The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe started in 2011 as some fan-fiction inspired by the Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angleberger, and…that’s still what we are today. A place where many writers and creators have shared their own stories and continue doing so to this day! Now hosting origami puppet-themed stories covering Star Wars and Marvel, along with OY Legends, a spot for random stories with no rhyme or reason, the OYEU will continue keep going strong for a long time, I wager.


Superfolder JC is the co-founder of the OYEU, along with The Evil Jawa. Having written the first ever EU story (focusing on Dwight’s long forgotten origami Chewbacca puppet, hence the URL origamichewbacca). While he’s since moved on to bigger and better things, he’s always got a special place in our hearts and might just return from time to time. His writing credits for the current EU storyline include Revenge of the FeltThe Adventures of Origami Yoda (Co-Written with SF Ricky and SD CJ, Prologue and Epilogue), The Folds Unleashed (Co-Written with SF Hansel and SF Camster), Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters (Co-Written with SF Noah), The Beginning of the Origami Jedi Student Council, General Creasous Strikes Back (Co-Written with SF Hansel and SF ChippySlusher), Splinter of the Mike’s Eye (Co-Written with Various Superfolders), Cut Bane’s Bounty (Co-Written with SD CJ), and The End This Is w/ Epilogue.

The Evil Jawa, or just Jawa nowadays, as mentioned before, is the other co-founder of the EU. He never really wrote any stories, other than the unfinished Time Travel Special. He was to JC like WebMaster Sam is to Tom. Basically he just kept the site in check and up to date. He’s mostly inactive nowadays, but he still checks in from time to time. He’s moved on to making movies on his YouTube channels, Alright Productions, and STS Films. However, one of his future projects is to reboot the infamous Origami Yoda: The Series.

Superdoodler CJ is one of the oldest viewers of the site, now one of the longest-serving moderators. Earning the title ‘Superdoodler’ because of his Kellen-style doodles, CJ has stuck around for awhile and continues to surprise us with his talents. His writing credits for the current EU storyline include The Rise of Jango FortuneThe Adventures of Origami Yoda (Co-Written with SF Ricky), and Cut Bane’s Bounty (Co-Written with SF JC). His writing credits for the MOU include The Initiative: The Beginning of the MOUThorigami: Lord of Folders, and Agents of F.O.L.D.

Superfolder DarthNoah -er, D.N. -er, no, Superfolder Noah has been around for quite awhile as well, joining the site in 2013 and gaining modship fairly soon after. He’s known for his quick dialogue, overarching plot-threads and cynical demeanor, and is credited with the creation of the Marvel Origami Universe, or MOU. His writing credits for the current EU storyline include The Month of the Skyfolders, Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters (Co-Written with SF JC), Heir to the Funpire, and Rogue Wug. His writing credits for the MOU include The Invincible Iron FoldCaptain Americrease: The First Fold, and The OrigAvengers.

Superfolder Camster is one of the newest mods on the OYEU, and is even the current head-mod of the EU. While he’s the ‘newbie’ of the group, that doesn’t at all make him inferior. His writing is some of the most fun-to-read stories the site has featured, and it was his leadership that has sparked the OYEU into a new era. Good on ya’, Cam. His writing credits for the current EU storyline The Folds Unleashed (Co-Written with SF JC). His writing credits for the MOU include The Unshreddible Hulk.

Superfolder OrigamiLuke is an interesting case: he’s now the newest mod, but he’s been a viewer and writer for the site since 2012. He left in 2014 due to personal reasons, returned briefly in 2015 and is now back with us to stay! Again, OL is a strange case in that he hasn’t written anything for the greater canon OYEU or MOU yet, but he’s been a part of several notable Legends stories, such as Fold of the Rings and Batfold: The New 2012. OrigamiLuke will be the head of the forthcoming DC Origami Universe.

Have a story you want to share? Email us at marvel.origami.universe@gmail.com.


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