Origami Darth Bane

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By: Origami_Master53, Epilogue by BabyYoda901  


Chapter 1

Today I was taken by some kids who ‘needed’ me for some reason, and now I like them This is what happened.

“Hey Mike!”

“Hey Greg!!” I was walking in the hall trying to talk to my friends when someone put a bag over my head and made me black out.

“H-hello?” I asked.

“Greg, we need you,” a mysterious person told me. When they took off the bag I saw my friends all wearing black robes. I froze.

“M-mike?” I said stuttering. “Why?” 

“Like I said before, we need you, Greg.”

“We are the Origami of Darkness, and we need a Darth Bane.”
“But as we call him Darth Fold!”
“So will you join us brother?”
They told me I had one hour to make up my mind, and if I didn’t they would force me to join!

Chapter 2

I made up my mind. I am going to join them and be Darth Fold!

After school the next day they brought me to the dark, old abandoned gym. I went in and saw some of the worst origami I ever made. Then they explained more. They said they need me because of my talent in origami. By then they pulled out one more piece of origami. It was the only Cover Yoda I ever made…

“To join us, you must give up your past and rip up all of these origami, and only make Sith ones!” By this time I was willing to run, but I didn’t because I liked Darth Bane and thought he was really cool. So I stepped up, and ripped them all.

The next day I was wearing all black to school. People commented, and asked why I was not wearing my usual Star Wars shirt. I just walked away. But one of my ‘friends’ was in my second hour. Beforehand he told me I had to keep my hood up in class. Now you might think that is not bad, but in my school it is.

Chapter 3

“Ok, welcome class. Today we are going to learn algebra,” my teacher said. 

“Noooo!” my class screamed. 

“Oh, Greg, can you take off your hood, please?” My teacher asked.

“No,” I told her. 

“Take it off, Greg,” My teacher said again, but more in an ordering-type voice. 

“No,” I repeated. 

“Go to the office now!” my teacher ordered. 

“No,” I say back. When my teacher came to my desk I got up t, took out Darth Fold and screamed, “This school is flawed!” 

“Ok, come with me now!” My teacher orderered one more time. 

“Ok,” I responded.

Chapter 4

I went to the principal’s office and got In-School Suspension. It was worth it though, because my rank went up in the Origami Of Darkness. As I went to the next meeting Mike told me if I get expelled I must come back and go to the meetings. I told him ok and left, but as I got to school the next day everyone left me alone. And it felt awesome! I would totally do it again if I had to. I lost all my video games the next day because my parents found out. But now I am thinking of leaving the group, but that means I won’t have any more friends. I have been thinking about it all night, but now I know what to do.

Chapter 5

I will destroy the group from the inside. I will act all good, then take them down by putting them to war with the teachers. It will be easy to do. I just need to get caught one more time then tell the teachers I know the base of all the origami. They’ll trust me and do what I tell them to do. That’s how this goes!

Chapter 6

“Greg, take off the hood now!” My teacher yells. 

“No,” I say back. 

“Ok, come with me,” My teacher demands. 

“Ok.” I walked out of the room with my teacher. I had to wait a second with my teacher outside the door. 

“Ok, come in Greg,” the principal says. As I walked in I saw my teacher walking behind him. 

“Greg, we need to talk about saying ‘no’ to your teacher,” the principal told me. “You just got yourself suspended!” he yelled.

“How about you don’t suspend me if I give the location of the Origami Of Darkness,” I tell them. 

“Wait, you’re part of the darkness?” my teacher asked me.

 “Yes I am, and I noticed it is flawed,” I told them. “At 4:00pm they have a meeting that I am attending.” 

“Where is the lair?” my teacher screamed.

”It’s in the old gym,” I explained. 

“Ok, Greg you are not suspended,” the principal said. “Now get to class!”

Chapter 7

That night I told the darkness that the teachers have found us and are on their way to the headquarters. Like usual, they get into attack formation. Then the teachers came and the fighting began, and it started like this.

“All of you get out!” The principal yelled. 

“Never!” the Darkness screamed back. The punching and the kicking was beautiful and now to the final bit of the attack. My attack.

I snuck out and locked the gym door. I waited there at the door until the fighting stopped. The teachers gave up, and when they went to leave, they all asked who locked the door? 

That’s when I popped my head up and said “I did! Have fun spending the weekend in the gym with no food, no electricity and no help! Mwahahaha!” I screamed as I left.

Chapter 8

On Monday, all the teachers had substitutes. It was awesome!!! It was about half way through the school day when I noticed someone with Darth Bane. The Rule Of Two, and Origami Cranes. So I went up to her. She was not afraid of me like everyone else, and I asked “Do you want to be my apprentice?” 

“Ok,” The girl said.

The End


Greg went home that night and started folding his apprentice their own Sith finger puppet. 

“Take this,” Greg told his apprentice.”You will keep this one until you are ready to fold your own,” Greg told her as he handed her an origami Zannah. “Now walk with me, because your training begins now!”

  1. Grand Master Skywalker

    Nice, dude! 😃

  2. origami_master53

    Wow. I forgot how much time I spent on this!

  3. asom

  4. im new ths story is so stooky i even made my own darth bane

  5. My account is deleted while trying to fix a glitch and now the glitch WON’T EVEN LET ME MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!!!!! help…

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