Episode III: Revenge of the Felt

Revenge of the Felt

By SuperFolder JC

Boba Felt Strikes Back!
By Tommy

Lemme give you a super-duper quick review of what’s going on……. Dwight made Yoda. Harvey made Vader. Sara made Chewie. She found out about FunTime. Jabba and Leia stopped FunTime. We stopped a new enemy. We met a kid with an origami Boba Fett. And he stole Origami Yoda.

“What do we do, man?!” Kellen was freaking out. “Without Yoda…….”

“…We’re doomed.” Lance joined in., with Origami C-3PO.

“There’s nothing for me here,” Kellen said. “I want to journey with you, Tommy, and save Origami Yoda.”

“But, the odds of successfully making the perfect rescue are-” I cut Lance off.

“You’re coming too,” I said. “Get Amy. Art2 is key to this mission.”

So it was just the four of us. Me, Kellen, Lance, and Amy. (That’s right! No Harvey!)

Our first order of business: uhh………..

Harvey’s Comment: Okay, first, HURTFUL! I am SO part of this case file! And secondly…C’mon, Tommy! You should obviously know where to go next! But sigh…whatever. It looks like it will take my superior intelligence to help you guys out. Y’see, I snagged a piece of paper from Jack’s backpack before he left. It was a list of “bounties,” followed by the school at which they reside. And after “Origami Yoda at McQuarrie Middle School,” the next bounty read, “Heidelberg Handelbar #7 at Sven’s Fair Price Store.”

Tommy’s Comment: Wow! I hate to admit it, but that was actually a smart move! And thanks. Now we know where to go next…


The Fake Mustache
By Amy (and Art2-D2)

“What a piece of junk!” I exclaimed, as I entered Sven’s Fair Price Store. Every rack was filled with useless trinkets and doo-dads. Jen’s dad would’ve freaked. We found a big glass stand in the cashier corner of the store, which held a very realistic looking fake mustache. A couple of kids were walking inside. The one kid was wearing really fancy clothes, and the other guy was just kinda dorky looking. We ignored them. Walking up to the cashier, we met Sven. She’s actually very sweet. We talked about all sorts of stuff, and in the end, we were able to purchase the mustache at a DISCOUNT! Booyah for girl power!

“Hey!” the fancy clothed kid yelled. “That was my ticket to becoming President of the United States!”

“Pssh, yeah,” I said. “Maybe in a parallel universe or something.”

We walked out of the store, and examined our findings. Lance got a big pack of vintage baseball cards, all signed. Tommy got a rubber sticky-hand. And Kellen got those weird prank glasses.

“So,” googly-eyed Kellen said. “Where’s Jack? He wasn’t even in the store, and it took US three hours from my mom’s car-which I still have to repay in my allowance, by the way-to get here. Jack probably has faster transportation than that! And he has a big headstart! How did we beat him here?”

My muscles tensed. Someone was standing behind me. I was sure of it.

“Hey, guys.” Jack smiled. “It’s nothing personal, really, but I kinda need that mustache.”

Jack grabbed the mustache out of my hands. I tried to take it back, but he outran me and the guys with ease. “Seeya guys later!”

Jack was giving the mustache AND Yoda to his Employer. I didn’t know what the mustache was for, but I knew one thing.

If someone is gathering all these things together, it could get dangerous.

Harvey’s Comment: The next bounty on the list is……. “A pack of Skittles from the Qwikpick.”
Tommy’s Comment: So, we’re going back home……poor Kellen……will his allowance even cover all that?


The Qwikpick Bounty
By Lance

What. The. Heck. Happened. To. The. Qwikpick?

The shelves were all rearranged, the paint on the walls went from red to blue, and. . . . . no pork rinds! I repeat! The Qwikpick no longer sells pork rinds! Dwight and Quavondo will freak!

It took a little bit of getting used to, but we made our way to where they stack the candy. But when we got there, we saw this big sign that said:

“Wishing wells?” Tommy chuckled. “What, do you just make a wish, pop in some candy, and your wish comes true?”

“Precisely,” Jack stood behind us. I jumped.

“Hey, look man, we don’t want any trouble.” I tried to keep my voice level.

“Same here. Now, if I may….” And he snatched one of the recalled Skittles packets from the tied-off rack. Kellen and Amy grabbed the candy bag from his hands, but he was already opening it. Magic Skittles littered the floor. Jack popped one in his mouth. “Seeya.”

And he was gone. So were all the Skittles. Not just that one bag, but all the other bags, too.

“He must’ve wished for himself-and the Skittles-to disappear,” Amy said.

“Well, now what?” I said.

“We check up with Harvey,” Tommy said. “Maybe he has the next location and bounty for us.”

Harvey’s Comment: An Origami Yaddle from. . . . . oh. Oh no.
Tommy’s Comment: Where is it?
Harvey’s Other Comment: ….Tippett Academy. Dude, he’s going after Caroline.


The Caroline Caper
By Kellen

My mom drove us past Cascade Drive to pick up Dwight. Sara and Tommy briefly talked and hugged and all that disgusting stuff, while we got Dwight into the car. He said he wouldn’t let us go without him. So we played it safe and brought him along.

He wasn’t staring blankly into space or mumbling “FunTime Style” or even squirming around in his seat. I’d never seen him this focused before. Captain Dwight just got promoted to Grand Admiral Dwight.

When we got to the front doors of Tippett, Dwight bolted out of the car.

“Dude! Wait!” Lance called. But it was too late. Dwight was already in full-speed Jedi Warrior mode.

When we found him, he was sitting down, talking to Caroline. She looked a little upset, but mostly for Dwight. We talked with her, and she told us that about an hour ago, some guy came over to her, and politely asked her to borrow her Origami Yaddle. She nicely declined, so he said “I’m really sorry,” and snatched it from her. She tried following him, but he popped something colorful into his mouth and disappeared.

“The Skittles,” Tommy said.

“What?” Caroline rested her head in her hands.

“They grant any wish you give them. Now he can use them to teleport.” Tommy bent over to examine something.

“And look,” he said. “It looks like he dropped one.” He popped the Skittle into his mouth, and with a blinding flash, Tommy and Dwight were gone, leaving me, Amy, Caroline, and Kellen to get back to our regular schedule.


All Roads Lead To Home
By Tommy

“I wish for me and Dwight to get to wherever Jack is right now,” I silently wished, as I popped the candy into my mouth. I braced myself for something weird.

When I opened my eyes, I was back at McQuarrie.

“Stupid thing,” I murmured to the candy. “Why’d you take me HERE?”

“Look,” Dwight pointed ahead of me.

This isn’t my last mission to McQuarrie Middle School. Jack’s words echoed in my head, as I saw him walking through the cafeteria, straight towards Harvey.

“Harvey! Look out!” I cried. Jack must’ve been trying to capture Darth Paper!

Jack, instead of lunging at Harvey, gave him a high-five, and started taking stuff out of his backpack. The Mustache. The Skittles. Yaddle. Yoda.

“Harvey. You’re the Employer,” I felt a cold shiver run down my spine.

“That’s right!” Harvey smirked. “It’s a long story, but, long story short……… Jack’s last mission here was misdirection. The case file. The bounty. Everything. Even the list was a distraction! I couldn’t have you guys find out my involvement! Plus, no offense, I knew Jack would outrun and outmaneuver you, so it was worth the risk.”

“Dude, I thought your Dark Side days were done.”

“They are! This isn’t anything bad or dark, Tommy! This is a. . . . . . .


By Harvey

“Happy birthday, Dwight!” I shouted. Quavondo, Sara, Cassie, Mike, and Murky all started chewing on Skittles. Party balloons, a birthday banner, and a huge cake appeared out of thin air.

“What?!?” Tommy got that dumb look on his face again. Ha! Priceless!

“I was TRYING to give Dwight a surprise birthday party,” Harvey said. “Don’t worry! Caroline was in on it, too. And actually, I never technically stole ANYTHING! The Mustache? Pre-ordered. The Skittles? I asked, and they just told me not to get sick! Yoda…..well……okay, that was just me messing with you guys. I never actually thought it would work!”

Caroline smiled at Dwight. “And that ‘forgotten’ Skittle was SUPPOSED to be my ticket to getting here! But, thanks to Tommy………” She chuckled. “Well, it all worked out in the end.”

Dwight looked–well, okay, Dwight never really smiles–but he looked happy. He went up to Harvey, and actually–get this–hugged him!

So, the mystery of Boba Felt was solved; Dwight was happy; Harvey (uncharacteristically) gave Kellen a refund on his allowance; and I got a BIG slice of cake!

…I just wish it didn’t taste like skittles.



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