Episode VII: The Mystery of the Drawa


Part 1: The Drawa Strikes
By Tommy

Today I found this note in my locker, replacing Foldy-Wan Kenobi.


I don’t know who put it there, but I think it may have been Harvey. Just to be safe, I am making a case file to investigate.

Kellen’s Comment: Dude, the same sorta thing happened to me today! I was walking out to recess and someone walked up to me. He was wearing a brown hoodie, so I couldn’t see his face. “Um… Hello?” I said. He didn’t respond, but instead he held out an origami Jawa. “That is so totally Stooky!” I said. I even showed him my origami Luke, but then he snatched it up, and ran off with it! “Hey, wait, come back!” I shouted. I ran after him but he disappeared into a crowd of kids.

Lance and Amy’s Comments: Drat! Tommy, someone stole our origami droids! We were walking to Home EC after lunch, and we looked in our lockers. Art-2 and C-3PO were gone and in their place were two scraps of paper. Each one said “Uttini” on them! Help!

Harvey’s Comment: Oh great, you guys too?? I was walking to 4th period, and I looked in my locker. Darth Paper was missing! I saw a note and I bet you can guess what it said. That’s right. It said Uttini. I shouted, BLU-RAY NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Part 2: The Drawa’s Plot
By Kellen

Today, as I was walking out to recess, I saw that kid in the brown hoodie again! I ran up to him, and noticed that he was holding up Art-2, Luke, Foldy-Wan, and some others! And each one had a price tag that said, “The REAL Defeaters of FunTime! The Origami Rebellion! 5 dollars a piece!”

I decided to run off and record this as fast as I could, so that we could come up with a good plan to stop him!

Tommy’s Comment: Oh no. Dude, it’s even worse than we thought. I walked into the library before school and walked over to our table. Dwight was sitting there, with his head buried into his jacket. Between sobs, he said “Yoda’s gone!” Then he tossed me a piece of paper. But it didn’t just say uttini.

“Hello. All of your origami has been sold, with the exception of this one last puppet. I am holding him for ransom. If you give me $40.00 by the end of the week, I will return Yoda, safe and sound.”

Part 3: The Defeat of the Drawa
By Tommy

To be honest, we DID have enough money to pay the ransom. Sara, Lance, Quavondo, Cassie, and I all pitched in 8 dollars, so we would have enough to pay him. But…hey, who’d want to do that??Kellen and I were walking out to recess together this time, we saw the kid. He was trying to sell Origami Yoda for 30.00! I’ll admit, he’s a pretty good business man, for a kid. Kellen sneaked his way behind the sales-table, and tapped on the kid’s shoulder. When the kid turned around, I snatched up Yoda, and Kellen smiled. “Who are you?” he said. The kid only held up an origami Jawa and said “uttini?”

Part 4: The Drawa Revealed
By Mike

A big lot of us had the Jawa kid in questioning. “Who are you?”

“What is your name?” “Why have you been stealing our origami?”

He wouldn’t answer. Finally, he handed us one last note. I waited to open it until later.

“This ends NOW!” Tommy said. I would’ve used Mace to give Tommy patience, but Mace was sold for $3.00 yesterday, so I’m not really in a good mood. Tommy pulled the hood off of the kid, and to my surprise, I didn’t know him. Just some kid. Apparently, nobody else knew him either.

“I’m not afraid of exposing my identity,” he said. “Though I wish I could have hidden behind the mask of the Drawa a little bit longer. My name…is Ruth.”

“Well, Ruth,” Tommy said. “Why are you doing all this? You wanted a little cash? Thought this would be the easiest way to get it?”

“No,” Ruth said. “You’ll see why…soon enough.”

Tommy gave him a disgusted look, and stood up from our interrogation table in the library. He stormed off, and we all followed. We gave Arnold the job of keeping an eye on Ruth. Arnold was going to take Ruth directly to the Principal’s Office, so that he can be punished. Hopefully, this whole mess is finally coming to a close.

Tommy’s Comment: Guys, I just read the final note from Ruth/Drawa.

You lose. Because you struck me down, I have become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Part 5: Enter The Drawa
By Arnold

I was sweating like crazy by the time me and Ruth made our way to the Principal’s Office, though Ruth himself looked pretty calm. He was even smiling.

I opened the door to the office, and found the Principal sitting, back facing us, in the spinny chair.

“Hello, my friend,” Ruth said. “I assume the plan was a success?”

The spinny chair swiveled, facing us.

“Yes,” Tony D. Struction said. “Until anyone figures us out, and the Principal’s week-long vacation is over…the school is ours.”

Ruth laughed. Tony laughed. And I joined them.

Our plan was working perfectly. For one golden week, McQuarrie was ours to control.

The End…This is Not!

Written By SuperFolder StookyLukey

Cover Drawa folded By Tyler

Cover made By SFHansel

  1. Origami Donatello

    Im not saying Oyeu fold 1 is bad no its probably like my favorite universe but i dont like how none of the stories really connect

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