Revenge of the Sith: From A Certain Point of View

Episode I: Do or Dine (By SuperFolder JC)

Episode II: The Tale of Lucky the Clone (By SuperFolder Jawa)

Episode III: The Techno Union Army is at Your Disposal (By SuperFolder OrigamiLuke)

Episode IV: What Ever Happened to the Grand Inquisitor? (By SuperFolder YodaForce

  1. origami_master53

    Hey comments are now up! Yipee!

  2. I had the honor of putting up one of Jawa’s last story contributions to this site in the form of Episode II: The Tale of Lucky the Clone. Jawa has been my friend and OY EU partner from the very beginning. Without Jawa, there would be no expanded universe. I’d love it if you’d give his story a read and tell him how much you loved it in the comments. #TheGoodJawa

    • origami_master53

      Hey JC! I have been wondering this for a while but do you have an idea of when Revenge Of Origami Durge and one other story of mine will come out? I emailed it a couple months ago…

    • Sure will! I loved it Jawa! Seems almost impossible that you are leaving after so many things!

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