Thorigami: Rise of Ragnarfold


Thorigami: Rise of Ragnarfold
By SF YodaForce


By: Johnny Smithsonian

Date: February 1, 1992

Hey guys! So this case file will be a little different…… it’ll be all about me!

Now, let me get you caught up with what happened.

So, last month, I was attacked by this kid on the field and apparently he had a Mephisto origami. So when he started to ruin more things, me and the OrigAvengers had to stop him. Now he’s got a 2 week suspension from school. Not a lot of stuff has happened since then.

My Idol

By: Spencer a.k.a Ragnorfold

= I want to meet Johnny Smithsonian so badly.

= He’s my idol!

= I am going to meet him after math class.

Meeting The Girl

By: Johnny Smithsonian

In Math class, Allison Mayer came over. She was the most popular person at school.

“So you’re the Thor guy, right?” Allison asked me. 

“Yeah! Yeah…..” I said nervously.

“Well, I just came over to write a newspaper article about you. I’m writing for David Dawson.” Ally said to me.

“Really? A newspaper article all about me?” I asked. 

She said yes, and told me to meet her after math class in the gym. She then walked away. I was really excited to be in a newspaper!

My Super Fan

By: Johnny Smithsonian

After math class, I walked outside and headed to the gym. But then this guy came up to me and screamed at me. 

“You’re Johnny Smithsonian! I’m Your biggest fan!” he told me. His name was Spencer. The only reason I know him is because he is in my reading AIG class. 

“Hey Spencer.” I said awkwardly. 

“Wanna be friends?” Spencer asked me. I then saw Allison standing and watching me with her arms crossed. 

“Well, I see that you are having fun with your new friend!” Allison said crying and running away. 

“Ally, wait!” I shouted. 

“You don’t need her Johnny! You have me!” Spencer said to me. 

“You ruined my friendship with Ally!” I said as I ran away.

Girl Advice

By: Johnny Smithsonian

When I got home, sat on the couch next to Harry (and if you didn’t know he is my british step-brother).

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked me.

“Someone messed up my friendship with a girl. What should I do now?” I asked desperately. 

“Ok, well, you have three options; apologize to her, ignore her, or kiss her.” Harry told me.

“Definitely not the third one.” I said, pretty certain. 

“Then, I would strongly recommend the first one. Apologize to her.” Harry said. 

“Thanks, Harry.” I thanked.

“No problem. Now where’s my check?” Harry asked me. 

“Hahaha!” I laughed. He had a serious look on his face. 

“Oh. You’re serious?” I asked.

My Ultimate Plan

By: Spencer

= Here is my plan.

= I will keep everyone away from Johnny. I’ll push everyone away.

= Piece of chocolate cake.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

By: Johnny Smithsonian

So a bunch of weird stuff was going on. Read it below:

So I was hanging out with my friend Billy, when a kid with a hood came over and told him that his pet hamster was stolen.

Then later, I was talking to Harry when suddenly 10 minutes later, I found him tied up in a closet.

And then I apologized to Ally. She understood and then Spencer came and grabbed Ally. He ran to a mysterious place.

Me and Harry followed Spencer.


By: Johnny Smithsonian

(Sorry for the weird title. It’s just my 22nd battle.)

Me and Harry were on the school roof, also where Spencer was holding Ally.

Harry got out his Lokigami and I got out my Thorigami.

“Don’t do this Spencer!” I cried out loud.

“You are supposed to be my friend and that’s it! Forget other people! You have me!” Spencer screamed.

“Well this is not something a TRUE FRIEND would do!” I shouted back.

Spencer let Ally get away. Spencer then ran away crying. And that was it.

Even More Problems

By: Mandarfold

I am going to destroy Iron Fold and ruin her reputation!

That way, I will become the new leader of the OrigAvengers!


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