The Year of Crease Bane

Part One: The Arrival of Crease Bane

Chapter One: The Year Begins…

By Tommy

It was January 1st, and had just gotten up out of bed. I put on my favorite Star Wars shirt and some jeans, brushed my teeth, and walked down stairs. As I did, I smelled the sweet fragrance of syrup and pancakes.

“Good morning, Tommy,” my mom said sweetly.

“Good morning, Mom,” I replied.

“Here’s you breakfast,” she said as she put a nice stack of pancakes in front of me.

As I ate my breakfast, I felt like this year would be different. Whether it would be bad or good, I wasn’t sure. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Oh! That must be your new tutor,” my mom said as she rushed to the door.

“My new…. tutor?” I asked.

She opened the door, and I saw a young man, wearing a hoody, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a backpack.  Turns out mom was (literally) buttering me up for this guy’s visit.

“Howdy Mrs. Lomax,” he said in a western accent.

“Hello Vernon,” she said. “Tommy, meet your new tutor, Vernon O’Brian. He’ll be helping you with school.”

“Howdy Tommy, it’s nice to meet you,” he said.

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” I replied.

For some reason, I was a little suspicious about him.

“I’m in ninth grade and I’m volunteering at McQuarrie Middle School for extra credit,” he said. “I hope we can be good friends.”

“I’ll let you get to know each other,” my mom said as she walked to the living room.

“So, what things do you like to do?” Vernon asked.

We talked for about an hour, about our hobbies and interests. Vernon seemed to be nice, and I thought it would be fun to have him tutoring me (better then that FunTime stuff, at least).

Little did I know, that Vernon had a secret for coming to this school.

Chapter Two: Friends Return

By Kellen

I walked through the doors of McQuarrie Middle School and looked around.  I remembered all the adventures Tommy and I have had together.  From helping Origami Yoda to battling Darth Paper.  And then meeting some new friends along the way, like Noah and his Skyfolders, James and his OriTraveler, and more.

I decided to walk to the library since that’s where we usually hang out at.  I saw Tommy waving to me from a table.  I walked over and saw him sitting with Sara.

“Hey guys!” I said “How are you?”

“I’m good,” said Tommy, “I was just telling Sara about my new tutor.”

“What?” I asked.

“My mom got me a new tutor to help me with school,” he replied, “His name is Vernon O’Brian.”

I don’t know why, but that name gave me the creeps.

“That’s nice,” Sara piped in, “so how was everyone’s winter break?”

We started to talk about winter break until we heard a scream.  Mrs. Calhoun stared at us like we had just broke a window.  Then Harvey came running over to us.

“Have any of you seen Anakin/Darth Paper!?” he asked frantically.

Chapter Three: Anakin is Missing

By Harvey

“He was right next to a book I was reading,” I explained, “and when I turned my back for a second, he was gone!”

“This doesn’t sound like you just misplaced him,” said Tommy.

“What was the book about?” asked Kellen.

“Seriously Kellen?” I said, “DP’s missing and all you can think about is books?”

“I was just wondering,” he replied.

“Who was near you while you were reading?” asked Dwight, who appeared out of nowhere.

“I think there was two girls, one was wearing glasses, and a boy with a cowboy hat,” I said.

“Interesting,” said Tommy, “does Origami Yoda have anything to say about this?”

Usually, I would’ve protested about getting advice from Dwight’s paperwad, but I was desperate.  So Dwight pulled him out of is pocket.  Paperwad Yoda looked very serious.

“A disturbance the force, I sense,” he said  “a new enemy, arrived, he has.  Prepare for battle, we must.”

“Did he steal Harvey’s DP?” Kellen asked.

“I think so,” replied Dwight.

“We’ll look around for him,” Tommy said.

Then we all left for class.  I just have one question: why someone would take him?

Chapter Four: The Next Week…

by Tommy

I liked Vernon tutoring me.  There wasn’t any distractions because it was just the two of us.  We went over stuff like math, literature, etc.  With this help I could get straight A’s in my classes.

The next week I was back at school, more excited then usual.  I guess I was kind of enjoying school.  Unlike Harvey, who was pretty glum since he still hadn’t found Darth Paper.  And it had been a week, too!  Even worse, someone else did have him.  Someone had been blackmailing him telling him to give $100 in return for DP!

As I walked through the door of the room Vernon tutors me in, I saw Vernon’s backpack hanging on a chair.  But Vernon wasn’t in the room.  He probably went to the bathroom or something.  I sat down in a chair and looked carefully at the backpack.  I was sure I saw something black peeking out of the backpack.  I wonder…. no, he couldn’t, he so nice….. but maybe, just maybe…..

“Hmmm… maybe I could just take a little look in his backpack…” I thought.  I got up and unzipped the backpack.  And lo and behold, it was there: Darth Paper.  Just then I heard the door opened.  I was shaking in my sneakers as I looked behind me to see Vernon O’Brian, holding a taser.

“Howdy Tommy,” he said slyly, “well, it seems you found that kid Harvey’s Darth Paper.”

“Di- did you….” I started to say.

“Did I steal it?  Yes, I did.  And I would be grateful if you gave him to me and forgot this ever happened.  Unless you would prefer to be shocked by my taser?”

I looked at DP and then back at Vernon.  Was it really worth being shocked by a taser to save this piece of paper that my sorta-friend had made?  I mean, he caused us a lot of trouble with DP.  I had to choose between Harvey and Vernon.

I chose Harvey.

“You want this origami?  Well, then go get it!” I yelled.

I slid DP under Vernon’s legs and under the door.  I heard someone outside the room say “I found DP!  Lets give it to Harvey!”  And then they ran off.

Vernon gave me a dirty look.  But then he smiled.

“It’s your choice,” he said.

He turned the taser on and plunged it at me.  I did cartwheel to the right and then hopped on to table.  Then I jumped off and ran to the door.  I opened it and was about to run out when I heard a BZZZZ!  And then I fell down in pain.  I saw Harvey, Sara, and Kellen run over to face and face Vernon.  And right before I fell asleep, I saw Vernon pull out something….. was that an origami Cad Bane?

Chapter 5: The First Great Battle

by Harvey

I had been moping around in the library when Kellen came running to my table.

“Harvey! Look what I found in the hall!” he said.

He opened his hands and in his palm was….. DARTH PAPER! 😀

“DP/Anakin! I missed you so much!” I said while holding him. “Thank you Kellen so much!”

Kellen looked shocked. I uses that’s because I don’t say thank you very often. But right now I was excited. But then I stopped smiling and frowned.

“Did you say you found him in the hall?” I asked.

“Yeah, near the room Vernon is tutoring Tommy in,” he replied, “why you ask?”

“Because I thought someone had stolen him and now he appears out of nowhere.”

I thought for a moment. He was found near Tommy’s tutoring classroom. Vernon was tutoring Tommy. Vernon also wore a cowboy hat (I’d never met the guy, but Tommy told me about him) and didn’t I see someone with a cowboy hat the same time I lost DP? That’s when I got it.

Just then Sara walked over.

“Hi guys! Hey Harvey, I see you found DP!” She said cheerfully.

“Vernon stole Darth Paper!” I said.

“Really!?” Kellen asked.

“Yes, and now Tommy’s in danger!”

“Wait, say what now!?” Sara asked, “Tommy is in danger!?”

“Come on guys!” I yelled.

Without hesitation, they ran after me. As we ran, I told them how I figured it out.

“It makes sense!” Kellen exclaimed.

“Yeah it does… Wait is that Tommy!?!?” Sara said.

I looked over and saw Tommy laying on floor, groaning in pain. I ran as fast as I could.

“Tommy!? You okay?” I asked.

“Ugh…. Vernon…. he did it…..” he groaned.

I got up and saw a boy, about 16 with blond hair and a cowboy hat. That was defiantly Vernon.

“YOU!” I screamed.

“Yes me,” he said coldly, “I stole DP and Tommy tried to be a hero and threw it out the door. But heroes always have to pay a price for being heroic. In his case, he got zapped by a taser.”

He held up a taser in one hand. And with his other hand he used to dig into his satchel. And he pulled out…..

“Meet Crease Bane!” he yelled.

It was an origami Cad Bane! I knew I had to save Tommy. So I pulled out Anakin and flipped his mask on. Then I took my glasses off.

“Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side!” I yelled in my normal voice, which sounded just like Darth Vader’s. Kellen and Sara jumped back in surprise.

“Harvey!? Is that your real voice?” She asked.

“Whoa, I didn’t know you could do that!” Kellen said.

Vernon smiled evilly. A smile that could someone nightmares.

“Let the battle begin!” he said in a voice that sounded like Cad Bane’s.

He plunged the taser at me. I leaned back watched it fly over my face and then back. Sara kicked him in the back and Kellen punched him. He took both of them by their collars and threw them down the hall. I jumped onto him and slapped him in the face a few times. He threw me over and got his taser out.

“Goodbye, Harvey Cunningham!” he said.

But before he could zap me, I rolled to the side. He got the taser stuck on the ground and grunted, trying to pull it out. He pulled so hard that when it finally came out, he went flying backwards into a wall. He slumped down and I pinned him to the ground.

“Harvey, you did it! You’re a hero!” said Kellen, who had just gotten up.

“Yep, you sure did,” said Sara.

Tommy’s body started to move. “Ugh…. What did I miss?” he asked.

“Tommy!” Sara said. She went over and gave him a hug.

I can’t believe it….. I beat Vernon and helped my friend. And now Sara and Kellen think I’m a hero. Doesn’t happen often, does it? I guess that’s what happens from being a good friend.

Chapter 6: Vernon’s Secret

By Sara

Hi everyone who reading this!  It’s me, Sara!  Anyways, I’m here to tell you about what happened next.  Now, where did Harvey leave off?  Oh yes, here we go…

“You got some explaining to do, you crazy cowboy!” yelled Harvey.

“You got that right!” agreed Kellen.

We all gathered around him and started the interrogation, while Kellen got a flashlight out and shined it at Vernon.  It went like this:

Tommy: Why did you take Darth Paper?

Vernon: Because I wanted to get some money!  Didn’t ya read the letter, kid?

Harvey: Why are you here?  I know there’s a bigger reason.

Vernon: That’s for me to know, and you to find out.

Harvey (in Darth Vader’s voice): TELL ME!  I DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!!

Vernon: OK! OK! Yeesh!  My Employer told me to…

Sara: EMPLOYER!?  So someone hired you to do this?

Vernon: Yeah, my employer told me to come to McQuarrie so I could destroy your origami characters!

Sara (me): So you want to destroy the Fortune Wookiee!?  I don’t think so!]

Tommy: One more question, who is the “Employer”?

Vernon: I’ll never tell you!

(Vernon quickly jumps over everyone and runs)

“Hey!  Come back here!” yelled Tommy.

Vernon quickly opened the nearest window and said one last thing.

“Adios, amigos!”

He jumped out of the window and went down, down, down.

“Is he crazy!?” yelled Harvey, “We’re two stories high up!”

But then we saw something we were not expecting.  We saw Vernon press a button on his boots, and then he started flying!  His boots were really rocket boots!  He waved and gave an evil smile.  Then he blasted off to who knows where.

“Oh come on!  Rocket boots!  I didn’t even know those were invented yet!” said Kellen.

“Don’t worry, guys,” Tommy said.  “I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’ll see Vernon.”

Part Two: The Crease Bane Case File

Chapter Seven: Vernon Returns

By Tommy

It was nice spring day.  I had just walked onto the bus to be greeted by my friends.  I sat down beside Kellen who was doodling a picture of Jabba.

“Hey Tommy!” said Kellen.

“Hey Kellen!” I replied.

“Hey, did you hear?” he asked.

“Hear about what?”

“That there’s a new, mysterious janitor.”

“Hmmmm…. what does he look like.”

“He’s looks like he’s about 16, he has blond hair, headphones, gloves, and a hoody that covers all his face but his hair.  Whenever anybody tries to say hi or talk to him, he just runs away.  And even weirder, one time when I was in the library, I turned around and saw him!  He was just staring at me.  But as soon as the janitor knew that I spotted him, he ran off.  Isn’t that strange?”

“Yeah, real strange.”

I thought about what Kellen told me.  Why would the mysterious janitor be spying on Kellen?  And why would he never talk to kids?  I don’t have proof, but I had a hunch that this guy wasn’t on our side.

As soon as we entered school, Kellen started whispering to me, “There!  He’s over there!”

I looked over and saw the mysterious janitor.  He defiantly matched Kellen’s description.  I told Kellen to go on to the library, and I would meet him there.  I had some questions for this janitor.

I walked over and greeted him, “Hi, my name is Tommy.  What’s your’s?”

The janitor looked over at me, then stood up.

“I’m…. your WORST NIGHTMARE!” he yelled.

Then he grabbed his mop and swung it at me like a karate master.  I dodged it, but then he jumped on me and pinned me down.  Then he took his hood off.  And suddenly knew who he was.

Vernon O’Brian.

Chapter Eight: A New Hero

By Kellen

I was waiting in the library for Tommy.  I thought he should have been here by now, so I decide to go check on him.  When I went to the place I last saw him and the MJ (mysterious janitor) were, they weren’t their!  But I did hear some yelling behind a nearby door.

I threw the door open and there was Tommy, all tied up in a chair with a bandanna covering his mouth.  His eyes were filled with fear when he saw me.  I quickly ripped off the bandanna.

“Tommy!  Are you okay?!” I half asked, half yelled.

“I’m fine! But Kellen, it’s a trap!!!” he yelled back.

Huh?!” I said puzzled.

Then I heard the door slam shut.  I whipped around and saw the MJ holding his mop like fighting stick.

“Howdy, Kellen,” he said, “It’s nice to see you again.”

I recognized that voice from anywhere.

“Yes it is I, Vernon O’Brian!” he said proudly, taking off his hood.

“Grrrr!  You will pay, Vernon!” I yelled.

I ran at him as fast as a cheetah with a jetpack.  But as soon as I got near him, he karate kicked me.  I flew backwards till I hit the wall.  Then Vernon pulled out this gun with plungers in it.  He pressed a button and a bunch of plungers flew at me, pinning me to the wall.  Tommy was right.  It was a trap.

But then an amazing thing happened.  The door flew open, and a shadowed figure came in.  I could only see his bright orange hair.

“G’day, Vernon,” said an young, Australian voice.

“NO!  Not you!  I thought I got rid of you!” Vernon said angrily.

“Well, that’s what you thought, but you were wrong!” the shadowy figure replied.

The figure jumped over Vernon, and the kicked him from behind.

“OUCH!” yelled Vernon.

Then Vernon spun around and whacked the kid in the shoulder.  But the kid recovered fast and did karate chop at his arm.  It went like that a while, until the kid flipped over Vernon while the blonde teenager was hesitating.  Then he untied the rope Tommy was in and pulled the plungers off of me.

“That’s it!  No more Mr. Nice Vernon!  Time for you to meet your maker!” Vernon shouted.
He took out of the pocket in his blue overalls…. dun, dun, dun!  Crease Bane!
“Prepare to be eliminated!” Crease Bane shouted.
Then the kid pulled out….. an origami Qui-Gon Jinn?!
“The Infamous Origami Bounty Hunter,” Origami Qui-Gon Jinn said.  “This is most unexpected.”
“We meet again Qui-Gami Jinn!” said Crease Bane.
“Tommy, Kellen, get out of here,” he said, “I’ll deal with this punk.”
We started to run but Tommy shouted to him one last thing.
“What is your name?!”
“My name…. is Lenny J. Rook!” he called back
Chapter Nine: The Case File to Stop Vernon
By Sara
Hi everyone!  This is Sara!  It’s so nice to write in another case file!  But anyways, where did we leave off?  Hmmmmm…. Oh!  Now I see.  Ok, here we go…
It was after school and Tommy had called us all to a meeting.  We all went to Harvey’s new treehouse (I destroyed the last one…. awkward story there).  I have to admit, his treehouse is zowa waffles!  It had a shelf with books like, The Hobbit, The Magician’s Apprentice, and Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy!  It also had a few sofas, a table, and refreshments!
So Tommy called the meeting to order.
“Ok, everyone, I’ve called this meeting to order because of a new threat,” he started.  “Does everyone remember Vernon O’Brian from a few months ago?”
Everyone frowned at this.
“That creepy, little western!” said Kellen.
“That no good, origami robbing thief!” yelled Harvey.
“Yes, yes, we all remember that incident, but now we have a new problem,” said Tommy.  “Vernon has…. returned.”
Everyone gasped.
“No way!” I yelled, “Hasn’t he caused enough trouble!”
“Well, he has.  He’s currently disguised as a janitor.  We have to stop whatever scheme he’s planning, whether its another job for his mysterious ’employer’, or revenge.  Now does anyone have any ideas on how we can stop him?”
Mike raised his hand first.
“We could tell the principal,” he said.
“Nah, she wouldn’t believe that Vernon is a ‘origami robbing thief that had jet boots’,” I said.
“We could capture him in the act by taking pictures of him fighting someone or robbing a piece of origami and write what happens,” suggested Quavondo.
“That’s it!” Tommy said.  “We’ll start a new case file!”
“STOOKY!” said Murky.
“More doodles!” shouted Kellen jumping to his feet.
“And I can add comments about the stories from my perspective,” said Harvey in a matter-a-fact way.
Everyone groaned.
“What?!” asked Harvey.
“That sounds like a great idea, mates!” said a Australian voice.
A boy with striking orange hair, red shirt that said “Alligator Hunter”, and jeans with koalas on one side was leaning on the windowsill.  He was soooo cute!
“Hey, your the guy who saved our butts from Vernon!” said Kellen.
“Yep, the names Lenny, Lenny J. Rook,” he said.
“Well come one in!  I wouldn’t want you falling off the side of the house!” said Tommy.
“Don’t worry, I’m a black belt in karate.  I have a pretty good sense of balance, of I do say so myself.”
Lenny jumped through the windowsill and landed in one of the sofas.
“Wait, Rook, as in like, chess?” asked Harvey.
“Yep!” he said proudly.
“Then, this is just a guess, but do you Ryan J. Knight?” Caroline asked.
“Yes.  In fact, I’m his cousin.”
“HIS COUSIN?!?!” everyone yelled in surprise.
Chapter Ten: Crease Bane V.S. Qui-Gami Jinn
By Lenny
G’day everyone!  Yes, it’s true, Ryan J. Knight is my cousin.  I was adopted by Ryan’s mother’s sister, Jenny Rook.  I was took karate lessons and competed in a bunch of karate competitions.  I have a shelf of trophies to prove it.  Also, when I met Ryan, he taught me about how to fold origami and about Star Wars.  He showed me his origami Jedi Bob, and we also watched the Episode I: Phantom Menace, which inspired me to make Qui-Gami Jinn!  But now, lets get back to the story, shall we?
So after I explained all this to the McQuarrie crew, they understood.  And I also had some more news for them.
“Well, before I went to save you I put secret camera in my shirt pocket,” I said.
I took out a mechanical camera out of my shirt pocket.  Then I showed a bunch of pictures of Vernon attacking me.
“Oooooh!  He’s gonna he busted!” said Amy.
“It’s not enough though,” said Tommy, “we need more pictures so we can get him out of this school for good.”
Harvey piped in, “I would prefer to put him in jail.”
“I hope that doesn’t happen, but you never know,” I replied.  “He might of had a bad childhood or something.”
“Yeah, but anyway, could you tell us what happened when you were fighting Vernon?” Kellen asked.
“I’ll can write it down on my notepad,” suggested Tommy.
“Don’t worry about that,” I said with a grin, “I took the liberty to write down the whole story after the fight.”
I handed Tommy a couple pieces of paper which I wrote the story on.
And here’s the story now:
Tommy and Kellen had just ran out.  I positioned myself in a fighting pose, warning Vernon this was his last chance to back off.
He didn’t listen.
Instead he jumped up and grabbed onto a pole hanging from the ceiling.  He swung back and forth until he finally let go.  Then he landed on me and tackled me, pinning me to the ground.
“You feel so lucky now, Lenny?” asked Crease Bane with a smirk.
“Actually, I do,” replied Qui-Gami.
I lifted him up (I’m stronger then I look) and swung him around and around.  Then I let go off him and he landed straight into a wall.
He groaned.  But he recovered fast and ran toward me.  I flipped over him, trying to dodge him, but that’s what he expected.  While I was in midair, he grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground.  I scraped my knee a bit, but besides that I was okay.
“Remember this?” Vernon asked, while towering over me.  He rolled his shirt arm up revealing a scar on his arm that went across his wrist  “You gave me this in our last fight by pushing me back into some barbed wire.  That barbed wire cut my wrist so bad, I had to get stitches.  Now you’ll experience the same pain!”
I remember that time well.  But now wasn’t the time for memories.  Now was a time for escape.
“I have one thing to say… hasta lavista, my nemesis!”
I slid under his legs and ran out the door.
“I’ll get you Lenny J. Rook!  If its the last thing I ever do!” he yelled after me.
I had gotten enough evidence to at least to get in trouble, but I need more to get him fired and out of the school.
So this is the beginning of the new case file: The Crease Bane Case File!
Harvey’s Comment: I have to admit, you did some good fighting there.  But my fight with Vernon was way more epic.
Tommy’s Comment: Well, I guess that was a half compliment, half insult.  Anyway, this next chapter shows that Vernon steals more then just origami, and that he’s a real threat.
Chapter Eleven: The Skate Boarding Race
By Murky
Hey all you stooky people out there!  Well, here’s my story to help get rid of that totally pickpock pete Vernon O’Brian.
I was walking by the skateboarding arena, when I saw a flyer for a skateboarding contest.  I thought that it would be fun!  I am pretty good, if i do say so myself.  And the plastic dinosaurs prize for the winner was $400!  Of course, it cost a $20 entry fee.  Luckily, I had enough money from lawn mowing to pay for it!
So I was on my way to the skating arena to sign up, after I got my mom and dad’s okay.  It was gonna be totally fizzpop!  I was almost there when someone in a blue hood jumped in front of me.
“Uh sir, excuse me,” I said.
“You’re not going anywhere until you give me cash,” he replied coldly.
“Wait, how did you know that?!  Are you spying on me?” I asked.
“But I need it to enter the skateboarding race!”
“To bad, because I need that money, too!”
He grabbed the money out of my pocket and ran off.  Well, you don’t think I was gonna let him get away, do ya?  I grabbed my favorite skateboard that had a picture of the Millennium Falcon on it.  And the chase begin.
This guy also had a skateboard, and was pretty good.  But then I saw this rocket come out of it.  And then he blasted off.  But I still didn’t give up.  I pushed my skateboard till its wheels were about to come off.  I was right behind the pickpock pickpocket until I was right beside him.  Then I heard a voice.
“Need some help, mate?” said an Australian voice.
I knew that voice from anywhere!  It was the total rockets Lenny J. Rook!  Lenny, on his own skateboard, rode to the other side of blue hooded guy.  Then he took of the guy’s hood.
“Vernon O’Brian!” I said, “I should of known!”
“Yes, it’s me, and now I need to go!  Adios!” he answered back.
But before his rocket could go any faster, Lenny grabbed it and tore it off.
“Maybe you should have should have used a strong metal!” Lenny said with a smile.
“HEY!  I worked on that for a while!” Vernon shouted.
“Well here you go, Vernon,” Lenny said while handing him the rocket.
“That will cost $20 bucks!” I said grabbing my stolen money from his pocket, “Thank you!”
Then me and Lenny stopped, while Vernon looked back with anger.  But then he looked forward and screamed and then ran right into a telephone poll!
“Catcha later, Vermin O’Brian!” Lenny said.
“IT’S VERNON O’BRIAN TO YOU- OW!  My nose hurts!”  he yelled.
We sped off.  I signed up for the contest and payed the entry fee.  I won first place!
As I came out of the arena, I spotted Lenny.
“Hey Lenny!  Thanks for helping me!” I said.
“No problem!  You did a great job in the contest!” he said patting me on the back.
“Oh and here!” I handed him a few pictures.  “They’re pictures of Vernon grabbing my money, and of his getaway, which he failed at.  I had kept a camera in my front pocket, like you!”
“Good job!  Lets give these to Tommy!” he said.
“Okay, right after I buy two celebration sized Fizzpops.”
“Why two?”
“What?  You think I’m gonna drink them by myself?  One for you, silly!”
“Fizzpop!” we both said happily.
Harvey’s Comment: Speaking of money, you owe me 25 cents, Murky!
Tommy’s Comment: Harvey…… (face palm).  Anyway, I was happy Murky won, and even more happy we got more footage of Vernon’s bad deeds!  We just need another story to bust Vernon… maybe like this next one?
Chapter Twelve: The Case of the Missing Yoda Poster
By Dwight
What the brown?!  My totally purple signed poster of Yoda is gone!  it was signed by Mr. Frank Oz, who voiced Yoda and made the Yoda puppet.  My dad got it when Episode V came out!  Its worth a good bit of money, but still how could anyone do this!  This is WAY over Harvey’s level of bad.  I have a hunch who did it though…
Well, I decided to put my detective hat on, stick my magnifying glass in my pocket, and speak in my fake British accent.
“Afoot, the games are!” Origami Yoda said.
As I walked out of my door I saw a candy wrapper on the doorstep.  I carefully picked it up and examined it.  It was a small Slim Jim wrapper.  I looked down the street and saw more Slim Jim wrappers!  I got out my magnifying glass and followed the Slim Jim wrappers while picking them up while I walked.  I think this guy should be charged with littering and stealing!
Suddenly, the Slim Jim’s stopped.  I decided to some of of the locals if they had seen anyone suspicious.
First, I asked a man in a suit and tie, “Excuse me sir, but have you seen anyone littering Slim Jim’s around here?”
“No, but you might want to check out the little store over there,” he suggested while pointing to QuikPik.  “That’s where I buy Slim Jim’s and snacks at.”
“Many thanks, sir,” I said while walking away.
So I decided to go to QuikPik.  I asked the clerk there if he had seen anyone buying a nice bunch of Slim Jim’s.
“Actually, yes,” he said, “there was a teenager who came in and bought 20 small and 5 big Slim Jim’s.”
“Can you describe the suspect for me?” I asked.
“He had jeans, a satchel, and a hoodie.  That’s all I know because his hood covered his face.  By the way, would you like a bag of Pork Rinds?  They’re half off!”
I walked away from QuikPik munching on some Pork Rinds.  I was stuck at a dead end.  No more Slim Jim wrappers around or anything.  I decided to ask a hooded person sitting on a bench.
“Pardon me sir, but do you by chance seen a teen waring jeans, a hoodie, and a satchel?” I asked.   “He may be littering Slim Jim wrappers.”
“No,” he replied, “I gotta go.  Bye.”
The hooded person walked off, but then I looked at him closely.  He was wearing jeans, a hoodie, a satchel, and I saw a Slim Jim in his pocket!  It had to be him!
I ran with all my might towards the hooded teen a pounced on him.  I tore his hood off to reveal his face.  IT WAS VERNON!  I knew it!
“Why you crazy little paper Yoda kid!  Take this!” he yelled while giving a punch to my shoulder.
“Ow!” I howled while clutching my shoulder, “Brown, brown, brown!”
I threw him to the ground.  Then while he hesitated, I opened his satchel and grabbed my missing signed Yoda poster!  I ran off with Vernon tailing me behind.  He was starting to get closer.  I decided to use the power of Origami Yoda.  I pulled out Origami Yoda while running.
“Defeated, you will be, Crease Bane!” OY said.
“No way you nutty little green goblin!” said Crease Bane.
Suddenly, Vernon was thrown back into the grass by some invisible force.  Could it be the Force?  I’ll never tell.  😉
“I’ll get you, Dwight!  And your paperwad, too!” Vernin yelled while shaking his fist.
“Yeah right!  By the way, your sitting in doggy doodoo!” I yelled back.
“What?  EWWWWWWWW!  Gross!” he screamed.
I ran off back to my house and hung my Yoda poster back up.  I was happy I got it back, and I was also happy Vernon got what was coming to him!
Harvey’s Comment: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Take that Vernon!
Tommy’s Comment: You got that right, Harvey!  This was a great story!  Vernon is so busted!  Nothing can stop is now…. right?
Chapter Fourteen: The Mystery Unravels
By Quavondo
Coming Soon!
  1. iuiweriy@$%^&YHUIjmlkjhuyt56790-P:>?KJUTRERTGuy66567890opkjhTR#456789

  2. CJ, I finished what could be like a non-canon prequel to Crease Bane! I suppose it’ll go to BTF.

  3. On BTF, they called it “Origami Slendergami Man” on “Other Tales”.

  4. superfolder sam

    Stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (go`s on for 100 years )ky:-)

  5. SuperFolder Megan/Phred

    thats one great story cj!

  6. Vernon im stronger then you, you will never get a way if i have any thing to say on it.

  7. add ziro the hutt

  8. 2 things
    1 totally stooky I really want to read more and
    2 I made the most random story ever challenge it i dare you

    • And also my origami yoda has acually used the force
      Cause the day before that famous school shooting i set him on my desk and then he was on a book about school shootings

      • stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. come on Vernon, you are a cowerd my origami guys can defeat cad bane any day, so i am going to fold so much star war chareters that you will have to stand down

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