Legend of Zelda-Gami 3: Ocarina of Folds

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Chapter One

By Link

I had a dream last night… Wait – no! It was not a dream! It was a nightmare! In it I saw somebody in all black riding a bike after a girl. I wish I could have saved the girl but when I got to my bike in the dream I woke up. I went into my backyard treehouse and found my phone laying on the floor.

“DING!” My phone buzzed. I checked the text and it was from Jayden!

‘Hi Link. Come to the school garden. QUICK! From Jayden AKA Zelda-gami.’ I told my Mom that I was going to school early and left. I REALLY hope nothing has happened! I just want a nice quiet day with Jayden…

Chapter Two

By Link

I rode to the school and the teachers said hello as I walked past them. I also said hello back to them. After what seemed like forever I finally made it to the school garden.

“LINK!” Jayden started. “I am SO glad you made it here safe!”

“Uh… yeah why wouldn’t I be safe? I mean I helped SAVE everyone from losing something this school likes!” I replied.

“That’s the problem, Link! OriGanondorf is coming for the Tri-Crease!” Jayden finished.

“Wait… Gavin’s back?” I asked.

“No! Gavin moved to California, remember! This person is new and more dangerous than Gavin could EVER be!” she replied.

“Ok… Let me get this straight: Gavin moved and a new OriGanon is coming?” I was confused. This was so sudden.

“OriGanonDORF! And yes. I have hidden the Tri-Crease in a realm (Link’s note: It is just another fort that was built by Jayden and her dad before I moved to Grand Rapids) that needs three keys to be opened. OriGanondorf already found one of the keys and My Brother went and hid the others before he moved to an out-of-state college.”

“I like adventure and all but… COME ON! Can’t we have a break?! I mean we JUST SAVED RAPIDS AND TOBY FROM LOSING ALL THE ORIGAMI AND WE HAVE TO FIGHT MORE PEOPLE!?!?” I screamed. Jayden started walking back.

“L-link… What has gotten into you? I thought that since you were my friend you would be willing to help me! Help the school!” Jayden finished. Remember when I used the Tri-Crease to find Drake’s house? Well, for some reason when I tried it again it led me straight to Mike’s house! I looked inside and saw Sonic posters all over the walls! The next day I used it and I was led to Arnold Sanders’ house. That was when I found out that on different days of the month it would bring it to a different house of someone with a puppet! (Which to be honest is not hard because almost every kid in Grand Rapids has a puppet now.)

“Jayden… I’m a little stressed. Drake went on a skiing trip and left me to keep his fort safe. I have to protect the school, AND now a big threat has come! I can’t handle all of this anymore…” I finished.

“PLEASE, LINK! WE NEED YOU!” She yelled.


“Great! Here is a map my brother made for the hidden keys. I know the map has three X’s but the one in the forest has been found Ok?” She replied.

“Ok.” I say while taking the map.

“And since you are doing this, I am giving you this Ocarina.” She replied while grabbing something from her backpack. I grabbed it and opened the case.

“Isn’t this just a harmonica?” I asked.

“Yes. But think of it as an Ocarina!”

“Ok.” I went off onto my adventure…

Chapter 3

By Link

I started my quest! The map looks like it was made on a computer. But I took a picture and here it is.

I followed it until I got to a tree with what looked like an old broken treefort in it. I looked on the map and saw a treefort in a tree. So, I started climbing. When I made it up to the top I saw a broken generator with an outlet attached to it. I also saw one of those tv’s from the 90s. Right in front of the TV was a Nintendo 64 with a cartridge in the console. I removed the cartridge which actually was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and found a key along with a note.

‘To whoever finds this treehouse. My name is Joshua. I was born on September 29th 1999. When I was a teen I played in this place for days! My friends came and we played Mario Kart together on my N64 which is still in here to this day. That was until I moved away… As soon as we started driving away towards our new home after giving away the KEYS I remember that I left the N64 in the treehouse. I told my parents but it was too late. The new owners said they never wanted to see us or have anyone step on the property as long as they lived. My sister then was born not long after we moved into our new house and she was a hassle. When she was 7 we got a Wii (I wanted a Wii U but they were just too expensive for our family since we spent most of our money on the house and other bills) and played Mario kart Wii ALL THE TIME! I always beat her but that never stopped her from trying! When she was 10 we moved back to our old neighborhood and she went to Maylee’s elementary school. Now she is 13 years old and asked me to hide some keys to a fort we made when she was 11. Whoever finds this note good luck on your quest.

From, Joshua  Age 19 October 15th 2019’

Well I guess Jaydens brother hid the keys to the fort about a month after I found Jayden.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE KID!” I heard an old voice yell from behind me…

“Oh um well… You see I have a map and it said that a key was hidden in this tree fort so I went to get it… A-and I didn’t think anyone l-lived here so…” I finished.

“Well… If my husband were home he would kill you but I will let it slide this one time. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!” She yelled at me while I tried getting down from the tree. I looked back on the map.

“Ok. I have the key from the treehouse, and The new Origanon… I mean OriganonDORF has the key from the forest. This only means the last key is at the beach behind Rapids!” I finished. “Oh wait… The teachers don’t let us go there because of the fish!” I then realized that I was talking to myself and people were staring… I walked all the way to the beach.

Chapter Four

By Link

I went walking towards the beach hoping to not get caught when none other than the principal Mr. Allen came out of the building and caught me digging a hole on the beach.


“I-i-it’s not what it looks like.” I tried saying while climbing out of the hole but I was pushed back in. This was when I felt a stabbing pain in my back. I turned around and saw the KEY! I quickly put it in my pocket and suffered the consequences. I was dragged back towards the school and pushed into his office.

“Well well well what do you have to say for yourself? Hrm.” He started the conversation.

“I was looking for something and will put all the sand back.” I replied.

“Oh… you will do that AND more! I will make you help serve the school lunch everyday!” He finished what he was saying.

“BUT THAT MEANS I DON’T GET MY LUNCH!” I tried saying but he wouldn’t listen.

“WELL YOU SHOULD’VE THOUGHT OF THE BEFORE YOU RUINED SCHOOL PROPERTY!” He screamed and pointed me out of the office. “I WILL be calling your parents.” Jayden then called me.

“Hey Link, have you got the keys yet?” She said half question, half excited.

“Yeah… But now I have to help serve lunch everyday for who knows how long!” I replied.

“Oh… Well just come over to the school garden so we can both get the Tri-Crease!” She said happily. The school garden was on the side of the school so I walked over. When I got there I almost couldn’t move!

Chapter Five

By Link

There I saw Jayden riding away on her bike from what looked like a guy in all black! It was just like my nightmare! I tried running to my bike but by the time I got back to the garden they were gone.

“LINKIN ROADES!” I turn my head around to see Mr. Allen glaring at me. “Come see me in my office! NOW!” At this point I couldn’t take it anymore. I got back on my bike and rode away. I wasn’t even paying attention while I was riding because when I finally looked up I saw that I was outside Jayden’s house. I moved my bike to the side of the fence and walked behind it. I sat down in front of some logs and rocks. I took out the harmonica and started playing. I don’t even know how to play but that didn’t stop me from trying… I don’t care anymore. I failed. I was supposed to protect everyone again! But in the end I failed miserably! I am in trouble at school. Jayden is who knows where and… and… someone just stole my bike! I threw the harmonica at a tree and it bounced back towards me! I ducked and when it hit the log I used as a back rest I heard a door getting knocked. I wiped off some leaves and grabbed my keys. It looked like it had key holes! I put my keys in but realized that I didn’t have the third key… My heart sank once more. I took one more look at the wall and saw writing.

‘If you can’t find the last key I hope this helps! From, Jayden’

The fourth hole looks like it would fit the harmonica! I grabbed it off the ground and put it in hole. I twist the two keys and walk through. I see the Tri-Crease in a plastic bag and on a pedestal is a brand new foam MASTER sword with a note.

‘Hey Link. If you find this I want you to know that YOU CAN STILL WIN!’

I hear a leaf crunch and when I turn around and get punched in the face.

“You’ll never win!” They say before leaving WITH the Tri-Crease. I hear the keys getting taken away before getting locked inside…

Chapter Six

By Link

I am making this log for everyday I am TRAPPED in here.

Day 1: I am sitting in here thinking and waiting… waiting for someone to help me… 

Day 2: I think I hear people outside… I… I am listening to them… Looking for someone… To help them get something back…

Day 3: my arms are so weak… I can’t even lift the sword off the ground anymore… I am so hungry now…

Day 4: I now feel a fraction of what… J-jared felt in the hallway… I miss my parents, I miss everyone that ever met me…

Day 5: I have been thinking about what with me and Mr. Allen… I was in the wrong… I broke a rule that the school has embedded into our minds…

Day 6: My mind is numb. I keep her people talking outside but since I am so weak I can’t yell for them…

Day 7: I hear lots of noise outside… Nothing is happening here though… Darkness is consuming me… I am all alone… I have realized that nobody will come to help… It’s time for me to be forgotten…

“LINK! What happened to you!” I hear a voice yell as light flies into the fort.

“Help… M-me…” I try saying.

“MOM! DAD! I FOUND LINK! HE IS HURT!” They yell again, I can’t figure out who is yelling but they seem to know me…

Help… M-me…” I say again. At this point I hear sirens going off outside.

“Where is he?” I hear an adult saying.

“He is in here sir.” The first person says.

Help… M-” I try saying before everything goes black…

Chapter Seven

By Jayden

The day Link went missing was when OriGanonDorf came after me on bikes. Everyone from our school was afraid because he disappeared. The Principal, Mr. Allen says to us on the loudspeaker the first Monday (The day after he disappeared) Link went missing he said this.

“Good morning students!” He started. “As you may know, Your fellow student Linkin Roades went missing yesterday and if any of you find, do these steps.

Alert the police

Tell his parents


Thank you for your time.” He finished.

“That was weird” I said to Mike Jones who was sitting next to me in science class.

“Yeah I know.” He replied.

“QUIET!” The teacher, Mrs. Daisy, snapped at us.

“Sorry Mrs. Daisy” I replied. Then we learned the boring parts of a plant.


Hi again so I took a break from writing cause I went to bed… But Link was found! My parents called 911 and an ambulance picked him up and they sent him to the Grand Rapids hospital. He looked so tired, hungry! The next day I went to see him but realized that he wouldn’t want to see me. So I went and grabbed a scarf and covered my face so he would see it. My voice also got deepend so he wouldn’t recognize my voice.

“Link.” I started.

“Who… who are you?” He asked.

“My name is OriSheik.” I responded.

“What do you want…” He replied.

“Your mission is NOT over. OriGanonDorf took over the school. Nobody is allowed to use origami anymore. He used the Tri-Crease to find the house for people who use origami and took them from the owners!” I finished. I started walking away when Link said something.

“Give me 2 days.” he did say. I then left the hospital.

Chapter Eight

By Link

So when I was in the hospital someone named OriSheik came up to me and said that OriGanonDorf TOOK OVER THE SCHOOL! She also said the He used the Tri-Crease to also take everyone’s Origami. But This power the Tri-Crease has is probably fake… we probably just put it up to the sun then hope that the person who owns the house has origami… I went to the School Garden hoping to find some peace! But when I get to the place I see the flowers trampled, Paint splodges all over the walls, and on the biggest wall it said,


I started backing away from the garden when…

“LINKIN ROADES!” That voice sent a shiver down my spine.

“Y-yes sir?” I asked.

“You… You came back! Are you here to save us? I am sorry for yelling at you.” Mr. Allen finished.

“W-what happened when I was gone?” I asked.

“A student from a school called Mcquarrie and… he saw everything from the 6th grade hallway go down. He saw you and thought… and thought you were a jerk! He folded someone to try getting you out of the school!” He paused. “We made a deal. I get you in big trouble so when he finishes his quest I won’t be affected.”

“I am guessing that backfired?” I replied.

“Yes! He framed ME for making you run away and I was downgraded to Janitor!” He responded.

“You didn’t make me run away! I was on a quest to defeat him and he locked me in a fort for 1 week.” I said.

“So… I did nothing to make you run away?” He replied.

“WHO ARE YOU TAKING TO, MR. ALLEN!” His blood curling voice rang out from behind Mr. Allen.

“O…Oh… I am talking to a student…” He replied.

“And what student?” OriGanonDorf responded.

“He’s talking to me!” I yelled.


“Have you ever heard of hope? Wait, you never even had hope before!” I replied.

“ARGH!” He screamed while charging. I was shoved into a stone pillar. My back was hurting but I climbed up to my feet once more.

“LINK!” I hear OriSheik yell. When I look up I see her throw the Foam Master sword to me! I caught it and went straight to my fighting stance.

“Are you still sure you will win?” I ask with a smirk.

“I WILL NEVER LOSE TO THE LIKES OF YOU!” He screams. I got ready when he charged and he tried to punch me when I swung. Direct hit!

“You… You MONSTER! I SHALL WIN, I ALWAYS WIN!” He screams in pain.

“You sure about that?” I ask again.

“I HATE YOU!” He tries charging again but this time I hit him in the legs. He fell onto his chest. 

“Leave this school, never come back.” I replied. He got up and ran off to who knows where.

Chapter Nine

By Link

I found where OriGanonDorf hid all of the origami and gathered every student in the auditorium.

“Good afternoon my fellow students!” I started. “With the help of a mysterious girl I have defeated OriGanonDorf and retrieved every single piece of origami he stole!”

“YEAH!” The students yelled. This was when someone in a hood ran up and tackled me.


“Who are you?” I asked.

“The person you tried to get rid of!” They stood up and started punching me over and over and over! Then OriSheik came and pushed him off of me. BUT in the process her scarf fell off revealing Jayden!

“Jayden… How could you?” I asked.

“You would have never continued the journey if I told you came up to you in the hospital.” She replied. I grabbed my master sword and pointed it down at OriGanonDorf.

“Please… Stop this!” I pleaded.

“Remove me from this story now and stand NO chance against what’s coming!” He yelled.

“Mr. Allen, can you get him out of here?” I asked.

“Yeah, I can Link.” He replied.


By Link

Me and Jayden helped clean up what has happened over the past few weeks. For one, I defeated my SECOND OriGanon and second I have a sweet new hangout! We fixed what has happened and now can only think about what is to come. But whatever it is… it has to be ready!


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