Origami TMNT

By Superfolder origamiDonitllo

The Mystery 

By Sandie Lomaybe

Hello, my name is Sandie Lomaybe, I go to Kane High. There I am a 10th grader. Ok, I’m getting too ahead of myself; I work for the school newspaper and that’s how this all started. So, without further ado, here’s the story:

I was working on a case for the school newspaper, nothing much, just something about the people skipping classes. I ran into some 12th graders who I could tell were the kind to skip class, I wrote down the full discussion, all they were talking about was something about football. Out of nowhere they spotted me “hi there little lady,” one shouted, he pointed at me hiding in the bushes. All his friends looked and grinned, “That’s a nice camera you got there!”

The second one shouted, “Yeah, it is.”

I screamed. I had assumed that would scare them off… boy, was I wrong. The second one grabbed my camera and kind of juggled it. Just to let you know, this camera cost me $250. I saved up for a year and a half so if this was to break, I would go crazy. Any way, I was filled with anger– who did these people think they were about to break MY CAMERA?! I’m getting mad just writing this! The third boy, who was quiet for most of this time pointed at something. The other boys looked and four kids, all wearing different colored masks. One had blue another had red and the others had purple and orange, I also noticed they each had pieces of origami decorated like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ”Give back the camera” The blue one said, “Sure buddy, sure.” Boy #2 said sarcastically. The one with the red mask tripped Boy#2 (aka the one with my camera) and grabbed my camera. He tossed it to me. I ran, I had an idea on who these guys are but I’ll explain that in the next chapter.

Mystery unravel

By Sandie (in a email to blake)

Sandie: Hey, how you doing 

Blake: Good 

Sandie: I have a question

Blake: What is it

Sandie: Have you heard of those guys who go around wearing masks and wielding origami puppets

Blake: Yeah, they’re all over the school tv channel and news paper

Sandie: Well, I know how big of a TMNT fan you are, so I was wondering if you were apart of it

Blake: I’m really not supposed to tell anyone, but yes. Now don’t go around talking about it

Sandie: I’m writing a case file on them, care to write a chapter?

Blake: I guess a little writing wouldn’t hurt.

Sandie: Thanks.

User has logged off


By Blake

Where do I begin? I guess about a month ago me and some buddies (Dustin, Wyatt and Oliver) decided to have a sleepover, not too unusual since we all have been friends since 1st grade. We usually play video games until about 11:30 and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since we’re all TMNT nerds. We were having the sleepover at Dustin’s who is probably the coolest out of all of us (he’s on the wrestling and boxing teams and plays baseball.) We all went over. All of us were hungry, usually when we have sleepovers we always make weird food like Cheeto quesadillas or gummy worm sandwiches but we were feeling lazy and decided to get some Taco Bell! When we got there another kid was waiting. We recognized him as Alan Wade. Recently, he’s been running around with a Origami Batman. He had a paper bag with him it had writing but I couldn’t make out what it said. We got our order (20 Dorito tacos and 5 quesadillas) and left. In the parking lot, Alan Wade dropped that bag. I picked it up, “Hey, Alan, you dropped this!” I shouted.

“Keep it!” He yelled. When we got to Dustin’s I pulled out the bag, “Hey dudes, check it out! Alan Wade dropped it,” Oliver dropped his taco and dashed to the bag. He snatched it and took what was in the bag out.

“Wow, it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle origami.” Everyone ran to look at it, We all tried to grab Leonardo (except for Wyatt, who calmly grabbed Donatello.) Oliver, who had origami Leo on his finger dropped it and grabbed mikey, “Cowabunga!” He exclaimed. I quickly grabbed Leo from the floor. Dustin grumbled and grabbed Raph. “Kinda suits ya, big guy!” I said, patting him on the shoulder. “Yeah, I guess Raph has always been my favorite.” Dustin joked. ”It appears these are all from the 1987 cartoon- my favorite!” Wyatt added “Not me, I always liked the next mutation!” Oliver mumbled while eating a quesadilla.

I despised that show! I grew up thinking there was a 5th turtle until Wyatt told me there were only 4. So yeah, you wanted a chapter you got a chapter. Cowabunga!!!

Paper shredder

By Dustin

All we did for the rest of that sleepover was watch TMNT 2007 for the 100th time. We all brought our puppets to school. After 1st period (uuuggghhh, its BIO and after a bowl of cereal dissecting a frog is GROSS), I was walking to 2nd period which was not that bad since we had Coach Laird who was pretty nice. I was walking with Oliver who was talking about some new show when a guy came up to us. He had a Shredder finger puppet. “Nice puppet!” Oliver said.

“Why thank you, now I’ll need yours.” Exclaimed the mystery kid. He punched Oliver but Oliver quickly got up “JERK!” Oliver shouted while attempting to trip our little mystery friend. About five kids jumped out of nowhere, all wielding Foot Clan puppets. Look, I might be on the wrestling and boxing team but I don’t really believe in violence so I was just standing looking at all of this as Oliver was trying to slap the mystery kid. The Foot Clan dudes have already got to me, I was in a headlock with one before I realized what was happening. I knew it was better to have offense so I closed my eyes and made fake choking sounds the guy dropped me before I grabbed his leg and pulled my arm and he fell. Me and Oliver glanced at each other and ran. ”HEY I MADE A NAME FOR THIS PSYCHO” Oliver shouted while breathing heavily… ”Paper shredder.“ He joked. I chuckled and gave him a thumbs up.

The Fold Clan

By Wyatt

The next few days we were trying to find out who Paper Shredder was. His intentions were clear to steal our puppets. I always kept mine in my binder which was in my locker except for 4th period which was Math. At that time I was taking a known risk. I was walking home with Blake, as Dustin and Oliver were staying after school. When Sadie came up to us. She was Blake’s best friend (except for us). We were talking about the dceu and how shazam was probably gonna flop (I disagreed). Blake was showing Sadie his puppet “Hey man show her your puppet,” Blake asked, “Can’t. He’s in my binder and is a pain to get out.” I added. Our houses were about 2 miles from school and all of our parents didn’t get off till 5:30 which stunk. We were at the point where we each had to separate. I was almost to my house when 5 kids came out all wearing cardboard masks. ”You know you can just buy better cosplay,” I chuckled, “Oh, shut up nerd.” One snapped. Ok, I lied to Blake, I had my puppet in my shirt pocket. I grabbed him and ran while shoving about two of them away. One of them threw a origami ninja star at me, I dodged it but someone threw another which hit me in the ear. It gave me a tiny papercut and I just kept running and not looking back.

The Battle

By Oliver

Whats up peeps! Oliver here any way Blake probably told y’all about the origami TMNT and how I’m Mikey or Foldy- it’s a pun! Anyway, yesterday at lunch we were all sipping on our MOUNTAIN DEW, or at least, I was. They were sticking to a healthy diet of water (the others being Sadie, Dustin, Blake and Wyatt) when some stranger came up to us. “STRANGER DANGER!” I shouted to be safe. “Oh, knock it off.” He said, “I’ve got some info about the Fold Clan.” We all looked at each other and nodded, “Ok, look, you wanna know their base location.” He continued. Blake tried to hide his happiness, “Their base is at the back of Hot Topic.” We all looked at the floor awkwardly “What?’’ Sadie asked.

“Uh… ok, who wants to tell the story?” Blake mumbled.

“I WILL!” I shouted, “It was 60 degree on a Tuesday two, no, three years back. We were all into Funko Pops and Blake’s sister told us there’s a Funko Pop hotspot so we all went with about $35 each. We went in and were amazed: wall to wall was Funko Pops! We went to look at them but some emo kids stopped us. Long story short they stole our money and wedgied us.” I said, crying. The kid who came up to us was still there he was about to walk off when Blake grabbed his arm. “Who are you?” Blake asked. He held up a finger puppet that looked like Casey Jones from the 2016 live action movie. “Creasy Jones.” He answered as he walked off.

“Well, I guess we’re going to Hot Topic,” Sadie sighed. After school (it was Friday) we walked to the mall. We each had a emo or goth disguise. When we got there an emo lady was waiting for us. ”Welcome to Hot Topic.” She said unexcited. ”HELLO!” Sadie said, way too excitedly. Blake elbowed her ‘’Life stinks and I eat cats.” She said, trying to sound emo. When we got in, grunge music was playing: “I WILL GET BACK AT THEM FOR WHAT THEY DONE OH YEAH!” The music yelled. Sadie was nodding her head; oh no, the music got to her! Blake grabbed her wrist and said “Everyone, follow me!” “No!” Sadie yelled, ”I love emo!!!” Blake rolled his eyes and tightened his hand around her elbow and she went with him. We followed. When we got to the back room there was the mystery kid in a cardboard shredder mask.” Hello, foolish children.” He laughed. He was sitting on a throne made out of funko pops. ”Have you come to be defeated?” from here on was the battle. I’m gonna let Sadie write about that, so peace out!

The Final Chapter

By Sadie

So as Oliver said there was a battle. Blake grabbed the kid with the Origami Shredder (or as they call him Paper Shredder) and was about to kick him when Paper Shredder shoved Blake “back off” he shouted aggressively. Wyatt came at him with his Foldatello on his finger and shoved Paper Shredder so he fell onto his throne. Oliver started to go wild and kicked Paper Shredder but not before Paper Shredder grabbed Oliver by his ankle. Just when all hope seemed lost, a paper hockey puck came and hit Paper Shredder. ”Hey guys, am I too late?” Exclaimed that kid who came up to us at lunch that one day, “Name’s Luke by the way.” I smiled at him. He ran and tackled Paper Shredder, making him drop Oliver. ”Come on guys! Let’s run!” Luke shouted. He ran and we followed. We ate at Chick-Fil-A in the food court. Well, except for Wyatt. He ate at Subway but we all meet at the same table and talked about TMNT. “Speaking of TMNT,” Wyatt said, “I made you an April o’Neil or, as I call her, April o’Crease.” I looked at the puppet, it was awesome! “Thanks Wyatt!” He smiled at me and I gave him a thumbs up.


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  1. Eh, it was fine, I guess, had issues with characterization and pacing, I might do a “One-Small-Change” video essay, or somdthing like that

  2. Origami donitello

    cover wasnt the best but i was just trying to experiment with the cover

  3. I instantly realized how this was a dc story because there was that crossover story from like a year ago

    • Origami donitello

      originally i was gonna put it on BTfolds but i like it more as a dcou story because all the references its better dcou

  4. Origami donitello

    Also i looked on your justice pleat site hades can i join as robin?Like the Jason Todd robin
    ( i gotta go im tired)

  5. remember when origami tmnt was going to be its own big universe lol

  6. This seems so old even though it was posted at the beggining of the year…Im cringing

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