Stooky Sauce Presents: Alternate Endings

Note from Stooky Sauce: For a story to be here, it must be neat so I can read clearly the ending. Two, and this is the most important, IT MUST HAVE AN ENDING! Now the endings…

The Mario Bros Menace

The Final Battle

By Tommy

Harvey has just challenged Jerry and Andrew to either a fight or questions. I overheard Harvey talking about it to someone, maybe Zack, about it. Jerry and Andrew went over to Harvey later today when he told him. “What if we don’t want to do it?” Andrew asked in Luigi’s tone. Suddenly, Harvey grabbed me and made his threat. “Or Tommy will have a dumpster dive.”

So it was on. Zack had come with Harvey with a Koopa Troopa, and many other people wanted to come. Zack scared them all of on Harvey’s orders. “I have thought about it,” Harvey said, “and I have decided that we will fight.” Harvey lunged at Jerry, and they both rolled on the floor, until Harvey kicked Jerry off and went for Andrew. Harvey swung, but Andrew moved, grabbed his arm, and threw him through a pothole. I went over to check, and slipped down and fell on a bridge. “TOMMY!” I heard Jerry yell.

Turns out we were fighting on top of an abandoned acid factory that was never cleaned out. I looked around for an exit, but then Harvey came out of nowhere and we fell to the ground. “Looks like I got Peach,” he said. That was demeaning.

OriMario Bros. to the Rescue

By Jerry Andrew and I jumped in from the roof and saw the acid. I took out the fire flowers and gave one to Andrew. “Thanks,” he said. The bridges moved and seemed to be something out of the game. “THIS TIME ORIBOWSER WINS!” I heard a familiar voice yell. There stood Harvey, holding Tommy in his grasp. “I will only drop him if you don’t face me,” he shouted. About fifteen kids were all set to pulverize us, maye into the acid. Unlike Mario Bros., it was one life. “You take left and I will take right,” Andrew whispered. I looked around and saw that Zack had gotten down and had King Boo-Fold. We split up, and I went for Harvey. I knocked over some kids, and they knocked me over. Luckily I could get up and knock them out. Eventually I reached Harvey, and I grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him down. Soon, it was Super Smash Bros Brawl. I kicked him into a wall, and suddenly seemed to come to senses. “STOP!” Harvey yelled, seeming afraid,”listen to me! I was put under hypnosis by someone who wanted revenge. There’s this kid Dan, and-” Suddenly, Harvey was pushed forward, and both he and Tommy grabbed a railing for dear life. Out of the shadows came a kid with Gananfold in S.S.B.B.; Dan. “Let’s do this,” he said, and we began the fight.

Bros help Bros

By Andrew

I fought Zack a long time before I could leave. After a couple of vacuum sounds and thrown punches, I finally knocked Boo-Fold into the acid. Zack ran off, and I saw Jerry clashing with a kid with origami Ganandorf, so I jumped from bridge to bridge to help him. Jerry was punched in the gut, and fell to the ground. “You will bow before me, Dan, and Gananfold!” Tommy and Harvey just hung above the acid, and I ran and said the one thing I already said: IT’S LUIGI TIME! I ran towards Dan, knocked him over, then helped up Harvey and Tommy. Jerry and I got OriFire Mario Bros., and together shot Dan with enough fireballs to knock him out and destroy Gananfold. We walked put of the factory, and headed home.


By Tommy

Jerry and Andrew did it. They beat Dan’s revenge, saved Harvey and me, and kept their origami. Unfortunately, their parents figured out and they have to move. “Sorry, Tommy,” Jerry said that day, “Here is something to remember us by.” Andrew handed me a slip of paper, then they drove off. I opened it up, and it was origami instructions for Tougue, origami version of Toad. [See original for folding]

The Amazing Spider-Fold

Rooftop Fight

By Hansel

This was bad. Riley made this machine while taken over by Lizard-gami that turned things into reptiles. I followed him up a ladder to the roof, trying to reach him. “You can fight this, Riley!” I yelled while climbing after her, “This isn’t you!” Riley growled, and it didn’t sound human. I shot the fluid, but Riley dodged and lunged. He threw me, and I pushed him. I kept trying to get the water on him, but he was two fast. I was pushed against the top of the roof, and fell onto a fire escape. Man did it hurt! He was right on top of me, and took out scissors. “Any last words, Peter Paper?” Riley said. I struggled, but it was no use. Suddenly, a blast of water hit Lizard-gami. I looked and saw Anthony holding a water gun. He saved me, and Riley screamed “NO!” as he turned to normal, but it wasn’t exactly his no. When he was back to normal, he apologized for what he did and, seeing damage he did, helped pay for it. I even got to date my secret crush! I guess everything worked out for me.

The Fold of the Rings Trilogy

Mt. Doom By Peter

We started making our fire, ready for the burn, but suddenly, all of us were being pushed towards the fire. It was Jacob and Elijah, and they were trying to burn us! “STOP, JACOB!” Frankie yelled. I threw my Frodo BAG-gins, but it didn’t do much. Jacob threw me Legofold, and I didn’t understand that. “Jacob, that’ll just give them hope!” Elijah yelled. Jacob then stopped, and took out the ring of John’s. The two of them struggled, and then knocked over Xarl right into the fire.

Luckily, Frankie grabbed him, and they tried to balance out the weight. Elijah took the ring, and in it was firecracker! “You have betrayed me, Jacob,” Eli said, “Bad move!” He ran up the stairs to drop the cracker, and Jacob and I chased him. We reached him on the top, and he was set to drop the firecracker. I pushed him, and the cracker rolled into the cement. The fire roared with life, and Eli looked deadly. “I will kill you!” Elijah yelled. Suddenly, Jacob grabbed Eli, and looked around, then straight at the fire. He turned to me and looked sorrow. “I am sorry for betraying you,” he said. He then jumped into the pit with Elijah. “NOOOOOOOO!” I yelled. But it was too late. The song “Carry on my Wayward Son” seemed to play as Jacob got rid of the unstable threat of Elijah, but sacrificed himself in the process. My eyes went puffy with tears as I told everyone.


By Police Chief After I heard the story from all the kids, I realized they had been through a lot, and didn’t punish them for anything. With one kid killing himself while saving maybe everyone, punishment would be too hard on them. Life did go back to normal, but the memory was still alive in everyone.

Batfold OriBaneish Much?

By Tommy

I reached Arkham Asylum, and Joe was there with someone hanging from a rope: Emily! “I thought we were going to destroy him together!” She yelled. “I thought about it,” Joe said, “then decided that I needed OriBane and that was all! Mwa Ha Ha Ha!” I threw a rope which tightened around a pole, swung and knocked OriJoker over, and he passed out. I untied Emily, and she refolded Talia into Catfoldan, which is two steps forward, one step back. Suddenly, the OriBaneish kid comes out of the shadows really bulky and knocks out Emily! “I am Jacob Minch, and you can’t stop me!” He yelled. He ran toward me, but I sidestepped and he crashed through a wall. I called up CJ and told him to get Foldbin. Jacob then rammed into me, and I flew to safety when I grabbed a pole, then kicked Jacob, apparently knocking him out. Hansel came in right at the moment, but looked confused when he was there. “Sorry, Bro,” I said to him, “I just finished off Jacob.” Then, while I wasn’t looking, I was tazed and fell to the ground. I saw Jacob holding a tazer and… Emperor PAPERTINE!?

Foldbin vs Papertine

By Hansel

I couldn’t believe it. Who puts Star Wars in this origami Batman story? I ran towards Jacob, yelling “FOR MY BRO” and threw a punch. Minch dodged and hit me in the gut. He would’ve gotten me with the taser if I hadn’t cleverly struck him with a boomerang. He fell to the floor, but quickly got up and threw a large pole on the ground. I dodged, and Foldbin and I ran up the stairs and to the roof.

Jacob gave the chase, and blocked my path down. We were on the bridge, and one more flight and I’d be on the roof. “Nowhere left to go, Boy Paperwad!” Papertine yelled. Robin was my favorite hero, so I didn’t like it when he said that. “The name is FOLDBIN!” I screamed. I rammed right into him, and we both tumbled off the railing. As we fell, I grabbed a rail, but Jacob missed and landed on the ground. When I got to him, he was still breathing. Tommy congratulated me on beating Jacob, and I was an official Justice Fold member. We celebrated our first victory, and Tommy and Emily started a relationship!

The Month of the SkyFolders [We all knew this would come]

When Everything goes Uphill

By Noah

Dwight and I took out our origami, and were set to take out Jacob once and for all. Jacob ran up a hill that looked like the giant building from Episode III. Yoda and Papertine clashed, but Dwight was soon knocked down off the hill. I would’ve gone up with them, but had to fight off Zach. I went over to Dwight and heard him mumble, “Use the Obi-Wan tactic.” I didn’t know what he meant by that, but I went up to Jacob and we dueled. We clashed lightsabers, and Jacob would say to join him. I’d scream I’d never join him.I reached the top of the hill, and then Jacob hit me in the leg, and I rolled down the hill. Before I passed out, I saw Tommy and Kellen run up.

Obi-Wan Tactic

By Kellen

Noah lay on the ground, knocked out. Tommy and I picked up the pace. Our friends were being pushed over, passing out, etc. Tommy and I threw down our lightsabers, which were blocked by Papertine. After five minutes of fighting, I was punched in the gut, and with the wind knocked out of me I fell to the ground. Tommy, using his Foldy-Wan, slashed at Jacob, and they were on opposite sides of the hill.

“Finally, the Sith shall win!” Minch yelled. He looked ready to pounce Tommy. “Don’t do it, Minch!” Tommy yelled. Jacob used such athleticism in his jump he could have been an actual sith. Tommy slashed in the air, and Jacob had a papercut on his knee cap. “ARGH!” He screamed. He passed out in pain. We helped everyone up, tied up the bad guys, and Noah told us what Origami Yoda had said. “Always gives the right advice,” I said. After some of our parents heard of this, they moved, and Sara moved as well! But Tommy and Sara hold up a strong relationship anyway. Noah put the SkyFolders in a box, saying he would take them out when he really needed them.

The Revenge of Van Jahnke Yoda

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

By Sara

I didn’t know what Dwight meant by that, but it wasn’t helping me now. Zack threw Ackbar out the window that was open, and my arms were behind my back. I struggled, but that didn’t do much. “Take her upstairs,” Harvey said in Vader’s voice, and soon I was up in Harvey’s attic. “You’re never going to get away with this!” I yelled in frustration. “An apprentice of the dark side, you’ll soon be,” Zack said in an impression of Yoda. Harvey then grabs me and straps me down into a seat. “Now Sara,” Harvey spoke, “Time to embrace the Sith.” Then these complicated things come down and start to make me feel woozy. “NOOOOOO!” I screamed in terror. The rest was hazy.


By Tommy

I heard Sara scream from Harvey’s attic. “SARA!” Kellen and I yelled. We barged through the door, and balled our way upstairs until we saw Dwight on the ground, Origami Yoda being taken off his finger by… SARA!? She had the eyes off Anikan in Episode III at the end of the film. Kellen looked shocked, and I couldn’t blame him. “This is the end of Paper-Wad Yoda. Sara/Ventress, you know what to do,” Harvey commanded. She put Origami Yoda in her hands, and was set to rip him. “NO!” Kellen yelled, and ran up the stairs, and I chased after him. “GET THEM!” Harvey screamed. Kellen took Darth Yoda, and I went for a rough version of Darth Paper. “You’ll have to go through me first, Jedi Scum!” Sara mocked. “Sara,” I pleaded, “Don’t listen to him! You are my friend, snap out of it!”

Harvey just smirked. Sara threw a punch, but I dodged and grabbed her arm. “You never really liked me!” She yelled and threw me into a wall. I realized there was only one thing to do; I grabbed Sara and kissed her. “UGH, Tommy! Really?” Harvey mocked. When I stopped, two things happened. One, Sara slipped out of her trance and I felt relieved I wasn’t about to be slapped. Two, she kissed me again! “I am going to get out of here!” Harvey said, sounding worried. He started to run, but then Sara threw a radio in his path, causing him to trip. Harvey’s foot hit the PLAY button, and the song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” started to play. “Origami Yoda was right again,” Sara said. “Speaking of which,” I said. I had been in the moment and didn’t realize that Kellen and Zack were still fighting. We turned around and saw Kellen standing next to Zack, who’s Yoda had been ripped, staring at us. “Oh, sorry,” he apologized, “Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Well, the effects of the fight would last awhile. After that hypnosis thing on Sara, she was easier to anger, Zack didn’t really talk, and I hate Harvey. But I still didn’t stop loving Sara. She was the best girl I could ever ask for.

The Ghost of Mayhew High

Its all Scooby-Doo

By Tommy

The ghost came farther out of the locker, and looked prepared to attack. “RUN!” James yelled. We ran away from the locker, and split off in two different directions, with Dwight, Harvey, and me going one way, and Kellen and James  going the other. The ghost ended up chasing us, and we ran past lockers. The three of us hid in a locker, the ghost moving slow. “I hope it doesn’t see us,” Harvey whispered. Then the ghost ripped open the locker, and we ran again. “I hope the others are doing better than us!” I yelled.

The Explanation

By Kellen

James and I ran from the ghost, and it was a scary experience! Left, right, in front, Jamie’s ghost was everywhere and nowhere! Then, James and I formed a plan. We set up a table, and some plastic food. When the ghost finally reached us, we were disguised as waiters, and we sat it down (anybody seeing a resemblance between something else?). “Your choices for today include oranges, pie, and apples. What would you like?” James asked. Instantly, I brought out a real pie. “Here’s your order!” I yelled. Then I shoved the pie in the face! The ghost got up and chased us again! We ran into Tommy, Dwight, and Harvey, and there were TWO ghosts around us. The Harvey got up and did something unbelievable! “Alright Emily,” he said, “It’s over.” Suddenly, the ghosts took off masks, and it was the kids who died, and Emily walked out. “That. Was. EPIC!” She yelled excitedly. Harvey and Emily hi-fived. “What is going on?” James asked.

After a long talk, here’s what happened. Harvey, angry for always being ridiculed, teamed up with Emily to pull the ultimate revenge, and the weak kid helped with that. He pretended to always be abused by Emily, then “killed” her in revenge. Then another kid found out, and he joined in and got killed too. Then, for the ultimate scare, they chased us around. Even though we were all pretty mad, it was cleverly thought out. James, however, didn’t take it so lightly. He broke up with Emily and stormed out of the gym. But he drove us home anyway. Harvey and Emily actually took a liking to each other and went out. They even made something that made shivers, so Dwight thought there was a ghost. So that is what happened. Fin.

The Life and Death of Origami-Wan Kenobi


By Harvey

Tommy had gone full dark side, and I didn’t know what to do! “You have lost, Harvey!” He yelled, “Now I shall destroy what you love!” He then ran up some stairs, and with no origami, I chased him. At the top of the stairs, he pushed me down! I was still alive, but my head was still spinning. I had to fold him in dark thoughts, I thought, but what did he mean by that? Then I realized who he was talking about… ISABEL!

State of Mind

By Kellen

I was walking out of school when suddenly BAM! Tommy rams right through me with some girl in a bag. Harvey is then about to ram me, until I yelled, “STOP!” Harvey stopped dead in his tracks. “No time to explain,” he said worryingly, “Tommy has taken Isabel from being corrupted and I have to stop him!”

He ran off, and I followed. We reached the top, and Tommy was there, holding that girl! “This is your one chance! Join the Dark Side once more or the girl gets it!” That wasn’t Tommy at all. Harvey balled his fists and said, “Show yourself, Dark Master.” From the shadows walks a kid we’d thought we’d never see again: Billy Larry! “Now with you on my side,” he said, “I will be a supreme ruler of this Middle School!”

Isabel and I looked at Harvey, and he did something very fast. He kicked him in the gut, then pushed over the side, landing on a dumpster and a very angry Soapy the Monkey. He looked okay, from our view. Tommy blinked twice and looked around. “What happened?” he asked. Harvey explained, and said that Billy must have done something to the Origami-Wan.

“I’m sorry, guys,” Tommy said, “I guess it was a bit powerful.” Isabel, after Harvey saved her life, was pretty smitten with Harvey. So they started dating, and Harvey, he said he only would stay with Origami-Wan Kenobi, and maybe go around the school to stop origami bad guys.

  1. Awesome OriMario Bros. ending! I like this one better then mine!

  2. This is a great alternate for all the stories! I especially like the alternate MotS ending!

  3. By the way, if you want you can make this Mario Bros. alternate ending the real ending!

  4. Is there going to be anymore?

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    Love the Van Jahnke Yoda ending! The others are awesome too! Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

  6. SPIDERFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Haha, Harvey finally gets her. Nice Stooky.

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    Alternate ending-ception.

  9. Where’s your Froakie, Robby?

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