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Green Arrowgami: Or, How I Saved My Little Brother from a Crazy Dude
By: SF YodaForce


Chapter 1 – The Name’s Cooper, Cooper King
By: Cooper King

You may know me. And you may not know me. Recently, the Folders Of Tomorrow got the principal fired, and it’s making people nervous. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Cooper, Cooper King.

I go to Lampert High School, and I’m quite the lady’s man. And I am on Lampert’s archery team. My family does have a good history of things that happened. And I live in a mansion.

Here is the story:

I grew up in Minnesota. I had a brother who was born in 1998. His name was Danny King, but he’s off at college currently, so we don’t see him much (He’s at Harvard!). I also had a sister who was born in 2018, her name is Della. She is only one years old right now, but she’s so cute! I also have a little brother who was born in 2009, his name is Darren King. So his birthday is coming up soon, because his birthday is on October 26. He is also going to get his black belt on the 27. My parents are Austin and Christina King. Sure, we do get sad from time to time because Danny has gone off to college, but we always bounce back to a happy and great day.

So, right now, nothing is really bad for me. I am just living the best life I can. I’m just your perfectly average teen, who is a lady’s man.


Chapter 2 – Mis-Arrows
By: Peterson Farrow

Greetings, viewers. Long story short, I work for a secret organization called A.R.R.O.W., and I’m looking for a new Arrowgami, because the last one kept calling me “Peterson Ferret”.

I was standing outside of the archery range at school. And I know you’re wondering, “Why are you stalking the guys at the archery range?”, well I’m looking for a new Arrowgami for A.R.R.O.W.

The first person to shoot at the target was Kanji Carment. He got out his bow and arrow, and was about to shoot the arrow when someone yelled out; “MISS IT YA PIPSQUEAK!” Kanji got nervous and ran away. And it was the same thing for everybody else, except for one that caught my attention. It was Cooper King’s turn.

He got out his bow and arrows, and got ready to shoot. The same guy who yelled before yelled again, but Cooper ignored him. Cooper shot one arrow through the target and everybody clapped. Cooper was about to shoot another arrow, and he did. He kept shooting arrows through the target. I was very impressed!

When the archery tournament was over, I walked over to Cooper and congratulated him.

“Hey, we need to talk.” I told Cooper. 

“Ok, what do ya wanna talk about?” Cooper asked me.

“I work for A.R.R.O.W., and, well, we need a new Green Arrowgami, because we had to eliminate him.” I explained. 

“Wait, hold up! You killed the other guy?” Cooper asked frightened, he looked like he was going to run away. 

“No! We just had to fire him. But anyway, I see that you’ve got some talent, and I was wondering if you’d like to become the new Arrowgami.” I said. 

“Yeah, sure! Green Arrow has always been my favorite superhero!” Cooper said. We shook hands.

“But I have one ground rule, don’t tell anybody that you’re Arrowgami.” I explained.

“Deal.” Cooper agreed.


Chapter 3 – Archery Battle
By: Cooper King

So, I was practicing outside with my bow and arrow, when a strange guy with an archery suit came up to me and challenged me to a Nerf archery battle.

“Hello, you must be Cooper King, the best archery fellow in school. ” The strange figure said, with a very deep monster voice. 

“Yeah, it’s me, so what do ya need?” I asked. 

“I challenge you to an archery battle!” The strange figure said, again in a deep voice.

He got out his bow and arrow, and I did the same. People started looking at the both of us. And that’s when the battle had started.

I attempted to shoot an arrow at his safety vest, but he back flipped over the arrow I shot. He then shot me in my vest. The rules were, first to get five arrows on safety vest wins. I attempted to do the same thing, but the outcome was the same as before. This time, he tried to shoot my vest, I back flipped over it, but somehow, it still hit me in the vest. The score was 3-0. He shot his 4th arrow at my vest. But I managed to dodge one of his other arrows. He only had one more arrow left. I somersault on the ground, but he managed to land his last arrow on my vest. I had lost. People were booing at me. “You suck King!” A boy yelled out. 

“Oh, and you can call me, Merlynigami.” The dark figure said with a Merlyn origami from Green Arrow on his finger.


Chapter 4 – Advice From Alan
By: Cooper The Failure

So, all of the girls who liked me before, don’t like me anymore. All of the people who looked up to me, don’t anymore. All of my fans don’t like me anymore. All of my archery club members don’t like me anymore. My reputation is destroyed. I came from a 100% to a 0%. So now, I have nothing. I’m just gonna go to Alan’s house to watch “Angry Birds Movie” in his home theater, at least there’s free popcorn there.

So, I walked over to Alan’s house (which is only next door), and rang the doorbell. Alan greeted me inside his mansion.

“Hey, what’s the matter Coop?” Alan asked me, concerned.

 “Nothing, let’s just go watch Angry Birds.” I lied.

 “Nuh-Uh! Not until you tell me what’s going on.” Alan said.

“No! I can’t! It’s too embarrassing!” I said tearing up. He grabbed my shoulders.

 “Listen, Coop, I’m your friend, you can tell me anything.” Alan said softly.

“Fine! I was in an archery battle, then I lost. I’ve never lost, Alan. And now people hate me!” I screamed. I started crying. 

“No, don’t cry!” Alan said with a worried look on his face. He grabbed me and wrapped me into a hug.


I lost. I can’t believe I lost. I started tearing up. “Hey everybody, look! It’s crybaby King!” One kid yelled out. “CRYBABY KING! CRYBABY KING! CRYBABY KING! CRYBABY KING!” Everybody yelled out.

Ok, flashback is done now.

“Coop!” Alan yelled, shaking my shoulders.

 “Help me Alan, help.” I said, repeating myself. 

“Listen, Coop, don’t give those people the reaction they want. The key to undermining those folks is to not play into their hands. Just, redeem yourself, somehow.” Alan explained.

I cracked a smile, “That’s it Alan! Thanks bud. ”

“No problem, now let’s go watch Angry Birds!” Alan yelled. We both ran to his theater and ate popcorn. He noticed that there was an origami in my pocket. “Hey, is that Green Arrow?” Alan asked.

“Uh, no?” I lied. 

“Don’t lie to me, Coop. I mean, I trusted you with my secret.” Alan said frowning.

 “Oh, fine. But my boss said to keep it a secret. So, from now to senior year, pretend that you don’t know.” I confessed. 

“Ok.” Alan agreed.


Chapter 5 – The Sleepover
By: Cooper King

Coop’s Note: This might be a scary chapter, so don’t read this in the dark!

I invited my friends from A.R.R.O.W. over for my sleepover. There was a girl named Bella Jean (who has Black Canarigami), a boy named Jake Rudd (who has John Constanpleat), Peter, Jeremy and Delaware.

It was time to tell scary stories, because, you know, Halloween is coming up.

“Ooh! Let me go first!” Delaware yelled out. “Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night—–” 

“You’re not suppose to say ‘Once upon a time’ in a scary story. It’s just not how it works. What do you think, Jeremy?” Peter asked in his British accent. 

“Oh, um, I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” Jeremy said running. Then suddenly, the lights went off. There was no power. All of us (except for Jeremy) all heard a nerf arrow get shot at us. The lights turned back on, and there was a portrait of me with a arrow through it.

“Ahhhhh!” I screamed. “Where’s Jeremy?!?!” Bella, Jake, and Delaware asked scared. “Guys! There’s a note on the ground!” I yelled.


Dear Cooper,

I have kidnapped your little brother, Darren, and took him to, well, what is now of the Anti ARROW squad headquarters. Come get him. But I demand to become the new Arrowgami! It’s either your brother or your little reputation!


“Oh.My.Green.” I said as I passed out.


Chapter 6 – Interrogation Time
By: Cooper King

The next day, me and my friends (as in A.R.R.O.W.) went around interrogating people. Mostly the people that were close friends to Merlynigami. Our suspicion is that Jeremy was Merlynigami.

First up to interrogate was Benjamin Wong, he’s Jeremy’s best friend.

“Did you see him being suspicious about anything?” Peter asked Ben. 

“Well, he was carrying a bag that looked like a body could fit in it. But he never tells me anything. It’s like, everything’s a secret.” Ben explained.

“Did Jeremy tell you what he was doing?” Bella asked. 

“No, like I said, he never tells me anything.” Ben said. 

“Our suspicion was right!” Bella yelled.

And we interrogated another one of Jeremy’s puppets, his brother, Terry.

“He was walking somewhere with like five other people following him.” Terry explained.

 “Was he walking anywhere specific?” Bella asked Terry.

 “I couldn’t make out where he was going, but I did see him walk into a dark room.” Terry explained, once again. “Thank you for your time Terry, we have everything we need.” Peter said.


Chapter 7 – Arrowgami or Little Brother?
By: Cooper King

Guys, this may be the last you see of me. I really want Darren back but I also want to keep Arrowgami, so, which should I choose? Reputation, or my brother? This is just so much pressure, because, well, I didn’t mention it in the other chapter, but, Merlynigami er, Jeremy, did mention that I had until October 31, 2019 at 7:00 p.m., which is in, two minutes? Oh no! Okay. Calm down Coop. Keep it together. Okay. Got it. I know you guys might not like this, but I once told my little brother I would do anything for him, so, I’ve made up my mind. I will give Jeremy Arrowgami, and take my little brother back to his family.


Chapter 8 – Halloween Party (Or in this case, the final battle part 1)
By: Cooper King

So, another thing I didn’t mention, is that we are tracking Jeremy. And right now, it says that he’s at a Halloween Party on Northway Street, 3167. So me and my friends from A.R.R.O.W. dressed up as some weird Halloween guys, and headed in Peter’s electric car that went like, three miles per hour.

“We have to get Jeremy right when we get there, okay?” Peter told us. The rest of us nodded our heads, including me. 

“But, what if we don’t catch him, what if he turns Darren into some domestic terrorist, or something?” Delaware asked.

 “That won’t happen, as long as we stick together, we’re able to take him down.” Peter said. Meanwhile, I was thinking about me, and if my brother never comes out alive- I realized that I was starting to have a panic attack. My breathing became quicker, and I was sweating. 

“Drive faster! Drive faster! ” I yelled out to Peter. 

“Woah! Calm down Cooper! Everything’s gonna be ok!” Peter yelled back.

Later, we made it to the Halloween Party, and hundreds of people were there. Everyone was bunched together in scary costumes, and they made me nervous. “JEREMY?!?!” Peter yelled out, when suddenly, Peter fell through the floor, screaming on the way down. 

“Peter!” Bella yelled out. Delaware was angry, so she ran off to find Jeremy, alone. That led her to grabbing guys with weird masks and being taken away. It was me and Bella left. This was a Nightmare On Northway Street.


Chapter 9 – Nightmare On Northway Street (Short)
By: Cooper King

Me and Bella ran to where we saw Jeremy. But, it was another one of his traps. Me and Bella fell all the way down to, somewhere? We just saw darkness. And a screen with Jeremy laughing. “You actually fell into my trap!” Jeremy teased on the screen. “You will now follow my sacred steps to the end!” Jeremy yelled, the tv then turned off and the walls began to get closer to us. They were closing in on us!

Chapter 10 – So, we made It
By: Bella

So, uh, we made it. Somehow. The walls weren’t actually closing in on us. Cooper was just having another panic attack. 

Chapter 11 – Final Battle
By: Cooper King

Me and Bella reached Jeremy. He was in what it looked like a basement. “Ah, you made it. Took you long enough.” Jeremy said grinning. 

“Just shut your mouth, give me my brother back!” I yelled back.

 “You’ll get your brother back when you give me Arrrowgami.” Jeremy said.

 “Wait, Cooper! We can settle this another way! Challenge him to another archery battle!” Peter suggested. 

“Fine.” Jeremy said.

Once we got our safety vests on, we got our Nerf bow and arrows. “First to 10, wins!” Peter said. And the the battle had started. He already shot one arrow at the vest. “Is that all you’ve got?” Jeremy asked, sarcastically. I shot two arrows at his vest. Later, the score was 9-9. I back flipped off of a rock as these halloween party attendees watched us from afar. Jeremy shot an arrow at me, but missed. I shot an arrow at his vest, and I won.

“Yes!” Bella yelled.

 “Give my brother back!” I yelled. 

“W-well, um, I don’t have your brother!” Jeremy said, running away. And that was it.

Chapter 12 – Epilogue
By: Cooper King

So, it seems that Jeremy lied just to get Arrowgami, which he failed at. And this is all over. My reputation is fixed, I’m still a lady’s man. Join me and my friends for our next adventure!

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