EPISODE 7-ish…?




Emperor Pickletine was defeated. Origami Yoda is gone. But just when Tommy sees no hope, something amazing happens. Kellen and Dwight’s own case files inspire a group of McQuarrie Students–who call themselves SuperFolders–to tell their own zany, amazing, stooktacular, embellished, and fantastical case files!! Branded Origami Yoda: Legends, Tommy and the gang team up with these SuperFolders, and create all sorts of case files, prequels and sequels and interquels and spin-offs, joining in with the crazy incredible genius of the sandbox which is Origami Yoda’s legacy! Maybe McQuarrie won’t end up being so boring after all!

  1. empireforpalpatine

    Who is theoriginal author of Rabbski-nator?

  2. So, first of all, where are the noncanon OY stories? And, what would happen if I wrote a noncanon OY story that involves magical powers?

  3. Shouldn’t this be called the legends, not the lost case files?

  4. Sounds cool i will read it !!!!

  5. I’ll read it. No problem 😊

  6. How do you submit stories?

  7. I sent two stories to the new OY EU, trough battlesreceive@gmail.com

  8. Did you get them Stooky Sauce? im not really sure…

  9. I don’t wanna sound like a hypocrite, but we’ve been waiting literally since late 2014 for Origami Yoda: The School Awakens! 😡
    Basically, when JC said they had to read over the lines of TFA more, I didn’t know it’s take longer than years! And though now we have the F.O.L.D. Initiative and the Marvel Origami Universe happening, we’ll have to wait probably many more years until The School Awakens! Might as well make an EU version of The Last Jedi and an EU version of Episode IX. 😤

  10. Oh and where exactly are the Origami Yoda Legends stories. Can’t find any. 😕

  11. Jar Jar Pleats

    Hold mouse over the Legends banner. They’ll get it done, I guarantee it, and even if it doesn’t, it will not be the end of the world:

    In the words of Chirrut Imwe,

    “The Force is with me, and I fear nothing. For all is as the Force wills it.”

  12. Thank you, Master.

    This is basically an OY fanfiction site. And these are fan-fictions that are noncanon in a noncanon fanfiction universe. Mind blown.

  13. I am the Loki in this picture. SLS is the Thor in this picture. And Jar Jar Pleats is the Captain America in this picture. Ah, good times.

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