Folders of Tomorrow


The Folders of Tomorrow

By SF Hades

The Beginning and Stuff

By Shawn Jimenez 

Dear Reader,

I have a little exposition for you. So listen up, you Turtle Slapper!!

I am a member of the Lampert Student Council. At Lampert, people train to be the future Athletes of America. My sport is volleyball. The many sports at this school are at WAR.They all think that their sport is better than everyone else’s. However, as it is my job, being on the student council, I want to avoid the war but my superiors can’t know. It’s because they seem to be a bit …corrupt, and seem to want the war. To see which sport comes out on top. 

My theory is that eventually this school will destroy itself. I decided to create a rebellion among the student council. It failed miserably, to say the least. However, I know how to cover my tracks. So, I did something morally questionable. I threw the entire student council under the bus. 

The entire group got expelled. Except for me. I had a girlfriend, and I was popular, but due to this scandal I was ruined. The story kind of reminds me of the DC Comics character, Rip Hunter, who was a very politically powerful man until his council was defeated and destroyed. He then became a lone ranger, like me. But, we’re different, in a way; I will bring back my council. But in the meantime I will assemble a group of  people each from a different sport group, each with a different origami puppet. I will record their interviews with me and then you will see our conversations. 

Together we will form the FOLDERS OF TOMORROW!!!

Transcription 1: Interview with potential wielder of the ATOM, A.K.A. Atomigami; Daniel Anderson

DA: What am I here for?

SJ: You are here because you are a possible candidate for the origami Folders of Tomorrow.

DA: Hellooooo, guys, I am so in. Who is my puppet going to be? Who’s my character?

SJ : Okay? The Atom.

DA: Sweet, I love that guy. He is a lot like me. Y’know, being a rich nerd.

SJ: Hold up, why then aren’t you in some other school?

DA: So, ya see, it’s a long story. My mom and dad always had some favoritism toward my brother. Me and my brother, however, had a close bond. He was very athletic, but I got picked on at every school. I’m homeschooled, now. I’m just here to hang with my brother after school and play the occasional golf. Which, you know, is kinda weird, because I am better than the actual golf players on the Lampert team.

SJ: Okay, then. Meet me on the school roof in a week.

DA: Are you going to elaborate any further on that ?


The Meeting on the Roof 

By Daniel Anderson 

Okay, so, Shawn asked me to write about our meeting on the roof at 8:00pm. When I got up there it turned out that I got there dead last. Shawn had been waiting for me. When I showed up, he started talking. This is exactly what he said:

“You three have been brought here under my authority. You are probably wondering why you three, specifically, were chosen. We need a martial arts expert like you, Chloe. Jeff, you will be the brawns of the team. Daniel, you’re the smart one. A fighter, a destroyer, and a brain. Us four will hunt for new members, form a rebellion to end the Sports War, and defeat our principal. You have each been assigned a different origami character that you must give someone to join. You will find a name written on a piece of paper in your left shoe.”

To which I asked, “How the heck did that get in there?”

Shawn replied by laughing maniacally. 

We each found the pieces of paper, which meant that we were supposed to find the people to use the characters. 

I was assigned the Elongated Man. 

Chloe was assigned Impulse.

Finally, Jeff was assigned Jonah Hex.

It was time to begin the mission.

Catching the Little Runner

By Chloe Pines

Dear Diary/Case file, (I don’t know what to call this. I’m writing in my diary, but I will put this in the case file so like ?????????????)

My encounter with the possible candidate for Impulse was, well… interesting. I first had to google who Impulse was, and it seemed pretty simple; Impulse was the grandson of the Flash. You know, the fast guy from that really awful movie, Justice League. Well, the grandson was from the future and his name was Bart. He went back in time to meet his gramps. A nice story all in all. He just wanted to see grandpa alive and young. I wish I could have seen either. Wait, no, too personal. I’ll mark that out. 

Since his power was superspeed, I first decided to check the school’s athletic department. There on the running tracks was a freshman with red hair named Edgar Smith. He was the fastest boy in the class. 

Why would he waste his talents on running when he could do so much more? I couldn’t stand talking to him, so I wrote a note and hid in his backpack when he sat down. It said:

“Do you know who Impulse is?

Would you like to join the ‘Folders of Tomorrow’ and wield an origami version of Impulse called Impaper?”

He answered yes to both. So, I got a new member. Shawn’s Rebellion is growing by the moment. 

The Elongated Puppet 

By Daniel Anderson

I was walking home from the meeting wondering a few things: 

  1. How the heck did that note get in my shoe?
  2. Who will I select to wield the Elongated Puppet? 
  3. How will the Elongated puppet you know, well…elongate?

When I got home I googled ‘Is stretchy paper a thing?’ After 4 or more disgusting results I found what I was looking for. Yes, yes it is. I went to my brother, Chris, and asked if he wanted to help me on our quest. 

When I got there, guess what I found: He was watching Salad Fingers without me! He swore that he would wait until we were done with the meeting. 

After I was done being mad at him, my brother said yes to helping me and we headed out to find elongating paper.

 As were walking around I noticed a small green blob in Chris’s pocket. I decided not to ask him about it. 

Our first candidate was Rory Jippinee. He declined to wield such an obscure character. 

Next, we went to a girl who I didn’t know who I heard is AMAZING at gymnastics. Y’know, like stretching. Her name was Emma Benanti. When asked is she wanted to join, she said yes.

I have recorded down the conversation. It is listed below: 

EB: What are you doing here? You seem a little too young to be a door-to-door salesman. Wait a minute, it’s you, Daniel! Come inside, you’re just the person I needed to talk to!


EB: Woah there, wait. Not you, him. *POINTS TO DANIEL*



EB: Oh, sorry.

EB: So I was wondering if you could maybe, well…help me on a case? You’re clearly the smartest person who goes anywhere near this school.

DA: Okay.

EB: Wait, what did you come here for?

DA: You want the Elongated Puppet?

EB: Sure

DA: Do you even know who he is?

EB: I assume the elongated man? From the Show ‘The Flash’ and the comic books?

DA: Yep. We are putting together the Folders of Tomorrow.

EB: Cool. Now let’s get to the case!

We worked on the case for a while. About two or three hours later Chris knocked on the door and said “Hey, Mom said it’s time for dinner.” So I told Emma “Bye, meet me and the gang on the roof of the school in a few days” To which she responded, “Okay, it’s a date.”

I wonder how this, my first relationship, will go.

Did I find a Jonah Hex?

 By Jeff

Yes. Yes I did. End of story. It doesn’t matter how. I just did it.

The Meeting on the Roof: Vol.2 

By Daniel

So, apparently, I have been chosen to write most of the next case files unless it suits someone else better. We met again, fully formed, and Shawn gave the new guys the “pep” talk he gave us. Then he stated his plan and this is where things got a little weird.

“Okay, guys, I bet you are wondering what the plan is to end the war, eh, are ya? Let me explain. We need to find dirt on our principal to get him fired.”

And Jeff said “or blackmail.” To which Shawn replied, “No. We get in, we get out.”

The only problem is that we don’t know how to get…THUNK. A rock hit the hard glass of the window under us.When we checked what it was we saw it. After we looked back up we saw a guy wearing a mask based off the Yellowjacket marvel character except the eyes were slightly blacked out to look kind of like Chronos from Legends of Tomorrow. He said this:

“I am here to help you, my friends. I choose to remain anonymous. To find the dirt on the principal you need to do something rather simple. Just check the Archives. It’s easy, if you’re, well, y’know, not an idiot.”

So after a week of prep time we will go in to the Archives. Wish us luck.

Preparing for the Journey 

By Daniel

We did a lot to prepare. 

Our team of 6: a bunch if sporty jocks + me. The new rebellion. All 7 of us. Shawn, Daniel (me), Chloe, Jeff, Edgar, and Alberto. (Jonah Hex, btw. Jeff really should’ve at least told us his name.) 

Alberto has been taking his job really seriously. He beat the ever loving crap out of someone for stealing those little mint things from Ms. Belfast’s desk. Edgar just kept getting faster and Shawn has been actualling getting good at marksmanship. 

I’m keeping this short because we need to go in. Wish us luck…

Aw Heckin Heck 

By Daniel

So we’re done for. We’re locked in a basement, haunted by a creature of unimaginable horror. Y’know, I didn’t believe in the supernatural until we saw this abomination’s face. It looked like a tall man in a black outfit that covered his face and body. On his forehead was a taped puppet.

My Goodness Gracious 

By Edgar

He appears from the shadows to give his gifts to me. He is the creature that shines in the darkness. I see him. I beg to hear him as he talks to us — snap out of it! I have to run around the archives in hopes to see him again. 

Wha-what is this?

A Small Riddle 

By Mr. Bloomagmi

You may call me Mr. Bloomagami. I am not as creepy as you think. I want to help you. I know lots of things. LOTS OF THINGS. You must look through the Archives and find the one file to be free. Who knows what you may find?

Note from Daniel:The following is about different Archives files that I think I found interesting.

The Justice Puppets of ‘Murica 

Written by [REDACTED]

There we stood, true believers, standing up with our finger puppets against the tyranny of this hulking brute. There we were: My team.

Robert Johnson- The wielder of Green Lantern, brother of Rupert. A student at Lampert and member of the Nodel Summer Camp. Expert with technology, and overall building.

Rupert Johnson- The wielder of Flash, brother of Robert. Attends Lampert and is incredibly fast.

Betty Watson- The wielder of Star-Girl. The most kick-butt girl I know. She may be pretty but don’t let that fool you; she packs a punch.

John Williams- The wielder of Hourman. Has lots of anger; uses it against his enemies.

Thalia Carter- The wielder of Wonder Woman. A young girl who attends a private school. The prettiest, and strongest, girl I’ve ever met.

All four of us were ready to charge at this- this Ultra-Humanite. I had a hammer in hand like I was Hephaestus. We gave him everything we got but the hits kept on coming. We were on the brink of losing when a rock hit the back of the jocks head with a loud KATHUNK.

It was our old long-lost chum: Mason Sanchez, the great and wise Dr Plate! 

He even had an original name! He was throwing punches, left and right! He ended up helping us beating the Ultra-Humanite and we won the day as a divine unit, all of us.

We Found It 

By Daniel 

So, the second we found this file the door opened and Chronos was just standing there.

This is where things get interesting……..

We had our dirt and went to threaten the principal to do SOMETHING about the war. But, when we got to his office he was missing, but someone else was in his chair…


By Daniel

Chronos. Chronos was sitting in the chair!

Then he did something that none of us would have expected. So remember Jeff? He was always kinda…different. He just handed him the file! He was working with Chronos the whole time. If I had the chance I would strangle that little traitor, but alas.

Emma stopped me because she had some words of her own. They were words that I did not understand at all. She’s weird like that.

The Truth 

By Daniel

Chronos was sitting there, crossing his legs, acting like a polite gentleman, while all of us were just dumbfounded. I wanted to know:

  1. How we could be betrayed like that and 
  2. Where Shawn was. He was here a minute ago. 

I began to attack Chronos when I failed and then the bell rang.Tomorrow we’d get him.

Holy heck!

By Edgar

Ok, ok, I think I know who Chronos is…Chronos is Daniel’s brother! He is jealous and wants revenge because we didn’t let him join us!

Note from Daniel: You’re wrong

Note from Edgar: Nuh-uh.

Note from Daniel: Uh-huh.

Note from Edgar: Nuh-uh.

Who is Chronos?

By Daniel

It’s my brother.

Note from Edgar: Told ya so…


By Daniel

So, um, we fought him, and we won. We got the principal fired, and then, well, um…the end.

What the…

By Shawn

So, I got home. My brother came in with a Constantine puppet and said:

“What the heckles did you do?! You just opened the Archives to the students! You literally told the students to their faces that they’re being lied to! Worst of all, you can’t fix this because you’re graduating! Aww, heckin’ heck!!!!

Click here to read “Folders of Tomorrow Season Two!”

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  3. Turtle Slapper is actually a reference e to Spiderman Noir.

  4. Jar Jar Pleats

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  6. I’m sorry Mr Toadmort but The Justice Pleats Dark is already taken by yours truly.


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