The Amazing Spider-Fold 2

The Amazing Spider-Fold 2

By Origami_Master53

Home at Last

By: James McLongway

I have more people liking me now after the big fight with the ‘Lizard’. I even have a girlfriend now! Her name is Natalie. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I made a new Spider-Fold, after all! I still fight bad guys, if you were wondering. Anyways, I will tell you my latest accomplishment in the next chapter!

Tech Boy

By: James McLongway


So, I was patrolling this hallway when Spider-Fold told me that his Crease-senses are tingling. I ran into the tech department (he told me that’s where the sense was coming from) and I saw a kid placing magnets on to a magnetic energy amplifier! I know that if you put on too much, it will cause a sudden burst of energy with a 10 foot radius. I grabbed the kid and ran out of the room and closed the door. He tried telling me that his birthday was coming up and that he would be happy if I came, but that was all I heard because the bell rang and I ran off to class.


By: The Kid

The Amazing Spider-Fold saved me! I asked him to come to my birthday but he ran away the minute the bell rang. I asked every Spider-Fold to my birthday, actually. My name is Chester. Chester Deging. On my birthday, I was at school. I was in the tech lab with my friends when they told me that I had to stay after school and that I have to do the finishing touches on our robot that is going to the School-Wide Championships. I was finishing up, when all of a sudden all the magnets flew out of the cabinets at the robot! Then I blacked out.

Why Me…

By: Chester

I woke up in a hospital bed. Covers over my head. I took it off and I saw people looking at me. They screamed!

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Ch-Ch-Chester?” My mom asked me.

“Yes, what’s wrong?” I asked my mom.

“The shock caught you off guard and now you have electromagnetic waves in your brain,” my mom told me. “The doctor said that you can’t touch anyone because the more you do it the more powerful the shocks will become.” 

“NOOOOO!” I screamed.

Friend Trouble

By:James McLongway

My friend Logan came to me and asked where I got my inspiration to stop the bad guys at Kirby High and war between us and Wheeler. I told him that in 2012 and 2014 I watched The Amazing Spider Man 1 and 2 in theaters. I have loved him ever since.

“Don’t you have the movies on DVD or something?” Logan asked.

“Nope. They all got taken off the internet just one day ago!!! After the Chester kid got electrocuted,” I told him

“No!” Logan yelled. “There has to be at least one more copy in the world!”

“Well, good luck finding it,” I told him again.

“I will,” he replied. He left.

My Newest Enemy

By: James Mclongway

You know the Chester kid that got shocked? Well, he is my newest enemy! It turns out that he can now shock people, and I guess the more he does it the more powerful he becomes. They’re not bad shocks. He just has a lot of static electricity in his socks and hair. But he is getting stronger. He has been shocking a lot of kids and now some of them have to go to the infirmary. He also was the one that took down all the Amazing Spider-Man recordings from the internet! So, I tried catching him in the act. I would follow him around and when he was about to shock someone I stepped in the way. Here’s what we said to each other:

“What are you doing kid?” I yelled at him.

“James McLongway, You don’t remember me,” Chester yelled back. “You saved me, remember?”

“I’ve saved lots of kids!” I replied.

“No! You saved me from the magnet bomb, remember?” he said.

“Oh yeah, now I remember! That was yesterday. You’re the birthday kid, right?” I asked.

“My name is Chester!” he shouted as my phone suddenly died. All of a sudden all the lights went out and Chester’s hands turned electro-blue. He jumped on the nearest table and yelled at everyone.
“Get James’ girlfriend and bring her to me!” he ordered. For some weird reason they obeyed him! But what happened next shocked me…

Friend Trouble Part 2

By: Logan

After I left James’ house I went looking for the Amazing Spider-Man movies. I found out that the last copies of both movies were at this pawn shop in Roanoke. My grandmother lives in Roanoke so I convinced my parents to let us visit her. When we were there I saw the pawn shop and my parents let me go in with $20. I saw the 2 movies and bought them for $15.99. What a deal! I showed my parents what I bought and they thought that it was a good choice because on the drive home I could watch them on a portable Blu-Ray player we have. I watched the movies and thought that the Green Goblin was the best character out of both of the movies and decided to make an origami version. I called him the Green Goblingami! I also knew about Chester and I wanted to team up with him.

The Final Battle (Hopefully)

  By:James McLongway

My girlfriend has been missing the past few days. Chester was also missing. Well they have been, until today! At lunch, I was called to the roof of the school for some reason. When I got up there I saw Chester with a perfectly folded Electro puppet.

“I call him Electrogami.” Chester said with a smirk. “A friend made him for me. He also let me watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“No,” I said to myself. Chester then stuck his hands up with the electro blue glow once more and Logan showed up, with I think Green Goblingami? But anyways I saw Natalie tied to a pole with her mouth duct-taped! I also saw the students come up from the ladder to the roof. I noticed that when Electrogami puts his hands down all the kids went back to normal. So I sprinted through a crowd of zombie-like kids and made it to Chester. I grabbed a rope that is on the ground to tie Chester’ss arms to his back and everyone went back to normal. I wrote this story down and gave it to Ezra to put in the school newspaper.

The End


Editor’s Note/Ezra’s Note: So that’s what was with the power outage! I just thought Kirby’s breaker exploded. This makes way more sense.

  1. Grand Master Skywalker

    I’m actually as confused as Ezra at the end. I see promise in you. Keeping writing and you’ll get better and better each time. 👍

  2. origami_master53

    Um Noah why is the cover so big???

  3. Lord Toademort

    nice one. overall pretty good, I was gonna say something about realism but then i remembered something. This is the spider-fold side of the mou and to quote origvenom 3 “we’ve hit sci-fi 10000” or something like that. Nothing with spider-fold is based in realism. Anyways what i will say is that green goblin kinda came outa nowhere. aite thats it. The toad is out, peace!

    nope that was a terrible closing line

  4. I wish I could also rewrite this… sort of like sls did with OrigVenom.

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