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  1. Hey guys, little update:

    I didn’t expect this semester to be this rough and so full of unexpected twists and turns. I’m planning to get this story to you guys soon, but I don’t know when soon is.
    In the meantime, on Friday you’ll be getting the conclusion of the VGOU: Super Smash Folds Ultimate, written by Origami Master 53. It is a really fun story that puts the characters in really cool, fun spots. I can’t wait for you guys to check it out.

  2. Today is the day for the VGOU’s finale! Are y’all ready?! I think it is the most epic Smash Folds yet!

  3. Is the DCOU finale tonight?

  4. So… what does everyone think of the hubs system?

  5. Fun fact! In the early stages of the VGOU’s Fold 3, I had plans to make a Fortnite story! It was (Cleverly) named Foldnite!

  6. Goodbye, I know I haven’t been here for a while (stuff in my personal life) but I hope to stay in touch with everyone, I’m on Reddit and I may try logging into my old discord account

    The end this is not

  7. There’s a OY subreddit, Mabye we can make a sfc subreddit, not to share new stories (that would be disrespectful to people like hades and Peyton who work their Butts off giving us some good endings) but Mabye just so we can post memes and have disscussions? Just a idea

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