The Order of the Pholdix


Written by Superfolder OrigamiLuke100

Summer Time

By Alastor Bismark

A while back, I would’ve never assumed I had a group of pals like I do today. When the Ori-Marauders came together, it was all due to us being trapped, but we learned to care about each other, and learned to lift one another up, a power few people without a group of friends can have.

But it’s summer, and the words that I exclaimed as I went home ‘Don’t make me ever forget this!’ still ring through my ears.

And, I suppose that summer has brought with me a lot of issues. 

I don’t know if this is cause for scrutiny, but has anyone noticed that once summer starts, the dropoff in the messages of a group chats greatly fall from hundreds of messages a day to ten or fifteen? The voice calls in Discord rarely happen, and, I’ll be real, more days I feel alone than days when I’m not.

Sure, I’ll go down, have beans for breakfast, and go do whatever I want, but man, it’s boring. I’ll sometimes sit up in my treehouse and just think. That’s the best thing I can do: think.

I can’t wait to get back to school, to have some adventure. To finally feel some sense of worth around here.

I wonder what Henry is doing?

Summer Time!

By Henry Walker

Campy-Shmampy, that’s what I say!

I get back home and the first course of action for ME is that this will be my Renaissance period, all right? Call me the Michaelangelo of lifting, the Da Vinci of finding myself, and the Galileo of having a good crack-up.

I have one course of action this summer: to live. I will be going on dates with Eva, trying to reach out to Alastor, maybe we’ll be exercising brothers, heck, the group chat will be right popping bruv.

Yet- and I’m sorry for the quick halt in my excitement – something is bugging in my head. Right there in the cranium I feel a worm toss and turn with a desire for escape. 

Eva had told me something on a date to Maccies about what was going on the night with William Michaels. She told me she had something she wanted to tell me about, but that she wasn’t ready to do it yet. Mighty wild way to talk about something, right?

Well, I do the best thing I could possibly do – I try to turn some conversations back to it. I’ve gathered a few little tidbits; William isn’t as good as we thought he was, right, and I didn’t know my mum was me mum, something ‘big’ was going to happen, and that Eva was nervous. Why, a hug and a little trip to one of my favorite restaurants can do the trick for the last one.

Alright, I’ll admit, a month into summer and everything has slowed to a crawl. The group chat is dead and I continue to wait for Alastor to message me… maybe he’s waiting for me to message him? No, that’s foolish. He would text first, right?

Or maybe I should text first?

Agh, this is grating! It’s a constant cat and mouse game of waiting!

So, while waiting for the texts, I’ve taken a mighty fine time spending it with Eva. She’s nice, seems to care, and only wants to see me succeed. But, we were out, eating crisps at the Radcliffe Cafe when she froze.

“What’s wrong, love?” I asked. She was looking off, behind me. I turned around to see William Michaels and his lot asking for a table of three.

“Aye, I see.” I told her. I waived the waiter down and asked for the bill, handing him my mother’s debit card. He came back with the card and receipt, and we made our exit. I made sure to brush by William on my way out. Eva kept her head down.

She was shaken, maybe partially because of the rain, but I think also because of what just happened in there.

“Can we- can we go home?” She asked me. I nodded, and we made our way back in our raincoats.

Although sopping wet, we sat down on the couch and she let everything out.

“I think I need to tell you the full thing,of what happened, with school starting up in just a few weeks and all, you need to know what William is planning on doing.”

I took her hand and nodded, “you can always tell me anything.”

She sighed, “I first got placed into William Michaels ranks as some lackey, a goon or whatever you wish to call it. I thought it was just something normal – I’d be working with him to be a tutor or something. You know William, always the teacher’s pet. Well, then it hit me, it was this front, a sham and a ruse. All he wanted was to get in good with the teachers so he could cause havoc, and there I was, playing into his game.”

The idea hits me, like, a really fast idea, the rapid-fire type realization of what I could do and how I could do it.

I think I need a team.

I mean, I have a team, the Ori-Marauders, but we haven’t exactly talked for a while. But, what I’m saying is that I should make a bigger team, something larger, more rounded out with a few other members.

If what Eva was saying was true, we were in real trouble, the school was in real trouble. 

We could become something more.

I told Eva, and she scoffed it off like one of my other grand ideas, like raw fish wrapped up – apparently there’s something called Sushi that I didn’t know anything about.

“Honey,” she sighed, “It’s really not that easy, love.” 

I shook my head, I knew what I wanted, I knew that this would work, “We could expose him, we could show that he’s a lie. Would you help me?”

She thought about it, deliberated.

“I tell you what, get two members, then I’ll join. Prove to me that this isn’t all just a farce.”

I nodded, “Right, okay, yeah, I could do that.”

Getting the Band Back Together

By Henry Walker

Right, the first step in getting the group back is to text the group chat, obviously.

The OriMarauders chat was harder to find in my backlogs. Actually, I think I deleted it during my weekly purge of text convos.

Great, now I had to wait.


I could reach out to Alastor to get him to text the group chat. Aggh, but I don’t want to text first. Texting first is the worst. 

Hufflepuff it, I’ll do it.

(Me is H and Alastor is A )

H: Hey Alastor

A: Hey there, Henry, long time no chat.

H: Right

A: Yes

H: K, can you text the OriMarauders ?

A: Y must you ask me?

H: because I deleted the GC from my phone

A: Wow ok yea

A while later, he texted the group with “Hey,” so the group appears on my phone again. I smile to see the familiar names, and then I enact my plan:

I send a meme.

It’s an image of Thanos of Marvel fame saying “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” Above it is “When Henry sees the threat of William Michaels and decides to get a group together.”

Immediately I get a “What?” from Kevin, and a “Lol” from Peter. Then Kevin goes “No, seriously, what?”

Alastor texts me privately, and asks me what I meant. I say to tell the group to meet us at Alastor’s house. A bit peeved, he says so. They all go “K,” since this summer there wasn’t anything better to do, and the team is, well, now a team once again. And it shall grow.

“The TreeHouse is my House.”

By Kevin Harrington

They call me a mediator.

I don’t know – sometimes I don’t think of myself as such. I think I have my own opinions. I have my own truths and beliefs that no one would give a care for. If I’m not called a mediator, then I’ll be called a gentleman, or some may say that I’m bound to go to some offhand university.

‘He’s Oxford bound,’ my mom will tell my aunt. My dad likes the idea of me being abroad, studying at Harvard or Yale. I’ve heard the occasional Cambridge, too.

But, the ori-marauders call me their mediator. And, if that’s the role they want me to take, then I’ll take it with open arms.

We met at Alastor’s house. The moment I step foot, I realize I’m the last one to arrive, and already the fighting has started. Not fisticuffs, there’s no blows being dealt. Just kids debating amongst one another.

They stop and look at me.

“Oh, thank goodness, our mediator is here.” Henry sighs in relief. He walks over to hug me.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

Alastor grunts, “For some reason Henry declares a meeting and has us meet here.”

“Hey, you have the nicest house.” Henry shrugs, “Ye mum, however? Not so nice.” This was a joke, I could tell by the way he smirked. But Alastor turned red, and almost lunged at him. I had to step in.

“Gents, stop it! Bloody stop!” Everybody froze up at my exclamation, “We’re here for a meeting. We are HERE to talk about… something. We’re at Alastor’s house for a purpose.”

“If we’re at my house, let’s go to the treehouse.” Alastor said. His face was still red.

“Why?” Henry asked, “I mean, this house is perfect.” 

Alastor faced him and said through gritted teeth “The treehouse is my house.”

So, we went to the treehouse, climbing it up and sitting, all huddled together. No air conditioning, and the heat was already getting to me. I unbuttoned my collar to breathe some.

“So, I brought you all here today for a modest proposal.” Henry said.

“You used a meme to bring us here.” Peter said.

Alastor snorted, “You’re making us eat babies?”

“No you dingus-napper. It’s not Ms. Reis’ English.” Henry said. We laughed. “Anyways,” he continued, “William Michaels, love him or hate him?”

“Dude, you act like the camp didn’t happen.” Alastor said.

“Campy-Shampy. We remember what he did. What if I told you all that there’s more?

“More?” I asked.

“Yes. More! And we must form a team to stop him!”

I leaned in, “how large of a team are we talking here?”

“Two or three more people, enough to expose him and his lies as a teacher’s pet.”

“But we could try using the marauder’s app to showcase the locations of his suspicious activities.” Alastor mentioned. Henry smiled and snapped his fingers, “Exactly! We could use that! But, I think we need a group.”

“So, who are we thinking?” I asked. 

“My girlfriend said she’d join only after we get two people to join.” Henry told us, “So, I think if we had just two people we’d be good.”

“Henry, that implies you’re doing this for your girlfriend’s approval.” Alastor remarked.

“I’m not! I’m not. No, not one bit. I’m just doing it because I want my school safe!”

“I have a suggestion for a person.” Peter said amongst the bickering. I shushed the crowd and we all looked at him.

“How about Adam Pitts?” Peter suggested.

“Ok, so that’s one.” Henry didn’t even ask for a vote, but I assume we were all in agreement.

“Ooh! How about that one kid, the Baker?” I suggested. I couldn’t remember the name.

“Someone makes bread at our school?” Alastor asked.

“No, Tim. I think he’s talking about Tim.” Peter said. 

“Yeah! The kid with the puppet of Newt Scamander!” I said.

“Abso-bloody-lutely!” Henry exclaimed, “I think he’d be perfect! Okay, so that’s two. We’re good. Anyways, school starts up in a few weeks, so we need to get started ASAP.”

“I’ll talk to Adam while we play Call of Duty.” Peter said.

“And I’ll get in touch with Tim.” Henry said, even though it was my idea. After some talking and mingling Henry went, “Alright, it’s getting really hot in here, meeting adjourned, I’m going home.”

So, with that, the meeting was over.

On the way out, Alastor stopped me.

“Hey, Kevin. I ought to thank you for what you did earlier. Being our mediator is the best thing you could be right now.”

“Why, thank you.” I said. 

“You’re awesome. Thank you so much.”
With that, he walked away. And in that moment, I realized that I didn’t want to be anything more than the Oxford-bound mediator.

Accidental Recruitment

By Henry Walker

Right, so I’m going to recruit Tim Baker for the group. I think he’d be good because of all he had done… I think he did some things. I’m not sure. Everyone else was for it, I think. I was just excited because Kevin was excited, and, since he’s our mediator, I trusted him.

I figured the best way would be to reach out over social media, so I looked up “Tim Baker” on Instagram, and nothing came up. I tried different combinations; tim.baker, tim_baker, Baker_tim, TimsBaker.

Then, I tried variations of Newt Scamander or Newt Scafolder. Nothing still. Eventually, I did get a promising result: Knockoff_Newt134.

I don’t know Tim’s personality; I don’t know how he is, maybe he’s funny, because that’s what I got from this (according to his bio) ‘funny, eccentric, and some may say I’m related to Eddie Redmayne’ guy.

So, I hit him up.

“Hey man!” I said. A quick, nice start. I’m trying to learn to take that dive – start the conversations up on my own.

“Hi! What’s up, Henry?” For a moment, I stammered. How did he know my name? And then I remembered, it’s Instagram.

I scrolled through his account for a while. I guess this guy would look like how I pictured a “Tim Baker” to be – freckled, a goofy grin, a tad stocky.

We talked for a while, back and forth.

“So, the main reason I reached out was to fight off William Michaels.” I said.

“Oh, why me?”

“Because you’re Newt Scafolder” I messaged.

He took a few minutes to respond, and then he said “LOL Mate I’m not him!”

I paused, and suddenly, anxiety kicked in.

Dang it! How do I get myself out of this pickle? He already knows too much.

“I’m Bagrid.” he said.

Aggh! AGGGH! How could I mess up this bad!

“Haha! I thought you were Tim because of the Knockoff Newt name.”

“Heavens no. But yeah mate, I’ll help u out.” He messaged. 

So, great… We have Lucas Redmayne on the team, and not Tim Baker.

Call of Duty, Bruv.

By Peter Chadwick

I have other friends, okay? I promise. And, you know what? I can talk to others, I’m sure of it. 

I reached out to Adam on Xbox, and I waited… and waited… and waited… for a response to play Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Eventually he invited me to an Xbox Live Party, and I hopped on to the battle royale “Blackout” mode in duos.

We started to play, landing in an area amidst gunfire. I ran to the side of a building, Adam was aiming down the sights and making every living second count.

“I’m heading left.” he said. 

“Sounds good,” I noted, “I’m going to loot this house.”

His player vaulted over a car and ran into the house to keep cover of me. Eventually, he had cleared the area out.

“Dang, man! You cleared this space before I could even grab a weapon.”

“I know, bruv.” He said, “Bloody Bonkers, innit? I gotta take a breath.” He was saying in it a quick way, really fast and tense. 

The numbers were dwindling fast, with each squad that fell, our potential to succeed rose.

I was getting excited. I wanted to see it to the end, to get a win. I haven’t gotten one in this game yet. Adam “carried” me. He’s not like this in person, in fact, he’s quite paranoid. He’s always scared of confrontation. But, I guess in the virtual world, he’s a different beast entirely.

We were down to three players; me and him, and a solo kid. As the circle shrank, we started getting antsy – was this guy a rambo, mowing down players and waiting for us? Or was he a secret assassin, hiding in bushes until he can strike?

We hid, and while we hid, we talked.

“So, Adam,” I started.


“I was wondering what you thought of William Michaels.”

“William Michaels? I hate him. I bloody hate him, bruv. He’s terrible. He’s a bully, he’s always pushing me around. He has ragged me on for starting the E-sports team.”

“I’m so sorry, mate.” I said. I didn’t know this. It was awkward, and then he started firing shots.

“He’s behind that building in the desert.” he said, “I could snipe him from this distance.”

I nodded, “Sounds good.” I said.

He fired. Missed.

I peered over and shot too. I made a hit.

We went around, evading bullets, and I fell behind a truck. Our enemy slowly meandered his way forward, trying to get closer. I fired ahead of him so he’d walk into it, and Adam tried firing at him while he moved. Eventually, we won, and we were back in our lobby.

“Adam, the main thing I’m wondering about is if you’d like to join our group that’s trying to stop him.”

“Right, that’ll be fine.” He said, “Is it one of those origami groups?”

“Yeah, it’s the Orimarauders, and I think recently we recruited Bagrid.”

“Then I know the exact character: Professor Moody.”

“Sounds excellent, I’ll add you to the text group.”

With that, Profolder Moody has joined the fray.

Fine, I’m in!

By Eva Taylor

Since I’ve been SPAMMED by Henry to join his group now that he has two members, I obliged. I think it’s dumb, some may even say pointless, and, heck, he never really cared about Harry Potter. He doesn’t even realize he has accidentally made the Order of the Phoenix. I swear, I like him, but he can do the dumbest of things. I think that’s why I like him – he can be so stupid he doesn’t realize it.

Trying to Get Tim Baker for Real

By Henry Walker

With our three members recruited, I still wanted to try and get Tim Baker.

Luckily, it was the first day of school, and he was sitting in the lunchroom, as though he was waiting for me. I brought my tray up while the OriMarauders stared, and I sat down across from him.

“Tim-Tim Timmy baker. How are you, my man?”

He wore glasses, and froze up when he saw me. He was quiet natured, “I’m, um, fine, I guess.”

“Boy, oh boy, I have been looking for you!”

“Listen, I don’t want any interviews about my works as Newt Scafolder.”

“But you can be a hero, mate. We need you for our team.”

“No, I’m not interested, I don’t know if you heard about it, but I saved the school a couple of months ago”

I felt defeated, had I come all this way for nothing?

 ” You’re a hero, mate” I repeated ” There’s a bigger threat going on here undercover” 

” Thanks for counting on me” He looked down again ” But I’ll tell you what: look for Camster Jenkins.”

I felt a chill up my spine when I heard “Did someone say my name?”

I turned around and faced Camster, slim and charismatic, a wide smile. He looked honest, if that made any sense.

“Hi there, Camster. We were just talking about you…” I said. 

Tim sighed, “Do you want to join their team? I don’t want to, so I suggested you.”

Camster looked confused, “Why should I?” He asked me.

“Well, I, uh – I think that you’d be a great fit, mate. We’re a group dedicated to exposing William Michaels, and I don’t know if you have any issues with hi-”

“I do.” He interrupted. To the right of me, I saw a kid perk up and give a snarl.

I nodded, “Right, I’m sure. But we’re trying to expose him. In fact, we have a meeting later today, if you want to come… maybe…”

“Who’s in it?” 

“Me, Lucas Redmayne, Peter Chadwick, Kevin Harrington, Alastor Bismark, Eva Taylor, and Adam Pitts.”

“Right, okay. Sounds good! I’ll see you later today, where will it be?”

“Give me your snapchat and I’ll send the address.” I opened up my phone and he snatched it from my hands. He typed in his username and tossed the phone back to me. I almost missed catching it. He smiled and walked away.

So, I couldn’t get Tim, but I got Camster.

The Meeting

By Kevin Harrington

Back in the mediator role, we sat in Alastor’s treehouse, which had been cleaned up and had a portable fan placed in it. School had started back up, and we were all needing excitement. I figure that this will be where the fun begins.

I looked around at our four new members: Lucas, Eva, Camster, and Adam. I think this team looks great, and I’m glad it all worked out.

“Okay, everybody, let’s begin.” Henry said, “Welcome, everybody, to the OriMarauders-”

“Actually, since we have puppets of Harry Potter characters, I’d like to call ourselves the Order of the Pholdix, with a ‘p’ and an ‘h’ rather than with an ‘f.’” Eva said, “We’ve all read Harry Potter, right? The Order of the Phoenix?”

Everyone nodded except for Henry, who looked slightly embarrassed.

“Right, okay, we’re the Order of the Pholdix.”

Camster clapped, we all joined in. Henry stood for a moment, and then nodded a nod of approval.

“So, why are we here?” Lucas asked.

“We’ve brought you all here today to stop William Michaels from causing chaos. As we know, he’s a teacher’s pet, but he’s done some sinister things to some of us, and we want to put an end to it.”

“Sounds bloody perfect, mate!” Camster said, “I’ll take the lead now.”

Henry looked stunned, and almost spoke up before Alastor went, “alright, sounds good. It’s my treehouse, my realm.”

Camster stood up and Henry sat down. “I think the best way to go about this is to try fighting in groups, little teams as we spy, gather intelligence, and record and report. William Michaels can be stopped if we just put the effort in, mates.”

We all cheered, and I suddenly felt as though I didn’t need to mediate anything.

Eva brought something out of her bag.

“I thought that, now that we’re in the same place planning this out, we could take a picture to remember today.” She said as she brought out a polaroid and a tripod. She placed the camera up.

“Sounds amazing, Eva.” Alastor said. We nodded in agreement and we all stood, a tad crammed in the treehouse. She set the timer up, stepped back, and we all stood together, ready.


The Order of the Pholdix had it’s first true meeting.

The End.


By Alan Rawlins

What Hanry never knew, was that I was hiding in the bush outside of that Bismark boy’s treehouse. Ever since he stole my girl, Eva in that camp, and I figured out they were teaming against William, I couldn’t let them get away with it. I was listening to all their conversations.They think they can stop William Michaels, eh? Well, we’ll prove them wrong. They’ll see

They’ll all see.


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