The Crimes of GrindelFold

The Crimes Grindelfold

By Superfolder Hades

Hello, whoever you are. You just found a cassette tape hidden in my bedroom. Isn’t that strange? A boy like Cassius De Nogaret, someone so simple and plain, hiding a cassette tape. Why would he be hiding anything? *Chuckles* Why would he be hiding anything? I am sure that if you’re from around here you have heard of the somewhat recent vandalism and thefts at Ilkley Grammar School. That was me. I will elaborate on that later. Y’know, I wouldn’t call myself plain either. I mean, people might think I’m plain when they first meet me. The kid who loved Harry Potter and was enraged when he couldn’t join a group of little idiots with Wizarding World origami finger puppets, who just got over it, right? No, I will never get over it. Ya see, there’s more to it then that, for it wasn’t just the guys at school that I have to put up with, they all practically make my life impossible.

When I arrive home, dad’s always out.

Actually, correction: Dad has been out since I was ten, he left while I was in school a certain morning.

I remember coming back from school and seeing my mother sitting alone. I sat down next to her, mind you, I was really little, and she explained all of this to me.

I felt sad for her. Ever since then, she’s been taking care of my brother and I, and I have done my fair share to keep her happy.

My brother, David, hasn’t.

He continually drives me crazy, undoing whatever I have done: If I help my mother with something and she feels good, he throws a tantrum and ruins the mood for everyone.

I’m also a huge LEGO fan, my intelligence is sure put up to the test with all sorts of awesome builds like Technic and other complex mechanisms.

However, when last summer LEGO started putting out a new wave of Harry Potter sets, I didn’t even think about it twice before I went to the nearest Lego store in the city of Leeds and bought the Hogwarts castle set.

Jeez. I just said that to change topic, but I can see not even that scraped from my family’s wrath. David, my brother, practically destroyed the set shortly after, making it a waste of money on my side. We’re not rich, and 100 bucks are hard to come by.

We’re not rich, and haven’t been, ever, and that might’ve been the reason we moved from  London to a town like Ilkley when my father left, we just couldn’t afford to live in a great city alone.


By Cassius DeNogaret

London was a big place, and quite interesting, in fact.

During my early stages as a kid, I realized I was different from the others.

I was much more capable of doing things way faster than kids at my lever ever could. I could read before I turned two, and I was the fastest at maths in my grade.

There is no room for doubt, that that level of qualities I possessed planted no other than evil seeds into people’s eyes.

And that made me get hit all the time and be bullied.

Once, when my father came from school to pick me up, people could’ve said I was wearing eye patches, because both of them were pitch black, and I was bleeding everywhere. My father may have been a jerk, but he wasn’t stupid and he knew why and that had happened.

After that, I started attending martial arts classes from the best teacher in London, Mr. Nifel or something like that, I can’t remember really well.

The thing is, I got really good at it, and I was soon able to defend myself from the bullies at school.

Thankfully, one day after school, I found to my surprise, a bunch of kids, jocks mostly, threatening a poor kid about my age.

I threatened to destroy them if they didn’t stop. This might’ve turned me into a laughingstock for the next five seconds, but I was soon serving punches and evading kicks. With a final blow to the last of those jocks, I lifted the guy off the floor.

” What’s your name?” I asked him carefully.

“Camster,” He said, heartedly, ” Camster Jenkins”

Well, that Camster Jenkins and I quickly became friends, the best I would say, and we had quite a lot in common.

No one messed with us, and every time we went to school there, we teamed up against those bullies and ended all of them.

We were both pretty smart, and talented too, and that got us above everybody else. And it wasn’t long before we figured out, that those half brained jocks didn’t deserve any respect, any education either. They were made to be destroyed and expelled from school, deprived form education.

Camster and I tried many times to make a new order, making desperate attempts to expel the jocks and the more intelligent people to rise and be free under our slogan: For the greater good.

But nothing built lasts forever, and Camster’s little sister and brother grew up just like we did.

I thought they would make great members of our society, but the truth was, they weren’t half as smart as Camster and I, they were even a bit bellow the average level.

This made me mad for some time, because Camster started spending more time with them than with me, helping them with their homework, and teaching them like older brothers would do.

One day, I went to his house and told him about my thoughts on this matter. That was a mistake, the next thing I knew, I was despised by my best friend which whom I had worked so hard to build something, just to let it all fall because of his brothers.

Around that time, my dad left, and we moved to Ilkley, that not being a problem for me, I didn’t have any friends I cared about.


The school that I now go to, Ilkley Grammar School, is a fascinating place. Children here have a strange fascination with witchcraft and wizardry. Many of us like Harry Potter but not all, and many are gifted, however again, not all.

My story began on a very regular day, I was carrying my copy of the Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald around, and I arrived at math class. I went to AP math, just so you know.

My maths teacher always carries around this can of coke all the time, for some reason. Some of us have got theories, but in truth, no one really knows.

So, I had my Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald , and my teacher was going on one of these long rants about the stupidity of trigonomics. He was waving his hands around, which, mind you, still had the Coke can in his hand. Then he turned around and began to write on the chalkboard. So he was facing away from me, then he noticed an error in his ways and threw his hands in the air like one of those crazy guys, then his Coke can, which was in his hand, was now tilted about 90° degrees and the coke can spilled all over my copy of the Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald.

He sent me off to the library, because apparently, It was my fault. And therefore I ran off, because I guess I had to apologize to her, for some reason.

I walked to the library and there was this kid I’ve seen before. I think I remember his name, Kyle Carter, I think, in one of those cool Hogwarts hoodies, I have one myself by the way, but I’m not as stupid as him to carry it around school. One of these days someone is gonna get beat up. He had a finger puppet of who I recognized as Beedle the Bard sticking out of his pocket.

 So I asked him what the puppet was all about, and he said that in the chemistry class, the teacher over there was starting her own Wizarding World, but with origami finger puppets. After school, I headed to the chemistry class, hoping for good luck, and walked in. I found that Mrs. Eagle everyone was talking about, and asked her if I could join and she said, ” It’s awesome you wanna join, really.” She changed her tone to sorrow, “on the other hand, while you can make a puppet and claim it as your own, the sorting ceremony only takes place in my class, and if I don’t recall wrong, you’re an economy student, unfortunately, I do hope you understand.”

No. I did not understand. I stormed off, and when I got home I folded a finger puppet of a character who was seen as a reject just as this teacher had rejected me. The world seemed against me, my math teacher, the librarian, that stupid chemistry teacher, David. I was a reject.

 I looked at my copy of Crimes of Grindelwald. (You break it, you buy it.) I ripped a sheet of paper out of the book, and I folded it into a finger puppet.

 Gellert Grindelwald.

The next day I went to school, I slowly began to steal things. I felt free with Grindelwald, keeping him in my pocket, but never showing him around.

When the first case of vandalism appeared, the Student Protection Council launched an investigation to find out who the vandaliser was.

I rushed to the Student  Protection Council department, and signed me up for it, using my charismatic abilities so they could make sure I was they guy I needed to catch the culprit. The thing they don’t know, their inspector is the villain, the vandaliser, and they won’t be able to catch me.

You onto the rest dear reader. There’s been an uprising of people like me. The oppressed, the bullied, the students in detention. All of them are now unchained. The best part? No one knows I caused this. Some people thank me, or those who know, but for the most part, I’m not that well known. But for the bullies, well, it was Tuckerton for them, but it was heaven for me. Then everyday, I leave, without the slightest bit of guilt! So there you go!

And now that you’ve heard this, you should know that I check the spot where this cassette tape is every day . To see if this tape had moved. I’ve seen it so many times I’ll be able to tell even the slightest movements. I will know. So you better put this back David. As neatly as you can. And  start running….


( In a rushed recording)

Trevor: Is this… thing we saw… a true recording?

Tim: Yes, unfortunately.

Trevor: But can it be used as evidence?

Tim: Maybe, but first we need to-

( Sound of door knob moving and creaking)

Trevor: Oh gosh! Is that-?

Tim: Hide! Quick!

To be continued in Fantastic Folds: Folders Unite!
  1. Origami donitello

    Nice job hades

  2. i mean idk

    major pacing issues tbh but that was a fun read

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