Donkey Crease

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Donkey Crease 

By Alex

Ever since I could remember, I was always obsessed with Donkey Kong. You see, one day my dad found his old Atari 2600 from the attic. At first, I wasn’t that excited. I mean, Playstation 4 had just come out (to be fair, my brother Tim wasn’t excited either)! My dad though convinced me to play Donkey Kong, and from the minute I smashed the first barrel I was in love. After Fifteen minutes I beat all the levels. So, as you can tell, I’m a bit of a Donkey Kong nerd. You see, I go to this school called Rapids. Kids have been folding finger puppets of video game characters such as Ash Ketchum, Link and a Pac-Man (Guess I’m not the only one who likes old games). Anyway, I was walking to school with my friend Thomas, he’s a 6th grader at Maylee’s Elementary.

“Dude, did you hear of everyone folding Video game characters! You should fold Donkey Kong.” said Thomas. 

“Bruh, I’m not folding a puppet! People probably think I’m weird enough. Remember when I made that anime for the school assembly?”

“Yeah, you showed me that… Sorry but Naruto and the Puberty Ninjas wasn’t a good idea.” He joked.

“What was I supposed to do?”


“Ok, well gotta go it’s a bit weird the Sixth grade still goes to an elementary building.”

“Did you hear of that whole Smash folds thing?” I say.


“Oh, well I heard it was some weird crazy stuff. Well, see ya.”

“See ya man. Wanna play video games after school?” Thomas asked me.

“Yeah, sure!”

“Ok, see ya.” He says as he runs off.

Subcrease Army

By Alex

If you’ve read the Smash Folds casefile you probably know about the Subcrease Army (Ya know like Subspace Army? Thomas and I played Smash Bros last weekend, so that’s the only way I know about them). Most students in the Subcrease Army got suspended, but a few slipped by like Bert Johnson. He was the ancient minister’s Topman; he passed info but he was never mentioned in the smash folds casefile (which is what the principle went off of). How do I know he was a member? The whole school knows! Whenever the teachers are around he’s a good little boy he’s all:

“Sir would you like a refill on coffee?” or “You look awfully nice in that tie.”

But when students are around he’s more:

“Hey idiot, want a drink?” then he spills coke down their shirt or “Wow that shirt looks like something my grandma would wear… in other words: it sucks, HA!”

Now, you’re probably asking:

“Yeah he’s a jerk, does that mean he’s a part of the Subcrease army?” 

Yes, it does. Yesterday, me and Thomas were playing on his Nintendo Switch at the park. When he comes up to us and smacks the Nintendo Switch out of Thomas’ hands.

“Hey nerd, you should be playing this crap on a TV or something.” Bert said.

“Dude, come on!” Thomas said. 

“Can you just leave us alone?” I said, being brave.

“Why you hanging out with this dude? He’s in Sixth grade.” 

“Shut up! I have loads of friends my age.” I shout.

“Oh yeah? Name one.” Bert said, grinning.

“Uh, well he’s on Discord. His name is Mac Astley… Does that count?”

“Loser! One day the Subcrease Army will rule the school!”

“Kinda random…” Thomas muttered.

“You mean you’re a part of the Subcrease Army! Why are you telling us this!?!” I shouted.

“Oh, you’ll wanna know.” He chuckled.

“GET THE POOP AWAY!” I shout. He and Thomas looked around, looking for poop near us.

“…The poop away? What?” Thomas asked me.

“It was a last minute insult.” I muttered.

When I looked up, Bert was gone, like Batman.

“Jerk.” Me and Thomas said at the same time.

Donkey Crease

By alex

When I got home I saw a piece of paper on my desk; a little folded piece of paper decorated like… Donkey Kong.

“Hey man, I know you like Donkey Kong, so I made you that.” Said my brother,Tim.

“Dude, I’m not walking around with a folded piece of paper.”

“You don’t have to walk around with it! Just think of it as a good luck charm.”

“Ok, well, thanks man.” I said, looking at the puppet: he included EVERYTHING! It looked like the real Donkey Kong, no joke.

Tales from Maylee’s Elementary

By Thomas

Alex REALLY wanted me to write something for his casefile thing. So, uh, here’s some stuff from my school Maylee’s Elementary.

First tale: So, uh, some girl was making a underground illegal anime website and selling anime to some girl for free. Huh — what a scam! (It was Naruto Season Three! If you ask me, that girl got scammed.) Obviously, it was shut down.

Second tale: I was at lunch and Kool-Aid man burst through the door and gave me a life supply of Kool-aid.

Third tale: On my walk home, (I don’t walk home with Alex) Bert had a King K. Rool puppet. I thought he just stole it or something and didn’t think much of it.

You asked for a tale? Ya got one.

Tim Gets Bullied by Someone Named After a Muppet

By Tim (Alex’s brother)

On my way to Algebra Bert came up to me. 

“Hey!” He said.

“Go away! You keep bullying my brother and his friends.” I shout.

“I heard you made him a Donkey Crease. Bring it to me, or your life will be a living heck.” Said Bert.

“No! It’s his.” 

He hit me in the gut.


By Thomas

Alex wanted me to write, get this ANOTHER CHAPTER like bruh! I did it anyway since he’s my friend. He told me to write about the sleepover. So me,Alex and Tim were all three playing Donkey Kong Cross country. I was diddy kong Alex was Donkey kong and Tim was donkey kong too because he found some cheat on some sketchy website. We were all having a good time until someone text me it read:

Meet me in the driveway now

Now this is sketchy but it could’ve been like some long lost uncle giving me his lifetime supply of kool aid! When I got out I saw Bert

“Hello thomas” He said holding the piece of paper

“What’s that on your finger” I ask

“This my friend is Crease R rool”


By Tim

I heard a scream and realized it was Thomas! We went outside and we realized he was gone. I looked at Alex’s phone and there was a message:

“Look at your phone!” I said.

When we looked it said “Bert Johnson.”

Bert: Hello Alex, I have your sixth grade rat held at the park. Save him if you dare.

It also included a picture of a King R. Rool puppet from Donkey Kong Country.

“Uh oh.” Alex said.

“Go grab your Donkey Kong puppet.” I said.

“I’m not-” Alex started.

“Go grab it, this guy has a puppet. It’s time for a hero to rise.” I shouted.

“Ok, ok.”

He came out a few minutes later with Donkey Crease on his finger.

“Let’s go.” We both said.

The Betrayal of a Friend

By Alex

When we were at the park we saw Bert slapping Thomas.

“Stop!” I said.

“Look who showed up…” Bert chuckled.

“Go, now!“ Tim said.

“Oh, Timmy you haven’t told him?” Bert laughed.

“What?” I said.

Tim suddenly pushed me down.

“Hey, not cool man!” I shouted.

“Yes, Tim.” Bert laughed.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” I screamed.


“Tim! Stop!” Exclaimed Thomas while he was getting up.

I got up and blocked a hit from Tim.

“You were my friend! My BROTHER!” I shouted.

“You weren’t my friend! YOU WERE MOM AND DAD’S FAVORITE!”

“Yes, Tim use your anger…” Laughed Bert.

“Wait, who wrote that chapter then?” I asked.

“Oh, I made that up.” Bert replied.

“Please, Tim! Just stop! I’ll forgive you.” I said. Suddenly, Tim got tackled. On top was Thomas.

“Don’t look so surprised…” Thomas said.

Bert was running towards us with his Crease R. Rool (Bert made that pun).

“This will be decided with puppets. Come on Alex, get out your puppet.”

I took out Donkey Crease and put him on my finger.

“Uh, isn’t there a cooler way to do this?” Thomas asked.

“Not everything is solved with fists.” I said.

The Final Boss

By Thomas

I actually wanted to write about this, so let’s goooo! Anyway, Alex took out his Donkey Crease and grabbed a small stick and threw it at Crease K. Rool. I got a little mud on Berts puppet, not much more.

“Oh, wow, you’re having an old approach, eh?” Said Bert.

Suddenly, Bert ran and grabbed Donkey Crease off of Alex’s finger and threw him down and stomped on him.

“You can’t be a hero!” He laughed.

“At least I’m not a villain!” Shouted Alex.

I wanted to uppercut Bert so badly, but I played back what Alex had just said. 

“At least I’m not a villain.”

If I did atack Bert, would I even be Better than him?

“We can be heroes.” I said, “Come on, Alex. Wanna play some video games or something?”

“But Bert!” He shouted.

“Are we even better than him if we attack him?” I asked.

“Oh…“ Alex said.

“Oh, blah blah blah…” said Bert.

“Come on, let’s play Super Smash Bros.” He said.

“What? No, we have to fight!” Screamed Bert.

“No, we really don’t.” Me and Alex said.

Diddy Crease

By Alex

Tim came home a little after us. He just looked at us, then went to his room.

“Hey, so you know who Diddy Kong is right?” Thomas asked me.

I paused Super Smash Bros.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Well, I was thinking maybe I could be your sidekick.” He said, “Diddy Crease!” 

“I don’t know if I’ll even continue being Donkey Crease, quite honestly.” I said.

Quite honestly, I felt it brought drama into my life. My brother hates me now. And, to be honest, I kind of hate him too.

“You will.” He said, handing me his own Donkey Kong, “I made it the day you told me Tim made you one. Here, take it.” He said, passing me the puppet.

“Thanks!” I replied.

Thomas took out some paper and folded it into a Diddy Kong puppet. Quite honestly, I probably will continue to be Donkey Crease. Rapids Middle School is in a dark time. I must become Donkey Crease.

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  1. guys I’m sorry for writing this. forgive me for my sins

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