Pac-Fold and the Candy Chase

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pac fold


Written by Sf Guillermo 


By Arnold Sanders 

One of the things I most enjoy about being a middle schooler is being able to do whatever you want practically anytime you want, as long as it doesn’t take place at exactly the same time as any other class. 

When the bell rings at the end of the school day, I always get out from the back doors of Rapids Middle School, where the bikes are normally stored. They have a very neat bicycle stand which I love, and I unlock the chains and every security measure I take so it doesn’t get stolen, and set off with my awesome yellow bike, the wind blowing in my face. 

I get home, help my family out with the house, say hi to my dog Dory… You know, the usual stuff a guy normally does. 

Yet the most important part of my day is when I get to my room, reach under the bed, and get my Nintendo™ 3DS XL ( you can call me old-fashioned) and play Pac-Man. 

What can I say? It’s just the best game there is! 

I love running away from those ghosts all over the board only for the tide to turn when I get a crazy large ball or something, where I have to chase them. 

I just can’t get enough of it, it’s one of those things, so I started looking up interesting things about Pac-Man over the internet, including crafts and drawings, and came across a very interesting video tutorial:

How to fold an origami Pac-Man 

Well that was cool. I managed to find some yellow paper I had from when I was in Elementary School that I never got to use for some reason, and I guess it turned out pretty good! 

I kept him in my pocket at all times, school, bike, hiking, practically everywhere. It was like a luck amulet. 

Besides, Halloween is coming soon and I don’t like costumes, why not bring him there? 


By Arnold Sanders 

That same night, I dressed as elegant as I could, everyone knows I’m a bit of a show-off, and presenting myself in my fimost clothes with an origami Pac-Man in my pocket (that hopefully no one will be able to see) is one of the best things I could do in those occasions. 

” If they ask you what you’re dressed up you say-” 


My dad and I were practicing in the car. 

I don’t know why we did it, but we just did, like something to distract us with. 

After that, I headed inside the house.

“Hey there! Welcome!” The host of the party, Luke Fox was saying “Be sure to grab some drinks on your way in, and also take them to the backyard. Party takes place there.” 

“Alright, thanks!” I exclaimed while I tried not to laugh. He had a very squeaky and comedic voice, which is very strange given he has a peculiar Italian accent in his talk. 

I grabbed myself some Schweppes and went to the garden, where some of my friends were, like Pablo Sanders and Laura Gillian. 

Pablo was a very hip dude, always looking out for the others and caring for them. Practically lifting us up every time we fell. Kind of like the essential part of the group. 

Laura was also a very nice girl. She rarely uses offensive language of signs of disgust and was happy with everything she had. 

I was lucky to have friends like those. 

“How ya doing, man!? ” Pablo asked me. 

“I’m alright yo, thanks! How about you?” 

” Oh, I’m alright.” 

We pat each other on the back. Y’know, normal guy stuff. 

We stood there for some time, standing up, until Luke came over again with another round of Coca-Cola and asked us both to sit down. 

“I feel like we should join a conversation from others over there, to bring back a bit of life.” Laura commented once we had run out of conversation topics. 

“Fair point.” I agreed 


By Arnold Sanders 

You know when you enter another conversation, and you realise it wasn’t a conversation you’re supposed to be listening to? 

Well that’s exactly what happened to me then.

“Sorry, guys,” I stopped, “I need to go to the bathroom.” 

“It’s good, you can join in later.” Pablo said, while I headed in the other direction to look for the bathroom. 

However, as I headed in the other direction, I noticed a group of strange looking guys through the window. They were talking really quietly, and they looked somewhat suspicious. 

“Quiet now, this way!” one of them exclaimed, jumping over the fence towards the house I was in. 

I put my hands over my head, “I need to do something!” I exclaimed, and ran back towards the backyard. But it was too late. 

“Get off me!” Laura exclaimed, trying to break free of the guy she was wrestling with. But the guy wasn’t interested in her, but on her candy. 

He took the candy and with a few of his felony friends, took everybody else’s, and ran away towards the forest. 

“Are you alright? ” I asked Laura fearfully. 

“Yes, what happened?” 

“They broke in, and took your candy.” I explained to her, “Someone needs to do something.” 

I repeated to myself: Someone needs to do something, someone needs to do something.

I felt the Pac-Fold on my finger. 

“Why not?” I asked out loud, but to myself. 

“Seeya guys!”

I ran through the fence, through the bushes and finally came to a stop right next to the trees. 


By Arnold Sanders 

“Where are you?! ” I exclaimed, but there was no answer. 

“You stole all the Halloween candy from my friends, and I’m here to get it all back.” I continued, but this time I heard some rustling behind a big fence at the other end of the forest. 

This fence led to a mansion, a big, big mansion. 

“Guys, seriously, this is not funny!” 

I put Pac-Fold on my finger. It was time to end this madness. 

I went through some tall bushes, and then tried to get to the door of the mansion, but I couldn’t. 

I couldn’t find the exit through the tall bushes. I turned right. Dead end. 

Turning left, another bush hall that had different routes. 

I was standing in a labyrinth . 

Something behind me creaked, for a kid around my age dressed in a white cloak simulating a ghost was on the exit. 

“Oh boy.” I ran the other way as fast as I could, but tripped on a small bag. 

I lifted myself up and looked at it. 

“The Candy.” I guessed, “This is starting to look like the game of Pac-Man.”

I grabbed the candy and held it tight, moving through the corridors surrounded by bushes, finally coming to a halt when I luckily found what looked like the last candy bag. 

It was time to get out of there. 

I turned around, but only to see myself in front of another ghost. 

“He’s right here!” He shouted, and ran to me. 

I went the other way, but there was another one right there. I was surrounded. 

“You can run, but you can’t hide from us” 

I needed an escape plan, so I grabbed my phone to see if Google maps could solve my problem. That’s when I had the idea. 

I went to the camera, and clicked on the record button. 

“Say,” I started, “You wouldn’t mind if I recorded you guys for an investigation of who stole the candy, right?” 

It seemed to work well. They looked at each other, and ran away as fast as they could. 

About time I headed back. 

It was around five minutes until those morons realised they were wearing costumes and no one would recognize them in the video, so I had to act fast. 

I turned left, then right. No, dead end. 

Left again.

There was the exit, at last. 


By Arnold Sanders 

Everyone clapped and cheered as they saw me coming with the bags full of candy, and Pac-Fold on the other hand. 

“So,” Pablo laughed, “You were there for a long time.” 

“Yeah well, I can’t say it was easy.” 

“What happened, really?” Laura was curious. 

“Have you guys ever heard of the game ‘Pac-Man?’” 

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