2 Foldians of the Galaxy: 2 Legit 2 Quit

2 Foldians of the Galaxy: 2 Legit 2 Quit

By OrigamiLuke100

Book One – Cat Griffith’s Diary

Journal One

Hey, I don’t know why I’m starting this. I guess it’s just a bit hard right now. Lately, it’s been hard to even count stars, or even think about college applications. That’s right, I have those now.

It just all feels so… raw, you know? Like, it doesn’t make sense. Kirby closes, and Wheeler is more crowded, it feels like a blister growing and growing and growing and boom! It bursts. And here we are, the Foldians of the Galaxy, clamoring to clean it all up. 

Yeah, the team isn’t that cool either. It’s just me, my brother Cole, Peter and Paul, and Kurt. Two lunkheads, two pranksters, and a total geek. I don’t hear from Noah, and, quite frankly, I don’t want to. I think what he had done was totally rude and out of left field, and I don’t want to hear from someone that awful. 

Today, Monday, November 4, 2019, we were asked to bring some materials to the library, which, nowadays, is typical Foldians work. It’s not really for payment, we’re like a glorified JROTC or Hall Monitoring group – two things we both have already. We’re not a school sanctioned club, but Principal Villanueva was all “listen, I guess that’s okay, don’t break any rules, and do whatever we say.” I don’t even know if Noah got the same treatment.

I think the reason why I started this, now that I think about it, is that I want to chronicle what I saw today. Maybe that’s what drew me to this journal. We were out during study hall hours, carrying boxes. Paul had two boxes on his lap while Peter pushed him. Me and Cole were in a competition to see who could carry the most boxes, and Kurt was in the back, dragging his on the floor.

When we entered the library, Cole and I dropped our boxes with a thud and stared at the empty room. Not even Duncan came to say hi, so we backed out and walked away. Another Foldians mission was complete. 

As we were leaving, I looked to my left and saw a piece of paper saying “Teh Foldianz zuckz!” – Ego the Living Paper! With a goatee and two eyes peering at the bottom. “Gang, look at this.” I said.

“Gang?” Cole asked, skeptically.

“Shut up, it’s a thing.”

Kurt studied it while Cole looked hazily at it. “This seems to be a threat to us.” Kurt said.

Cole and Kurt have been having this Jim and Dwight routine as of late, as Cole turned and said, “No it isn’t, it’s just a cartoon.”

Kurt grimaced, “It’s not just that. I mean, look, it says ‘zuckz.’ Like, he could be super cereal.”

“Who says ‘super cereal?’ anymore?” Cole then turned to me, “Cat, be honest, do you take this as a threat? Or, you know, maybe they’re right. We just brought boxes all the way from the gym to the library, it feels like we really do ‘zuck.’”

I’ll admit. We’re basically doing the errands no one wants to do, and we do it for what? My college counselor told me that it looks good on applications, “You can phrase it to be that you do it because you care for your school.” But, I just don’t see it. I don’t feel happy doing this stuff anymore.

It’s like I go day-by-day, doing the same thing over and over with my group. We’re all tired of it.

“Guys, this could be something fun we could solve.” I said.

“It’s not fun because our team doesn’t solve ‘fun’ stuff.” Kurt grumbled, “It’s a threat, but who knows, it’s probably not that big.”

“Uh… I don’t know, guys.” Paul said, wheeling up to us, “This feels like a wild prank to do, you know?”

So, I’m sitting here now, writing this into my journal, and I’m now drawing a blank, journal. Like, it doesn’t make sense. What can we do? This does feel like a wild prank, but it just doesn’t feel like we’re hyped enough. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.

Song to describe how I’m feeling: Million Reasons – Lady Gaga.

Journal Two

Hey Journal, 

Yeah, this team isn’t going so hot now. I don’t know what I’m doing exactly wrong, I mean; I went to leadership camps, I’ve done everything “right,” I’ve put the effort into everything that effort was needed for, but I don’t know what’s going on. Today, me and Cole were on a ride to school when he turned to me.

“Do you think our team is ‘alright?’” He asked. I, being the leader that I am, didn’t want to announce weaknesses, even though I see them as clearly as anyone else.

“Yeah, I think so. We have the smarts with Kurt, the strength with you and me, and the… rowdiness with Peter and Paul.” 

He looked at me for a moment while he drove, and then he shook his head, “I… don’t know about that.”


“I don’t know. Lately it’s just been boring. It looks good on a college resume – I get that – but I wonder if I should’ve just stuck with wrestling, or had done both.” He drove a bit faster today, getting us to school at record speed. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day until our Foldians assignment, which, once again, was moving boxes from point A to point B.

I’m seeing the point he’s making, and it’s really hard to admit it when Cole is right. I… just don’t know what to do. I’m the leader for crying out loud and here we are, not stopping a bully or a class presidential campaign. We are moving boxes. How do you even phrase that in a college resume?

Foldians of the Galaxy – Leader/Founder

August 2019-May 2021

I had founded the Foldians of the Galaxy, a group responsible for transferring parcels and other things in between study hours as a volunteer service.”

Man. Yeah, that doesn’t sound fun or engaging. Dang, then maybe this isn’t even a necessary thing to put on applications, like my little stint in the robotics club for a week.

Also, journal, I’m really struggling. I… miss Noah. Yeah, he may have called me Catherine, and he admitted that the team is better off without him, but I really doubt it. I seriously, earnestly, doubt it. Noah felt like the blood-force of the team, the life of the group. Without him, we’re… boxes. We’re just being picked up and moved around, back and forth, up and down, left and right. We’re just boxes, holding potential, but they’ll never be opened.

Oh yeah, Kurt hurt his back today trying to lift a box. I’m never going to ask him to do crap like that again.

Song to describe how I’m feeling: Firework, Katy Perry, but it’s the “Plastic bag, drifting through the wind” part on repeat.

Journal 3

Yep. I guess it’s true when people say the proof lies in the pudding – I had ranted about it last night, and now I’m realizing that not just do we need Noah, I think we want Noah to come back. It all started when Kurt quit.

As stated earlier, Kurt has been bullied quite a lot by Cole. They do this thing where Cole will play a prank on Kurt, Kurt’s feelings are hurt, and then he throws it back. Well… today, Kurt came in wearing a brace, because he hurt his back trying to lift a box. Cole called him a “hippo-con-dry-act” which I assume is hypochondriac, just mispronounced to oblivion. That’s when the prank was being formulated, so when we were working in the teacher’s lounge with grading work and Kurt got up to leave for the restroom, Cole had shuffled the completed and incomplete papers that Kurt had done. When Kurt returned and saw what had happen, his face got red. Cole, not seeing what was going down, literally ripped the brace off of Kurt.

Kurt started to cry as me, Peter, and Paul all watched in awe. Kurt was now embarrassed, and we were all just sitting there, waiting for this to end.

“I just don’t get it,” He began, “This group has changed so much, man. I joined because I felt like I had a family and now all I have are bullies and bystanders. What happened, man? Scratch that- I know what happened, it’s quite obvious, really, there’s no Noah.”

Peter and Paul nodded in agreement. I sat there for a moment in thought before saying, “Am I not a good leader?”

Kurt grimaced, “Would a good leader be asking that question? We. Need. Noah.” This hit, somewhere deep in my gut, this had hurt me personally. I didn’t expect to be dragged through the mud like that, but Kurt continued nonetheless, “Have you even tried contacting him? Making amends with him?”

“We ‘made amends’ at the tree festival or whatever that was.”

“No, have you tried getting him back here?”

“I… haven’t heard from him in six or so months.”

What?! You missed his birthday, man!” Kurt exclaimed, “Not even a ‘hi’ in the hallways? He’s not in any of your classes?”

“No, he’s not, and we’re never in the same place.”

Cole was just staring at Kurt, and then back at me, “He has a point, Cat.”

“Yeah, he does.” Paul said. Peter agreed as well.

“I quit.” Kurt said, “If nothing changes, then I quit. I’m tired of being the one people play tricks on, reach out to me if- and only if – Noah comes back.”

And, with that, he left.

We finished our grading in silence, and then I walked out with Cole, leaving Peter and Paul.

I’m actually writing this a day later than usual, as our grading work was vandalized by “Ego the Living Paper.” Peter and Paul had finished shortly after us, and we had gotten reprimanded by those teachers. I feel embarrassed, but this also made me realize something: Ego the Living Paper was after us, and, if he’s after us, then we need to stop him… With Noah.

I haven’t taken out my Gamora puppet after they were banned, but I knew that I needed to use her. I needed her.

And, we need the true Foldians back, puppets and all.

Wish me luck.

Book 2 – Noah Buckets’ Memoir

I hope I’m writing this correctly, the memoir about my life here at Wheeler, with the people that I’ve met and the friendships that have come and gone. The memories of a life I once loved has turned sour after the past few months – schools closing, bullies, and friendships have ended. Yet… I find peace.

Okay, so, I guess scratch all of that out. I think I shouldn’t have started something like this while still in high school. In terms of colleges, I’ve applied to Nodel up in Jutefruce, and Claremont university in Cortland. I’m looking at NYU, so I’m trying to keep my sources open. 

To do some quick catchup:

Peter and Paul Prawley, Cat and Cole Griffith, me, and Kurt Blum were a part of a team called “The Foldians of the Galaxy.” We had done a wild scavenger hunt during detention and had become close friends along the way. During the whole T.H.A.N.O.S debacle, our team was split up, and we had a massive falling out. Now, we’re here, still in a “falling out.” I have my own splinter team, complete with former ‘A’ in T.H.A.N.O.S, Adrian Collins, the Heimdollar, and Amias Hill, the Novagami!

We chill, we relax, and you know what? We’re not opposed to new members. I call us the “Origami Ravagers,” because I don’t associate myself with Foldians anymore. Nay! I am more mature, mature enough to drop any dumb origami pun. I’m Origami Starlord, but I have to keep that secret, because of some origami ban that happened right before the end of the school year. 

Speaking of new members…

Today, we had this couple come up to us. It was a boy in high boots and jeans and a flannel. Next to him was his girlfriend, a goth girl, complete with black makeup and black hair. “Howdy,” He started as he sat down with us in the library. He was quite quiet as he took the seat and rotated it, sitting down as though he’s riding a horse. His girlfriend sat down quietly next to him, “I’m Jonathan Zeck.”

Behind him, I could see Cat and her group place boxes of books down. Losers! I didn’t miss them or anything. Totally.

“Pleasure to meet you, Jonathan.” Adrian quietly said as he read the Martian. 

“Are you guys the foldians?” the goth girl asked. Jonathan laughed as he patted her leg.

“I forgot to introduce you guys to her. This is Betty, my gal.”

“Deuces.” She said, “But really, are you guys the Foldians of the Galaxy?”

Amias shook his head, “No, we’re the Origami Ravagers… I don’t care for the name.”

I looked at Amias, “Give a better name, then. Like ‘Ravagerigami.’ Not everything needs a pun.” I then turned to Zeck and Betty, “While we’re not the Foldians, how can we help?”

Betty had turned to Jonathan and whispered, “You told me that these were the people.” Jonathan shook his head, “I guess not, lovebug. I just knew Buckets here was a member.” 

I grimaced, love is such a mysterious thing. Can make one man weep, and the other hate his life forever and ever… or however it went.

“Well, I don’t know if you want the real foldians,” I said. Amias and Adrian rolled their eyes, “We’re even better because we just like to have fun.”

“Okay, but I don’t think this threat is directed towards you guys,” Betty said as she held up a piece of paper with a face and a goatee it read “THE FOLDIANS NEED TO LET GO OF THEIR EGO! I WILL MAKE THEM DO JUST THAT!” – Ego the Living Paper.

Adrian took the paper from her and said, “No, it’s not, thank you though.”

“Guys, we have a potential thing we could solve!” I exclaimed, “Like, we’ve done nothing, and this couple shows up and gives us something to do!”

Jonathan looked over at Betty and whispered, “Do you wanna go?” Betty shook her head.

“Do you guys need help?” Betty asked. I smiled as Adrian and Amias started to mouth no, “Totally! We’d love the extra set of hands!”

“So, do we need new puppets or something?”

“Oh, well, we take the ban pretty seriously.” Adrian said, “I mean, it’s fairly important.”

I raised my hand and interjected, “Guys, they can fold a puppet, just not take it out. And, y’know, we don’t have a Mantis OR a Drax, which is weird.” Jonathan frowned but Betty looked all in.

“I used to be ‘Krease’ the hunter, I didn’t think I’d get back into this game in my senior year.” Jonathan said.

“Dude, I had an ‘Evil’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a Goth Club. Of course I’d want a real puppet.” Betty told Jonathan, “Please… will you join?”

Jonathan sighed and then nodded, “I guess, for you.”

See?! I told you guys, I’m willing to let ANYONE join! Even redeemed villains like Adrian, and a country boy and a goth girl!

Anyways, now that they’ve joined and we’ve been trying to solve this case, it’s been one dead end after another. We can’t go up and view cameras, as we legally aren’t allowed to, and we also can’t stay in the school overnight because that’s just absurd.

So, we try to find obvious places where a piece of Ego could appear, and try to strike there.

“Dude, have you tried asking Cat about all of this?” Amias asked, “I mean, as the guy leading the JROTC charge, I’m really busy and can’t focus on all of this. You’d think that they’d be willing to help since they’re the Foldians and the group being threatened.”

“I’d be darned if I didn’t say that Amias here is making a good point.” Jonathan said.

“Yeah.” Betty quietly mentioned.

“Seriously man, ask them about their progress.” Adrian said.

“Did you do that with T.H.A.N.O.S.?” I asked, out of the blue. Everyone froze up. I hate this, I hate it when my team poses this question. I am better on my own with my own team. That’s all it is. I’m better on my own and I don’t need anyone to try and push me in this or that way. This was just a dig at Adrian, and I, admittedly, do feel pretty bad about it. It was out of nowhere.

“I didn’t… what?!” Adrian said, confused, “Where did T.H.A.N.O.S. show up in all of this?!”

“You guys just need to stop asking about Cat and all of them, I’m done with that group, and, I mean, look at what they do! They’re a school sanctioned club now, just moving boxes around.”

“So is the JROTC, man!” Amias exclaimed, “They’re getting taught discipline, meanwhile we sit around, doing nothing but chilling!”

“And the JROTC teaches what? Flag movements?” Today I was in a fighting move, and they pushed me over the edge with the whole Cat thing.

“Wait… I know! You’re still crushing on her, huh?” Adrian said, he turned to Betty and Jonathan, “You should hear the three AM Minecraft chats with this guy. ‘Boo hoo, Cat rejected me and just wants to be my friend.’ Come on man, grow up and reach out.”

Everyone looked like they were against me, and I felt like I was going to start freaking out. Then, they were looking behind me with their jaws dropped.

“Hey, Noah.”

I turned around, and there I was, looking face to face with Cat.

“Oh, Cat, hi.” 

“Thank you for not calling me Catherine again.” She said, “No one can call me Catherine, heh.” 

“I’m… sorry about that.”

I thought I was hallucinating, I seriously believed that this wasn’t really happening.

Peter and Paul waved at us, smiling. I looked around, and I suddenly got really excited, “You guys are back!” I exclaimed, “You guys are all here!” 

Cat sighed and held up her hand, “Listen, Buckets. I’ve been working on how to put this, and so you’re going to listen to me and my rules and conditions… in private.”

Jonathan and Betty chuckled a little, as they were my new friends and members. I held up my hand, “Guys, will you all wait a bit outside?”

They nodded and left.

And, it was just me and Cat.

“Listen, I’m sorry.” She started, “I’m sorry about all of this. I’m sorry that I hurt you, and that we never… ugh… Truly forgive each other. And… I mean, listen. My team hasn’t been the same without you.” 

I sighed a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness, I thought I was alone in thinking I was missing something.”

“You brought fun.” She said.

“And you brought leadership.” I said.

“But, I can tell that things have been getting stressful for you.” She said, motioning to the scene where I had had my fight, “Calling out Adrian’s previous alliance with T.H.A.N.O.S. was no bueno, my amigo.”

“Yeah… It’s been hard. We can have fun and laugh all we want, but this ‘Ego the Living Puppet’ thing has been… a doozy.”

“Oh, you’ve been trying to figure that out?”


She leaned up against a wall, “Now, why is that?”

I sighed and reflected for a bit, “Listen, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed Peter and Paul too, and… even Cole. It’s been hard, really hard, and really bad. So, there was a little bit of a glimmer of hope that one day I’d figure this out and we’d make amends. They don’t like the name ‘Origami Ravagers.’” 

Cat let out a chuckle, “I missed you too, Noah.”

“So, can my group join your group to kick this guy’s butt?” 

“It’s a living paper. We can just crumple him up.” Cat said, I let out a chuckle. It was like talking to an old friend once again. We caught up and we lost track of time, but then Jonathan opened the door, “Can we come back in again?”

“Sure.” Me and Cat said simultaneously.

“Okay, so, do you wanna do the impromptu speech, or should I?” Cat asked me.

“You give the serious stuff, I’ll summarize it.”

She smirked, “Sounds good.” Then, she turned to our ragtag group of highschoolers, taking out her Gamora puppet, “Guys, we’ve been boring, we haven’t done much of anything, but we should aim to do something more, to be a bully-stopping group of…”

“Bad!&@ dudes!” I interjected.

“Yeah, what Noah said. Anywho, half of us have spent our time sitting around, gaming and waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile, the other half have been transferring boxes around, yet we have a larger threat: Ego, the Living Paper, some guy that just wants to put an end to us.”

Peter coughed, and he stepped up while Paul wheeled forward, “Actually, uh, we have something to say.”

“What is it, Socket and OriGroot?” Cat said, briefly looking at them and back at me. I nodded, letting them speak.

“Well,” Peter handed Paul his backpack and Paul unzipped, letting a ton of papers fall out, “We were thinking, ‘Man, this team has been boring, it doesn’t feel like much of a family anymore,’ and we really thought that this was a clash of egos, you two were unwilling to hear the other out. And so, in a flash of genius-”

“-We created Ego the living paper!” Paul exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

“And, shockingly, this dumb threat thing worked! You two both fell for it and came back together, good as new!”

Someone leaned in, it was Kurt in a brace, “I was hearing some commotion of some… familiar friends. Mind if I join again?”

I ran up and hugged Kurt, he let out a scream of pain, “Sorry,” I apologized, “I just missed you, buddy.” 

“I missed you too, man.”

“So, we did it, right? We got Ego without even looking for him?” Adrian asked, “What a lame-”

“No, this isn’t lame, this is pretty fun and amazing. Hey, Cat, do you mind if I summarize this for our team?”

Cat let a smile formed across her face, “Sure, go ahead.”

“The Foldians of the Galaxy are back, and larger than ever!”

The End!


While this is my final Main-Line MOU story, I just want to thank you guys for reading it, and Noah for being the spearhead for all of this. Noah is one of my biggest inspirations, due to his dedication to the craft of Puppet Fiction, and his desire to keep working at it. I thank him for working with me a lot along the way. 

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