By- Seyla Solstice

It was a calm Sunday night. The family diner was filled with people from all over Athens talking about their day to day lives. Some people clung together chatting about the news while others were paying attention to the trees swaying in the wind. I looked over to my friend and roommate, Jude Decassius.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked, getting him out of his head.

“The people. It’s been some time since I have seen so many in one spot.” He commented.

Athens was going through a primarily covid-free renaissance while the rest of the world seemed to burn around it. It was oddly calming.

“Agreed.” I said as I approached our server. 

“How many tonight?” They asked.

“Two,” Jude said.

They nodded and led us through the people. Once we sat down I noticed how silent Jude was becoming. His face dropped down, as if his eyes were about to start drawing. I tapped him on the shoulder. 

“Hmm?” He mumbled.

“Lighten up pal. We take another step towards the future tomorrow.”

He paused for an eternity.

“I can’t help but feel like what happens next with our new apprenticeships will change everything.” he finally said.

I looked at the waiter and held up two fingers. He simply nodded and poured us glasses of water. I took my mug and clinked it with his.

“To changing everything then.” I said.


We drank to this. I set my almost full glass back down and looked at Jude who finished his off. I knew where this depressing attitude was coming from. Origami had seemingly made both of us the worst possible versions of ourselves. And right as we hit rock bottom we had someone come and pull us out, Dove Macleash. The same Dove who had left for home a few years back.

I took another swig while Jude ordered another glass. 

It was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to the person who single-handedly ‘saved’ us. His words echoed in my heart.

“I do not exaggerate when I say that I will miss every one of you.”

I took another swig. I placed my hand on my shoulder and felt the stress rippling underneath. I shook my head and painfully forced myself to enjoy the moment. It’s what he would want me to do.

I looked over to Jude, his head was wobbling from side to side.

“You ok man?” 

“I WAS GREAT!” He yelled.

I got up and paid the tab.

“I WAS GLORIOUS!” He yelled again.

I slung his arm around me and started towards the door. Right as we were about to leave he yelled one last thing.


This got everyone’s attention. I rushed him out the door while getting some strange looks; two of them were from a man and a woman who looked really similar to our employers.

Harald Refuses to Live a uiet life.
  By- Hilda Muhammed

“So. How are we feeling now?” Mr. Coley asked Harald.

He twiddled his thumbs; this simple gesture was a common sight at these Monday meetings.

“Better than when I entered.” He said.

Mr. Coley quickly shot me a look and went back to taking notes on the session.

“Thank you for your time Harald, if you could please step outside now that would be great.”

Once he closed the door Mr. Coley proceeded to place his face against it to check if he was still there. After some time he finally nodded.

“What is your prognosis?” I asked.

“The state of your cousin right now seems to be the same as last time. Has he been acting any certain way towards his new roommate?”

“No, He and Polnareff appear to be non-hostile towards each other. In fact they don’t talk to one another at all.”

Mr. Coley quickly inhaled through his teeth.

“Try to get them to socialize. The quicker he and this new guy get along will directly affect how he feels internally.” he suggested, “try to do a movie night.”

I nodded while the silence in the room started to get stale.

“If you are wondering, Polnareff and I have been getting along fine.” I told him.

“What do you mean by getting along?” He asked.

“We mind each other’s space. Although it might be because he accidentally saw some of my more feminine stuff.”

“I- I have no clue how to take that.”

I silently nodded.

“I still think that you bunking with your cousin is a bad idea but who am I to defy the school.” he muttered.

He then turned to look at me.

“Please for once can you not ask.” I knew what was coming.

“Have you visited your mom?”

He knew I hated that question so I got up and walked out of the counselor building. 

Ever since “the fall”, Caesar has been in a state of disarray. The teachers keep on telling us kids that we need to talk to each other and the staff about how we are feeling. (hence the rise in counselor activity) I signed up Harald for it because I knew that it had to have been affecting him after he beat up his old room mate. We were walking through the courtyard that was in between all of the courhorts when I accidentally bumped into Harald. He looked over his shoulder and back to Mallory. She was standing on top of an impromptu stage.

“We must never forget about what happened to Chase.” she pointed to the tower. “What happened was an absolute travesty that will shake up the school forever.”

I looked at the crowd, most of them had their heads down while others were crying. I looked at Harald to see if anything was happening with him but he seemed unphased.

“Hey Mallory!” He suddenly yelled out.


“I don’t know about the others around me but I can see right through you. So how about you hop off your high horse and eat its [REDACTED]!” Harald yelled to her.

Everyone looked at him.

“What, I’m just saying what I think.”

Some people swatted at him but he just shrugged it off and walked away.

Candidate arrival
By- Mike Coley

I was watching the back entrance’s unwavering steel gates. Carol Bopa silently walked up behind me.

“They will be here soon.”

I nodded and walked to the grass. Their applications were simply phenomenal for a job like this one. The shutter of the gate opening made me refocus my attention. The black doors of the van from the Caesar fleet revealed our applicants. A woman who was my height and a man with a scrawny build and a miserable look on his face. I recognised them instantly.

“I wish that this was our first time meeting.” I told them both. “But sadly it is not.”

They paused and understood. Ms. Bopa took out a clipboard.

“Seyla Solstice and Jude Decassius?”

“Present.” they said in unison.

“Good, the tour will start now.”

Ms. Bopa was the leader of our group. While she was telling them about the quirks of the school she was also reminding them of their job. I was in the back, shadowing Jude. He looked over his shoulder and stopped outside of the science hall.

“Can I help you?” he asked, a twinge of annoyance was in his voice.

“You don’t get to be annoyed.” I told him.

At this point both Seyla and Ms. Bopa stopped to look at us.

“And why is that?”

“Because you just tossed the school into jeopardy with your stunt at Applebees. You’re so lucky that there were no kids there last night. You do know that Norse Mythology is an extremely touchy subject here right?” I scolded him.

“What do you mean?” He asked me.

“You will find out one of these days.” I said as I walked to my office.

None of us are the Top Gun
By- Harald Koenig

I was watching Top Gun with Polnareff Ami and Hilda Muhammed. Tom Cruise’s character had just walked into frame. The way he stood reminded me of that total [REDACTED] named Mallory.

“This is what I call a target rich environment.”

“This is the best part.” Polnareff said enthusiastically as he tossed a chocolate covered raisin in his mouth.

“You wanna know who the best is?” Goose said to Maverick, “That’s him, Iceman.”

“YES.” Polnareff yelled as he paused the tv.

I lamly moved my head to look at him while he began to rant on about how well this character was written. My phone silently buzzed against my thigh. I held it up and saw a text from Hilda.

“You think he has friends aside from us?”

I decided that the answer would be better if It came from him and not me.

“Hey Pol.” I called out.

He paused and looked at me.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“Are we your friends?” I knew I came off as rude, I often do, but I ment this question with good intent.

“Yeah you guys are! You guys are my best friends. But to be honest, I could go for some more.”

Me and Hilda whent silent as he continued to rant.

“Same.” I silently mumbled as I rolled over.

The first incident
By- Hilda Muhammed

My alarm didn’t wake me up this time, It was the people. They were loud and a bit annoying. I pulled a jacket over my cold body and walked outside. At the end of the hallway our room entered was a quote, sprayed onto the wall. 

“I am Loki, And I have been burdened with glorious purpose.”

This simple act was huge. It meant that a new pantheon had, or was trying to, make its way into the school. I looked back to Harald who seemed almost happy with himself. I didn’t get the chance to ask him why because the crowd was split by Mr. Coley who was making a b-line to us. 

“Harald. Go to detention right now.” He announced.

I wanted to argue but I was stopped before I started.

“We have you on camera. Just go to detention while I try to reason with the principal. Perhaps we can work something out.” He said to Harald


I walked into the detention room with Polnareff (He had cussed out a hall monitor with the sole goal of coming here.) and we sat next to Harald. He looked a little worried which was pretty surprising. His eyes would occasionally dart to the door frame, each time they returned I knew there was no one there but this time they stuck. I turned my head and saw Mallory and she looked furious. 

“Are there any more like you!” She shouted.

Harald wasn’t having it so he flipped her off. She grabbed his fist and slammed it into the table.

“Answer me!” She yelled again.

“Piss off!” Polnareff yelled as he swung.

Mallory dogged and punched him in the gut.

“I will find the others. I swear to god I will.” She then walked out.

Her actions were getting more sporadic and violent. I knew that I had to keep a closer eye on her. So, without thinking, I turned on my camera and tossed my phone into her purse.

Sporadic ramblings with a side of PTSD
By- Jude Decassius

Right after the tour of the multiple buildings I was told to wait in Mr. Coley’s office because someone had apparently vandalized the wall. After some time I decided that I better ‘listen to nature’s call’ so I got up and headed for the door. Right as I was about to leave the door swung open and Mr. Coley jaunted in. He clapped his hands sarcastically and leaned against his desk.

“I’m man enough to know when I’m wrong.” He said in between a few hollow chuckles.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Some kids were at Applebees that night. And they just so happen to have no respect for this fine institution.”

He then slid photos of the scene to me.

“The gods are going to be in a true tiz about this.” He said, wiping the sweat from his forehead away.

“I hate to be that guy. But what do you mean by ‘gods’” I asked.

He looked at me like I was some goof but then it dawned on him that I was ‘out of the loop’.

“Oh, some kids made little finger puppets based on this popular book series and it really took off!” He said, sounding fairly happy.

It was at that moment that a wave of unkillable memories hit me like a stone ocean. My legs turned to jelly as my skin got ice cold. My breathing began to feel constricted as my eyesight blurred. I was having a panic attack.

“Y’know. I did something similar when I was their age-, hey. HEY!” Mr. Coley yelled at me as he lifted me off the floor.

“You good man? And who’s Dove?” He asked, I must have been mumbling.

“Dove? He’s-” I paused, I could feel the hammering of tears as the thunder of memories rolled over me once more, “He’s a nobody. I’m fine.”

“Good to hear because we have a meeting with the vandal tomorrow.” Mr. Coley informed me.

The actions of Mallory
By- Mallory Leavings (recorded and written by Hilda Muhammed)

What I saw was fuzzy and dim. But it was enough to make me squirm. Above the double wooden doors a ten was engraved in stone. As she entered the common room the camera was flooded with darkness. As it adjusted the room got more detailed, TV’s lined the extended walls (the walls had been expanded because of the donors express command.) as people watched whatever was on them. On the far end of Cohort ten there was a massive fire instead of a TV; a large black chair faced it. As Mallory reached the chair a hand quickly wrapped around her throat.

“Lou sends his regards.” it’s owner hissed as his breath caked her neck “this is going to feel good.”

Right as he was going to slap her another, larger, hand grabbed his torso and ripped him off her. He then scurried up but it was too late because the other man drop kicked him; his body ragdolled over the chair and landed by the fire. After a few minutes he jolted up and ran off, screaming about how his hand was on fire.

“Sorry about him.” The mystery figure apologized “He just had a bad breakup.”

“David ‘Lou’ Balena Dolore.” Mallory said in an ill monotone.

“Heir to the Balena Dolore Hair Product company, at your service.” He said with a sickening smile as he single handedly lifted the chair back up and sat on it. 

“I need you to do me a favor.” She said.

“Last time you asked that of me it was the best night of my life. How can I help you?” He said, leaning back.

“I need you to trail Hilda Muhammed and her brother Harald Koenig. Besides, I hated that night.” She defended herself.

“Really?! Because as far as I know you couldn’t come up for air.”

I couldn’t see her face but I could tell that she was flushed.

“Ju- Just shut up! And do your job!” She yelled.

“Yes ma’am.” he said, cackling as she walked away.

Round 2
By- Harald Koenig

I woke up, got ready and walked out the door. As soon as I let go of the handle I walked to detention because right in front of our door there was another Loki Scene and I was the prime suspect. As I turned to walk away a shred of paper caught my eye, on it was part of a word that I couldn’t hope to make out. All it said was ‘-encing’. Since it was the dawn of morning I decided to just sit against the wall. I knew that I had a meeting with Mr. Coley and some new interns but I decided that this needed to happen first. I closed my eyes in the hopes that time would just slip by but that didn’t happen. I felt my leg get nudged so I reopened my eyes to look at the fool with that much gaul.

“Hey Mr. Coley.” I looked over and greeted the other, familiar, man, “Sup Mr. Applebees.”

“Har har har.” the other person faux chuckled.

“Listen Harald. We know you didn’t do this one. So I got a proposition.” Mr. Coley offered.

“All ears.”

“You help us nab the second Loki and you walk scott free. Now I know about the whole snitches thing bu-” He was stopped.

“Deal.” I said, extending my hand.

Sunday, Monday, Happy days.
By- Polnareff Ami

Today was good, well, aside from the continued graffiti it was good. It was now lunch and I was in a pretty good mood. (Sitcom intros can do that to a man.) I saw my best chums Harald and Hilda chatting about something so I sat across from them.

“Hey Pols!” Hilda said with her usual chirp.

“Hey Hilds!” I greeted her with equal enthusiasm.

“Sup Harald.” I greeted my friend who seemed unusually happy.

“Not much man. I got this sweet deal with some councilors; if I catch this fake Loki I walk away scott free!” He said, a smile stretched across his face.

“That’s great. Yeah, that’s great.” I said.

Right as I was going to eat, a meaty hand pulled me away from my seat. I looked up to see this total douche, Lou, threaten my friends. I wasn’t going to have it so I jumped up and decked him across his jaw.


I clutched the bag of ice to my face and looked at the floor. Today was perfect up until lunch. 

“Pol, Polnareff.” Ms. Bopa called my name.

I looked up at her. 

“That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.” I responded.

“See what I mean Seyla? He reminds me of my sister Becky.” Ms. Bopa said to the other person in the room.

“I’ll take your word for it.” She said.

“Now Polnareff,” Ms. Bopa said, getting ready to guilt trip me, “where has this sudden violence come from? Is it the puppets?”

“Puppets?” Seyla asked but Ms. Bopa waved it off.

“No. It’s not the fricken puppets. It’s about this man who is about to become a serious pain in the back.”

“About to?” Seyla asked.

“I’ve said too much.” I got up.

Before I knew it Ms. Bopa had placed herself in the doorway.

“If you leave I will just give you detention. And if you dodge that I will always have my eyes on you.” She warned.

“Ok Heimdal. Mind moving now?” I said while advancing.

Balloon what?
By- Hilda Muhammed
(Hilda’s comment: this is pretty short but it matters in the long run)

As I finished my test on subatomic particles I spotted a pen on the floor. Using the awesome excuse naturally given to me because I am a lady I headed to the restroom, and it. I kneeled down and scooped it up, just to keep walking. As I headed down the hall I noticed a rise in propaganda. Think, dictator uncle sam, and they all had the same message. ‘Loki bad, school good’. I stopped to face one on the restroom door, this one had more detail. It showed the outline of Mallory standing in front of someone’s body. Above them was another outline of seemingly Tom Hiddleston  who was laughing his [REDACTED] off.

    I clenched my fist until something clicked, literally. I looked down and saw that the pen had ejected a plastic bag that was trying in a vein to attempt to inflate. I shoved it into my pocket and looked back up at the wall as a gust of wind blew by; revealing a poster for the fencing club. It showed Polnareff’s warm grin as he held his helmet.

“Huh. It could make a good ‘sorry-you-got-your-[REDACTED]-kicked’ gift.” I mumbled as I headed back to class.

Decassius and some more vandals (duh).
By- Harald Koenig

In between me trying to fall asleep and Mr. Coley finding me, another Loki scene had been found. And it just so happened to be in the lion’s den, the teachers lounge.

“So, Loki.” Jude semi-asked me.

“What about it?” I responded.

“Why him. You know all he does is bring pain right?”

“You talk like you know him personally.”

“It’s- It’s complicated.”

Off the bat I could tell that Jude was hiding something. Like every step forward took him five steps back into a pit of scorpions. I didn’t want to press the fold so I just kept looking at him, trying to figure out the mystery for myself.

“We’re here.” Mr. Coley said with pale enthusiasm.

He propped the door open and when he did Mr. Decassius and I were met with roughly the same look by a majority of the staff: bewilderment. Mr. Decassius took a solemn but shaky breath and pressed on while I was paralised with fear. I must have stood there for a considerable amount of time because Mr. Decassius eventually came back to get me.

“It never gets less complicated if you just stand there. Now come on.” He encouraged me.


“Sooo, any leads?”

“It’s a Loki scene,” I retorted “They don’t have a purpose.”

“No.” Mr. Decassius spoke up “Each thing a Loki does has a purpose. You just have to look at it from another angle.”

“Or you could just cut it out.” someone behind us said.

I turned around and saw the semi-insidious face of Xander. 

“I mean, we all know that it’s you. Just give up and make it easy on yourself.” He continued.

“How did you get in here?” Mr. Coley asked.

“The door was open.” Xander said.

The room stood silent as the tension grew thicker than a nun’s vow.

“This wasn’t me.” I said.

“Well the message shall be sent. I think I’ll use you.” Xander said as he lunged forward. 

I veered left and watched as he face planted into the wall.

“Fine, if not you then I’ll use Hilda. She’s much weaker.” Xander spat.

I slapped him across his weasley jaws and watched as his cheeks lazaly flapped in the wind. He seemed shocked by this action but quickly stepped forward.

Before he got any chance to retaliate Mr. Decassius stepped in and stopped him.

“I oughta reprimand you, both, that is. But i’m giving you this one chance to walk Xander.” He said.

It took Xander a second but he quickly walked away with whatever pride he had left. 

I got a glance at Mr. Coley after this happened and he seemed to be impressed by Mr. Decassius. 

 Hedge cutting
By- David Balena Dolore

I got a message from Mallory, it was quick and simple. 

‘Do it yourself.’

So i figured that i should give those brats a taste of their own medicine in the form of you guessed it. Puppets.

[One ride to a far off Quikpik later]

“Welcome! I’m Francis Dickenson! If i can help you with anything then please do tell!” The manager hollowly chirped.

“Paper. Where.” I spoke.

“Aisle three; next to the manners.”

I didn’t hear that last part, which was a lucky thing for him. Once I had grabbed it and returned we engaged in one heck of an odd chat.

“Paper huh. Not many people come in here to buy only paper.” Francis said with a bluntness to his words.

“It’s for a school project.”

“It’s always for a school project.”

“This might not be a physical fight but you hit like a girl.”

“Girl’s hit pretty hard, let me tell ya’.” he said, grabbing my cash.

“You remind me of Polnareff. Weak and without a backbone.”

“You remind me of Sesar. A thorn in my shoulder that results in five stitches and a week in the hospital.” 

I grabbed the paper and my change. On my way out I told him one last thing.

“Go [REDACTED] yourself.”

Filling in the blanks
By- Francis Dickenson

After he walked out with all of his ‘nice’ words and joy filled mannerisms I pulled out my recorder. 

I knew then that whatever school Polnareff went to was bound for imminent danger. 

Filling in the blanks (part 2)
By- Hilda Muhammed

I swear to whoever made this stupid rock that if Polnareff is the one person to bring my family tree together I will burn a trail from here to Brazil.

It all started with a vague and fear inducing recording. In it there were two people, David and one other. (Pol thinks that it’s the sender.) But it’s the sender thing that I kinda fear; his voice, I recognise it. So I have decided to go and see my mom. 

Personal note: If Mr. Coley ever finds this out; he will never let me live it down.

By- Harald Koenig

I could feel it in my bones. The feeling that everything was starting to end. 

I was hunched over the multiple ‘clues’ that had been left at scenes. 

“Could they be red herrings?” Mr. Coley asked.

“No. Loki does all things with the intent that they won’t go to waste.” Jude spoke up

“Again with talking about Loki like you knew him! I get that you have this idea that you two are the same but after a while the joke gets a bit old!” I shouted.

He looked at me with a glazed stare. This went on for so long that I almost reered up and hit him.

“Clues! Everyone loves them! What do we have so far!” Mr. Coley said, trying to clear the air.

“Well the clues are a bit odd, Chocolate Raisin and a piece of paper that says -encing.” I told them.

“-encing, doesn’t Polnareff fence? Yeah, he does, he’s the team’s ace!” Jude said with a certain cheer.

“It couldn’t be. He’s just not that type of person.” I told them.

“Ok, but doesn’t he eat chocolate raisins?” Mr. Coley asked.

“He does,” someone said, “And he also has an obsession with all of Val Kilmer’s characters.”

I looked at Councilor Bopa. In her hand was a photo of IceMan from Top gun.

“I found this in another Loki scene. I think we got him.” She said,

Filling in the blanks (Part 3)
By- Hilda Muhammed

The Speedwagon Nursing home. Inside was my mom and an army of caretakers (along with some answers; hopefully.) 

I entered the heavyset steel doors and approached the desk.

“Oh! Ms. Muhammed! Your mom will be so pleased to see you!” The nurse said with a bright smile.

“How is she?” I asked while searching for a pen.

I reached into my breast pocket and pulled one out. Once I clicked on the release the flimsy plastic balloon ejected. I looked up at the nurse and gave her a fake smile while I hastily put it away.

“About the same as last time.” The nurse responded, handing me another pen.

“Good to hear. Is she social at all?” I asked while walking with the nurse.

“Not much, however, someone has shown interest in her.” The nurse said while rounding the corner.

We briefly passed the common room. The nurse stopped and pointed at a man in the armchair who was nodding off.

“He looks too young to be here. Around twenty I’d say.” I said.

“I thought the same thing, but he’s actually seventy.” She said.

“And he is the one talking to my mom, right?”

“Mm-hm” she hummed, “Hey there Mr. Gates! How’s it hanging?”

He slowly looked up at us and shot me a smile.

“Quite well dear!” He said.

We then continued off to my mom’s room.

“Here you are Ms. Muhammed. Careful though, I’m sure that you remember but your mom isn’t all there.” The nurse said as she walked back to the front desk.

I opened up my mom’s door and took a step in.

“Is it that time? Medicine?” She asked.

“Mom, Mom; it’s me, your daughter.” I told her.

“So it isn’t.” She said.

She was staring out of the window. Outside of the window was the very top of the school’s various buildings that were hidden among a multitude of trees. The Speedwagon Nursing home was roughly a mile or three away from said school and it was parked on top of Mutsu-Kabe hill. Everything else though was as boring as dirt or linoleum. 

“If your going to stay around for longer than last time then I would like to speak first.” She said.

“Fine by me, so long as you know who you are talking to.” I quipped.

“I regret never saying goodbye. Something that I’m sure your father doesn’t.” She said.

I didn’t show it but that hurt more than anything else I could come up with.

“Mom. I need you to identify a voice.” I told her.

“Why me?”

“Because I think that you might know it better than me.”

“Play it.”

I pulled out the recorder and played it through to completion. Once it was finished I looked at her.

“Have you heard that voice?”

At the end of that sentence my voice started to waver and break.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I spoke, softly at first, “Maybe a ‘nope’ or a ‘never heard it’, heck, i’d even take a slurred bunch of nonsense.”

I felt the warm string of a tear unravel down my face.

“Mom, answer me. Woman. Answer me. Woman, answer me. WOMAN! DAMN YOU WOMAN ANSWER ME ALREADY YOU GRAY SACK OF FLESH!” I yelled those insults at the top of my lungs. Not caring if other people heard me.

She slowly turned towards me. Her face was scrunched as more tears than I could muster rolled down; however her eyes told me another story. 

She felt nothing.

“That voice is Francis Dickenson.” She calmly said through her crooked mouth.

“And it is also your fathers.” She continued.

“What?” I asked in stupor.

“Hilda Muhammed; Francis Dickenson is your father.” She said as she turned to stare out the window.

Then from behind me someone started to clap. I turned around and saw David Balena Dolore.

“What a turn of events!” He said, “But you’re coming with me now.”

The fan gets hit with just about everything.
By- Harald Koenig

I was feeling sick, not nauseous but more of a gut sick. He had been my friend for less than a month but it was a good month of him talking without a point and me not responding. 

“Polnareff! We need to talk!” I said to him

“Hmm~?” He mumbled

“We know your Loki. Just give up and they might go easy on you.”

“Look guys, this is riveting and all but me and my associates have a streak of interrupting during crucial moments; so have a look at this.” Xander said, showing us a video.

On the video was David Balena Dolore in front of a chair. The background of the video showed that it was filmed in the school’s industrial sized freezer. He then moved to the side and more of the chair was revealed. Sitting in it was my cousin Hilda Muhammed, and she was shaking.

“Lou has always wanted to do that. I would recommend you get to the freezer before he starts to enjoy himself.” Xander told us.


Polnareff and I bust into the freezer only to be faced by David and the entirety of his family. 

“Polnareff! Harald! Please hel-!” Hilda shouted as she became gagged.

“Shut it you scrawny brat.” David told her.

“How dare you! Have you no morale?” Polnareff yelled at him.

“How dare me? How dare you for believing that you where good enough to speak to me! Family! Get him!” David yelled as the entirety of his family runned towards us.

“I gotta go.” Polnareff told me as he ran, the Balena Dolore Families not far behind.

“Just me and you now.” I told him.

“Me, you and Laufey” He listed

“Laufey?” I asked

All he did was chuckle as he held up a puppet.

Gwess Balena Dolore’s sword.
By- Polnareff Ami

The training center. My home away from home. I won some of my greatest awards there and lost, well, nothing. But I got the itching feeling that I was about to lose a fencing match for the first time in forever.

I slammed the doors to the center closed and pivoted on my heels so I could face my attackers. On my blind walk back my hand grazed against the glass supply closet which contained the sword I use; knowing what was about to happen I ripped off my sleeve and wrapped it around my fist. With my wrapped fist I punched the closet and shattered it. In the same instance my attackers also broke through the door.


I was bloodied, bruised and most definitely not ok. The woman who lead the assault was named Gwess and she was the third cousin of David. From her moves I could tell that she was an impatient welp who lived off of trust funds, daddies money and trips to the Gulf Shore. But everyone has a weakness and her’s was, well, not much; she was a solid fighter with a build that made me blush. 

“C’mon man, everyone has a weakness. Even that one snot, Paul Stanley, who had a massive- ego.’ I thought to myself

I picked up my sword, Kiss, and clutchet on to it even harder.

“Polnareff! POLNAREFF!” I heard from the audience stands.

In the stands was Ms. Bopa, Jude, Seyla and that one councilor who helps Harald, Mr. Coley.

“Freezer! Go to the freaking freezer and help HarA-!” My own blood curtiling yell cut me off.

I looked at Gwess who had closed the distance in record time, her sword was driven into my shoulder.

“And here I- *kawkgh-* was thinking that I could- *aught-* just mock you and win.” I said, crimson liquid blowing out of my mouth.

As I was slipping back into an odd cold I felt myself get pulled back and to the floor by Ms. Bopa who instantly started to dress the wound. I looked over to Gwess who was now about to engage Seyla (Who was also holding Kiss.)

By- Harald Koenig

Freezers are cold as hell, who would have guessed. But who would have thought that it would make you walk head first into certain pain at the hands of a high testosterone freak. The thin ice cracked and turned to dust under my feet as I walked towards David and his finger doll. He, having seen this, also approached; but faster, much faster. I, not wanting to die, veered to the side and into the white meats aisle. 

    As I was doing this Jude and Mr. Coley entered the freezer. Mr. Coley saw Hilda first and hit the weather moderator, warming up the room to a degree in which the ice melted and some meats started to cook. Jude however thought to protect his ‘investment’, me. 

    Through the various melting meats and brutish swings I saw the form of Jude rush towards me, soon enough he was right behind David. But somehow he could sense this. So then David reared back and grabbed Jude by his collar and flung him at me which knocked us both to the ground.

    Mr. Coley was untieing Hilda from her cold prison.

“Are you ok?” He asked her.

“Harald. Take. this. To. Harald.” She said while holding out the balloon pen. Its hole has been repaired with a quickly melting sheet of ice.

I nodded and headed off.

    I was no longer cold, which was uncharacteristic of a freezer, but I was miserable. I looked at my chest where the equally miserable and currently bleeding body of Jude. to my left was- Mr. Coley?!
He slid me a pen then he gestured for me to open it. Slowly I reached for it then I watched as an overly excited and most definitely broken balloon escaped as fast as it could.

“Oh my god!” David yelled, clutching his gut.

“What? Is that supposed to be your last ditch attempt?!” He yelled in between choked laughs.

“Nope!” Someone behind him said.

“Huh? Mr. Coley?” He said dumbfounded.

Then the absolutely unexpected happened.

Mr. Coley hit David Balena Dolore on the back of the head with a frozen solid cow leg.  

“Mr. Coley?? Are you crying?” I yelled.

“It’s Mike Coley! And these are angry tears!” He shouted.

I looked up at him in a dumbfound stupor. Who was this man?

Everyone has evil secrets
By- Harald Koenig

The four of us walked into the training center. I looked at the blood spread out around Polnareff’s body, Ms. Bopa was over him.

“Is he-?” Hilda asked.

“Dead? No, I can’t die.” Polnareff said as he tried to get up.

Ms. Bopa forced him back down.

“Easy Pol; Gwess narrowly avoided an artery so any major movement could literally kill you.” she said, “Gah, you remind me of this dude my sister used to date, I think his name was Carter.”

“Anywho; Polnareff, we know that you are the Loki who has been vandalizing the school.” Mr. Coley told him.

“Before you deliver your divine wrath can I at least explain why I did it?” Polnareff asked.

“Normally we would have to pressure you but if you insist. Go for it.” Jude said plainly.

“I did it because I wanted friends. When Harald did the first one I saw the crowd it drew in, and I wanted that. So I carried it on, leaving clues behind so that people would find me and join so that I would have a pantheon of friends.” Polnareff said, “But now I realize that the title brings nothing but negative people and pain.”

“Well what are we going to do now? The people know that the Norse gods have a presence here and the active OriGods like Xander and Mallory want them gone, or six feet under. So with this in mind what is to happen if another Loki shows up, they could get seriously hurt.” Hilda pointed out.

“Well Mr. Coley and I already talk to a large number of students so we could just get a good idea of who is in danger that way. Heck, we could even act as Heimdal figures.” Ms. Bopa offered.

“Leave the Heimdal-ing to me. After all, it would look a little child-ish to see two adults with, y’know, puppets.” Polnareff said, “And it may even help with the whole ‘on the right track’ thing.”

“Heh, childish. But sure! It sounds like a good idea.” Mr. Coley said.

“Now our last problem, Xander and Mallory.” Polnareff said from the floor.

“I could help.” Jude spoke.

“Wait, you aren’t really considering-” Seyla said.

“Seyla, out of all of us here we both have the most experience when it comes to fighting gods. And you refuse to fight which is understandable and in my case I’ve been known to make them chase their own tail. So in this case I would make them chase.” Jude explained.

We all looked at him and Seyla, waiting for them to continue.

“Wait, are you seriously comparing yourself to Loki, again. Because if you are then i’ll burn you and the applebees where this all started.” I threatened.

“You poor, deaf and naive child. The thing that you don’t understand is that I rarely joke, and so that means that every tidbit about Lokis was candid because-” Jude said.

“It came from the source.” I finished

“You’re absolutely right child. Afterall, I. AM.”


By- Hilda Muhammed

We were back in our room having another movie night. This time it was Tombstone starring, you guessed it, Val Kilmer. Polnareff was on his bed with Harald as they were sharing snacks that they had bought earlier. I was leaning on my bedpost silently watching. Although it was a bit weird seeing as Mr. Coley was also there. I looked over at him and gave a light wave; he also returned the gesture. Suddenly a knock came from the door.

I opened it lightly and saw a Speedwagon Nursing Home worker with a bag.

“Uh, Hi?” I said to them.

“Hello! Are you Hilda Muhammed?”  

“Yes. I am.” I responded.

“Then here. It’s from your mom.” He handed me the bag and walked away.

I closed the bag and looked inside. The first thing I saw was a note. 

“Hilda, I would like to apologize. After our meeting I knew that if I kept on acting like I had with you a rupture would form between us that would drive us apart indefinitely. So I talked to your father for the first time in a long time about what I could do to prevent that. He recommended that I give you these.”

In the bag was the complete Magnus Chase book set along with four puppets. They were Heimdal, Alex Fierro and Samirah al-Abbas along with a Loki. (which I promptly threw away.)

As for a makeup gift it was fairly bad but after all, it was the thought that counts.


These amazing characters will return once more. hopefully 

  1. Listen. Between you and me? I am just winging it, all of Fold 3 so far has just been me coming up with stuff on the spot. I know what beats I want, and I know what’s important to me. But this Fold has been so hectic, you know? Idk what I’m really doing

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