The Amazing Spider-Fold 3!

By SF OrigamiMaster_53

Chapter 1

By: James

Hey, I’m back! But I didn’t expect my story to end this way. You see, the Summer Camp Six is a thing right? Well, my bad guys got jealous and formed their own Sinister 6 in some sorts. That consists of:

Logan Miller: Green Goblin-Gami

Chester Deging: Electro-gami

John Smithman: Lizard-igami

Ronald Cole: Hydro-Fold

Kayla (Unknown): Origami Black Cat

Michel Steven: OriRhino

This was the worst month of my life…

Chapter 2

By: James

It started out like a normal day in my new school, Wheeler. It has been 5 months since Kirby closed and I moved to Wheeler. I went to my new locker and tried to get in but it won’t budge. After T.H.A.N.O.S a lot of people from Kirby had to move and most went to Wheeler. Because of this they ran out of lockers and I had to share with Tom Run. That was how I met him actually! Anyways, while walking back to class I see 6 different students walking into a usually locked room. I followed them and what I saw scared me. It was all of my friends! Well, all except 2 of them…

I started listening to them and I remember what they said so clearly I’d remember forever…

“Do we all agree that we NEED to get rid of James and the Amazing Spider-Fold?” Logan said.

“YEAH!” they all say back.

“But I have just one question,” Kayla said.

“Yes Kayla?” Logan replies.

“Why did I have to be Black Cat, wasn’t there anyone else I could have been!?!” Kayla yelled the last bit.

“I’m sorry Kayla, but all the good ones were already taken by the Summer Camp Six.” Logan said.

“Oh… Ok Logan,” she replied.

“I NAMED US THE SINISTER CREASE! AND WE SHALL DESTROY JAMES AT ALL COSTS!” Logan screamed. After I heard that I got out of there as fast as I could.

Chapter 3

By: James

At lunch that day I was thinking about what I heard. The Sinister Crease. Huh. That sounds good, just a harder challenge for me to face! Or that was what I thought… Anyways, I was walking to my next class when I was pushed into a locker. I saw people wearing Green Goblin, Lizard, Rhino, Black Cat, Hydro Man, and Electro masks! I was suspicious at first but then I found out who they are. But after getting punched and kicked I decided to fight back!  I punched and kicked them tried to escape but then got myself thrown into a locker. Worst. Hour. Ever. I was finally set free after school ended and the person opened their locker. But then I started walking over to my locker and saw a note.

Hey James! I want to talk to you about the math homework we got today. I know you missed so I thought I’d help you.

Your friend Logan Miller.

I went to his locker and was punched by him right away! Then when he thought I wasn’t looking he put the Green Goblin mask on, kicked me and ran away! After that I realized something. If Logan had the Green Goblin mask then the other Sinister Crease should also!

Chapter 4

By: James

I kept thinking and remembered that Kayla said she was Black Cat and remembered the Black Cat mask I saw on the person with The Sinister Crease! The next day I went over to where Kayla usually hangs out and confronted her on the subject.

“Hey Kayla!” I started the conversation.

“Oh, um hi James,” she replied.

“So have you heard there is a new team of baddies going around the school?” I say.

“What!? Really? Who are they?” she said.

“They are called The Sinister Crease!” I said. “I also think you are part of them.”

“W-w-what?! How could you accuse me?” she yelled.

“Because I saw you at your first meeting. And I see your Origami Black Cat bookmark.” I replied.

“I-I-I have to go,” she said in a hurry.

Chapter 5


Hello. My name is Logan Miller. But you may know me as two things. One: the mighty GREEN GOBLIN-GAMI! And two: James Mclongway’s old best friend. My new team and I started our second meeting for the Sinister Crease.

“Hello everyone and welcome back. I hope you all had a great weekend.” I started our meeting strong as I always had my way with words.

“Um… Logan?” Kayla asked me.

“Yes Kayla?” I replied.

“Well… um James knows about me being Origami Black Cat!” she replied fast. Well, that made me mad, and everyone knows that when I am mad I get my revenge!

“HOW DID HE FIND OUT?” I screamed.

“Well, um,” Kayla started.

“TELL ME!” I yelled.

“OK! He watched our first meeting and knew I was Black Cat then when we first attacked him he saw my Black Cat mask! He then confronted me before school and it was getting crazy! Please don’t fire me!” She screamed out of fear.

“Ok. We have to get a new hiding spot! I vote we go to the vents in the locker room!” I said my suggestion. And the only reason I said it was because I felt like we were being watched. When everyone agreed we left and I told everyone we weren’t moving and it was a trick to get James to go looking there! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chapter 6


Hey again! I went back to spy on Logan and his gang and I found out they were moving to a new location because Kayla told them about me finding out! I went there and heard voices coming from the vents but what I heard was shocking!

“Ok team, I am happy to announce that we had tricked James into believing we moved bases!” That was Logan’s voice! I was shocked that he thought of that plan! I thought that we were still friends but I guess not! I ran to the old base but it was locked! AND the door handle was gone! I ran to get one of the teachers and when we broke open the door and knew one was even in the room! AND I had to pay for the broken door! Someone help me! PLEASE, I DON’T HAVE ANYMORE MONEY!

Chapter 7


I was mad at Logan and to make matters worse I keep going to the base and know one is ever there! I started to give up and hope they ‘folded’ the Sinister Crease. But when I started finally living normally, I GOT ATTACKED AGAIN! I was minding my own business walking to Mr Richardson’s class when someone with a Rhino mask with a plastic horn ran up and hit me! And let me tell you, I started to bleed. It was sharp plastic and I was stabbed in the arm! I punched them off of me with my other arm! I then ran at them! Tackled them and before I took off the mask they said something…

“We will get our revenge!” they said.

“Yeah! You and what army!” I reply out of pain.

“Hahahahahahahaha!” they laughed. I then took off the mask and they shoved me off as I did it! The person got away but I know that they are Rhino. I walked to my locker, put the mask in and got knocked out…


I woke up in my bed with my Mom and Dad looking over me.

“W-w-what happened?” I asked.

“You got knocked out at school and were taken home,” my mom said. “But you friends wanted to come over to see you.” At first I thought it was Ezra, Tom Run, and Cal. But I was wrong.

“Hey James!” Logan said. “When we heard you got hurt we knew we had to come over!” And as he said that John Smithman and Chester walked in!

“Hey James.” They both said

“W-w-what are you doing here!” I scream. “I hate all of you!”

“James! That is not a nice thing to say to your friends!” My mom yelled. “I am so sorry James said that. You should leave and he will get grounded.”

“Bye, James,” Logan said with a smirk.

Chapter 8

By: Logan

“Ok team. We have officially made James get grounded!” I announced.

“YEAH!” they screamed back.

“BUT! That doesn’t mean our work is done!” I continued. “He knows that John, Chester, Kayla, and me are on the team. So that leaves Ronald, and Michel left unknown!” I said with a smile.

“Well um sir…” Michel started. “James knows I’m OriRhino… He took my mask when I attacked him and i-i-it had my name on the inside!” Well that burst my bubble…

“So… then I guess Ronald is the last one unknown…” I said getting angry. “You can all leave.”

“Are you mad that I found out that RONALD is on your team?” I’ve heard that voice before and it made me MAD.

“What do you want James!” I yelled.

“I want you to let your anger out! Tackle me! LET ME SEE YOUR ANGER!” he yelled. At ME! I just couldn’t hold back any longer! I charged and tackled him to the concrete floor of Wheeler’s Basement. After I got my anger out I stood up, brushed the dirt off my clothes and walked out.

Chapter 9

By: James

I finally have the proof I need to win the fight against Logan and the Sinister Crease! The only reason I wanted to get tackled was because I set up a camera on an old camera with film. I know, I know! I was going to show the Principal when I got tackled by Hydro-Fold (who I later found out is Ronald) I was then pushed by OriRhino! Kayla then came up to me and was starting to help me up before getting dropped back down again. I tried getting up before a foot stomped on my chest. I then pushed it off and kept punching them until…

“JAMES MCLONGWAY!” The principal screamed.

“Y-y-yes?” I answered.

“I am expelling you for bullying!” She yells.

“W-what? O-ok…” I replied. After that I went to my locker, grabbed my stuff and waited in the Principal’s office for my Mom to pick me up. But when she was on the phone I put the camera and tape in a drawer And left.


My Mom was mad at me for getting expelled and I got grounded for the rest of the year. I asked Cal to start watching the Principal’s office to see when or if she sees the tape. While at my house I held my second Amazing Spider-Fold. I put it in my closet.  Then I opened my drawer and took out my newest Amazing Spider-Fold. I started thinking and wanted the Amazing Spider-Fold to live on! I put it in an envelope and wrote:

Hello. My name is James McLongway and I was the Amazing Spider-Fold! I want you to know that even though I was expelled from Wheeler I did while fighting my villains! The Sinister Crease! Finish my battle! Defeat them and avenge me!

I hope they will find it! I gave it to Tom Run and told him to put it in the locker and Hopefully someone would find it and avenge The Amazing Spider-Fold.



Hey everyone I hope you all liked the story. I sure did! Can I tell you something? Amazing Spider-Fold was my first story on the site. I was SUPER excited! Then I started getting more and more and it is still exciting. But I am sad to see the Story I started months ago come to an end. But who knows what would happen to James Mclongway next? Would he come back in the future? Will a new kid become the next Amazing Spider-Fold? I. Don’t. Know! That is up to you guys! Thank you all for reading this. Signing off: Origami_Master53


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