The Flight of Hourus

The Flight of Hourus

(This takes place in 1992)

Note from Mr. Bogaard.
  By- Mr. Bogaard

Read this first.

Take Off.
  By- Jim Allan

New experiences suck. For example, when my local chick-fil-a closed and got replaced by a taco bell I accidentally ordered chicken nuggets. So when I learned that I had to move schools I had a heart attack. 

I stepped out of my Mom’s dusty station wagon and out onto the concrete steps. 

“Oh you must be new here!” someone chirped.

“Yeah, do you know where Mrs. Gould’s class is?” I asked sincerely.

She looked at me with a quizzical face and started to giggle.

“I’m sorry to tell you this but she-,” she stifled a laugh, or a cry, and continued “she died.”

“For the love of this school!” someone from behind me said “stop it with the dead-teacher-news-to-the-new-guy-joke.”

I looked at him and then to the girl who had started to run away.

“Do me a favor. Don’t fall for that again.” He said.

“Who am I doing this for?”

“Carter. Carter Foust.” He said with a cheesy smile.

The Top Gun.
  By- Jim Allan

Carter was leading me through the clean halls while he told me stories and rumors about people who slept in the lockers like they were meant for that.

“Oh and there’s this one girl who is 100% convinced that she is a horse.” he said. “And I’ll give it to her, she does look like one.”
I nudged his ribcage to let him know that wasn’t funny. He looked like he wanted to either hit me or ask for joke suggestions. I’m pretty sure he was finalising his decision when ahead of us a couple of lockers rattled then exploded outwards, the blast being caused by three cans of tightly packed rubber snakes.

“Today is not the day!” Carter yelled out.

“Sorry but I’m not in the mood for demands.” A raspy voice growled out.

Carter pulled something out of his back pocket, a paper doll, and attached it to his sleeve. The doll looked like it was getting ready for a houseparty, its white ‘dress’ covered most of his body except for its newly colored blue head and the bowling pin that sat on it.

The raspy voice then revealed himself. He looked about our height but that was only because he was slouching. On his sleeve was another paper doll. This one had the head of a crocodile and the body of a trained warrior.

“Sodesk, I thought I banished you.” He said in a strange voice; an odd energy flowed through it.

“Orisirus. The Nile flows through all lands and I am it’s protector. So if it flows here then so do I.” The same energy flowed through his voice.

Carter then leaned to his side and pointed his hand to him.

“Loser goes first.” He said.

‘Sodesk’ roared and then charged Carter.

Aluminum overcast.
  By- Jim Allan

The ’fight’ (if you even want to call it that) was pretty one sided. Sodesk swung his arm at Carter’s Orisirus puppet. Carter saw this coming and raised his arm to block him. The blow ripped through him propelling him backwards into the locker. Sodesk reached for Carter’s puppet with his own puppet arm. He then realised this error when he was slinking away with the puppet in his hand.

“And please don’t attack me again!” he yelled “I’m getting a little tired of it.”

“Who was that?” I asked him.

“That was Ernesto Schiaparelli. He’s a really good guy who just acts up from time to time.” Carter told me, putting his puppet away.

“What. Was. That.” I asked him.

“Oh that was-” he stopped and looked at me. “Great. I’ve never explained this before.”

“Explained what?”

“How a bunch of kids decided to become egyptian gods.”

Behind the power curve
  By- Jim Allan

The story was very long so I decided to save it for later. 

The moral of it all though was they were missing a Horus and I had to be gagged. 

“Listen pal. This is going to be my last year here and I already told you the general idea of our ‘job’ and that’s where our partnership would normally end. But, I’m starting to like you so I’ll point you in the right direction.”

“Go on.” I said, thinking about the prospects of getting a puppet.

“There is this kid who claims to have found the best spot in the school to view the moon at day-time. If you find him he should point you in the right direction.” He said.

“What’s the right direction?”

“Well you represent the god of war, the sun and sometimes protection.”

“That was really specific.”

“Thanks, I want to be an Archeologist when I am older. Back to the point; he pretty much sees all, so if you talk to him he should point you in the direction of some local problems.”

“Local problems?” I asked

“People like Sodesk.”


Then a girl in a leather leopard print jacket walked up to him and wrapped her arm around him.

“Who’s you?” She asked me.

“He is our bright and shiny hope.” Carter told her while he stared at me. It would be at a later time in my life when I realised he was truly talking to me, not her.

Dash Two.
  By- Jim Allan

While Carter was walking away I took a glimpse out the window and at the surprisingly visible moon. 

“The kid is probably at his spot.” I told myself.

I traced the outline of the school, keeping track of people by the window and what they were doing at the time. Most walked away but at the farthest window on the east side a bunch of people were gathered.

“What’s this all about?” I asked.

“Take a look for yourself.” she said as she pushed me to the front of the crowd.

I looked out the window at this kid who was standing on the roof; taking notes on the moon. I ran to the nearest door and pushed it open. The kid stopped taking notes and glanced at me.

“So you’re the new guy?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked back.

“Didn’t Carter tell you that I see all?” He asked.

“He di- how do you know that?”

He slammed his notebook closed.

“I see all, you were also standing by the window and I read lips.” He told me.

“Dude!” Someone behind me yelled. “You gotta quit it with the ‘I know all crap’, you’re stealing that weird kid who is always in the library’s thunder.”

The kid, who was climbing down the ladder, let out a can-we-not-do-this-again style sigh.

“Blase de Morgan.” Moon kid said dully.

“Night owl.” He returned the greeting.

“For the last time it’s Ramesses Lunné” He said, rubbing his temples. 

“Anyways.” Ramesses looked at me “What is it that you want?”

“I want to find trouble so I can end it.” I told him.

“Tell you what, if you put Blase on the floor I’ll tell you everything you wish to know.”

“Deal.” I looked over to Blase who looked eager to fight.

“Y’know Khonshoe, I’m starting to like you, pitting me against upstart gods and all. I’m BESt by the way.” Blase said, talking big game, energy flowing through his words. “And who are you?”

“Me? I’ve been told that I’m Hourus.”

Ramesses flipped open his note book and started to write some notes while Blase no longer looked eager to fight.

18 Bogies.
  By- Jim Allan

Blase started to back up, when I approached him. I saw the look of fear in his eyes but I knew that wasn’t all there is. I charged him to be met by him throwing himself at my knees. I jumped over him but he stopped and grabbed my ankle sending me to the ground.

“You’re not all that strong now that I realise it.” He said as he got up and walked towards me.

“How about you stop talking and hurry this up before the first period starts.” Ramesses said.

“Deal.” I told him.

Blase was now close enough that I could kick him. He stepped on my ankle before I could do anything though.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” He said while he wagged his finger.

“I have two feet.” I informed him as I kicked his chest; sending him flying.


“How did he get hurt again?” The nurse asked.

“He fell.” Me and Ramesses answered at the same time.

“Ah, that happens a lot. I’ll tell him to be more careful. But you two need to leave for your first class.”

We got up and walked out, not wanting to get into more trouble.

“So the troublemakers?” I asked.

“Take the big hallway to the southern halls, from there knock on the 18th locker on the west side.” He told me.

“Is there anything that I should expect.”

He stopped and looked at me.


The Ace
  By- Jim Allan.

Blase was ok. I knew this because he wouldn’t stop following me as I went from class to class. I would look back ever so often and see his short frame duck just out of sight. 

“Hey Jim!” Carter shouted at me from across the hall. “How are you?”

“I’m good. I got a lead on a case.”

“So Khonshoe did help?”

“Yeah, he told me something about ‘Chaos’. Also, who up and decided to proclaim themself ‘KhonSHOE’ and then stick with it. It’s stupid if you ask me.”

He gave me another strange look. This time he looked like an at peace corpse.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Mhm, I was just making sure to remember your face before Set claims it for himself.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that you aren’t the first Horus. I’ve met others like you who went off to fight Set and they never returned the same. Some advice; whatever he says just disagree.”


“You’re welcome, and if you see Becky, the girl in the leopard print jacket, can you tell her that i’m looking for her?”


I walked away with Blase following close behind.


I found the big hall (it’s pretty unavoidable) and was now standing in front of the 18th locker. While I was considering knocking, I heard the quick footsteps of Blase behind me.

“Blase, come on, you wanted a fight and I gave you one.” I called out.

“You sent me flying!” he yelled at me, “That’s against the rules.”

“There are no rules in school fights!” I yelled at him.

“There are no rules in school fights.” the lockers near me echoed me.

“Who’s there?” Blase asked.

“Chaos.” the lockers responded as seventeen of them blew open, a person stepping out of each one.

Me and Blase were forced together as they started to surround us.

“So you finally decided to join us. How nice.” Someone said from far away.

They stepped forward, in his grip was Becky who was scratching at his hand.

“How about you join them.” He ‘tossed’ Becky towards us. She slid into our constricted group.

“Mark!” she yelled “You jerk!”

“It’s Mark Malifer, and you will learn to respect that name. After all, I’ve slayed Hourus seventeen times over.” He said that as he looked at me. “Let’s make it eighteen, shall we?”

The people made an opening and pushed me out to Mark.

“Orisirus chose you well.” His voice hummed with the same energy that flowed through Blase, Carter and Ernesto.

“Set, I presume?” I asked, trying to get the same energy.

“It’s not in stone but yes, I am Set.”

“Then I am the sword that will send you falling.”

“Careful, you’re starting to sound like BESt.”

I took a step forward when Set raised his hand.

“Where is your puppet?” He asked.

“Wha- I didn’t need one when I fought BESt.” I responded.

“That’s because you were fighting his human side, but this is a godly fight and so you need a puppet. It’s a whole thing, y’know. We have a very strict code.”

He snapped his fingers and one of the Fallen Hourus that surrounded Becky and Blase took out a golden, but dull, bird puppet and handed it to me.

“The mantle of Horus has been through a lot. Are you sure you can live up to it?” Set taunted me.

“I’m sure.” I told him as I put the puppet on.

The Ace (pt. 2)
  By- Jim Allan

Set raised his arms and two of the Fallen Houruses rushed my back. I twisted the balls of my feet and slipped between them. They both turned around and grabbed my wrists then slammed me into the locker.

“It’s always the same every time.” Set said.

“It’s always the same every time.” The Fallen echoed.

I looked to my right and left trying to find something to fight with but I felt someone tap my wrist. I looked at the Fallen who then looked at the other Fallen’s shoulder. On it was his Set puppet dangling loosely. I snapped my right hand back to myself and knocked the loose puppet to the ground. Both of the Fallen ran to the others surrounding Becky and Blase and knocked their puppets off as well. Becky and the Fallen ran off while Blase stayed behind.

“You’re stronger than I thought.” Set said. “I’m impressed.”

“We aren’t done.” I told him.

“I didn’t plan on challenging that fact.” He said as he charged me into a nearby locker.

I slammed into it and moved to protect the puppet. Set took a few steps back then charged me again. It took some time but I soon realised that he wasn’t giving me time to think. He charged me again but this time when my body bounced off the abused locker I got a peak at Blase who was putting BESt on his sleeve. He looked at me and gave me a little wink.

“Psst.” I muttered.

“You’re going to need to speak up.” Set taunted.

“Psst!” I shouted. “When did you take on head trauma?!”

That was when he clued in on what was happening. BESt had slid behind him. I got up and snatched the Set puppet off his shoulder and elbowed his jaw causing him to fall to the floor.

“The reason the previous Hourus failed was because they refused to work together,” I told him “and don’t think about running away. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You lost.”

Mark scuttled up and then ran off and right into Carter and Becky.

“I would beat you but by the looks of it you’re already down.” Carter threatened him “Now run off before I get any other ideas.”

He decided to take that to heart and ran.

“That jerk.” Becky said. “Can I beat him? I want to leave him with some marks that he will remember.”

“No, after all, you haven’t finished your Bast puppet.” After he said that he looked at us, “Everything covered?”

“Yeah, I have everything under control.” I told him.

“Hope,” He said with a smile “it’s what you stand for. If you can protect these people, this school, then I trust that you have everything under control.”

I looked at Blase.

“That goes for you to.”

“Understood, pal.”


  1. This story goes to 11

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