Namor III: The Mission


By Sf Guillermo



By Guillermo Valenzuela 


Most of you might be asking me, why would you write another case file? Didn’t you solve your ‘rent affairs’ in the previous 3 case files and settled into life at Kirby? 

Well, yes, but actually no. 

Let’s say ‘crime’ activity has risen lately. I don’t know why. It’s as if there was a plot to destroy the peace the OrigAvengers brought to Kirby High. I can’t really speak for Wheeler, since I have never actually socialised with people from there, with the exception of Dove McLeash, or Thorigami, as you may know.

Let’s just say I messed with the wrong kind of villain. 



By Guillermo Valenzuela 


There I was, sitting quietly with my very good friend Shawn, the Ant-Fold. 

Shawn: Man, what did you think about the most recent Fortnite update? 

Me: Ummm…yeah, it was good, it’s nice that they finally added helicopters. I’ve always wanted that. 

Shawn: You bet! That was great! I mean, you can literally stay in the helicopter for the whole game. 

Me: Indeed. 

Then someone came over to our table and left a post-it note and ran away after that.  We couldn’t say anything to him. 

I looked at the note, and it said:

-Guillermo, meet me at ‘the F.O.L.D. bridge.’ I have a mission for you

After that I raised my head and looked at Shawn. 

He was just as surprised as I was. 



By Agent Tilly Watterson 


After I had sent a F.O.L.D. agent to deliver a note to the OrigAvenger Guillermo, I waited for him for five minutes in the computer room, or what we called ‘the bridge’. He came earlier than expected. 

Me: You’re early. 

He looked confused.”I’ll just go, then,” he said. 

Me: Oh no, no, I didn’t mean anything by it. 

He started laughing, like, big time. 

Guillermo: I know, just kidding. What do you want? 

I showed him the place where we keep all of the files. We’d started transferring things to pen drives, with info regarding every student that enters and leaves the school. 

Me: Notice anything?

Guillermo looked at it and quickly answered. 

“Yep, one’s missing,” he said.

“No & ##@, Sherlock!” A voice noted. It was Clark Largent, who was also in the basement, reading files. 

Clark (looking at me): Oh, and by the way, I tried those pizza rolls from Costco you suggested. Much better than the ones from the market down the street. 

He left. 

I looked at the door he left open for a few seconds before he came back and closed it. 

“Yeah, one’s missing,” I replied. “It has all the info we have about the active agents. Who they are, how old they are and everything. It may seem unimportant, but in the hands of an enemy it could turn out to be… a problem.”

Guillermo: So you want ME to get it back? That just raises the question, why me? Why not the rest of the OrigAvengers? And why are you telling me about this and not Trent or something?

I hesitated for a sec. “Unavailable,” I answered. “And I’m telling you about this because Trent is…at Wheeler now. I’m in charge of F.O.L.D.” 

“I see,” he said. “But where is the pen drive? Who stole it?” 

I just went to the nearest computer. Showed him a picture. 

“Wheelerians,” he noted. 


“So you want me to go to Wheeler, find the pen, wherever it is, and come back with it. And do you believe that won’t notice?”

“Yes, they will, unfortunately, but we have bigger problems to worry about.”

“Sure, yeah, so…. am I going alone?” he asked. 

“No, no, of course not. You can take Shawn over there and-” 

Shawn (peeking inside): Hi there. 

“-and I’ll be going with you to find Dove,” I continued “I need to give him something. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. We leave after the last school period.” 



By Guillermo Valenzuela. 


We left, along with some Nerf guns. 

“I thought this was going to be a quiet mission,” I said. 

“Yes, but things can overcomplicate themselves sometimes,” Shawn answered, loading his Nerf gun with some soft bullets. 

After walking for a mile or so, we came to a stop. Wheeler High was standing right in front of us. 

I just went in without looking back. Luckily, everyone had left, and the doors hadn’t been locked yet. 

“Let’s see, where could they be keeping all the data?” I asked. 

“Wheeler has another computer room on the back, we need to get in there,” said Shawn “I wonder if they’re expecting us.”

“They won’t,” I said “I think.” 

After saying that, everything went silent as we walked through the corridor to the computer room. 

That was when Tilly broke the silence with, “Okay, right, now where is that pen drive?” 

“As far as I know, it could be any one of these,” I said, opening a box full of memory pens.”

Shawn went on and on talking about how we could have inserted a virus that could hack our own devices while Tilly looked for it, and I watched our backs. 

“Got it,” Tilly shouted. 

“Nice! Let’s get out of here before anyone notices us.” 

I only remember turning around and seeing a big guy raise his fist. 



By Shawn Allen. 


Yep, we messed up. Jason Jackson, the Annihilus guy, seemingly saw us and was after us since the very first moment. He had been waiting for the whole time. He got Guillermo, and he also got Tilly. I mean, one of them was hit WAY too hard. 

I escaped just because I managed to put some chairs in Jason’s way before he got to me and I was able to get back to Kirby. 

This is weird. I can sense something is cooking. Jason was really angry that we had managed to get the pen drive. He seemed to be guarding it. I don’t even know why he was at Wheeler, when he’s a Kirby student.

The problem is, I don’t know where he’s got them, and I can’t tell anyone else because for some reason, everyone is unavailable and I don’t know who to trust. Everyone keeps saying Trent is a traitor, so that’s the reason I can’t trust him either. 



From info collected from Guillermo and Tilly

“They almost took it!” 

“We can’t let them, because of T.H.A.N.O.S, man!” 

“If it’s supposed to be a surprise then-” 

“Shut up, they’ve woken up.” 



By a very desperate Shawn Allen. 


I wondered what everyone would say, it just kept going through my head, so I sat down near a house, which opened up just when I put my back against the door, I just needed to take a seat. 

“Yeah mom, I’ll get it!” someone said, coming out of his house ” Ah shoot-
he started, because he tripped over me sitting there. He looked at me and said, “Who the heck are you and why are you at my house?”

I stood up quickly. “I’m Ant-Fold, actually. You’re that guy from Virginia, aren’t you? They told me about you. The library keeper.” 

“I prefer the term Master of the Mystic Folds,” he said, with a serious face. “Please leave my porch or I’ll call the cops.” He opened his house door again and entered. 

That got me thinking. 



By Guillermo Valenzuela. 


I woke up just as they were talking about plans that had something to with the T.H.A.N.O.S thing that my friends had told me about when I first came. At first I thought it was a joke. Now, Jason was making it look pretty serious. 

Anyways I came to my senses. We were in a dark room, like a basement or secret room or something. I guessed we were still in Wheeler. 

“Now come,” Jason said, looking at me. “Why do you care about the information that much?” 

I thought about my answer carefully. “Dude. I don’t know what’s inside the pen drive, I have just been sent to get it back.” I looked back at him. “Why do you care so much?”

“I got arrested after fighting my brother and Novagami, but I have friends in high places who helped me to get out. Now they need to keep the pen drive.” Jason looked at me as if he was about to say something else, but there was a large BANG  in what seemed to be the hallway and he looked back. 

“I’ll check it out,” Jason said, looking at his other two mean-faced goons “You guys stay here. Keep an eye on them.”

I knew this was it. I signaled Tilly  and she nodded. We got up fast and punched the other two guys and got them on the floor before tying them up. 

“Two down,” I said ” Let’s get out of here” 

We ran, got to the door and went right out, followed by Tilly. Shawn was there waiting for us. 

Shawn: Was all that noise enough to keep Jason occupied? 

“Yes,” I answered “Let’s go.” 



By Guillermo Valenzuela. 


We reached a street where we knew we would be safe. 

Shawn: Do we know how to get back to our respective houses?

Me: Yes. I think.

Tilly: This was all for nothing. We barely escaped with our lives, and we don’t have the pen!

I put my hand in my pocket, where the pen was. 

Me: I don’t think so.

We ended up laughing and went to our houses. It was late after school, so I was going to have to explain everything to mom but… who cares?



By Guillermo


After explaining everything to my parents, I went to my room.

I opened the computer and curiosity got the best of me. I got the Pen Drive out and inserted it.

There was only one file. It contained all the info about every F.O.L.D. agent ever, every student and every OrigAvenger, even the ones from Wheeler. 

I looked at them. Tilly had never asked about getting her pen back. Had she forgotten about it? I don’t think so. 

I think she wanted me to have it for now. Until things settle down, I’ll keep it locked. You know, just in case. 






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