SuperFolder Central started in 2012 as The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe – a fan-fiction site inspired by the Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angleberger, and…that’s still what we are today, albeit a bit larger. This is a place where many writers and creators have shared their own stories and continue doing so to this day! After years hosting only origami puppet-themed stories covering Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, we have now broadend our horizons to Folds of the Rings and Between the Folds, a place for non-main universe and non-origami stories. We also have started a Creative Resources page, where young writers can learn the basics of storytelling.


SuperFolder JC was one of the co-founders of the original OYEU, and one of the pioneers for the SFC Expansion. While he’s since moved on to bigger and better things, he’s always got a special place in our hearts and returns from time to time. His writing credits include but aren’t limited to the first ever EU story (focusing on Dwight’s long forgotten origami Chewbacca puppet, hence the URL origamichewbacca), Revenge of the Felt, The Adventures of Origami Yoda, The Folds Unleashed, Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters, Splinter of the Mike’s Eye, Cut Bane’s Bounty, and The End This Is.

The Evil Jawa, or just Jawa nowadays, is the other co-founder of the original EU. He’s written a few stories such as Closed, This Case Is, Master of Puppets, and Rise of the Summer Camp Six. He is to JC like WebMaster Sam is to Tom. Basically he keeps the site in check and up to date. He’s mostly inactive nowadays, but still checks in from time to time. He’s moved on to making shorts on his YouTube channel, Alright Productions.

SuperDoodler CJ is one of the oldest viewers of the site, and is now one of the longest-serving moderators. Earning the title ‘SuperDoodler’ because of his Kellen-style doodles, CJ has stuck around for awhile and continues to surprise us with his talents. His writing credits for the current include The Rise of Jango Fortune, The Adventures of Origami Yoda, and Cut Bane’s Bounty. His writing credits for the MOU include Thorigami: Lord of Folders and Agents of F.O.L.D.

SuperFolder DarthNoah -er, D.N. -er, no, Superfolder Noah has been around for quite awhile as well, joining the site in 2013 and gaining modship fairly soon after. He’s known for his quick dialogue, overarching plot-threads and cynical demeanor, and is credited with the creation of the Marvel Origami Universe, or MOU. Some of his writing credits are The Month of the Skyfolders, Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters, Heir to the Funpire, The Invincible Iron Fold, Captain Americrease: The First Fold, The OrigAvengers, The Imperfect Iron Fold, Captain Americut: The Fall, OriAvengers: Rage of Artron, Rise of Summer Camp Six, Unshreddible Hulk II, and T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds.

SuperFolder Cammy is one of the newer mods on the OYEU, and is even the current head-mod of the EU. His writing is some of the most fun-to-read stories the site has featured, and it was his leadership that has sparked the OYEU into a new era. Good on ya’, Cam. His writing credits include The Folds Unleashed, The Unshreddible Hulk, Thorigami II, OrigAvengers: Rage of Artron, Unshreddible Hulk II, T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds, and Return of the Summer Camp Six.

SuperFolder OrigamiLuke100 has been a viewer and writer for the site since 2012. He left in 2014 due to personal reasons, returned briefly in 2015, and is now back with us to stay! He has been a part of several notable stories, such as the original Fold of the Rings and Batfold: The New 2012. He is also the head of the DCOU, for which he has written Batfold I and II. His credits for the MOU include Scissor Blade, Foldians of the Galaxy: The True OG’s, and Return of the Summer Camp Six.

Superfolder Jar Jar, like OrigamiLuke, has been a member of the site for many years, but only recently gained mod status. He was meant to replace Luke after his retirement was announced, but he decided to finish the DCOU before leaving. Nonetheless, Jar Jar was still invited to join The Council of Mods for his longtime membership of the site. His writing credits include The All-Winners: Dawn of F.O.L.D. and The Peculiar Arrival of Shang-Crease.

Superfolder Guillermo has been on Superfolder Central since 2014. Author and doodler, mostly known for being the author of the Wizarding Folds OU (origami Wizarding World), his Namorigami series on the MOU, The Good Student as a Covid-related story, and many others in almost every other origami universe. Known for his ironic but kind humor, devotion to the site and and is now a Mod and Council member.

Superfolder Daniel is currently the youngest member of the council, and due to this he’s most known for interacting with the community and generally being more playful with them. He’s responsible for the creation of the Percy Jackson Origami Universe, the Kingdom Saga of the DCOU, as well as the Adam Papercut duology.

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