Origami Unwanted House Guest

Title: McQuarrie: The Untold and Unreleased Files. Case #12 Unwanted House Guest
written by Tommy Lomax, Kellen Campbell, Sara Bolt, etc.
Chapter 1: Introduction

Whoever is reading this, get ready for the spook of your life. You guys know that meme the “Unwanted House Guest”? Well some kid named Zeta came to school with an origami version. Within a week chaos broke out. This is our story…

Chapter 2: The Creepiness Begins.
by Kellen

That Unwanted House Guest piece is scaring me. Today we had a blackout all across the county. All of a sudden, in the middle of the darkness, the figure spoke to everyone: “Haven’t seen me in a while? I’ve seen you, JUST FIIIINE…” Zeta said to me.

“What are you chickens afraid of he’s harmless?”

“He’s real and haunting us, you nut!” yelled Quavondo. Another blackout happened at lunch and I heard it speak again when a can of peaches appeared out of nowhere in the dark: “Don’t remember putting that there? I do…” I ran for my life.

Chapter 3: HELP US!
by Mike

This UHG puppet is freaky but Zeta doesn’t believe us! “Calm down, dude,” is all he says when we try to tell him. In Social Studies, I heard a spooky voice after another blackout: “Legs hanging under chair? They’re mine now!” I kicked Zeta in the leg and got sent to ISS but I tried to teach him a lesson. Of course my mom flipped and rambling on about demons and the Devil, BLAH BLAH BLAH. (Note: I believe in those things but I didn’t want to write her boring speech). Anyway, Tommy do something! Get Dwight, or someone please!

Chapter 4: Followed
by Sara

Turns out Zeta is my new neighbor, besides Dwight. I tried to tell him again and got the same result: “It’s fine” and YAKITY YAK. But, he left his puppet here after he left so I thought I should throw it away and tell him in the morning. Later sometime at 2 AM, I got up because I was thirsty. All of a sudden, the puppet spoke again: “Need a drink in the middle of the night? I’ll be waiting…” I looked in shock and went back to sleep. I threw it out the window.

Chapter 5: No one.
by Tommy

We are sick of this. I haven’t slept in three days because of nightmares caused by that freaky Uninvited House-guest puppet. In my home the (21st blackout in one week) happened and it spoke again but by leaving a note in my dresser: “While you were busy reading this, I slipped into your room.” And sure enough when I turned around, it was laying on the table. This has gone too far.

Chapter 6: We’re trapped!
by James Suervo, Jr.

That puppet has everyone falling head over heels in fright! Even me! I can’t even breathe without being scared. I tried to talk to it directory but another blackout happened before I could speak a word. I ran for a phone to call the Ghostbusters in New York. They’re still in business right? Before I could even get a number in, I heard a creepy voice. “Who you gonna call? No one. I cut the phone lines…” I tackled Zeta but the little squeaker got away. This has got to stop.

Chapter 7: The End of the Unwanted House Guest
by Tommy

Everyone gave up eventually and dealt with scariness and blackouts every single day. We thought we would go insane and all along Dwigght had done nothing to help. But one day, he told us Caroline knew this girl that could help us. Her name was Marceline (We call her Marci for short) and she wielded an origami Slender Man.

She was in a wheelchair so we figured she could out-roll Zeta if he tried to escape our little interrogation when we end this. They squared off in the center of the school, she ran over his toes a few times and said “You wouldn’t hit a girl!”

But he did. She fell back but her Slender Man puppet was tossed to her boyfriend, whose name we haven’t gotten yet. He tackled Zeta with brute force and made him AND the puppet submit. We made him promise to never do it again. But first..

Final Chapter: Interrogation
by Tommy

His motives were  weird as seen below.

Me: So why did you do this?

Zeta: For pure terrorisation. And for Halloween jokes.

Sara: So four nights of nightmares for a JOKE?! WHAT?!

Kellen: Calm down Sara. Now give us a motive behind it.

Zeta: Fine. The reason is, you Origami Yoda followers always paid attention to that weirdo, Dwight. But never to me. Tommy remember that guy who gave you half his sandwich for Cheetos at lunch one day?

Me: Uh…

Zeta: Exactly. And Marci, we dated in elementary school. You haven’t spoken to me since.

Marci: You were a huge jerk! A girl has her reasons… *folds arms*

Zeta: You little ugly-

Boyfriend: HOLD UP! No one calls her ugly.

Zeta: Shut it. My true motive was to drive you all insane so you would bow down to me. I must have power.

Unknown Boyfriend: *grabs him and proceeds to throw him* Get out.

So there you have it. But, just as we thought it was over, another blackout happened but it was OY speaking to us. “Not done yet we are. A new foe on the horizon he is.” Soon, a kid walked though the door… holding an origami Jeff the Killer.

It said one thing: Go to sleep, McQuarrie. HAHAHAHA.

Oh no…

  1. FREAKY…

  2. Pretty sure ROP wrote this… AWESOME!

  3. empireforpalpatine

    An correct you are, young man! Yes I hav



  6. Superfolder SLS

    What an ambiguous ending to a rather short story.

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