Future Foldation

By SF KyloBear

Chapter 1: An Introduction
by F.F. agent Terry Berry (Note: this story is related to Spider LabelMaker, so go read that first.)
Umm, hi, uh, I’m Agent Terry, from Wheeler academy…and this a monologue of me meeting up with my boss, Moon Knight-out. We don’t actually know who he is, but all we know is he wears a mask, he’s French, he wears a ridiculously long cloak, and he used to come from this place called Lucas County…Wherever that is…
This was on Monday, 1400 hours.
“Sir! Sirrrr!”
“Agent Berry.”
“Sir, uhm, the, Uhmmmm…”
“Avéc, Agent Berry, spit it out!”
“The OrigAvengers are back!”
“WHAT!? How dare they?! Well, Kirby might have F.O.L.D., but we have…” (This is where he raised his white gloved hands in the air.) “…THE FUTURE FOLDATION!!! Never, after our doomsday project, will those axis sympathizers ever have a place in New York! NEVER!!!”
“Uhm, sir…they have a spider-man made from Spider LabelMaker’s instructions…” (Then he popped me in the stomach. Hard!)
“That name no longer has any meaning to me.”
“Cough! Wheeze! Retch…well, when is the…y’know…Folds project gonna be ready?”
“Soon, Berry. Soon.”


  1. origami_master53

    I liked it Kylo Bear!

  2. Guess who moon knight-out is!!!!

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