The Menace of Mysterigami

The Menace of Mysterigami
By Lord Toademort

A Log of Current Events
By Michael Kasdan

Welp, many things have happened since my last log entry. For one, F.O.L.D has been effectively dismembered and Kirbian life went down the drain, but has since stabilized (more or less) after a powerful speech by Captain Americut.
Another thing is the L.I.F.E science club has been disbanded. Luckily, I saved some of my experiments before it was completely shut down, (Curse you Ezra!) however the results of OrigVenom’s long term exposure to Karl’s Chemical M was interesting.
I’ve been kicked out of the drama department after making one mistake involving a smoke machine. Look, it only caused a small fire after it exploded!
Now, I am deciding on where to go next.

Interesting Information
By Mike Kasdan

Since my last entry, it has come to light that the reason my effects equipment exploded was because of some damage it took during the Halloween Party run by Iron Fold. As it turns out there was a fight before the party started between Spider-Fold and the Chameleon which damaged my machines which I had loaned to the party. This means my career plummeted because of Spider-Fold, who had a hand in both the downfall of my illusionist career, but also my science career.
So what do I do with this information?
Revenge! What else would I do?

The Ultimate Plan
By Mike Kasdan

Okay new log entry, so I have created the ultimate plan to not only get revenge on Spider-Fold but to also cement my position as the greatest hero in ALL OF KIRBY HIGH SCHOOL!
Now where was I? Ah, yes, the ultimate plan. Okay, here it is:

  1. Fold two puppets.
  2. Acquire a fish bowl big enough for my head.
  3. Use the parts from what’s left of my smoke machine to create a smoke screen device to mask my movements in a room.
  4. Add some tanks to contain various gases and chemicals I made when the L.I.F.E club was still running.
  5. Insert a control pad into my gloves allowing me to remotely control all of my machines from anywhere in the school.
  6. Get a cape, a green shirt, and some green pants.
  7. Frame Spider-Fold.
  8. Wait for the news to take hold at Kirby.
  9. Go to a reporter at the Kirby King and tell him to write a challenge to Spider-Fold from Mysterigami.
  10. Beat Spider-Fold in a fight and get him suspended from Kirby.
  11. Become the best superhero at Kirby by repeating the process until I am the only one left.
  12. Eat a frosty from Wendy’s.

Now is the perfect time to begin my ultimate plan! With F.O.L.D. down and Ezra busy with Carnage, there is nobody to stand between me and Spider-Fold! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Some Bad News
By Cal

The day started out normal. Clark and I were guarding the files of F.O.L.D., but when we walked up the stairs when school started, everybody seemed to hate me!
Then I noticed the latest issue of the Kirby King: Somebody in the same Spider-Man costume I wore to the Halloween party last year had stolen the school mascot Marvin.
So on my way to every class I got all sorts of glares and comments such as “TRAITOR”, and “THIEF”, or “YOU’RE NO HERO”. You know, the usual Kirby taunts and jeers.

That Went Well
By Mysterigami

That went better than I expected. Kirby is a really aggressive school to those they dislike. I hid the mascot in a secret spot…no one will ever think to look in F.O.L.D. HQ! Now, time to enact the second phase of the ultimate fool proof greatest plan to ever be planned…

Phase 2 Has Started
By Mysterigami

I had a meeting with a reporter, for the Kirby King, Austin Baker, and let me say he had real JJJ potential.
“Greetings, I am Mysterigami!” I pulled out my puppet. “I am a new origami super hero here at Kirby, and I wish to issue a challenge to Spider-Fold: the latest hero to turn evil!”
I then sprayed my special Chemical H, powerful to the weak minded.
“You will write for me…” I waved my hand in a force mind trick gesture.
“How about for a JJJ puppet?”
“Toss in $10 and we have a deal.”
“Tell the people where: the gym. Two days from now, during lunch.”
“Whatever you say, weird guy.”
“Eh, don’t really care.”
I tried to leave in a puff of smoke, but it caused the fire alarm to go off so we all had to leave the building.

A Challenge
By Cal

As I was walking through the halls, I heard some talk about whether or not I would accept a challenge. I stopped and asked them about it, and they gave me an issue of the Kirby King saying some guy with a fishbowl helmet has challenged me to a fight during lunch.

The Fight
By Mysterigami

At lunch, I went to the bathroom and put on my Mysterigami costume and hit the gym and waited. Sure enough, Spider-Fold showed up with a good crowd.
“So you decided to show up after all, Spider-Fold!”
“Yeah, but who the heck are you?”
I charged and landed a hit on Spider-Fold giving him a bloody nose. He tried to hit me, but I dodged it and filled the room with a smoke screen allowing me to move undetected. For a while I was able to move about and land hits on Spider-Fold without him knowing where I was hiding. But some idiot (probably Ezra) left the door open, so my smoke started to dissipate! Spider-Fold tripped me and as I fell he grabbed my helmet and pulled it off, outing me as Mysterigami.
“Who are you?”
I sighed. “Mike Kasdan.”
“Did you fake that photo of me?”
“Yeah, alright, fine! Now get off of me!”
“I will after the principal shows up”
Security showed up and started to drag me away.
Well, I may have lost, but at least I have notoriety at Kirby, so long as I don’t get upstaged.

I Got Upstaged
By Mike Kasdan

Some loser named Artron stole my spotlight! Now my achievement has been overshadowed, and any notoriety I may have had has been lost.
I was really upset. I remembered everything that had happened at summer camp and wondered when that Aaron kid was finally going to do something. Maybe then, I’d finally get the notoriety I deserved!

A Message From Lord Toademort:
HELLOOOOOOOOO SUPERFOLDERS OF THE MOU, IT IS I, THE GREAT LORD TOADEMORT. That is my first contribution to the MOU (yaaay). I hope you enjoyed. I needed a reason why nobody would really know of this event so I came up with “it got overshadowed by Artron”. So what did you think of ‘The Menace of Mysterigami’? I would like to know.

  1. It’s really good lord toademort, really good.

  2. Pretty sweet. Maybe I’ll make OrigVenom 2 tied into this. (If that’s okay with you.)

  3. Lord Toademort

    yeah SLS thats cool with me
    Also who ever had to check my story you are a mind reader

  4. (Origami_Master53) I realy like the spider fold stories!!!

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