TALES OF THE ORIGAMI JEDI: The Last Day of SFC, The Last Hurrah of the OY EU, and ONE. LAST. VIRTUAL. PARTY!!!!!!

Hey, guys! JC here!

The big day has finally arrived. The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe, and SuperFolder Central overall, is coming to a close. But we will have TWO big stories to close out our site–one story from each of the website’s co-founders, Jawa and myself–and those are The Tragic Fall of Anakin Skyfolder, the story of how Harvey really gave life to Darth Paper all those years ago, and The Strange Life of Origami Yoda, which closes out the McQuarrie Files and the Origami Yoda mythology. I am so happy that we have gotten to close out this website on our own terms, and that we’ll get to see it live on as an archive where everyone can continue to read and enjoy both our stories and yours. The universe is open to all, I’ve always said, and now, that universe will be open to read forever!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the years of laughter, joy, excitement, geeking out, rampant emotions, head-spinning timelines, wishing skittles, and lifelong friendships. God bless you all!

We’ll keep updating this post throughout the day, including links for these two new stories, and feel free to use the comments section below as one last TALKZONE VIRTUAL PARTY, just like the old days!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE 1: The first story of the day, AKA the last Origami Yoda story, is out now! THE STRANGE LIFE OF ORIGAMI YODA!!!!


About JC

I am the author of the SuperVillainy High series, a SuperFolder on OrigamiYoda.com, and Webmaster of OrigamiChewbacca.WordPress.com!

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  1. Man, I am excited and sad at the same time…

    • SAME!!! I’m really excited for all the projects everybody has for the future, though! We’ll still get to see what you guys make of new, likely non-origami projects on the discord server! And of course, for more projects from the mods, we’ll include plugs to our own content for people to follow as well!

  2. What happened to all of the posts before this?

    • I thought removing the previous posts would make for a cleaner archive browsing experience, however Jawa basically told me “bruh” so it looks like that change may be temporary LOL!

  3. I heard something about a party 😈

  4. Well lads, it’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? After tens of thousands of words typed up and written, countless pages folded and creased, it all ends tonight. Till then, I propose a toast. To Tom, for starting this all with one funny little book! To Jawa and JC, for setting this all in motion and bringing us together! And to all the Superfolders who have come and gone! Mozel Tov my friends!

  5. To future generations, we leave this to you, a testament to the passion of a gifted few.

  6. I’ll miss this place. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me. And I’m glad I could give something back.

    To 2023, the future, and beyond.

    Also be active on Discord, guys! I feel like I’m the only one there! And let me know if there’s another to look at!

  7. Goodbye everyone! I feel like those previous comments I made on the talkzone ARE my goodbye comments when put together. Happy New Year and goodbye!

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