Crease of the Wild

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Prologue (Past)


I was having a good time minding my own business when OriGanon came out of nowhere and attacked me!

“YOU MAY HAVE DEFEATED ME BEFORE BUT NOT TODAY!” He screams while charging in my direction.

“I never wanted to fight you! You used to be my Best Friend until we played Breath of the Wild on the WII U!” I replied

“The WII U sucked! I completed the game on my Nintendo Switch!” OriGanon screamed again. We started punching and kicking each other but I ended up falling off of the balcony! I layed while people called 911. I took out a pencil and grabbed a sticky note from a fallen pad. I took out OrigLink and wrote on the sticky note ‘take me!’ I was then dragged away hoping someone will find him and defeat OriGanon for ever!

New threat! (Present)


I was walking around Rapids middle school when smoke started coming out of every room! I ran to the nearest door but it was locked! EVERY DOOR WAS LOCKED!

“Bring me the one called Linkin!” A loud voice said. I was pushed into the office. The only room without smoke.

“Hello Link!” The voice said again.

“WHO ARE YOU!” I yelled, pulling my sword out.

“I am the one who made OrigLink!” He said.

“OrigLink? Don’t you mean Link-agami!” I reply.

“If you don’t agree with me I will keep all of the school in smoke!” He yells “OriGanon will rule once more!” I was pushed out of the room. I could barely see the door but ran to it and used my sword and broke the glass letting all of the smoke and people out of the building! I was thanked but we all had to go home for the rest of the week. I could only think about what happened. I was looking in a pile of old newspapers I made to know if Jayden was found when I saw the headline from a month before my class went to D.C.

 Kid falls off of second story at D.C museum

I realized something in the kids pocket. He had Link-agami or OrigLink! I need to stop this guy!

Friendships suck! (Past)


Me and my friend were at my house playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my WII U. We were practicing for when the Nintendo Switch comes out with the game. We want to save up money together so we can buy it! We were having fun until I had an idea!

“Hey! Why don’t we make finger puppets based off of game characters?” I made Origami Ganon, the villain in the game. I thought my friend was getting ready but after about 30 minutes I took the paper and folded it! Words were written on the inside but none of it was on the outside! I colored it so it would look like Link! He got so mad and started punching me! I kicked him out of my house but without knowing that OriGanon was kicked out as well.

Research (Present)


I sat in my room that whole week reading. I reread the article on the kid and found out his name is Jimmy Jones. I was reading some articles online and found out he is at the hospital in Grand Rapids! I rode my bike down and went to talk to him. This was our conversation.

“Hello? Are you Jimmy Jones?” I asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“I am Linkin Roades,” I said. “I think this belongs to you!” I showed him Link-gami.

“H-h-how did you get that?” He asked.

“I found it at Washington D.C..” I replied.

“Why did you come here?” Jimmy asked.

“Someone attacked my school with smoke bombs and claimed to own Link-ag- I mean OrigLink! They had a Origami Ganon finger puppet but as they called it OriGanon!” I yelled.

“Ok! Calm down. He was writing something down inside OrigL- Link-agami. Unfold him and read it! I don’t even know what it says!” Jimmy replied.


To Jimmy. In this is our friendship. I know that you are going to make me so mad that I will kill you at any cost! I am sorry Please fo——-


“Wow.” I replied to that letter.

“You have to go! NOW!” Jimmy yells. I left and refolded Link.

Friend to enemy(Past)


I was at my school, Grand Academy when My friend OriGanon came up and punched me in the nose! I tackled him and we kept fighting until a teacher came and made us stop! I told her what happened and OriGanon got in trouble. He told me that he will put me in so much pain I will NEVER be the same again! I went home and later found out about a trip to Washington D.C! I went to pack because it was in a couple weeks. I packed OrigLink and went to bed. I woke up with a nice clean room. I went outside to get on the bus and got to school! OriGanon or my friend Gavin walked up to me and apologized. I thanked him. We went on with the day until after school I was hit with a water balloon hard in the back! I looked behind me and saw Gavin running up to me to see what happened! I saw that his hands and shirt were wet! I then pushed him to the ground and walked away.

Strange kids(Present)


We went back to school but it looked like everyone was against me! They all had puppets of the bad guys in Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild! They then attacked me! I then saw OriGanon.

“Why do you keep running Link?” He said. “Join me and become Dark Link-agami!

“NEVER! I made a promise to Jimmy! I will protect this school at all costs!” I yell back.

“Suit yourself! I will pry OrigLink from your hands when I am finished with you!” Gavin 

replies. I then got attacked by all the kids again! I pushed my way through them and got outside. I then ran through allies and made it back to my house. I took out my shield and Nerf bow and arrow and started shooting them. Some also had bows and started shooting them back at me! I stopped when they left. I went inside only to find my MOM letting Gavin inside! I ran to my bedroom and snuck out through the window…

Bus problems(Past)


I was stuck. I was stuck with Gavin in a bus seat. I wish I could switch but couldn’t. I ran into the bus and sat in the back making Gavin sit in the back also! He hates sitting in the back.

“Why did you make us sit in the back?” He complained. “You know that I hate… Sitting in the back!”

“I would have sat in the front if you didn’t throw a water balloon at me!” I reply.

“Well… Ok! I’m sorry! Do you want to play Mario Kart on my Nintendo switch?” he said.

“Yeah. Fine.” I replied, defeated. The ride went well, we played Mario Kart halfway until Gavin’s Nintendo switch died.

“Why did you attack me?” I asked.

“Well I was mad at you for taking my piece of paper!” He replied.

“Oh…” I said. The ride was quiet and we couldn’t do much so I folded origami video game characters like: Mario(Foldio), Mega Man(Mega Fold), and characters from the game series Final Fantasy(Final Foldasy) etc. I sat them down on the arm rest but Gavin quit trying to get his Nintendo Switch to work. He sat it down on the arm rest also! I quickly took my origami back but in the process they flung out of an open window! I looked out the window and saw them land in different directions! I was disappointed the rest of the ride. Gavin tried to cheer me up though.

Attack #2(Present)


I was walking and then got tripped! I looked behind me and saw Gavin standing above me!


“I WILL NEVER!” I reply.

“Suit yourself!” He says bringing out a silly string canister. I quickly take out my shield and sword at the same time! We fight until my shield breaks in half!

“You have failed! NOW GIVE ME THE PUPPET!” He screams.

“I… Will… N-never!” I screamed back. I take my sword and strike him down. He starts crying but I run away. I went to the school. I make one new Link-agami and make him look just like the original. I also made a Dark Link-agami. I hid the original Link-agami at my house and went to Gavin.

“Gavin!” I yell.

“Yes Link?” He replies.

“I want to join you!” I yell back.

“Ok?” He replies. I took out (The fake) Link-agami and ripped it in front of him! Then I take out Dark Link-agami and show him!

“Good! Now we will take over the school together!” He yells. While standing next to him I hit him in the back with my sword! He falls to the ground and I rip Dark Link-agami and take out Link-agami!

“NO!” He screams as he falls off a balcony! I got suspended for one month but I don’t care! He filled the school with smoke and sent an army of kids to attack me! He also pushed a kid off of a balcony on purpose!



I went back to the hospital and walked into Jimmy’s room.

“Hey Jimmy!” I say.

“Hey Link!” He replies.

“I want to give this to you.” I say as I hand him OriGanon.

“You defeated him! How?” Jimmy asks.

“I gave him the pain you felt by pushing him off a balcony.” I say. “I don’t think he will be coming back anytime soon!”

“Yeah. He was a good friend though…” Jimmy says sad.

“Hey! I heard that he will be sharing a room with you!” I said to cheer him up.

“Really!” He says happily.

“I have to go now. Let’s keep in touch okay?” I reply.

“Ok! Bye!” Jimmy yells as I leave.


Linkin will return in Super Smash Folds

Click here to read “Assassin’s Crease: OriBayek’s Saga”, the next story of the VGOU!

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  1. origami_master53

    Hey! on the bit where the Origami flies out if a window you can use that to start some of those stories!

  2. origami_master53

    I’m here.

    • Origami donitello

      Ok so i plan on using the origami flying out of the window for donkey crease instead of papermon and donkey crease will likely take place in 2018

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