Ant-Fold: Stage Fright

Ant-Fold: Stage Fright

By: SF YodaForce


By: Shawn Allen

Wazzup dogs? Shawn here. I know that it has been a looooong time since I’ve written a case file. It’s just been weird. Ok, it’s been awful! I keep asking Clark if I could join the OrigAvengers, but he keeps saying, ‘Ant-Man isn’t an official Avenger’. What’s that even supposed to mean?!? Huh!?! And to make things worse, our school is holding auditions for the new upcoming play, Teen Beach Movie, and I have a severe case of stage fright! I don’t understand, how did Jesse do it? Last year, we had a screenplay of High School Musical, and Jesse was so confident. He was playing the role of Troy. You know what, I’ll type what happened that stage night:

It was the night before Groundhogs Day, and everyone’s parents were there. Jesse was about to finish Act Two……..

“W-what if I mess up out there?” Jesse asked Jessica, nervously, backstage.

“Dude! As Troy would say, ‘get’cha head in the game!’!” Jessica replied, pushing Jesse through the curtains.

Jesse began singing.

“Coach s-said to fake right and break l-l-eft,” Jesse sang.

I’m not going to show you the rest cause it’s sad to watch.

I’ve never been in a play before! This is a new experience for me! Not to mention, I still have to help the OrigAvengers with all of this T.H.A.N.O.S. stuff, and on top of that, I am still currently on P.Y.M., and I have swim club, science club, and studies. And, I’ve been kinda depressed lately. My mom just divorced with my dad a few months ago, and I don’t know how she’s doing (because I live with my dad), and I don’t know if she’s moved on or not.

I just thought that, being in a musical, could make me happier. So you know what, that’s what I’m gonna do! But right now, I have to go get Kev a present.

Black Ant-Fold’s Sorta Kinda Diary

By: Brandon

Black Ant’s Journal

Entry #1 Date Unknown

Wow, this is my first real entry. So, I was snooping through the last chapter of this ‘case file’, when I saw that Shawn said that he was going to some party, I assume. Kev, he was Artron. So, they just let him on the team? Anyway, I’m gonna go follow Shawn to this party. I tracked Kev’s location on Beenverified. That’s right, I’m a stalker. Black Ant-Fold, out.

Entry #2 Date Unknown

By: Brandon Ross

So, I was hiding in the bushes, spying on the team with my new binoculars I just bought off EBay. Shawn went to the bathroom because he took way too many cups of punch from Garfield. Obviously, I wasn’t going to follow him to the bathroom. So I just wanted until he came out. In other news, Cassidy and Franklin still aren’t talking to each other. And, Franklin showed up to the party. It was awkward as heck! I think I’m almost ready to leave. No suspicious activity here. Besides Dove and Ally’s relationship, ha! Black Ant-Fold, out.

The Auditions

By: Shawn

All right, I know I said that I was a bit skeptical about going to audition before, but I’ve changed my mind! Plus, Guillermo came to cheer me on!

“Hey, Guillermo, are you sure about this?” I asked him nervously. My whole body was shaking. I felt like I was about to get murdered.

“Dude, relax. Remember how Jesse felt when he was about to get on stage? He was terrified. But he soon overcame his fear, and broke a leg! Just go out there, and sing your lines!” Guillermo said wisely.

“But Kaylee is out there,” I added. “What if she doesn’t like my singing?”

“It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like your singing, it only matters if you feel good while you’re singing. There are many other amigas out there who are cute! Just go out there, and break a leg!” Guillermo said smiling.

Suddenly, Kaylee came out of nowhere.

“Hey, Shawn, hey Guillermo.” Kaylee greeted us. “You ready Shawn?”

“Uh no not really–, I-I mean, toooooootaly!” I said, “Let’s get ready.”

Kaylee walked away. I glanced at her pretty eyes and perfectly symmetrical mouth.

“Attention, all auditioners! The auditions will be starting now. First up, Brandon Ross,” Mrs. Wilma, the drama teacher, announced. Brandon walked up to the audition stage. He started singing Like Me from Teen Beach Movie. I saw Kaylee’s face; she was totally into him.

Unfortunately, I had to wait until he was done singing. I really wanted to ball my eyes out. When he was finished, I stepped up to the stage, as it was my turn.

I saw Kaylee start talking to him. I was ticked off that he was stealing my future girlfriend! So I walked over to them.

“Wow, that was good singing, Brandon.” I said sarcastically.

“Thank you.” Brandon said frowning at me. “I just love feedback.”

I frowned back and walked up to the stage again. I sang Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’. However, Kaylee didn’t make the same face she made at Ben she made at me. She looked normal. My only option was to wait it out.


2 mins later….

Same face, same attitude, same expression.

When I was done, I stepped off of stage and sat down.

Guillermo proceeded to ask me.”Hey, Shawn, are you-“

“Mr. Valenzuela? I’m looking for a new Special Effects man, would you maybe consider it?” Mrs. Wilma asked.

Guillermo proceeded to reply.”Well, um, actually, I’m a fantastic actor, so-”

“Splendid! Come help me get the costumes at the Wal-Mart across the street!” Mrs. Wilma said while yanking Guillermo’s hand and walking away swiftly.

And that was how the auditions went.


By: Shawn Allen and Benjamin Ross


1 Day later…

Me and a bunch of other kids can over to the paper that would tell which part you got.

And there it was, me as Brady, and Kaylee as Layla.


NOOOOOO!!!!! My plan is a complete bust! I got the role of Tanner! Shawn got Brady and Kaylee got Layla!

Well, it’s time for Plan B, war.

Breaking the News

By: Shawn Allen

Later that awesome day, I went to the P.Y.M. lab to tell Noah, my boss, that I got the part as Brady.

“Noah! Noah! I got the part of Brady in the Teen Beach play!” I announced.

“Absolutely not,” Noah replied. “Do you realize what this means?”

I was kinda confused, so I shrugged my shoulders.

“Once you start acting, you can’t ever stop! And singing and dancing has no place in P.Y.M.!” Noah said, being a buzzkill.

“But, acting has always been my dream! And I’m never giving that dream up!” I rebelled.

“Well, if you really want to do it that bad, you can,” Noah agreed.

“Thank you so much, Noah!” I said as I ran out.

What Now?

By: Trevor Grayson

Hey guys! It’s me, Trevor. So, I’m thinking about, well, my job. No missions have been planned since Ghost-igami. So I’m just useless now? IDK. I just want to feel heroic, one time.

Cause when you think about it, I was a bad guy the first time, and was captured the second time. When have I contributed? When have I won? Should I be a bad guy again? No, no. I’m just going crazy, that’s all.

Rehearsals and Sweet, Sweet Revenge

By: Brandon Ross

So, I’m here to get revenge on Shawn. Yes, I may be stubborn and toxic, but, it is my job to ruin his life, so I’m gonna ask Kaylee out on a date!

It was rehearsals. And I saw Kaylee and Shawn practicing together.

“Hey, Shawn, can I tell you something?” Kaylee asked Shawn.

“Yeah, sure Kaylee. You can tell me anything.” Shawn replied.

“You know, that new boy, Brandon. I-I think I have a little crush on him.” Kaylee said.

Shawn stood there in shock. “O-oh.”

“Everything alright Shawn?” Kaylee asked him.

“Yeah-yeah. It’s just that I l-” Shawn said before getting interrupted by me walking over to them.

“Hey Kaylee, could I talk to you for a sec?” I asked.

“Sure!” She agreed.

I walked her over to a corner of the room.

“So, um, I was so wondering if, you’d like to go on a date?” I asked.

“YES! I’D LOVE TO!” she said. Kaylee hugged me so tight that I felt like my organs were getting ripped out.

“Kaylee?” Shawn said as he walked out of the rehearsal room frowning.

Kaylee and I looked at him awkwardly. She let go of me, and walked out the door.

How to End a Friendship

By: Shawn Allen

I walked out of the room, frowning. Kaylee followed me.

“Shawn, what’s going on with you?” Kaylee asked.

“You seriously didn’t get the hint? He’s into you and you’re into him. There I said it.” I replied.

Guillermo walked over.

“Woah, guys, what’s going on?” Guillermo asked us.

“And how does me liking Ben affect you?” Kaylee asked me.

“I have had a crush on you since seventh grade! Of course it affects me!” I snapped at her.

“You know what? This friendship is going nowhere!” Kaylee said.

“Finally! Something you’re right about!” I snapped back. “Oh, and I’m quitting P.Y.M. so I won’t have to see you ever again!”

“You’re seriously quitting P.Y.M?”


“…..because of Kaylee and Ben?” Noah added. “You’re her friend! You are supposed to support her!”

“I never asked for your opinion! And this is coming from the guy who could be the ‘N’ in T.H.A.N.O.S!” I said.

Noah stood there, quiet for a second. It was pretty weird.

“So, don’t forget that the OrigAvengers also are in charge of P.Y.M. until we figure out T.H.A.N.O.S. so don’t patronize me! You’re not my friend either! You’re my boss!” I yelled.

Noah looked really sad. “Shawn, we need you. Brandon is the bad guy here.”

I stood there in shock. “Really?”

New News

By: Shawn

“Yes, he’s the Black Ant-Fold. And, Kaylee has been undercover this whole time.” Noah said.

“Is she mad at me?” I asked.

Noah shook his head. “No, Shawn. It was fake.”

“Wow,” I said in disbelief. “I just got trolled.”

“Yep, if that’s what you wanna call it.” Noah said.

Strange Man

By: Shawn (Again)

Exactly 1 Day later…..

What’s up my dudes? The school play starts in three days! Today, school was cancelled because of a snowstorm. My dad was asleep, so I went on my phone. I was texting Kaylee and we were friends again. I told her that she had great acting skills. I told her that I would meet her and Noah in the lab tomorrow.

I decided to call my mom because I haven’t talked to her in a while. I called her and she picked up.

“Hello?” said a very deep voice. “Who is this?”

“I’m trying to speak to my mom, Hailey Allen.” I replied.

“Well, this is her boyfriend, Cameron. She can’t talk right now, sorry.” Cameron said.

I hung up in shock, but I needed to worry about other things at the moment.

The Secret Meeting

By: Shawn (Again x2)

1 day later….

I was at the lab.

“So, how are we gonna do this?” I asked.

“We’re gonna do all of this backstage. Shawn, here is the Nerf Gun you’re gonna use.” Noah handed me.


“And, we’re gonna need some yellow power.” Noah added.

Noah and I looked at each other.

“Trevor!” We both said.

“I feel bad that we haven’t invited him on any mission!” Kaylee said. “But yeah, that’s a good idea.”

“One problem, does he even have Yellow Jackfold?” Noah asked.

“He always kept it, just in case,” I answered.

“Alright guys. Let’s beat this son of a (REDACTED).” I said with the Nerf Gun in my hand.

The Day

By: Shawn Allen

2 days later….

Alrighty! It’s opening night! I’m so excited to finally act and mutilate Ben! Not literally, though.

We were backstage getting ready.

Trevor was in a room with Noah putting Yellow Jackfold on a drone.

They opened the door and let the drone fly. It followed Brandon around the set. He walked into one room.

“Hands up, Brandon!” I said pretending to be a police officer.

I shot him with a couple of foam darts and locked him in that room.

Yay! Happily ever after! Until Mrs. Wilma saw the whole thing.

“You did that to my student? You are kicked out of the play young man! And Brandon is taking your place!” Mrs. Wilma said.

“Allow me to explain, Mrs. Wilma. This is OrigAvengers stuff so….”

“You should have told me then! Keep doing what you’re doing!” Mrs. Wilma said while walking away.

Guillermo walked over.

“Look man. I’m sorry you and Kaylee aren’t friends anymore. I am here for you, man.” He said.

“Dude, it was a prank. I’ll tell you later, I got to go on stage!” I said going through the curtains.


Someone opened the door for me.


“Come on, we don’t have much time left. “

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