Novagami and Adam Papercut


Novagami and Adam Papercut
Written by SF Hades



Written by *UNKNOWN*


I won’t tell you who I am or what I know, but I work for F.O.L.D and I am in charge of documenting everything about the war between Wheeler and Kirby. 

Novagami and Adam Papercut may seem to be self contained and not war-related. You’re wrong. 

I believe that Adam Papercut will play an important role in the future of stopping this war. However, there are things you don’t know. This case file may lead you to believe that Dane P. Jackson is the first person to wield Adam Papercut, but again, you’d be wrong. 

It’s just that every person who used this puppet turned evil and was expelled. That in itself might be one of the reasons this war has lasted this long. 

Dane is our only hope before the two schools destroy each other.


The Man Called Novagami 

By Amias Hill (Transcribed by Dane P. Jackson) 


Okay – is this thing on? 

So, Dane is making this case file thing and I was like “Isn’t this some OrigAvenger thing?” and he was like “just talk into the dang thing!” and I was like “fine!”

So, here I am writing this thing. Well, I’m not really writing it – I’m speaking into this recorder thing that I bought off of eBay and Dane is going to write it down for me.

A little about me: I am a member of the Wheeler JROTC, which means I learn about morality and stuff. It is pretty much a military camp built into our school. 

At our school, some students also have a weird obsession with ori-ori-gomi-origami. We do it here, making Marvel heroes and villains, and the kids at our rival school Kirby do the same thing. It is pretty fun, but up until recently I thought it was a thing for nerds.

Our school actually has a good amount of ‘heroes’ in it. Some notable ones include: Dove MacLeash a.k.a. Thorigami, Kurt Blum a.k.a. Paper Ray Bill, myself a.k.a. Novagami, Dane P. Jackson a.k.a. Adam Papercut and others. Mostly heroes from space.

It it pretty intense, but to think: I almost never joined this chaotic mess.


Dane’s comment: So, to try and respect the true method of these stories we will have comments written by some people and I chose myself and Charli to comment on this collection of files.


Charli’s comment: NONE


The Origins of Novagami and Adam Papercut!

Written by Dane P. Jackson 


I was a new kid at Wheeler. The first person I met was Amias. He was a member of the JROTC and it was his duty to introduce me to this school.

Immediately when I walked in, I was surprised because this room reminded of an elementary school classroom! The desks were pushed together into groups of 4 and we got to pick our desks.

The only seats open was right by Amias and this girl with brown hair and blue highlights. She seemed like an average emo kid. There was also this girl who was blonde and seemed like your stereotypical cheerleader. Then, there was Amias. He was such a nice guy! 

He introduced me to the people at the table. Charli was the emo girl, but the thing is, she wasn’t emo at all! She was really nice and pretty smart. She had an IQ similar to mine (ex. Dane’s IQ=138 charli’s IQ =115). We were both Marvel fans. 

Next, there was Kelly Riders, Amias’ girlfriend. She was nice. 

Me and Charli hit it off really fast and nerded out over Marvel movies. She told me about this school’s obsession with origami Marvel finger puppets. I was really into it. At first, I folded an origami Iron Man, but she told me he was taken by some guy named Kent, I think? Wait, no, it was Clark. 

Then she told me about how the OrigAvengers formed and who they were. I was in awe of these people. Well, I wanted to be original and start an origami group about my favorite cartoon show Gravity Falls! It was, to say the least, not very well-received. So, I made a finger puppet of a slightly obscure marvel character:

Adam Warlock, a.k.a. ADAM PAPERCUT

I asked Amias If he wanted to join me, but he said, and I quote, “No! I’m way too busy doing JROTC stuff.”

Which reminds me; did I tell you that my older brother Jason is also a member of the Wheeler JROTC? From my point of view, it seems like all this school’s JROTC does is introduce new students and to try and stop the war between our school and Kirby. Personally, I feel like the OrigAvengers are enough. 

When I got home I showed my brother Adam Papercut. He then tried to fold a Novagami (Using my notebook paper!). Then he decided to give everyone on his JROTC squad different Nova puppets. Amias just so happened to get Richard Rider, the most powerful human Nova. My brother called himself and his squad The Novagami Corps. (Good name, btw).


Dane’s comment: This was the day I met my one true love.


Charli’s comment: This was the day I met my one true love.



By Amias hill (Transcribed by Charli Storm ) (Amias’ Note: Dane was too embarrassed to write this.)


Okay, so today when I got to school after the weekend I saw Dane and Charli holding hands! It was insane, man. Kelly pointed it out to me and this was Novagami’s reaction (really, just mine) was, “Well, guess the comrade’s got a comrade.” I really like that guy/puppet.

When I asked Dane about it he just said “Well, I asked if she wanted to go watch Avengers: Endgame and she said yes.” He also said that she cried more than the average person does at that part (Dane’s Note: No spoilers, man!), 

“When I asked her ‘what’s wrong’, she said she didn’t want to talk about it. Later, she asked me if I had a copy of Iron man. Then, we rewatched all the Marvels movies I had!”

I was shocked. I said, “You watched all of that in under 2 days?!” 

He just shrugged. “If you go 27 hours without sleep, then yeah.” 

I was in awe of this guy and the fact that he could get a girl to do this with him.


Dane’s comment: NONE


Charli’s comment: NONE


How the Date Went 

By Charli Matilda Storm


Dane asked me if I wanted to watch Avengers: Endgame with him at the theater. I said yes. I cried at the part where (Dane’s Note: Again, spoilers!) for reasons I will not disclose. 

Once we were done we rewatched all the marvel movies and afterwards we talked forever about what we thought about Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Then, he asked if I wanted to go out with him. I said, “Aren’t we already?” 

“Yeah, I guess,” he replied. I tell you what, that kid is such an adorable nerd . 


Dane’s comment: It is good to know that you have a high opinion of this date, because I did as well.


Charli’s comment: ^


Our First Real JROTC mission!

By Amias (Transcribed by Dane.) 


Me and my squad were on patrol when we saw a group of four kids with Wrecking Crew puppets smashing a bunch of bikes that the students rode to school. When we confronted them, one of them shouted at us, “Go away!” 

We had just about had it with this guy’s idiocy. I tried to subdue him only for him to shove me off. I hit my head really hard on the sidewalk. I was nearly knocked out. 

Everything was blurry. Then, I saw a silhouette of a man standing over me. I tried to attack but when I saw who it was I stopped. It was Jason, Dane’s brother! 

He helped me up and we talked for a bit. He’s a really nice guy. We talked about girls, football, food. Typical guy stuff, y’know? I think he’s probably my favorite member on my squad. 


Dane’s comment: But, little did we know…


Charli’s comment: Things get real intense in the next few chapters so put on you safety goggles!


To Catch a Thief

By Amias (Transcribed by Dane.) 

Someone had been stealing technology from the classrooms, and as a member of the JROTC it was my duty to find out who did it. 

The security cameras caught a tall man about Dane’s size, with unruly hair also like Dane’s – but it was definitely not Dane himself. So, to figure out who it was, I contacted the greatest detective in Madison County history: the amazing Howard the Duct-Tape!


Dane’s comment:️‍


Charli’s comment:️‍


(This goes back and forth for 3 more pages.)


Triple Date 

Written by Kelly Riders


Amias was stressed out about this whole thing. Jason was acting a little bit weird, and Amias was acting pretty unstable. Charli was very busy having to deal with Dane, so I realized I had to become the group’s peacekeeper. 

I convinced Charli and Dane to go on a double date with me and Amias. Jason asked if he can bring his girlfriend Jessica and we said yes. We decided to go to Dane and Jason’s house, which was HUGE! 

Okay, maybe not that big but still it was pretty big . We watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Amias had a grin on his face, and Dane laughed like a maniac throughout the whole movie. He got every reference and Easter egg! He’d probably watched it at least 14 times before! 

Later, Amias and Jason went to watch football in Dane’s room. Jason made sure Amias didn’t go into his room because it was a mess. So, the rest of us just sat in the living room. All 3 of us girls and…Dane. 

I asked if he wanted to go watch football with the guys, and he replied, “I fail to see what is so amusing about a bunch of strong guys fighting over a ball.” 

Then I said, “Yeah, I guess I agree.” 

“So, wanna watch the original three Spider-Man movies?” Dane suggested. 

Me and Jessica groaned. Charli smiled. Then, me and Jess went into the basement to watch normal-people stuff .


Dane’s comment: This was fun. 


Charli’s comment: Somehow, Peter Parker Dancing feels even more cursed and cringey than it did as a child.


Dane’s other comment: I know, right!?


(This pretty much becomes a Raimi trilogy discussion thread amongst 2 people.)


Detective Mumbo Jumbo

Written by Howard the Duct-Tape 


I’m not going to tell you my real name because I choose to remain anonymous. But, I will tell you what I know. 

I was always obsessed with two things: Marvel and forensics. When I found out that they were doing Marvel origami, I decided to fold an origami detective. A more obscure character I must say: Howard the Duck. Because a bunch of other puppets had puns for names I decided to add a pun to mine, so instead of Howard the Duck, I am Howard the Duct-Tape. Because, my puppet is made out of duct tape. Now, onto the mystery.

The silhouette of this man appeared to be similar to Dane P. Jackson, our first clue. 

Second clue: an Adam Warlock puppet, or as it is known, Adam Papercut, was left behind on the crime scene. The finger puppet was in the computer lab and had fingerprints that matched exactly to Dane Jackson’s. With all the evidence, this all adds up to the fact that Dane is most likely guilty of this crime. But one question still remains: What would his motive be ?

A quick look into the schools files would tell you . On Dane’s profile in the mental disability section It states Dane as being mildly troubled, and that he’d had several petty crimes like shoplifting attributed to him.

He is also super smart. If you watch his work in the computer lab you can see he has created his own working search engine that is more efficient than Bing and Yahoo. This means that he would be intelligent enough to pull off this crime.

The timeline of events is like this: Dane Jackson steals technology from the computer lab so he can work on his own project. He feels that he is doing the right thing, because he is all there mentally and doesn’t know right from wrong.

I came back to Amias with my evidence.

“Wow, you’re just a little kid,” Amias said when he saw me.

“I’m in middle school, jerk,” I said, handing him my evidence folder. “I go to Goodman.”

“Are you even old enough to know who Howard the Duck is?” Amias asked.

“Just take the evidence and leave me alone,” I said.

It’s not easy being the smartest detective in Goodman, Kirby or Wheeler. 


Confronting Dane

By Amias (Sorry If I misspell some things, I don’t have Dane to transcribe this.)


It was dark and raining. Me, Charli, and Kelly were about to confront Dane with our knowledge. Here is how things went: 

(Amias’ Note: Here’s who to keep track of: ME=Me, DA=Dane, CA=Charli, KE=Kelly.)

ME: We know what you did, Dane.

DA: And what exactly did I do?

CA: I trusted you, babe! I never thought you’d do such a thing!

KE: I didn’t know you very well, but I at least thought you had a good heart, you- you psycho!

DA: Listen, I don’t even know what’s going on, but I don’t remember doing anything bad enough to get this much attention.

ME: The principal is going to get you soon enough. You’re going to be going to detention for a long time buddy! 

Principal walks into the room
Drags DA away

Amias pulls out Novagami

Novagami: This is for the thousands of megabytes stolen by your hand. This is the Novagami Corps!


My Adventures in Detention

written by Dane, in a closet. 


You’re probably wondering about a lot of things; how and why I’m in a closet tied up and why I stole the computers.

For the first two questions, I’ll tell you later.

For the third: I didn’t steal anything, or at least not anything of worth or computers. You’re probably wondering, if I didn’t do this, then who did? You’ll also find out who did in the next chapter. 

I have to tell you about my interesting time in detention. 

Everyone there looked about 20 years older than me and had hair everywhere. They were all at least 2 feet taller than me, and just so you know, I’m 6 foot 3! These guys were giants! 

Meanwhile, I was tall but I’m also pretty scrawny. All of those boys looked like they were raised on the street by wolves, but then the wolves were brutally murdered and then the killer of those wolves raised them! 

I had to get out of there before one of them killed me. I asked to go to the bathroom praying to Zeus himself (not really) that the teacher would fall for it.

She did.


I Learn the Harsh Truth

By Dane


After running like a soul with Cerberus chasing me, I came to a stop. I saw a guy wearing a mask of that bug guy from Toy Story 3 and behind him were 2 huge guys who look like they are fresh out of detention.

They blocked my way out. The Man with the Bug Mask identified himself as Annihilus. No pun name or anything. 

He told me that he was the one who’d stolen the tech. I tried to sucker-punch this guy, but he dodged really quickly like he’d expected it. I tried to kick him. Dodge, once again. I did manage to rip his mask off and you will never believe who it was. 

Jason Jackson, my brother.

After I figured out who he was, he told me that I knew too much and sent his goons to tie me up and throw me into the janitor’s closet. I am writing this with my mouth. Please help. Bring food and water. 


Charli’s Detective Adventure

Written by Charli


I was beginning to feel sad about Dane being in detention, and after looking back at the old chapter something didn’t quite seem to add up. So I asked Howard the Duct-Tape about and he seemed to act a bit suspicious about the whole ordeal. 

Later I stole the Adam Papercut puppet from Howard’s file and looked at it more closely. I went to the chemistry lab right after school and looked for my own clues. Yes, there were Dane’s fingerprints, but there were also fingerprints that perfectly match Jason’s. 

Also, I noticed that Dane and Jason have a very similar silhouette. It also explains why Jason was so nervous lately. 

I went to Principal Villnueva’s office and she agreed with my evidence. She told me to go get Dane from detention. It was only then that I realized he was missing.

I eventually found did find Dane in one of the janitor’s closet after looking all over the school!

Dane was tied up next to the mop and had a pen in his mouth. He was trying to write something on a scrap of paper. He had a black eye and looked terrible.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?” I said, untying him.

“Man, I was trying to write my will,” he moaned.


Dane’s Guide to Surviving in a Janitor’s Closet for a Couple Hours While Tied Up

By Dane


  1. Don’t be afraid to eat a rat.
  2. Phones give off light. Light gives off heat. So, if you have your phone with you hold it in your mouth and use it to cook stuff.
  3. If it comes to it, you can get a small meal out of your knee. (WHICH I DEFINITELY DIDN’T DO.)(MAY I REPEAT I DEFINITELY DIDN’T.)
  4. Write notes to your loved ones just in case you die.
  5. Learn how to headbutt properly. 


Friends v Friend 

Written by Dane 


The next day we went to go tell Amias all of this information. He didn’t believe us! He denied it and said I was nothing but a psychotic thief…which I’m totally not

I tried to tell him more, he shoved me to the ground. 

I had just about had it with this guy. I jumped on him, knocking him over. He fought back, punches were thrown and I was taking all of them. I may not be very strong, but I am very durable. 

When Principal Villanueva broke us up, she blamed me for jumping on Amias and starting it. I got sent to detention (for the second day in a row) and Amias got off scott-free.


The Battle: Part One

Written by Amias and Dane


DA: I was being dragged to detention, but luckily the day was almost over. In my head I was thinking, “This will be so hard to explain to my mom.”


AC :The principal let me go home early for 3 reasons:

  1. I had had a long day.
  2. I walked home, anyways.
  3. The day was almost over.

But, as soon as I walked out, I was tapped on the shoulder. It was Jason!


AC: Hey, you won’t believe what your brother accused you of.


JA: Yeah… he accused me of stealing the computers, correct?


AC: What nonsense, right?


JA: Yeah… about that…


AC: What?


JA: It’s true…


AC: …


(JA held up his hands, trying to calm me down)


JA: Now don’t freak out, okay?


I punched him in the face. He stammered a bit before he returned the favor. We both had bloody noses while I had a black eye.


ME: I trusted you!


JA: I didn’t want to do this, you know?


ME:  …


JA: Now, let me explain. This school is still going through a petty war. Last year, a student at this school used a computer to hack Kirby’s test scores. This very computer, no less! So, I stole it and I am planning on ending this war by sabotaging the other side of it. This war needs to be Annihilated, so in true Marvel fashion I created a virus called Annihilus and a puppet to go with it.


ME: But why frame you brother for all of this?


JA: Because he’s a brat, duh! And when people saw that he’d done petty theft and stuff like that before, they’d immediately think it was him!

I kicked him right in the stomach and punched him. Or, I tried to. He dodged both.

After that failed miserably he pounded me on the ground. I had the wind knocked out of me, I felt sore all over. Jason smirked and walked away.


The Battle: Part Two 

Written by Dane


I watched from the detention room as Amias was beat up by my own brother. It was horrific! I immediately burst out of the detention room, which caused a bit of a ruckus. 

The hall monitor caught me. His name was Adrian and he seemed like a nice guy. He had an origami character taped to his shirt but I pushed him out of the way too fast to see. All I could make out were horns.

I ran outside and just as Jason was walking away. I grabbed a stick. I aimed and threw it at him. He turned and looked at me angrily. It was brother vs brother. A paper airplane hit me in the back of the head. Taped to it was Adam Papercut and Novagami.

On the back of Adam Papercut were these words:


Go get em tiger



It was time to face my brother. With Adam Papercut in hand and Novagami in my pocket, I …ran away. I went for my backpack, because I had a slingshot inside of it.

When I got back outside I slung a rock at my brother’s head. As he turned to face me I yelled “Hey, bro! Wassup? Y’know, this is really incriminating!” 

I helped Amias up and handed him Novagami. “Come on, partner,” I said.

Amias smiled and said, “Let’s do this.”

Me and Amias fought Jason with everything we had. We flung rocks at him, tried to hit him and tackled him a few times. He fought back too, though. He had both my brains and Amias’ brawn. He was a very formidable opponent, I must say.

At the end of this all 3 of us had black eyes and bloody noses. Finally, however, we were able to knock Jason into a ditch. He grabbed my slingshot as he fell. Eventually, the police came and dragged him away but he was able to sling one big rock at me. It hit me right in the forehead. I was no longer conscious. 


The Truth Will Set You Free (Or make you cry, one or the other.)

Written by Dane


I was awoken by a welcoming kiss from Charli, on the lips! I was lying on a really soft thing…huh. It was my bed! I was in my room! 

It was just the same as before. My Avengers: Endgame poster was still up. My computer was still in perfect condition. I was home. 

My mother pushed Charli out of the way and gave me a big kiss on the forehead. My mother asked me, “where the #%@! were you!?” 

To which I responded, “Check the local paper.” 

Once my mom left the room Charli asked if she could tell me something. The conversation went like the following


CA: So,remember when I cried during Endgame?


DA: Yeah?


CA: Well, it was because I know what it’s like to lose someone.


DA: Oh…


CA: And, I was really worried I was going to lose you right now.


CA: *starts crying*


DA: *Comforts Charli*


CA: It was my dad, actually. He died when I was really young; like, about the age of Morgan Stark.


DA: I’m so sorry…


CA: It’s okay.


DA: If it makes you feel anybody, I’m here for you. 


CA: You’re so cool. l know it’s in a really long time, but do you wanna see Joker when it comes out?


DA: I would love to.


The Aftermath 

Written by Amias (Transcribed by Dane.)


Ever since we defeated Annihilus, me and Dane were school celebrities. Dane was even offered to join the OrigAvengers but he politely declined.

Dane isn’t being modest at all! He is loving it! Charli began working as an agent of this group called F.O.L.D. and I became head of my JROTC group. After we confronted Howard the Duct-Tape he said he admits that he knew Jason was guilty, but he really was a detective. However, he just couldn’t decline the bribe he was offered by Jason. $100 is a lot of money to a middle schooler.

We decided we would blackmail him so now we have our own personal detective. Life is good!



By Amias 


One of the lesser duties of the JROTC is litter pick-up, which I find to be a bit lame. Why can’t the faculty clean it up? I digress.

Today I was cleaning up the hallway; picking up candy wrappers, dropped papers, whatever. I had a small plastic bag with me that I dropped all the litter into.

One paper caught my eye. It was in the middle of the hallway, pretty obviously dropped by someone who hadn’t noticed that they’d dropped it. I stooped down to pick it up and drop it in my bag, but something stopped me; it looked just like any other paper, but it was simply signed ‘N’.

I reached down, picked it up off of the floor, and unfolded it. It was a note.

‘Everything is in place here, guys. I don’t know how much longer you want to wait, but Wheeler is ready for whatever’s coming. T.H.A.N.O.S. won’t have any trouble here.


I thought about this to myself for awhile. T.H.A.N.O.S.? That didn’t sound good. 

If this was another villain, it seemed like they wanted to attack Wheeler. And whatever this N guy thought, they’d have way more trouble than they expected if I had anything to say about it. 

Novagami and Adam Papercut wouldn’t go down without a fight.


Authors Note and Acknowledgements:


Thank you to Superfolder Noah and Superfolder Camster for helping me through this writing journey. Thank all of you superfolder for accepting me into your community and not performing a satanic ritual where you sell my soul to Dwight! Can we get this story to maybe, I don’t know, two positive comments? Finally, let me tell you something: this is not the last you’ve seen of Annihilus, Novagami, and Adam Papercut.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 HD Clip: Adam Warlock and Nova Defeat VIllain Ending Scene

    P.S.: This is really cool! The whole “they asked him to be an OrigAvenger but he declined” thing at the end threw me off a bit, though. Oh, and R.I.P. TheWatcher. He was supposed to do a Daredevil oneshot starring an MOU Howard the Duck, and he’s been offline for 11 months.

  2. Man I miss the Watcher… The official doodler of the MOU …. He didnt even get to doodle.

  3. Also SLS Dane is no OrigAvenger goody two shoes .

  4. Lord Toademort

    ooooh Annihilus my favorite bug man of the negative zone. soo when is somebody gonna write the annihilation wave story in finger puppets

  5. The thing is, in this story Hades made Annihilus just2good.

  6. Toadmort.Toadmort.Toadmort. Are we the same person? You have predicted almost all of my stories . Justice Pleats Dark, SpiderFold Roadtrip. Now you got my next mini series . So I might as well announce it here .

    I,Hades am writing a 5 part ELSEWORLD mini series about the Ahnialation wave that will be a sort of sequel to this story. Yet it will NOT be canon just in case I really do want to make a sequel in some weird alternate future . A release date could be expected after THANOS amd the Infinity Folds . Just so I know what characters there all are.

  7. Also SLS I was listening to JUST2GOOD reveiw dem memes on reddit while I was writing so something might’ve happened. Also this story has been finished for a LONG time .

  8. Noah you misspelled Zeus!


  10. Wait this story got a cover?

  11. Supreme_Leader_Skywalker

    Hey guys it’s Sinjin from Victorious coming back at ya with another smooooooth asmr video

    I have come to do a dramatic reading of


    n o v a g a m i a n d a d a m p a p e r c u t

    Start off
    Where I left off: chapter three, “ships”
    I know a ship
    Let me tell you what it is
    NC-17 Kara, which stands for “Kellen x Sara”
    Hmmmm yes
    Also Reylo

    • Supreme_Leader_Skywalker

      Hey guys it’s Sinjin from Victorious here
      Coming back at ya yet again with another dramatic of
      n o v a g a m i a n d a d a m p a p e r c u t

      Let me start off where I left off
      Chapter four, “how the date went”

      *taps random thing in the room for no reason whatsoever*
      Asked me if I
      *mutters soothingly*
      w a n t e d
      *taps some more*
      to see


      a v e n g e r s : e n d g a m e
      h i m

      • Supreme_Leader_Skywalker

        It’s Sinjin again
        Sinjin from
        v i c t o r i o u s
        comin’ at ya
        to bring you another part to my
        *muttering under breath*
        P E R I O D I C
        s e r i e s
        that is a
        *deep breath*
        dramatic reading of
        n o v a g a m i a n d a d a m p a p e r c u t

        where I left off, which was Chapter five, “our first real jrotc mission”

        *deep sigh*

        me and my
        *tapping random thing for no sensible reason whatsoever*
        s q u a d
        were on patrol when we saw a
        *whispering and tapping heavily*
        g r o u p
        of four kids with wrecking crew puppets

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