The Story of Galen Paperek, Starshredder

The Story of Galen Paperek, Starshredder
by SF Stooky Sauce

The New Plan

By Harvey

Well everyone thinks that Jacob is defeated because he is in jail. WE are not done yet. Jacob and I are formulating a plan. Something that will overthrow everything. Something that will make everyone bow to our feet. But first I would have to get Jacob out of jail despite the bail being $500,000!

My parents had recently become rich and my allowance was $7,000 dollars a month. So I went to the jail. “I’d like to bail out Jacob Minch please,” I said. The cop looked at me and said, “Do you have a parental signature?” I reach for the slip and nearly stopped. Jacob had told me that if I did this the only people I would have as friends would be his gang.

I handed him the slip. “Let out Minch, Jacob,” he said. Jacob came towards me and we walked off. He then took a piece of paper and folded it into my master. “You have done well, my apprentice,” he said in his Papertine voice, “the plan is nearly complete.” We both knew we would need to destroy Origami Yoda before we finished our plan.

“Apprentice,” I thought, “that makes some one feel powerful. Maybe I need one.”

As we left the jail, I started thinking about getting an apprentice.

An Apprentice

By Aaron

I am the new kid at school. I saw a group of kids talking at a lunch table and went over to say hi. But before I can this other kid comes up to me and says hello. “I’m Harvey Cunningham,” he said, “and I’m Darth Paper” (in a Vader voice). So I said hi back. “I’m Aaron,” I said, “now could you move I want to talk to those guys.” I said that a bit loud. Harvey smiled and said in his Vader voice, “The dark side is strong with you. Come to my side and you can rule the school with us.”

I wasn’t sure if when he said us he meant him and Darth Paper or an actual group. But I like to be on the winning side AND I’m very fond of the dark side because in the movies they should have won. I then used an evil grin and said, “alright.” As we walked away, I thought that the people at the lunch table were probably our enemy. This kid then told me stuff like I would have to fold an origami star wars character. I chose Starkiller who is my favorite Star Wars Expanded Universe character. I named him Galen Paperek or Starshredder despite Harvey telling me it should be OriGalen.

“Good job apprentice,” Darth Paper said, “the group knows about your existence. Not that it matters.” I shall send you on your first mission. There is a kid with a Ki-Adi Mund-crease. Get rid of the origami.” I looked up and said, “yes master.”

I understood why we had to get rid of it. To rule the school we have to get rid of rebels. I knew the kid’s name.


The Fight

By Lance

Oh man my face. This kid was brutal. Tommy asked me what had happened and I told him. It started when I was walking down the hallway today and saw two kids with storm troopers. I took out Ki-Adi Mund Crease and talked to them. “What are you guys doing?” I asked. Suddenly they take out several packs of gum and start throwing them at me. I go over to them and take their origami and rip it. They then ran away.

I heard footsteps behind me. Think it was one of the storm troopers, I held out my fist and turned around fast. I nearly hit the new kid (although later on I regretted not hitting him). “Sorry,” I said, “I thought you were one of those guys.” The kid holds up an origami Galen Marek and says, “you are going to wish I was.” Suddenly he tries to hit me with that hand! “What the Fett!?” I yelled. We then had this big origami duel.

We hit light sabers again and again and again. He then punched me in the gut! When I held my hands to my gut, he sucker punched me! I fell to the ground. He punched me really hard and took Ki-Adi! Before I blacked out he said “You will bow before the emperor.” He walked off tearing my origami to shreds! Now I get the name.

Tommy’s comment: when he said the emperor, did this kid (who we have to get rid of) mean who I think he meant?


By Tommy

I don’t believe this! I remember seeing this kid and he looked like a saint. Now he’s clobbered about half my friends and ripped their origami! Every message was something to do with their empire (crossing my fingers its not Jacob Minch). “Your rebellion is worthless,” or “Bow before the empire,” or “Join the dark side.” Dwight, Kellen and I have been searching for this kid but he blends in. Every day we find another person who has had their origami ripped.

One day Sara, Dwight, Kellen, Mike, Quavando (Lance still at home and Harvey not speaking to us anymore) and I met during free time today to discuss this kid. “I think Jacob might be back,” Mike said. “I sure hope not,” Han Foldo said. “A great enemy, this is,” Yoda said, “A return of many enemies, we must expect.” We all looked at Dwight. I seriously hoped that this time, of ALL times, he was wrong. But when was Dwight/Origami Yoda ever wrong?

We disbanded and went to our classes. I looked for Sara but couldn’t find her. Thinking she was in the bathroom, I went to Math. But she wasn’t in this period, or the next one! I ran around the entire school, yelling for Sara. “SARA!” I yelled, frightened, “WHERE ARE YOU?! YOU”RE SCARING EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!” I heard crying and walked toward the noise. It was coming from inside an abandoned locker. I opened the locker. Sara fell out of it! “SARA!!!!!!” I yelled. I picked her up, took the duck tape off her mouth, and untied her. She was crying!

I took her to the nurse as fast as I could. She looked seriously hurt. The nurse said she’d be okay, but she might have a limp for a few days. I walked off, ready to cry.

This. Means. WAR!

The Return of General Cresious

By Aaron

Being Harvey’s apprentice is great. I’ve gotten rid of more Jedi than I can count! One day Harvey called me back to the lair (which actually is located in the gym bathroom hall). “You are doing well apprentice,” Harvey said, “but failure will be your fall. Don’t fail on this mission. There is a drifter named Ryan. Destroy his Origami Jedi Bob.” I looked up at Harvey. This kid brought down the ENTIRE imperial army. But I would not fail. I hesitated. “Yes Harvey,” I said anyways. As I left I heard him say “Origami Yoda is doomed.”

So I went to the lunch room and looked for the kid. He was sitting at a lunch table. I looked around the rest of the room and saw the Principal (Menace) walking with a kid who had one hand in his pocket. Not only that but she was smiling. What could that mean? Ryan left the table and I followed him. He walked into the bathroom and I followed. He wasn’t in there. I would learn in about ten seconds that he was hanging from a pole right behind me.

He lunged and we fell to the ground. There was a lot of struggling because we were trying to get each other’s origami. Suddenly a figure walked in and kicked Ryan off me. It was that kid I saw with Rabbski, but he had a General Cresious! “Thanks for coming,” I said, “Now get out.” The kid instead pushed me aside and took O.J.B. “Oh no you don’t!” I yelled and kicked him. Billy (as I learned) stumbled and dropped the origami on the floor.

I was set to drop the origami in the toilet. “NO!!” Ryan yelled and he pushed me, got his origami back, and ran off. I grabbed Billy and took him to my master. When I threw him on the ground Harvey looked at him then me. “Why did you bring him to me?” Darth Paper asked. I looked up at him with angry eyes. “Because Billy here has interfered with the mission and let Ryan and Origami Jedi Bob get away!” I yelled.

“JACOB!” Harvey yelled. Suddenly, Darth Shredious appears! The both of them walk to a corner and there is a lot of whispering. They came back over. “You have been suspended from our sith order,” Jacob said to him in anger, “and you will have your origami destroyed Billy Rabbski!” I looked at Jacob in shock. Billy was principal Rabbski’s son?! “You will do the honors, Starshredder,” Jacob said to me.

I was all set to take his origami and rip it, but stopped. “Hey, guys,” I said, “hasn’t he already gone through enough?” Papertine and Darth Paper looked at me. Then this kid named Dan comes up with a F.S.T. (Fortune Storm Trooper) and says, “You better do it now or you will be suspended as well.” I look down at him again, so easy, so vulnerable, just kill him……..

I ran out of there fast. “YOU ARE NO LONGER MY APPRENTICE,” Harvey yelled, “NO ONE WILL EVER ACCEPT YOU!!!” Suddenly six kids, one of them Dan, start running at me with storm troopers. I beat them all except for Dan. We then had this huge fight. As we were fighting (with light sabers and guns) I could have sworn I saw a kid with two origami figures, one of them a girl.

He got me on the ground. “Any last words with Galen?” Dan asked in a menacing tone. I kicked him in the stomach and he fell to the ground. I grabbed the F.S.T., ripped it, and ran off. I saw that kid and followed him. He went in to this small house. I realized it was the rebel base. I decided to go see them. Even if they didn’t accept me, at least I know.

The Changing of Ways

By Kellen

What is about to happen here is so weird I can’t even begin to say how weird it is. So Alex finally got here with his Origami Dipper and Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls Love it!), and we went over some ideas and what has happened. “Guys,” Alex said, “That kid Dan’s back and he was fighting that Aaron guy. Not only that but I also heard Harvey yelling something.” We looked at one another. That kid with the FCL? Was he on our side?

There was a knock on the door. Everyone got into a hiding position, in case it was one of the bad guys. “Hello?” a voice said, “Is anyone there?” Tommy stood up. He must of known who it was. Because when he opened the door, he lashed out at the person at the door. “It’s Aaron!” Quavando yelled. Mike took out an origami Anakin Solo (Anakin Foldo) and went to help Tommy. I got out my Origami Yoda to go help. Dwight just sat there. “Are you coming or what?” I asked. “Brown,” was all Dwight said before he went up.

The kid pushed Tommy and Mike off himself and ran into the house. “I’m not here to-” Aaron started to say before he was pushed down by Quavando and Origami Ackbar (which Dwight had given to him). Aaron pushed him off and went up the stairs. Rhondella ran up the stairs with Leia Origana-Skypaper-Foldo. I ran up with her. Alex came up with Dipper and Mabel and all we could do was watch as Tommy with Foldy-Wan Kenobi battling Aaron with Galen Paperek on a single beam.

Every time we tried to help Tommy yelled “STAY BACK!” He must have wanted revenge on this guy for Sara (whose injuries would not kill her but were pretty bad). They smacked light sabers again and again. “I’m going to kill YOU!” Tommy gritted. Aaron looked pretty scared. I don’t think he was here to hurt us. Suddenly Dwight comes from the other side and pulls Aaron away from Tommy. “Tommy stop!” Dwight yelled. Tommy ran towards the two of them, but misplaced his foot and started to fall. Before he could get a foot away fro the beam, Aaron (using his Starshredder hand) grabbed Tommy by the hand.

Dwight helped Tommy get up. We realized something on this day; Aaron was no longer on Jacob’s side. He told us everything, from how he first became a bad guy, to how he realized the sith weren’t everything. From Billy’s return to Harvey being evil, to Jacob returning, and he apologized for hurting our friends. Against Tommy’s wishes, he joined the rebellion.

The Big Plan

by Mike

We sat around the table, trying to come up with the best possible way to get rid of Jacob, Harvey, and any of the other bad guys. “Maybe if we just take them out one by one-” I started. “They’ll be on to us like bees towards honey,” Aaron cut off. So that plan went down the drain. “Hey, I got an idea!” Kellen said, “Why don’t we let out a full scale attack, in secret or outgoing like in S.W.T.F.U.II?” Aaron smiled at that one. “That’s a better plan,” he said. Tommy got mad. “Why are we taking HIS word for it!? He’s the one who beat up Sara, Lance, a lot of others!” He said.

Alex held up Dipper and said, “I remember that when Mabel and I went through time, I mixed up my feelings with judgement. What I’m trying to say is sometimes we mix up our feelings with some one and what’s best.” He was right. Tommy’s semi-relationship with Sara was making him see only what Aaron was, not who he IS. So he sat down and I guess he thought over what Dipper had said. So then Dwight had to lay out a plan. Amy, Quavando, Kellen, and Ryan would be lookout. Alex, Dwight, and Peyton (who had actually been here once and then not) were attack side number one.

Guess who became my team members? The ones who kept bickering and bickering; Tommy and Aaron.

Bounty Hunters

By Harvey

My apprentice was gone. I had to get rid of him. But by now he had probably joined the rebellion and told everyone I was with Jacob. I needed some one sneaky to get in their lair and get rid of him. I sat around to think about how to get rid of Galen. Zack came to me with his Van Jehnke Yoda. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“It’s nothing,” I said, “I just have to get rid of my apprentice because he’s probably spilling every sith secret we have at the moment.” Zack thought for a moment then said (as Yoda), “Bounty hunters, a good place to go, hmmmmmm?” I looked at him. He was right! But there was only one person for the job.

I called up Tony Demolition and told him to refold Jango Fett-Fortune. He said he would be here in a few minutes. When he got here, though, he had Boba Fett-Fortune. That was okay because it became more like S.W.T.F.U. II. “I need you,” I said in my best Darth Vader voice (which was better then Dwight’s), “To find my apprentice. Rip his origami.” I threw a stack of hundreds, plus a few pieces of candy. “Be here with him as well,” a voice said from behind me.

It was Jacob! “Alright I’m going,” Tony said and he left. My plan was working. Jacob and I would rule the school.

The Final Battle

By Aaron

Walking through the hallway, free of the dark side, it all seemed unnatural. The only person who would still not accept me was Tommy. No matter how many times I apologized to him, he still would not take me. I tried to say I’m sorry again during the stakeout. “Look, Tommy,” I said, “I was on the dark side when I did that to Sara-” Suddenly he grabs and pushes me up on a wall! “TOMMY!” Mike yelled. “You dare mention her name?!” Tommy seethes through his gritted teeth. I get out my light saber and hit him in the face with it.

Tommy gets out Foldy-Wan and we start to duel. “I don’t want to fight you, Tommy!” I yelled. “Feeling is NOT MUTUAL!” he screams back at me. Mike tried to break up the fight, and he almost did until Tommy pushed him away. He then bopped me in the nose! It wasn’t bleeding, but it hurt and I fell to the ground. Tommy then screams. Not anything or even pain, just like an attack. He would have beaten me right there if it wasn’t for these two guys who grabbed him by the arms. “Thanks you GU-” I started. The two guys were a storm trooper and…….. actually who was this guy?

“It’s Boba Fett-Fortune, and you guys are coming with me!” He said. We were brought to the lair. There he was, the king of the Sith, The boss of the Bullying low-lives; Jacob Minch and Emperor Papertine! “The failed apprentice of my own apprentice,” He said to me. “You have spilled many secrets to these scum and you and your allies will pay for what you have done.” I looked up at him with sore eyes and said (in Galen Marek’s voice), “They’re not just my allies and they are certainly not scum! They are the only people who accepted me, my friends.”

“Ah, touching,” Minch mocked and then electrocuted me (with a tazer)! I would have passed out right then if suddenly a clatter of several foot steps came towards the room. It was the rebellion! They started to beat up storm troopers, sith, and Bounty Hunters! But the bad guys did the same. But Mike, Tommy, and I joined the fight. As we were fighting, I saw Kellen punch Tony in the face with his O.Y. and Alex smack Billy. But amid the chaos, I saw some one of true evil; Harvey Cunningham.

In my rage I ran towards him, ready to rip him and Darth Paper to shreds. We clashed light sabers. “You are a fool, Aaron,” Darth Paper said, “You and all your allies will die.” I lashed out in rage and said “YOU ABANDONED ME!” I yelled. “NEVER TRUSTED ME! NEVER GAVE ME A SECOND THOUGHT!” I found a pair of scissors and slashed at Darth Paper, who shreds of fell to the ground, though he was not entirely gone.

“Good,” Jacob said to me, “Embrace your dark side. Kill him and you shall be my new apprentice.” I looked at Jacob and Papertine. Then I looked at Harvey. I wanted revenge, but I did not want to be Jacob’s new apprentice. I wanted to stay with the rebellion, but I didn’t want to spare Harvey/Darth Paper.

(This is where you choose the ending like S.W.T.F.U. I and II. Does Aaron spare Harvey and Darth Paper and fight Jacob, or does he shred Darth Paper and then go for Papertine?)

The Right Way

By Ryan (and Aaron)

I had only a little bit of consciousness but I saw what happened. I saw Aaron, ready to strike down Harvey, through the dark side, but he turned around and slashed at Jacob. They clashed again and again. “You are a fool,” Papertine said, “To turn down the chance to have ultimate power, to rule this school.” Aaron looked at him with murder in his eyes. “I will never join you!’ He yelled, “Not again!” They started to clash again.

I tried to get up, but I was paralyzed. That taser was a lot more powerful than I thought. Aaron was pushed back by Jacob and into a wall. The Emperor held his light saber right to Galen’s neck. “Now you die,” Jacob said. This kid would have actually killed Aaron. Jacob raised his light saber to kill Starshredder, but suddenly he was picked up by someone. Of all people, it turned out to be HARVEY!!! “Thanks for sparing me,” he said to Aaron and through Jacob in to a wall, who was stunned.

They then walked over to everyone, including me, and picked us up. “Good job,” I said. But was not through yet! He pulled a string, which released a giant replica of the Rouge Shadow. It swung towards everyone, but Tommy was unable to get out of the way. “LOOK OUT!” Aaron yelled and he pushed Tommy out of the way, subsequently getting hurt (but surprisingly nothing broken). The ship then smashed into a fuse box, which started a fire! We got everyone out, and as the fire went from bad to worse, there was still one person trapped inside; JACOB!

Aaron’s perspective: Although he pretty much deserved it, I had changed my ways. I ran into the fire for Jacob, even though everyone yelled at me to come back and things like that. I was in the belly of the beast. Flames were everywhere and I couldn’t see a thing. But through the flames I saw Jacob, under a big piece of metal that had fallen from the ceiling. I tried to pull him out but he was wedged under there. I would not give up, even if it was the last thing I did.

I pulled it up, but it still would not budge. I lifted so hard I might have pulled a muscle. But it rose from the other side. I thought I must have been using the force. Jacob lay there, nearly motionless. I picked him up and ran. Suddenly there is a HUGE explosion and a steel beam starts to fall. I brace for death, and pulled back by life. I look up, coughing, and see Sara with Han and Chewie! “Let’s go!” she yells. As we leave, I see Papertine burning to a crisp. Then the two of us jump out with Jacob just as another explosion happens.

So then the fire department came and gave everyone a breathing mask. Jacob was sent to jail for manipulation and starting the fire. Tommy forgave me and said that he now accepted me. We watched Jacob being taken away and everyone forgave Harvey… as much as you can forgive him. So everything turned out okay. I was now part of the rebellion. As our friend Murky would say: STOOKY!

Death of the Rebellion

By Aaron

I looked at Harvey. He disgusted me for being the way he was. I raised my saber, and slashed Darth Paper in two. Harvey ran off, screaming and crying furiously. He deserved it. I turned to Jacob. “Now you may be my new apprentice,” he said, “but first you kill of the origami.” I turned to all of them. I was not about to give up friendship for apprenticeship, so I turned to slash at Papertine, but he blocked it. We clashed and clashed again.

“You are a fool!” Jacob said and he punched me in the gut, which caused me to stumble backwards. He evil-grins and then pulls a string. Suddenly this giant replica of the Rouge Shadow swings right at me and my friends. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was the last thing I remembered before getting hit.

I woke up in a hospital bed, dazed and confused. All my friends were in the hospital, seriously injured. I had a visitor; Jacob Minch. I wanted to scream at him for several hours for how much I hated him, but he hypnotized me and I did what he said from there on in. I repeated everything he said and did it. “You are my apprentice. You will kill every last bit of origami Jedi. You will do my bidding. You will help me rule the school.” He put on a Boba Fett helmet, which meant I was Dark-Side Galen in expansion.

Everybody at school did our bidding, even the teachers. That only took us a month.

  1. Stookilicous! (Stooky times ten) More chapters, please!

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    but finish

  3. The Endings are in the wrong place.

  4. Hmmm, I think he should NOT embrace the dark side, and spare Darth Paper.

  5. Fantastic Torch

    it makes tommy look so evil

    • Alright, let’s say your girlfriend is attacked by someone who is going around beating people up for no reason, and then he joins your side, and everybody but you is willing to let him on. Would you be so warm and fuzzy?

  6. total rockets!

  7. Still too far-fetched for my taste. Wait till you see what I’M cooking up.

  8. origami_master53

    Loved It!!!!

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