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This pages is for all of the Lost Media, unused or unfinished material, etc. found in the OYEU Site Archives. We’ve tried to explain and elaborate on what we can, but some of the stuff on here was created so long ago that’s it’s hard to remember everything. Anyways, we hope you enjoy a little trip down memory lane.

– The OYEU Council

Attack on Puppets

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There was an anime that I was a big fan of during the time called “Attack on Titan.” It’s… really mature. I don’t recommend watching it. Like, at all. I don’t know why I watched it when I was twelve.

So, back in 2014, I came up with the idea of a grade school full of students that become “Titan hunters” as there’s a game or competition occurring between this school and a high school. This competition has lasted for years, and just recently they took on the theme of Attack on Titan themed puppets. These are the only photos on the site. The one with the school has Hall Hansel, Hall Mike, Hall Garfield, Hall Wilson, Hall John, and Hall Jason. This is based off of AoT’s idea of Walls surrounding a safe area that if the titans break through, the humans are basically doomed.

The story would take place over the course of an eight hour school day as the titan hunters play with the teens and eventually learn to appreciate eachother. The story fell through because I couldn’t write in seventh grade.

There’s no special reason, haha. I just couldn’t write it because I couldn’t write in seventh grade. I mean, have you SEEN Batfold: The New 2012?


I don’t have anything on this. This was found in June 2012. Why? Don’t ask me.

Superfolder Terry G and Superfolder Hansel’s Spider-Label Maker

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For the sake of, y’know, my time writing, I’m going to copy and paste the comment I made on SF talkzone:

On our media that we have (if you’re a mod or admin, you can view the media like images and video), there seems to be a story that existed on the site called “Vigilanted known as Spider-Label maker fights man eating lizard!” by Terry G and illustrated by SF Hansel. This is evident in a few photos. The first image (Untitled4.png) depicts a really well done MSPaint drawing. In the top left hand corner, we can see “1/2/14.” It reads “The Daily Bugle” with a little bugle thing, and “Issue #3”
There’s a box depicting a kid in a hoodie, and on his finger is an Amazing Spider-man based puppet shooting spider-webs as he is fighting a kid who looks like dr. Doofenshmirtz if he was a lizard (Probably a dr. Connors character?) with a lizard puppet on his finger.
The other image, Untitled.png reads “Signed your friendly origami making puppet, Spider-Label Maker” on a black chalkboard.

Spider-Label-maker.jpg is an image that shows how to make Spider-Label Maker, which if I’m honest I’m going to use these instructions. It’s simple as all get out but it’s interesting. They were made by one of Terry’s good friends, DT, AKA the creator of Captain Origamica.

Untitled3.png showcases that The story also seemed to have a spider-verse of sorts, with the Scarlet Fold (Scarlet Spider), Spider-Label maker 2099 (spider man 2099) , Spider-Label maker Noir (spider-man noir), and Label maker-girl (Spider-girl).

The last photo we seem to have, labelled untitled2.png is a picture of loose leaf reading:
“Spider-label maker interview by alex friedman” — Okay before I continue it has this really odd font that is hard on the eyes.
“1. q: what made you become a hero?
a: Notheing i just felt like it.
2. q: Who are you?
a: I’m really not going to tell you.
end of interview”
Then, in type writer text: “This interview is a FRAUD!”

While the concept of Spider-Fold appears to have existed since March 7, 2014, the name didn’t.
The story of Spider-label maker, though, is odd. I feel like the way it’s defined, it looked like a choose your own adventure story? But I can’t be too sure.

Doctor Glue

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I cannot give much context on this. I cannot give much history because, well, not much is known. Especially from my place of being a contributor for the majority of my time here. Superfolder Michael/ Moochael and Superfolder JC Were the ones that were writing this, and next time he’s online I’ll ask him for his original idea. These are just really cool. What one could gauge from the cover, though, is that it involved origami Yoda and the mail-lenium falcon.

The Origami Movie

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This is interesting, as we have some context to it, with a lot of the story. I can’t give much context. Heck, the title doesn’t even have the author’s name!

I really, really, really do wish I could give context. But there’s a lot of story here. And there’s a lot of mystery. Who was the author? Who was writing this? How does it end?

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Here’s some other images.

Interesting, yeah? I just… I just really wish I knew who wrote it.

Some similar looking covers

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I wish I could give some context, but there’s no stories associated with these. It seems like these were made on the same cover template. I like the Batfold design. There’s no associated author with any of these. They were all posted on the same day. I can’t help but wonder what Foldday the 13th would’ve been, along with Beware the Batfold, Papercraft, Assasin’s Crease and Folding Time would’ve been.

Coming from me- and this does not reflect the Council’s personal views – I think it would be neat if someone wanted to use these titles to compose something. They’d be on BTFolds. But man, they’d be cool!

The Powerfold Girls

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I made the page of this on BTfolds private simply because this is an idea that I plan on having some prominence in the DCOU, simply based off of a commercial from a long time ago, and the TTG crossover.

I am the one who composed this. It was supposed to be similar to Fold of the Rings with how it was composed: By various superfolders.

Bathilda, Bulle, and Balbina all wield puppets of the Powerpuff Girls. Hunter was a character with an Origami Puppet of the Professor. The Rowdyruff Boys existed. Only one chapter sent to me was written by someone else, Hunter’s chapter. I don’t know if I’ll ever upload it again. Mojo Foldo is introduced in this as well.

I think, based off the logo, that this was a sort of event that occurred on the site. But don’t quote me on that.

I know this failed because no one knows who the Powerpuff girls were. I was just a big fan because I lost my remote and it was stuck on Boomerang. The City of Townsville sometimes rings in my dreams, even today.

From Humble Beginnings…

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These three images are the first media files ever uploaded to the OYEU website all the way back in April of 2012! They were promoting the infamous Emperor Papertine stories written by SuperFolder JohnF and JC.

Yodamation, Parts 1 & 2

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As far as we know, this was one of the first stop-motion animations to come of out “Yodamation!” created by none other than Yodamaster and BobaFett1212.

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This was yet another “Yodamation!” short in which Origami Yoda goes on a road trip to the mall and back. Fascinating stuff.

Lost and/or Unfinished Stories

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This is the original Golden Edition of The Fold of the Rings, complete with doodles! The Golden Edition that is currently available on the site doesn’t include these fine doodles.

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This is the original draft of The Week of Papertine that introduced the most infamous character of the EU, Jacob Minch.

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This was a story presumably written by SuperFolder JC. The trailer mentioned on the first page is actually still available! Check it out here!

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There is very little to no information about this story at this time.

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The Unfinished “Life and Death of Origami-Wan Kenobi” by SuperFolder JC.

Promotional and Other Images

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These are some promotional images for the other stories in the Emperor Papertine Saga.

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These are some promotional images from The Fold of the Rings.

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These images were drawn by SuperDoodler CJ for Jawa’s unfinished Origami Yoda Time-Travel Special.

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Back in the day, the Star Wars website had this tournament called “This is Madness!” where fans would vote on their favorite Star Wars character. We held our own version, and as you can see, it came down to Dwight V Yoda. The final image doesn’t exist, so we may never know who really won…



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  1. Oh my God, the “Origami Movie?” Someone could probably make that nowadays, considering that there’s more than one universe now.
    I’d call it the Origami “Story,” though. No film.

  2. Why did you cancel Doctor Glue that would actually have been the coolest thing ever

    • Jar Jar Pleats

      JC was writing it, and there was a story prior that teased Dwight making him after Yoda leaves. Suffice to say he has a lafe to live (I imagine lol) but I remember being SO hyped for this when I saw the teaser cover. Then that was it.

  3. I dare y’all do add Foldo, it will impact the cringe capacity of this by 100% and I’ll love it.


    Also, Foldiana Jones is 2020.

  5. This is every piece of media in the archived files, SLS. There are literally no other images left. Also Foldiana was uploaded in December, so it qualifies as 2019.

  6. Hmm. Well, thanks for clarifying on Foldiana.

    Even if dos is nót “file,” per say, then hmmm…SLS must act fast…dos, tres….

  7. Oh I literally burst into tears when I saw the origami Inquisitor from 2017!!
    I remember I made that, I was so exited back then.

  8. Grand Master Skywalker

    Oh, dude, I literally died when I saw the screenshot of kidloki108’s comment (EU Council = stalkers confirmed?/?/?/?/?/?//?/?/?) and the promotional thing for Iron Fold 1 with the puppet of the Mark 1.

  9. Jar Jar Pleats

    Holy mother of Yoda himself.

    I remember like 95% of these!! I’ve used those Spider-man instructions! I remember seeing the Doctor Glue cover and promo art as a teaser! I remember the Papertine promo stuff made in Paint bc it was there when I first read the story!

    Oh my gooooosh the rush of nostalgia!

  10. origami_master53

    I wish I was on the sight in 2017!!! I would have wanted to make a story for Rise Of The Bounty Hunters!!

  11. The origami movie? Seriously? It’s not a movie, and who makes origami lego puppets?!?!?!?!
    Too bad we never knew who wrote it. Those puppets look op!

  12. Lowkey miss making these tbh.

  13. go to hell?? Like actually I hate you all??

  14. Is the media by year ever going to get updated to include 2020, 2021, and soon to be 2022?

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