, you never enjoyed Funtime from the beginning, so I’m bringing all you former Mcquarrie students back to 6TH GRADE!”
I couldn’t believe those words! But I couldn’t do a thing, so she cleared us out, and took us on a bus to Ralph McQuarrie Middle School.
We walked past the bathroom, and the door was open. I looked inside, and there was some writing sprawling across the mirror. It said, “Kellen’s got a big bowl of pee that he drinks everyday!” Ugh. I hate Harvey. When we got back there, we saw a kid with brown hair that sticks out at the end, wearing some jeans and a T-shirt. I waved to him and asked him who he was. “I’m D.J.,” he replied. “Due to this stupid test review elective thing at my middle school, my high school forced me back to middle school, but it was this school.” “I’m Kellen,” I told him. “Same thing happened to me.” “Really? You had that Funtime thing too?” D.J. asked. I nodded. “Well, nice meeting you,” he said. “Oh! And before I go, check this out!”, and he held out what looked like an Origami Sebulba. “It’s Sefolda!” he exclaimed. “Well, see you. BTW, I saw those Case Files. Nice doodles!” he said before I thanked him and got to Homeroom.
Good School, Not-So-Good Beginning
by DJ

It seems kinda weird to be back at middle school. But you know what really stinks? The day began with a wonderful smack in the face with the dodgeball by none other than Mark the College Bully.
Yeah, I know about Mark. He trapped me in an ally and beat me up along with some guys named Jacob and Dan. Kept happening every other day.
Anyway, I jumped up and actually kicked him in the face! He stumbled back, and (I didn’t know how to stop this) I kicked him again! But before he fell back, he flung me against the wall. I actually got stuck in the wall! Mark chuckled and ran away. What is this, the WWE?! So I yelled for help, but to no avail. I remembered that I had Sefolda in my pocket, I got him out, but he floated down towards the floor (I was near the ceiling). “Bantha Poodoo…” I mumbled. What a great start.
Harvey’s Comment: OHOHOHAAAAAHAAA!!! Fail, man! HAHA! *Snort* AHAHAHAHA!!
My comment: Shut up, Harvey. He’s just a new kid. Give him a break.
The New Kid
by Noah
I was heading for Homeroom when I heard a yell for help. It sounded like it was coming from the Gym! I got there (Dodging Mark) and saw a kid in the wall. “How’d you get up THERE?!” I yelled to him.
“Heh. Cute Story,” the kid replied- right before he slipped out of the cracks and fell down. THUD!!! He hit the floor hard!
“So much for a good first impression,” he mumbled right after rubbing his red arm. “I’m DJ.” “Hi! I’m Noah!” I told him. “Hi, Noah. Does this stuff happen often?” DJ asked. I reluctantly nodded. DJ frowned. But then, I noticed some kind of Origami on the floor. I picked it up and gave it to DJ. “Is this yours?” I asked. “Yep. It’s SEBULBA! But don’t worry. This time, he’s learned his bad ways and now he’s good! Plus, now he knows English!” he exclaimed.
“Stooky! Well, I gotta get to Homeroom. Maybe at lunch, you can sit with us?” I asked. DJ nodded happily, and we headed off to Homeroom.
DJ’s Comment: Cool! I just made my first high-school friend!
Harvey’s Comment: You do realize you’re in Middle School, right?
DJ’s Other Comment: Oh, boy. Now I have to deal with whoever YOU are…
My Comment: Get used to it, Kid.

Meeting DJ
by Lance
We met that new kid at lunch. During that time, we learned more about him, like that he is an Attack Of The Clones fan.
“There’s just something about 3PO in there that I just like!” he told us. He does have a point. “I’m designed for etiquette, not destruction!” Kellen said with his C-3PO. Then we laughed. Everything was STOOKY!
…Until Harvey came over.
“What are you dipwads laughing about?!” he yelled rudely and loudly (As usual.).
Noah: We’re just eating lunch.
Dwight: Purple.
Harvey: Trying to be losers?
DJ: I thought that was your job!
Tommy: (Snickers)
Harvey: (Through gritted teeth) Not funny.
Quavondo: Yes, it is!
Harvey: Just shut up.
Me: Boy, I wish YOU could do that!
Everyone (Except Harvey): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
OK. Harvey snapped. He grabbed DJ’s lunch tray and tried to spill it on Murky (What did HE do?!). DJ literally jumped up and kicked it! It flew right into Harvey’s face. Corn was stuck in his hair, he had milk all over his glasses, and he had some pizza sauce splattered across his shirt. Harvey screamed, and ran away. “Whoa! How’d you do that? You must be a black belt!” Murky shouted. “Chill. I’m just a white belt,” DJ simply explained.
All of a sudden, Jen came over. She walked up to DJ and said, “Hi there. You’re DJ, right? I was just wondering, are you free Friday
night?”. DJ’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed, “YES!”. She smiled and walked away.
DJ’s Comment: BOLT! I just got a girl!
Harvey’s Comment: I’ll bet she’s just dying to find out how ANNOYING you are.
My comment: I think that day was cool. Harvey was dissed (Twice!) and DJ helped us out! The same thing happens in the next story, just with the addition of Sefolda!
Sefolda and The Sister
by Sara
So today was pretty cool. The new kid- I think his name was CJ or EJ or JC, or something- got Harvey in trouble (again!).
But I’ve got a problem: My 5-year old sister, Lucille.
You see, I won an essay contest about how our families are important to us, and they said I had to bring my sibling to school.
Right now, you’re probably thinking, “So what? She’s only 5.” But- not to be mean- she’s so gross! I mean, when I try to hang out with people like Rhondella, Amy, and Tommy, she walks up and either makes up REALLY gross stuff, or burps and says she gets it from me.
So I saw DJ’s Origami Sebulba, and decided, “It probably gives advice!” So I asked it.
“I think you gotta love ‘er, don’t fight ‘er,” Sefolda told me. “If she’s a pig, love her for it.” “OK.” I said
So I get home, and I see Lucille, her blond hair getting in her face. She’s trying to jam a toy spider into a jar of expired peanut butter (That’s over a DWIGHT-Level of Weird). So I talk to her and here’s our conversation:
Me: Hi, Lucille. Did I ever tell you that you’re a great sister?
Lucille: What’d you do?
Me: Nothing! I decided to be the sister that you deserve.
Lucille: Oh! Well, thanks, big sis! You know what? I won’t embarass you, you OK with that?
Me: (Smiles) I’d love that.
The next day….
Lucille’s with me, holding my hand and smiling at everybody. She just looks so cute! She decided to dress casual, her hair in a ponytail, a tank top with Yoda on the front, and jeans.
EVERYONE (Even Dwight but except Harvey) thought I was being a good big sister, and I think I was! So Harvey saw my sister and started making his nasty comments.
Harvey: Is that your sister? For a second, I thought she was a baby Space Slug.
Lucille: I’m just glad to not look like you.
Harvey: (Face turns white and gawks at Lucille)
Lucille: You heard me!
Murky: (Snickers) Sara and her sister are BOLT!!!
Remi: Harvey deserves it.
Ben: I just want to hear Harvey sputter and gasp again!
Harvey: I’m just glad to not look like you.
Lucille: You just used my insult and failed. Is failing this guy’s hobby?
Lance, Amy, Ben, Mike, Kellen, Rhondella, Remi, Murky, Jen, And DJ: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Harvey: (Screams and runs out of door)
DJ: Looks like you took Sefolda’s advice! And it worked- MMPH- GREAT!!! Your lil’ sis ROCKS!
It did work great! And I want to see who else takes Sefolda’s advice!
Harvey’s Comment: That little girl has problems.
My comment: You missed the whole point. DJ helped us and everyone (Except you) was happy!
Origami Anakin, Meet Sefolda (Again!)
by Harvey
So I just finished watching The Phantom Menace, when I realized, Anakin and Sebulba were ENEMIES! I guess it’s time to fight.
So I walk up to DJ and punch him. He stumbles back, and hits the wall. “GAH!” He screams. But suddenly, he walks away! I thought he would put up a fight, but I noticed something drop.
I snatched him up. Origami Anakin LOOKED OVER AND SAID, “Bad idea, Harvey. He’s my arch-nemesis.”. I gasped and stared at Anakin. Anakin BLINKED! “Y-y-you can t-talk?” I stammered. “Yeah, I’m your puppet! Now we need to go up against Sefolda. Let’s crumple  him.”
My Comment: Uh-oh…
The Death of Sefolda
by DJ
Today was AWFUL! Sefolda was destroyed!
It all started in the cafeteria…
Harvey: Hey, DJ. Lookin’ for Sefolda?
Me: Uh, yeah! Did you-
Noah: Wait, don’t tell me.
Harvey: Yup! (Holds up Sefolda)
Kellen: Uh-oh. Dude, Harvey, settle down!
Sara: Harvey, don’t!
Murky: Settle down, Nar-Nar Man.
Harvey: GRAAAGH!!! I hate you, DJ! You got a girl and you don’t deserve her!
Jen: Hey! He’s sweet!
Harvey: Yeah, in an Alternate Universe!
Lance: (Shakes head slowly) Not cool, Harvey…
 My eyes grew VERY wide, kinda like in Episode I when Obi-Wan witnesses Qui-Gon get stabbed by Maul.
“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I yelled (Still referencing to Episode I). The two halves of Sefolda floated gently towards the ground.
Harvey snickered. I wanted to smack him right off his chair!
Sadly, I had forgotten how to fold Sefolda.
He’s gone.
Harvey’s URGENT Comment: GUYS! That wasn’t me! I’m home sick after getting measles!
My Comment: WHAT?! Then who was that?
In other news, Dwight found Sefolda, taped him together, and unfolded it. He helped DJ fix him, and now DJ remembers! He put his instructions are below.

Re-making Sefolda
by DJ
I got home and grabbed a sheet of purple origami paper. I remembered how to make Sefolda! I’ll write down the instructions here so I don’t forget it.
1. White side up. Fold top quarter down.
2. Fold the bottom part of the previous fold up. This part will be his goggles.
3. Fold the bottom part of the paper up.
4. Fold back the sides at an angle.
5. Flip over and fold out the top corners of the previous folds out for ears.
6. Tape it together. Now flip over.
7. (Optional) Make a pinch in the middle and squash it flat. (Or you can just draw the two lines down instead.).
8. Finished! Now draw eyes, nostrils, and snout!
Harvey’s Comment: Meh. The Van Jahnke Sebulba looks better.
DJ’s Comment: Exactly! this is an E-Z Sebulba!
Sefolda And The Mind-Wipe!
by Mike
Man, the Sefolda is a gift from above!  It helped me get through a VERY disturbing image in my head.
It started at 3:00 A.M. on a Tuesday. I heard a loud amount of music coming from the basement. Quavondo was over that night. “You hear that, Q?” I asked him. Quavondo nods. We go out of my bedroom into the basement. And there, is my dad, wearing my little sister’s princess dress over his head, with a weirdly shaved chest, yellow socks, a skirt, and HE’S SINGING ALONG TO A VERY ANNOYING POP SONG!
So the next day, Quavondo and I go to school with an unforgettable image etched into both of our heads. We couldn’t stop thinking about that during class, AND  Origami Yoda didn’t know what to do! “Very difficult to see, the future currently is.” Origami Yoda would repeat.
Luckily, we heard about Sefolda, and wanted to try him out!  So we walk up to DJ (He was adding details to Sefolda) and asked him if we could use Sefolda. “You wanna see me?” Sefolda asked, popping onto DJ’s finger.
“Sefolda, we saw a very disturbing thing last night. Can you help us get it out of our heads?” Quavondo asked. Sefolda looked up and said, “Thinka somethin’ else, kid!” Sefolda yelled. I jumped back. “OK, thanks, Sefolda!” I said to DJ and Sefolda. Sefolda appeared to wink!
So I started to think of a VERY cheesy Mr. GoodCleanFun assembly.
“Toilet Paper can also be your tissue!”
And that’s all I thought of! AND IT WORKED!  I forgot about- Uhhh, what did I forget about?
Harvey’s Comment: What’s with Sefolda’s bad grammar? And plus, Mike and Quavondo thought of this. Like Origami Yoda, Sefolda was babbling. By the way, the ending is SOOOOO fake.
My Comment: Is missing the point your hobby? Anyway, this was good advice! It helped kids get awful images out of their heads. The next one had a very bad problem, but Sefolda and someone’s family helps solve it!
Sefolda and The Hair Removal
by Tater Tot
GRAAAGH!!! I’m seriously gonna STRANGLE my big brother, Reggie. I took a shower last night, and when I slathered some shampoo into my hair. Little did I know that the shampoo was full of HAIR REMOVER!
I would’ve blamed my sister, Susan, but I remembered that she always has trouble opening a shampoo cap.
The only other person on my suspect list was Reggie. So I bust into his room and yell, “The jig is up, Reggie!”,
Reggie: What jig?
Me: You put hair remover in my shampoo!
Reggie: You have no proof. Plus, you look better with that ‘do!
Me: Grrr! (Walks out of room)
Reggie the veggie didn’t even know that I was standing outside his doorway. I opened it a little and saw him hold up Baldwin Brand HAIR REMOVER and snicker!
That next morning, I grabbed my Roanoke winter cap and ran to school.
I saw that new kid, DJ, walk up with Origami Sebulba. “Need help, Baldie?” Sefolda asked. DJ said to Sefolda, “Sefolda, that’s not very nice.” Sefolda just shook his little paper head. “Actually, I DO need help, Podrace Player. What should I do about my brother putting Hair Remover in my shampoo?” I asked. “Revenge is your last resort, baldie,” Sefolda said. “Turn his family against ‘im, kay?” “Okay. Thanks, Sefolda!” I replied.
I told my mom, my dad, Susan, and EVEN my dog, Anakin. They all went up and confronted Reggie.
He got in trouble!
I owe it all to Sefolda!
Harvey’s Comment: Really? Sefolda doesn’t agree with revenge?
My comment: Ugh! I’m tired of you missing the point! Read the stories more!
The Doppelganger
by Harvey
I’m back at school now. Man, how’d I even get measles?
Anyway, I was dropped off at school, when I saw a kid wearing the EXACT SAME THING AS ME! He looked over and spotted me, and dashed off. I went after him. “WALK!” the Safety Patrols yelled. But the other kid kept running. Then the S.P.s went after Me #2.
We eventually got to him, and grabbed him. I noticed he was actually wearing some kind of mask, so I ripped it off.
In there was a kid with red hair and a VERY pale face. I gasped. I’ve seen him before! But the kid jumped up, and ran through the crossing traffic.
This doesn’t mean much to the Case File, but I had to let you guys know.
My Comment: This IS kinda mysterious, though. Well, DJ’s got a game to get your mind off of this.
by DJ
So I walked up to Harvey and asked if he was all right. He nodded kind of nervously.
I asked him if he wanted to play a game. “Okay!” he replied.
“Ever Pod-Creased?” I asked him.
“Oh, please.” he replied, holding up an Origami Pod.
I looked at it. It was actually pretty bolt! It was well folded, and Origami Anakin could fit into it.
I got out my Pod and stuck Sefolda into it. “Ready for a little rematch, Ani?” Sefolda asked Anakin. “Sure. But that reward is as good as mine!” Anakin shouted.
We set up our Pods on a small library shelf. “First piece of Origami to fall off their OriPod going through Reader’s Canyon loses.” I told Harvey. “3…2…1… GO!” Tommy exclaimed. Mrs. Calhoun came over to Tommy and told him to keep it down a dull roar.
We went off! I flicked my OriPod to other library shelves and beyond!
Until Empress Rabbski ruined it.
I accidentally flicked my Pod too far and it hit Rabbski in the eye! (I don’t know why she wasn’t wearing her glasses).
She SCREAMED. She came over to me and yelled into my ear some words I would HATE to hear.
I gasped. I couldn’t believe her. We were just playing a game!
I’ll admit, I was crying a bit. But I knew I had to fight back.
Origami Yoda’s Advice
by DJ
Before I left, Dwight held out his hand in front of the door. And on his hand was Origami Yoda.
“Wait, young one. Have advice for you, I do.” Yoda creaked.
“Uh, OK.” I said. I backed up and talked to Origami Yoda.
DJ: What is it?
O.Y.: Know what to do, I do. Put away Sefolda, you must.
Sefolda: Come on! Really, Goblin Guy?
O.Y.: Yes. Need to be safely put away, you do, Sefolda.
DJ: OK. I’ve got that old stooky shoebox.
Sefolda: That is pretty roomy… OK!
Origami Yoda: Need him in one of the most violent of wars, you will. Fold a Jedi, you must.
DJ: Alright then.
So I walked out that door, knowing who I would fold.
Plo Koon.
by DJ
I came back to school, not letting my parents know I was expelled. I held up Pleat Koon, folded out of my own Origami Paper design, and asked him a question.
“General Pleat, will I be ready for this?” I asked.
“Yes. Rabbski will be stopped.” Pleat Koon replied. I smiled.
I walked right into the school. A lot of people were surprised to see me back, but not Dwight. He knew this would happen.
Rabbski’s Secretar- I mean, Royal Guard- looked up and just stared. I just kept moving.
The Guard called in Empress Rabbski. She ACTUALLY looked like the emperor; her long black dress with a hood, and her usual old wrinkles.
She looked over and gasped when she noticed me. I waved and walked to the library. Rabbski came after me and grabbed my shoulder.
“What are you doing here?! You are suspended.” Rabbski exclaimed.
Rabbski snarled. You’d think she was about to shoot Force Lightning at me. I think she did! I saw her pull out a tazer and-
The Rabbski Wars
by Quavondo
I saw Dwight and Jen look over. DJ was on the ground, unconscious. Jen gasped and looked back. “Well we gotta do something!” Harvey screeched. We looked over.
“Then what do we do, Mr. Loudmouth Einstein?” I asked.
“How should I know?” Harvey replied.
Mike groaned and looked over at Rabbski. I noticed her set her tazer on HIGH and throw it at us. “WATCH OUT, GUYS!” Noah exclaimed. We ran backwards and hit the wall.
“Time to take out the trash!” Mark yelled in one of those stupid jock voices. He grabbed two BIG garbage bags and pulled them over us. “You can’t do this!” Harvey bellowed. I could still hear Harvey from this bag. “It will make us exhale Carbon Dioxide! And then we’ll inhale it, creating toxic-”
“SHUT UP.” Everyone yelled. Then I remembered seeing Lance with a pocketknife in his pocket. “Lance! Use your pocketknife!” I yelled from my bag.
“Oh, right!” Lance answered. I could hear the FWIP and SWIPE of the pocketknife. Then I heard some kids tumbling out. Then a SWIPE at the bag Dwight, Jen, Noah, and I were in. We tumbled to the floor, but hopped back up.
Mark had a hint of fear in his eyes. So he sprinted off.
“Better start moving!” Harvey shrieked. We went off after him. Mr. Randall was walking by with some papers for Funtime in his hands. “MR. RANDALL! WATCH OUT FOR THE ELECTRICITY!” I yelled. “Huh?” he said. Then we saw the tazer ZOOMING THROUGH STILL ON HIGH WITH LIGHTNING SPEWING EVERYWHERE! Mr. Randall threw the Funtime stuff at the tazer, but to no avail. “RUN!” he yelled. We all sprinted towards the cafeteria. “The food in the cafeteria should slow it down some!” Caroline exclaimed. We ran into the Kitchen and saw Mrs. Krootahn making some stew with Mr. Sal Ed, Lunchman Jeff, and Mrs. Launchmeet.
“Guys! Throw the stew at the tazer! We don’t want you hurt!” Harvey screamed. Jeff shrugged and spilled the stew all over the floor. The tazer ran right into it! “Guys,” Mike started. “It’s not shutting down the tazer! EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!” And we started off towards the art room.
We had the art teacher spill paint everywhere, the music teacher play the electric guitar to short-circuit the tazer, Mr. Randall to order the LEGO robots to fight, and Mrs. Hardaway drop the sacks on top of it. NOTHING HAPPENED! We had to escape the school.
by Noah
We sped off towards the exit door when we noticed DJ on the floor. I grabbed a cup of cold water from the Principal’s Offic- I mean Lair. “Right now?!” exclaimed Mike.
“No, watch this!” I replied, and I poured the water onto DJ’s face. He popped right up. Now that we’ve got everyone (Except Darth Howell and Empress Rabbski), it’s time to escape.
All of a sudden, the doors swung shut with a CLANG!
“Oh, no,” Jen exclaimed. “We’re trapped!
“Guys!” Ryan shouted. “The back doors!”
We all scrambled to the back of the school. That was stuck, too! Then we saw a silhouette of one of my worst enemies.
Dan Rabbski.
“Like the trap?” He asked. We all gasped. “YOU’RE the one who did this!” Ryan confronted. “I didn’t do this. It was-” Then we heard a ZWIP and a CHING. We noticed a weird stick going through Dan’s neck! He gasped for air and fell back, but we never heard a THUD. He faded!
“Good news, no more Dan! Bad news, no more US!” DJ screamed. But right then, we heard a WHACK! Then a ZZT! And a Pewwwww…
Tommy stopped the tazer! He punched it! Sara gasped and exclaimed, “Tommy, you did it!” And hugged Tommy. HIs eyes lit up and he smiled. Then we heard a BOOM.
And the SWAT Team was here.
Confronting the Principal
by Raphael (The SWAT Team leader)
I looked at all the kids. They looked very scared and tired. “Relax.” I told them. “I’m not here for you.”
MY  instincts told me that the guilty party was in the principal’s office, so I went there.
The principal looked at me with some fear in her eyes. “Is there a problem, officer?” She asked. I nodded and my Assistants, John and James, took the subject by her arms. “ERROR!!!” She screamed. John raised one eyebrow.
Then Subject Rabbski OPENED UP HER FACE and shot James with a laser.
At least, she TRIED to.
John threw his riotshield in front of the beam and deflected it. Turns out, the subject is not human.
Lougene Rabbski is a cyborg.
Her mask flew off, revealing a gray, robotic skull with red eyes. “Begin Termination.” She said, shooting lasers everywhere. WE jumped through the door, and signaled the kids to go through the hole in the wall of the school.
I couldn’t let those kids see the monster. They’d be scared!
Then the kid with messy golden-brown hair threw three pieces of paper at me. My teamates and I caught them in one hand.
The piece of “Origami” in my hand looked like Captain Panaka from Star Wars.
Yeah, I like Star Wars. Got a problem with that?!
Anyway, John got Gregar Typho, and James received a Naboo Royal Guard. “They’ll keep you safe.” The messy-haired kid said. I gave him a thumbs-up and jumped through the hole, right before McQuarrie exploded.
Nobody was harmed, because of the origami!
Robo-Rabbski caused this, I thought in my head.
The school was closed for repairment, and the kids were sent to Tolkien Middle School for education. I feel like I failed them.
Harvey’s Comment: You sure did!
My comment: I crossed out your comment, Harvey. You’re so mean!
(Not by anyone)
Weeks later…
McQuarrie Middle was open again, but there was no principal.
A hooded teenager walked into an underground pit that was Jacob Minch’s new home.
“Master, My cyborg has exploded. Shall I salvage what’s left of it?” The Figure asked.
There was a really dark part of this pit, and Jacob’s head appeared from it.
Now, you might not know this, but Jacob was killed by his master, but he fell into a vat of nuclear waste. It caused an explosion, bringing Jacob back to life…
But not in human form.
Jacob stepped out of the shadowy portion, revealing a large dragon-like body, with a pale green hue, and giant black slits for eyes. His tongue was like a serpent’s, and an aura of red surrounded him. This was Jacob.
But this was also the Minch Mutant.
“You have my permission, [CLASSIFIED].” Jacob replied with a dark, scratchy voice. “Go salvage L0Ug3N3 RABB5K1. You are now excused to remove your hood.”
So [CLASSIFIED] removed his hood, revealing a pale face with red hair.
“I will stop those McQuarrie fools, my brother.” He said.
The disgusting dragon slid him three Origami figures. [CLASSIFIED] took them and ran off to portray a student at Ralph McQuarrie Middle School.
Sefolda: No way ‘DAT’s the ending!
The Sequel: The Vengeance of The Origami Kamino Crew
Out Now!
[CLASSIFIED]: I’ll be waiting for you.

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    Awesome story! I was wondering whether anyone was good enough for Jen (popularity speaking)… I reckon DJ will become rather popular after that…

  2. Super folder Epvjupa

    No one likes Harvey.

  3. Super folder Epvjupa

    Finish please! I love the Podracing crowd, so this is Stooky!!

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  5. Guys, I will finish this! Plus, I’ve sent out an early Sequel, The Vengeance Of The Origami Kamino Crew!

  6. Stooky!!!!!!!!! Please finish this!

  7. Just finished this!

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  10. Origami Zombie: BRAINSSSSS
    Origami Plo-Koon: What the wha?
    Origami Boba: Zombie, quit being weird and get your deadness in the cargo hold.
    Origami (VERY creepy wearing santa hat) Skeleton: Weee! We wish you a merry Crease-mas we wish you a merry crease-mas we wish you a merry Crease-mas and a happy new Fold!


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