Sefolda 3: Ruth on the Run!

Ruth On The Run

by DJ Fett


by Tommy

Ruth has zapped Virginia with that Make-You-Younger thing! I saw him do it! Now I can’t reach the top of the bookshelf again.

Come to think of it, I’m happy I can replay my childhood.

But back to 6TH GRADE!

The good thing about all this is that a new kid has been moved to our school! AND HE’S A NICE KID!

At lunch, we decided to meet and greet the new kid.

But then, Mark the 7th Grader was trying to hurt Connor (If you don’t know who Connor is, please refer to “Origami Yoda And Battles!”).

Then the new kid jumped up and threw Mark to the ground! “That was BOLT!!!!!You must be a black belt!” Murky exclaimed.

The kid nodded and walked over to us.

He looked very cool. (In the girls’ case, cute.) He had some orange hair, blue eyes, freckles, a blue shirt, and jeans that looked like they were made in Australia; they had koalas on the sides.

“Hello.” He said in an Australian accent. “I’m Lenny. Lenny J. Rook.”

“Rook? As in, chess?” Harvey asked.

Lenny nodded.

“You must know Ryan J. Knight!” Quavondo shouted.

“Of course I do.” said Lenny. “He’s my cousin.”

CHAPTER 1: Getting To Know Lenny

by Tommy

I gasped.

“His COUSIN?!” Mike exclaimed.

“Well, I was adopted after my parents abandoned me.” Lenny explained.

“Why the heck would they do that?!” Noah asked, surprised.

Lenny just shrugged.

But then I noticed Lenny notice Dwight’s Origami Yoda in his pocket.

Lenny gasped. “You’re into Star Wars Origami, too?!” he asked.

“Yeah! You also like it?” Kellen exclaimed.

“Does this answer your question?” he answered happily, holding up… ORIGAMI QUI-GON JINN!!!

“Meet Qui-Gami Jinn!”

Chapter 2: Meanwhile…


Ruth ran out of the balloon he was in, and looked at himself.

He gasped.

“I’m a KID!” He exclaimed. “How am I going to take over Virginia like thi- HUH?! The De-Ager!”

The De-Ager flew onto the ground, smashing into a million pieces.

Ruth groaned, and kicked the balloon.

He ran back to the Minch Mutant’s pit.

“Thanks a lot, you knob.” he muttered to his brother. “You cost me a chance of a lifetime.”

Jacob didn’t say anything, but then he suddenly spewed a huge ray of purple fire at Ruth…

Ruth was damaged by the fire, but he wouldn’t stop.

He jumped towards Jacob with a leap a kangaroo would have. But then, Ruth jabbed the menacing Minch in the face.

“You have failed me for the last time!” Jacob screamed at Ruth, and clawed at him.

Ruth quickly countered.

Jacob gasped and sputtered.

“Uh, maybe I got a little carried away…” Jacob said, chuckling.

“I DON’T CARE!!” Ruth screamed. He kicked Jacob right across the face, and sped out of the hideout.

Ruth didn’t have a real family anymore, so he ran to the Kenny Daniels Adoption Center.

There, a kid, the cousin of Lenny J. Rook, and his mother were going there to adopt a new child, considering Lenny and him were very bored and lonely.

There, the boy’s mother looked over and saw a poor kid with red hair, a scratch on his chest, and a messed up hoody.

A pang of sadness filled the mother’s heart.

“We will take that child.” She said, pointing to Ruth Timkaur.

Chapter 3: Revenge


by Ruth

WOW! I am going to be adopted! I’m part of a real family again!

Although I don’t really like the last name Knight. Ruth Knight. Ugh.

I’ll just be Ruth Knight Timkaur. Sure beats my last middle name: Less.

But I’ve been thinking, being evil like that was kinda wrong. I should probably change!

I mean, yelling at a kid for not knowing something? Man, I got messed up!

I guess I shall change.

Oh, cool! My eyes turned green.

I’m looking at a mirror, just so you know.

Then, some red flashed over my eyes.

The former evil that broke down inside of me is coming back up!

I can’t control it!

I fell to the ground, losing air really fast.

I gasped and sputtered, and then I fainted.

I woke up in a hospital.

“Wh-w-what h-h-h-happened?” I asked, shaking in fear.

A woman with red-violet hair and a dress looked over me. “Oh, dear. You don’t look well!” She said.

It was my old mom, Annabelle Timkaur.


Plain, Simple Vengeance

by Sam

What was that?! I mean, I saw a HUGE green beam of light shoot down NEAR the balloon Ruth was in, and POW! We’re kids!

We were so surprised, it was like in the Hobbit, when Bilbo felt so shocked and angry when the dwarves just barge into his hobbit-house.

I heard that Ruth was coming back. Yipee.

Frankie was pretty happy about that.

“I like his style.” She said to her fellow classmates.

Then, we heard a CRASSSHHH, and… was that Ruth?

Anyway, he had busted through the window, and he looked more ROBOT than human.

He had his usual red hair and pale face, but he had ROBOTIC ARMS!!!

He was running from this lady, who was the one who delivered the pizza to us that sleepover! That must be Ruth’s mom! We ran after Ruth, and we cornered him.

Then we saw Tommy and the gang, and they sped in.

“The jig is up, cousin Ruth! Don’t hurt Ryan!” This cute kid with an Origami Qui-Gon Jinn(?) yelled to Ruth.

“Don’t tell me… WHAT TO DO!!!!!” Ruth screamed in the voice a dragon would use if it could speak.

And with that, he smashed through the wall and took off.

Hence, the name of this story: Ruth On The Run.

Darth Molten Squirrel

by Dwight

I followed Lance, who was following Ryan, who was following Lenny, who was following Ruth.

All of a sudden, he flipped backwards, to face us.

Tommy walked up towards him. Ruth stuck one foot out and held out his fists.

A fighting stance.

Tommy backed up.

I held up Origami Yoda. “Fight him, you must. Our last hope you are, Tommy.” He said to Tommy.

Ruth grabbed his hand and ripped it off.

It was his robotic hand.

Then he smashed it against the pavement.

Sparks flew all over me, and I could feel evil taking over my body.

I stood up and walked over to Master Ruth.

“I am ready to serve you, master.” I said to Ruth.

“Good, good…” Ruth said to me. “From now on, you shall be known as… Darth Molten Squirrel.”

Purple! Darth Molten Squirrel! Totally matches my purple taste!

Me VS. Dwight

by Lenny

Crikey! That hand explosion was bad! Everyone (Except Dwight, Ruth, and I) had passed out.

What? I’m Australian. Stuff from that American Metal Bucket doesn’t affect me!

Ruth, how he survived, he’s pretty much all robot now.

Dwight walked over to me, without caution.

He brought out his fist, and fast!

It hit me right in the gut!

It hurt a little bit, but I’m a black belt. I withstood it.

I jumped up and scissor-kicked him.

But Dwight (Darth Molten Squirrel) jumped back, some red around his eyes.

“Dwight! You are not part of your evil cousin’s alliance! He may be related to you, but you are part of us!” Lance exclaimed.

Ruth snarled at Lance, and Lance backed up.

I ran towards Dwight, and punched him across his chest.

He flew over and fell down.

Tommy, and his friends finally woke up, and saw me with my fists out, and Dwight on the ground.

“What did you do?!” Tommy screamed at me.

“Tommy, you don’t understa-” I started.

“Yeah, I don’t understand why you would try to hurt Dwight!” He yelled.

I stepped back. “Calm down, Tommy. He wa-”

“Why would you even WANT to hurt Dwight?!” Kellen asked me angrily.

“Even I don’t agree with that, and I hate Dwight!” Harvey exclaimed.

“Dwight wouldn’t hurt anyone!” Peter said to me.

I suddenly understood. They were unconscious, so they didn’t see Dwight turn evil!

“GUys, Ruth hypnotized him with his hand!” I tried to tell them.

“Good excuse. Ruth isn’t even here!” Amy said, full of rage.

“Why, Lenny? We thought you were actually NICE!” Mike yelled, Angry Tears streaming down his face.

Dwight woke up.

“Ugh, what happened?” Dwight moaned weakly.

“You were attacked by a JERK.” Caroline said, holding Dwight’s hand.

I felt so mad at myself. But I’m not to be blamed.

I have to prove that Ruth hypnotized Dwight.

But HOW?

Chapter 4: Proof

Back to the McQuarrie


Hey, guys! JC here! We are coming back to Virginia, just for a visit, to see how Tommy is doing.

I brought a few friends: CJ, Evil Jawa, Weaver, Megan/Phred, Epvjupa, Gage, Stooky Sauce, and Journey Droid!

We could finally afford a new ship to travel in!


5-Star Rooms, Room Service, Bathrooms (Finally!), and a robot captain! This place has a pool, snack bar, etc.

No one ever said, “Are we there yet?”

We even have our own Private Landing Spot!

We were about five minutes away from it, when we heard a BEEP!!! BEEP!!!

“RED ALERT!” The Captain kept repeating.

“What’s happening?!” Weaver tried to yell over the beeps and red alerts.

“It seems we’re hitting some debris!” Epvjupa exclaimed.

“In the AIR?!” Stooky Sauce asked, awestruck.

Turns out people attached some Gravity Belts to some Boulders and shot them through cannons.

“REALLY?!” Journey Droid asked after I explained what was going on.

“Dang Gravity Belts.” M/P muttered.

“We need to override the Manual Control System!” EJ yelled over the sirens.

“What?” Gage asked.

“We need to manually control this thing!” The Evil Jawa said.

CJ jumped, and backflipped into the cockpit.

“I didn’t know you could do that!” I exclaimed.

“I’m full of surprises!” CJ replied to me.

“Enough of the chit-chat! Start driving!” Journey Droid yelled.

“It’s no use! The controls are jammed! I can’t move them!” I heard CJ say.

“What will we do now?!” Megan/Phred asked.

“Scream?” Epvjupa asked.

We all shrugged and started screaming.

The ship started zooming down fast, kind of like a meteor.

Then we crashed into a canyon.

“Oh, boy.” Weaver said, shaking.

“Guys, look!” Stooky Sauce exclaimed to us.

“What?” We all asked.

S.S. pointed to a building.

And we all saw McQuarrie off in the distance.

Then we saw a shadow, and then a kid in a hoodie with red hair.

“Uh-Oh.” Ruth said.

“Wait a second,” Gage said. “You’re the kid who helped Vernon O’ Brian take over the Official OY: EU WebSite!”

“Weren’t you Tooth Slimroar?” Journey Droid asked.

We snickered.

Ruth’s eyes turned red. “NO!!! I’m RUTH TIMKAUR!!!” He screamed.

Then he disappeared. We can’t really explain it. He just went POP, and he’s gone!

CJ just shrugged and we all headed off towards Ralph McQuarrie Middle School.


by CJ

No one was here!


by Lenny

I fell to the ground. “How can I have proof?” I asked myself.

“You do.” said two voices.

One was soft, and kinda high.


The other was energetic, but calm.


“You guys saw?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Lance replied.

“I kinda saw it.” DJ answered.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Right before I was knocked out cold, I saw Ruth turn Dwight evil.” He replied. “At least I think I did. I was half knocked out.”

I shrugged and ran after the McQuarrie Crew, DJ and Lance closely following.

“Guys!” I yelled to them.

“What do you want, traitor?!” Tommy screamed at me.

I could see HATE in his eyes!


“Listen! Dwight was affected by the Evil Ruth had attacked us with! He attacked me, so I had to fight back!”

“It’s true!” Lance and DJ kept  shouting.

Quavondo perked up. “Maybe you guys are right!” He exclaimed, and walked over to my side.

Noah, Robby, and Ryan walked over to me, too.

“And maybe you aren’t! Tommy snarled.

“Calm down, Tommy. Maybe the Stooky Rooky is right!” Murky said to Tommy, and joined the Light Side.

“I felt it. I was influenced by the Evil! I must fight back.” Dwight exclaimed, and walked over to me.

Sara wasn’t happy with Tommy, so she joined me.

Rhondella followed.

Kellen and Remi walked over together.

Amy came, too.

Cassie, and Caroline followed.

Mike and Hannah joined us.

Harvey and Isabel walked with them.

Peter, Sam, John, Malcolm, DT, Peyton, Frankie, Xarl, and Aragorn closely followed.

Tater Tot walked over, too.

Jen agreed with them.

That left Tommy.

The Pitiful Party

by Tommy

That dumb ragtag group of nincompoops!

They shall pay.

It’s over. The Evil has eaten my insides and now I know my true Master: Ruth.

I would fight everyone, even if it meant hurting myself.

I grabbed Kellen and threw him across the floor.

Harvey was easy to take down. I just pinned him.

I kicked Rhondella, Amy, Hannah, Cassie, and Caroline away.

Dwight, Mike, Quavondo, and Dwight started crying, and then they charged towards me.

I just kept sweeping them.

Some black mist flew around me, meaning my full transformation is complete.

I am a Lord Of Evil.

I smacked Peter in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

I threw Sam to the ground.

I flipped DJ and kicked him in the back.

I tackled Jen.

I turned Aragorn’s wasps against him.

Xarl was thrown through the ground.

DT, John, and Malcolm worked as a team, only to get a beating.

I ran up Frankie’s back, flipped, and kicked her.

That left Sara.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked me through tears.

“You came here to destroy me!” I screamed.

Then I did something no one ever could’ve done: I Force-Choked her.

Then, the Pitiful Party arrived.

Sara was grabbing her throat.

“What are you doi-” Gage started.

“You’re FORCE-CHOKING her! I can’t believe you would actually Force-Choke the girl you love!” Evil Jawa shouted.

“Let her go, Tommy.” JC and CJ said to me.

“Think about what you’re doing.” Megan/Phred said to me.

I let go of the grip, and charged towards the Pitiful Party.

Worst mistake ever.

First, M/P whacked me, then Journey Droid zapped me, next, JC, CJ, and Evil Jawa held me down, then Gage, Epvjupa, Weaver, ROBBY, NOAH, AND RYAN (I forgot to beat them up) attacked me.

A short explanation Of What happened next

by Robby

A huge purple Particle Ball surrounded Tommy, and exploded.

Some Negative and Positive Atoms combined in a huge collision, making an explosion with the same amount of strength a Super Nova would have.

We were blown back from the force, and then TWO TOMMYS APPEARED!

Apparently, some Positive Atoms were split from the Evil Tommy, making the previous Tommy of niceness and curiosity.

The Negative Atoms were all removed, making a Tommy with 500% Evil.

Ruth appeared, holding a Teleportation Device.

He grabbed Evil Tommy.

“See you all in-” Ruth started.

“Jail!” Lance exclaimed.

Then, Good Tommy typed in JAIL on the Device, and put the FOR GOOD setting on it.

Then he tossed it to Ruth and Evil Tommy.

They teleported into a jail.



by Peter

Well, that was fun. We’re all okay, Good Tommy’s just like the Regular Tommy, and we’re celebrating!

Tommy apologized for being Sauron-like, and we all accepted, we took a picture of Ruth and Evil T. in Jail, and now we’re having a cake with everyone’s favorite flavor! (Malcolm’s part of the cake is made of Cheese.)

I always wonder what’ll happen next. The world’s full of stookiness, so who knows?

I’m just happy to know that everything always works its way out.

Have a good time, everone!


  1. Super folder Epvjupa


  2. What happens to Dwight? Will he be influenced to be a Darth AGAIN? Will we learn more about Lenny J. Rook’s unknown past? WILL JC, CJ, AND THE EVIL JAWA RETURN? Find out in this story!

  3. Super folder Epvjupa


  4. Super folder Epvjupa

    Why hasn’t anyone viewed this?

  5. I finished it! I think it’s a little short. I might add some more later.

    SPOILER: Guess who stars? JC, CJ, The Evil Jawa, Megan/Phred, Weaver, Epvjupa, Stooky Sauce, Journey Droid, and the Tolkien Gang! Plus, some of the McQuarrie Students: Noah, DJ, Ryan, AND ROBBY :D!!!!!

  6. I finally read the Hobbit and LoTR!

  7. Super folder Epvjupa

    YAHOO!!!! I’m in it!
    Good, good! Let awesome story writing flow through you! Oh, wait, it already does.

  8. Lenny J. Rook is based off of me, you know!

  9. 🙂 Awesome!

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