The MCP Saga: Part I

The MCP Saga: Part I


(This file takes place in 1993.)

(Interviews by Director Ainsley. Chapters from multiple sources. Compiled by Director Ainsley.)

Prologue: Note From The Director

This case file does not exist. But, if you choose to reveal it to the greater public, I order you to tell people who may ponder its creation that it was created recently. Once you do, prepare yourself for those who may come for it and know that you have brought them upon yourself.


After the ‘incident’ in the gym, I have decided to take it upon myself to create this file in the hopes that I may finally grasp what exactly happened the past few months between some members of the OrigAvengers and the operatives of the entity known as The MCP, or as we now know him, The Supreme Pleat-elligance. The first person that I have interviewed is Sean Cates/Spider-Page and it was interesting, to say the least. 

[Sean]: Dude, I seriously can’t do this right now. I got somewhere to be.

[Myself]: How much time do you have?

[Sean]: About an hour, but that’s pushing it.

[Myself]: Then let’s make this quick.

[Sean]: Fine. I was running to the hotel from the park…

My mind was absolutely racing; I had just been told the identity of the MCP and I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was on our side, I thought I could trust him with everything. But instead he hired multiple people to steal, threaten and hurt us. I ran out of Sunset Park and into the hotel where we were staying. All of my friends were in the lobby with their stuff, blissfully unaware of the truth under their noses. Carrie was the first person to see me run in.

“Where were yo- oh?” She asked.

I stopped too fast and landed on the floor, sliding into their collective shoes. I reached up and gripped her pant leg.

“Haruto is behind it all.” I coughed out.

“Slow down,” Vincent said, helping me up. “And repeat yourself.”

“It’s Haruto. It’s Haruto.” That was the only thing I could think to say.

“What’s Haruto?” Jackson asked.

“Haruto is the MCP.” I told the unfazed group.

“Ha! Nice joke.” Miles laughed.


[Carrie]: *Mindless rambling*

[Myself]: Are you still okay with this interview?

[Carrie]: *Shoots up. Her back popped when she straightened it* Yeah? No, yes. Yes I am still okay with this interview.

[Myself]: Ookkaayy. You can begin when ready.

[Carrie]: We were unaware at the time…

The room was silent after Miles’ comment. 

“Wait, you are joking right?” He asked, “Right?”

“I think a better question right now is, how did you find out?” Trisha asked.

“I told him.” Kane said as he walked in.

Vincent and Miles tensed up when they saw him. Sean grabbed their shoulders and nodded ‘no’ to them.

“And in my humble opinion, and due to my history with him, my word is nothing but the truth.” Kane explained.

But no matter what he may have claimed, we still didn’t trust him. After all, this turn to the good side was quick and it could have been a lie.

“I believe you.” Someone said.

The crowd parted as Jackson “Mattias” Pierce walked forward.


[Myself]: You’re awfully calm today.

[Jackson]: Well, I didn’t know Haruto Junior all that well. If I interacted with him at all it might have been a bump within the hallway.

[Myself]: That’s fair. You may start when you are comfortable.

It was a crisp Saturday morning, Haruto was at the cash register, making sure things went by smoothly. I also remember that there was a sale on some trade paperbacks and three people were huddled around the polybius machine. We swiftly hurried everyone out of the room and onto the street. Haruto looked at us quizzically.

“Uh, hello guys? Can I help you with something?” He asked.

Before any of us could offer any semblance of a response, Miles pulled him into the now-forming circle.

“Where should I start? Oh! I got it! How about when you stole my father’s comic? Or maybe when you hired Kane-” He started.

“It’s Karl.” Karl interjected.

“Sorry, Karl, to harass us on a mission that was supposed to be seemingly delightful?!” Miles finished.

“That wasn’t me! It was the MCP! Do you really think I would do all of that to my best friends! I’m not some sociopath!” He yelled his defense at us.

Then Vincent stepped forward, and everything changed.

“Haruto. It makes a frightening amount of sense to think that you are the MCP. Why would you have the floppy discs in the first place? And the con was a surprise for all of us, heck, the director told me himself that the con was ‘need to know’. So Karl’s story falls apart instantly and because you are the only local comic store it would make complete sense for you to be told about the con so you could have a stall. Face it man, we know it’s you; just fess up already.” Vincent said to him.

“I can explain the discs but your convention explanation is wrong. We have competition, they wouldn’t want the both of us to be there.” Haruto made his rebuttal.

“Then explain the discs.” Miles told him.

“A man that Vincent and Carrie are familiar with came in and gave them to me.”

“Who?” They asked at the same time.

“Your old mate, Peter Scattch.” He told the now shocked group.


[Myself]: You may start when you are ready.

[Cyndi]: *She choked on her own breath and started to cry*

[Myself]: Is everything ok?

[Cyndi]: I can’t take it anymore! I just want it to be over once and for all! We had one shot! One-freaking-shot! And what did we do? We screwed it up really freaking good!

[Myself]: Please explain.

We were back at school and on the hunt for Peter Scattch, the Supreme Pleat-tellegence. We felt pretty good knowing our enemy. In the comics the Supreme Intelligence was an evil minded entity but we never figured that it would show up at Kirby of all places. I was with Carrie who had snuck out of Wheeler to help us out. Our large group decided to split up and we were assigned the registration and attendance office. 

“So what’s your past like with the dude?” I asked.

“He tried to rip my skin in half with a paint gun.” She coldly responded.

“Oh, lovely.” 

We got to the office and quickly searched for Peter. I would watch her back as she scoured through the books containing everyone.


“Psst.” She called me.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“I got nothing.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he isn’t in the registry. It’s like he never went to school.”

“Then we got to tell the others.”


“What do you have?” Jackson asked.

“Nothing.” I responded. “How about you?”

“Zilch, zero and zip.” Miles told us.

“That’s because he moved.” Vincent said, looking into an empty locker.

I peered in and saw a very provoking quote.

“‘Adios B!$@$!’ -Peter Scattch.”

“So then…” Carrie asked.

“Haruto remains the primary suspect.” Vincent said.


[Myself]: So. Are we good to begin? If not, do take your time.

[Miles]: *Mumbles* Yeah.

[Myself]: I’m sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.

[Miles]: I- I just don’t feel good. The world just feels darker.

[Myself]: I’m so sorry to hear that. Would you like to talk?

[Miles]: Sure.

[Myself]: You can start when ready.

Nothing was adding up and crucial factors were seemingly missing.

“I have a solution that might answer everything.” Vincent spoke up, “The Project Pegasus files. The only problem is that they are in Saru’s Super Stories.”

“Then that’s what we do. Everyone clear?” I asked.

They nodded. We knew all of this was over puppets but it felt bigger.


I stood on the roof. A ski mask was bunched around my forehead. I stood up and looked at Jackson.

“In and out. Super quick.” He reminded me.

“Yeah. It just feels counter productive in nature. Erase-all-prejudice and that kinda stuff.” I told him.

“Well, lucky for you, people won’t have anything since we won’t get caught.” Jackson said as he opened up the fire exit and slid down.

“We won’t get caught.” I echoed him as I slipped on the mask and followed.

We were behind the register. We could see candle light coming from the back room. Jackson quickly checked under the counter for any floppy drives. He stopped suddenly and looked at me. I creeped over and watched as he slowly pulled out a Hulk comic. It was Hulk #234. I lightly slapped him on the back of his head and we continued. 

As we entered the back room I saw the huddled outline of Haruto Saru Jr. seemingly writing. I waved to Jackson who took note. He scuttled over to the one candle and silently blew it out. I dashed to him and we got under the poker table. Haruto got up and tossed the book and got up to turn it back on. I silently put my hand on the bottom of the table to balance myself. We were stuck here while he was fiddling with the matches for a while. I was running my finger on something but I passed it off. Haruto then huffed and walked out of the room. Jackson and I sauntered out and searched for the file. 


“Yo. Yo!” Jackson hissed.

I looked over to him and through veiled backness I saw ‘Project Pegasus’. He looked like he wanted to high five and I wasn’t going to leave him hanging. I swung but missed entirely and slapped the cabinet. It rattled for a minute and went silent, then; as expected, came crashing down. We looked to the door as Haruto rushed in but before he could find us, we had dipped. 

We rounded the corner to where the others were waiting. Jackson threw the file to Trisha who promptly tossed it to Vincent. He looked at all of us and flipped it open.

“Instrux, Three step invasion plan and Contingency.” he said “what first?”

“MIles?” Jackson asked.

“Contingency. I want to know just who I have to kick and punch.” I said

He flipped through the file for a bit then looked up.

“Alrighty, ‘If anything is to happen to me, Peter Scattch, then I give the title of MCP to my good buddy Haruto Saru Jr.’’ He quoted.

We stopped everything for a minute. 

“I think it’s time. We strike on sunday.”


[Myself]: Due to Trisha’s new enrollment in the nearby Claremont school because of recent events I have asked her to send me a recording of events. This is her side of the story.

It was finally sunday and we were brimming with energy. We had decided that we would go back to Saru’s. (and not break in this time around.) We gathered right outside.

“Does anyone know where Vincent is?” Carrie asked.

“It’s fine.” Sean said “He put a pretty weirdly worded letter in my mailbox and I don’t truly get it but the gist is that we are good to go.”

“Ah, that just clears everything up.” Cyndi snarked.

“Ok, we get it, can we just finish this already?!” Miles shouted.

The bell on the door rang and we looked over to see Haruto Saru Senior wave to us. A wave of disappointment fell over us but we got our comics since we were here.

The Director

[Myself]: One small note, this is the explanation for Vincent’s disappearance. Unlike the previous chapters, this one is from my own perspective.

I parked my car on the edge of the park. The sounds of the waterfall violently crashing against the small pond that caught its raw power rattled the car. I walked to the patch of grass above the gazebo and looked down at the shoulders of Vincent. 


“Did you get my letter?” I asked as I entered the gazebo.

He held it up but refused to look at me.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked again.

“Your particular choice of words is amazing.” Vincent said plainly.

“It’s the Qua-”

“It’s the Quasar thing. It is 100% the Quasar thing.” Vincent said, his voice rising. “YOU OF ALL PEOPLE KNOW I GOT OUT FOR A REASON!”

“If you got out then why are you helping them?”

He stopped in his tracks but didn’t fully stop because he flipped me the bird.

“What’s your master plan?” He asked.

“This ‘new guy’ will only be used if you and I deem that he is needed.” I looked him in his eyes, “and if that’s the case, god help us all.”

I got up and walked away.


[Myself]: You seem pretty relaxed as compared to other people.

[Karl]: Well, to be honest, I feel pretty rude. After the stuff in the gym and now there is the situation that Sean has going on. Not to mention the title of Spider-Page being given to me.

[Myself]: A, everyone handles things differently and I can understand what you are feeling because you didn’t know him all that much. B, Sean gave you Spider-Page?

[Karl]: Well yeah. He can’t save people if he isn’t even here!

[Both]: *Silence*

[Myself]: You may start when ready

[Karl]: On it.

We were all on high alert. Haruto Jr. was seemingly missing and that only meant trouble for us. I got dropped off by my father, the first thing that I noticed was the crowd surrounding the entrance to school. I politely placed myself at the front of the crowd. I looked into the school to see all the lockers were ripped open and a grid of laser pointers scattered randomly. Two people stepped forward, one was decked out in a military green jumpsuit with a lime green varsity jacket and the other was wearing a pink tank top with a unzipped dark pink insulated vest. I already knew who they were, we had done some jobs in the past.

“The Living Laserpointer and Writer Wind. Never thought I’d see you two again.”

The crowd took a shocked step back. I had just ousted myself as a once villain.

“You know where you are right?” The Living Laserpointer asked.

“Not wheeler.” I told them “Did the MCP, or should I say; Haruto Saru Jr, put you two up to this?”

“Your friends are waiting in their little hideout. Join them.” Writer Wind told me.


We, minus Vincent, were waiting in the basement of the school. Soon enough Living Laserpointer and Writer Wind came back with the director. 

“Your challenge is simple. We will give you twenty minutes to get from here to the gym. On the way you will have to face both of us. If one of you fails, you all fail. But if you manage to succeed then you shall have a meeting with him.” Writer wind said as he pushed the director to us.

“Who is him?” Season asked.

“Why the MCP.” Living laser pointer said as he giggled.

We sat in silence as they closed the door. 

“Where is Vincent?” Carrie asked.

The director pulled out a two way radio and turned it on. Over the radio we heard paced breathing.

“Vincent. I think that the other guy is needed.” the director said over the radio.

“If you deem it time, I deem it time.” He said as the radio went silent.

The room also started to go silent until a loud banging came from the door. The door caved open and fell down the steps. Standing on the top of the steps was Vincent, near his feet where Writer Wind and The Living Laserpointer.

“Vincent?” Carrie asked.

Vincent didn’t say anything. Heck, he didn’t care to look at his own girlfriend. He just help up a puppet; he held up Casear. 

“We need to get to the gym.” The director said, ascending the steps.


[Myself]: You may start when ready.

[Vincent]: improper command. Refusal.

[Myself]: Proper command list.

[Vincent]: New target and Recap target.

[Myself]: Recap target *mutters* I suppose.

[Vincent]: ‘I suppose’ is not a proper target. What target do you want to be recapped?

[Myself]: Recap target MCP.

[Vincent]: *Silence*

[Vincent]: It will be done.

We had just entered the gym. It was empty except for us and one other person inside. They were wearing a green mask with eyes that glowed along with a green leather jacket. He slowly turned around and on his finger was a puppet, The Supreme Pleat-elligence. 

“It’s time man!” Sean yelled. “Just give up!”

“You of all people know that’s not how it’s going to work.” The MCP said.

“Then how about you be a good sport and take off the mask. We already know who you are.” I said.

“And in record time. I commend you.” The MCP said.

With their free hand they reached up and slipped off the mask. The face of our friend looked at us and we looked back.

“Why do you all look so shocked. You knew it was me.” Haruto Saru Jr. said.

[Vincent]: *Voice wavering* We didn’t want to believe it.

Haruto stepped closer to me. Each person he passed fell to their knees or he beat them up to the point that they had no other option except to kneel.

When he finally got to me I-, I-, I.

[Vincent]: *Swivels in his chair.*

[Myself]: Are you ok?

[Vincent]: *Sobbing* He was our friend. Most of us knew him for as long as we could remember. I think that if we could try and fix it, help him; we would, no matter the cost.


It turned out that Sean was moving back to Britain. Within this unfortunate event was a very special silver lining; this file full of first hand accounts from Supreme Pleat-elligence survivors would have a safe hiding spot. I know that if it is left here people will try anything to get to it for the future MCP. I have also tasked the survivors to create a rumor in order to hide it even further, they call it ‘The Wheeler Curse’ and as far as anyone is concerned; Sean was going to destroy it until he had to move back to Britain.

Epilogue (from Sean)

After our crushing defeat at the hands of Haruto I am left not feeling regret or sadness, but hope. Hope that the next generation will do better than us. How do I know that the MCP will come back? Well there was the book that Miles spotted along with the near-guaranteed backup plans and options that Saru Jr. has in place. Where was I? Hope! If I could talk to them right now, knowing what I know, I would tell them to send it back to the pit it crawled out of. No matter the cost.


Everything reaches a head in the end to end all ends! The MCP Saga: Part II is full steam ahead!


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